Saturday, March 10, 2007

Singapore - An Affluent Society.

"The best test of a civilised society is the way in which it treats its most vulnerable and weakest members."-Mahatma Gandhi

Sometime back I was 'arrowed' by my boss to show a Swedish associate around Singapore. He was so impressed after walking along Orchard and around the Esplanade, he remarked, "Singapore is very rich". "Of coure!", I replied, "with a brilliant government like the PAP how can we NOT be rich!".

He was also very impressed with Changi Airport which he believed is better than any airport in Europe. I corrected him by telling him "it the best airport in the world". Singapore has indeed come a long way, there is no way a visitor can come to any other conclusion other than Singapore is helluva rich nation. We are so rich we give out generous scholarships to foreign students and to fund glamorous collaboration projects like the one with John Hopkins for $70M. We have so much money, taxpayers money is used for investments around the world - most recently we pumped billions into Thailand

We are so rich our ministers receive the highest paycheck in the world and they deserved it because there is no question they are the best in the world. We cannot hold back their pay increase anymore because it is so unjust that they are paid so little compared with the benchmarks they set for themselves.

Our govt is so rich that they can promise hundreds of millions in upgrading programmes during general elections if we just make the right choice when we elect our representatives. Since most people made the right choice in the 2006 elections, I expect to see millions spent on landscaping, fountains and sculptures around HDB estates. This will surely propel us to top 1st World status very soon - we will have more fountains than Rome and more gardens than London. Singaporeans know what is important and that is why they (66.6%) support the govt in the last elections. I myself can testify to the invaluable soothing experience one gets when standing in front of a blue dolphin fountain. Money spent on landscaping, fountains and sculptures, I really can't think of a better way to spend our wealth.

Singaporeans are so lucky to have a government that cares so much about them and spend its money wisely where it is most needed. I look forward to the new sculpture and the new garden they are constructing near my house. The Swedish visitor whom I showed around can clearly see the success that Singapore has become a rich nation free from poverty marching ahead to be the top 1st world nation. I felt a bit sorry for him that he was borned in a country with the benefit high quality leadership like the PAP. that acts primarily in the interest of the ordinary citizens of the country.


Anonymous said...

I thank Dr Lily Neo with all my heart. I hate the cabinet ministers - they are monsters! Misguided, and they want these poor folks to beg their MPs for help - and when Dr Neo does that by speaking in parliament, Dr Bala wants them to beg harder through the various Helping Hands so they do not lost they work ethic in 'begging?' Monsters, all the cabinet members. Monsters.

Anonymous said...

For the unLUCKY, fret not! Our current budget has lots of love and compassion, as trumpet by our MPs and newspaper.

I fully support the GRC system. Only thru this wonderful system that these cheerleading and clown MPs can be admitted (not elected) into the parliament to tell us how great and compassionate is GST.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha.. what wit, what satire indeed. mr tan, u are indeed lucky to have the gift of playing with words.

world class post this is. more of such, and u may just help propel singapore to top 1st world status.

Anonymous said...

Those who have no homes to go back to are homeless by choice.

Those who skip one meal a day are hungry by choice.

Those who are poor are financially irresponsible.

Remember, Singaporeans are genetically flawed species who have a tendency to develop a crutch mentality.

The evils of a crutch mentality, as exhibited thru the greedy ministers, must be avoided.

Otherwise, how to pay those greedy keep-asking-for-more idiots in parliament?

Rowen said...

Singapore is a rich nation indeed.

The reason for success is unfortunately not because of our world class infrastructure, our world class government, our world class parks and gardens. However it is because of the people.

Remember we are a nation without natural resources, we are a nation without even the adequete supply of water for our own consumption.

We are the success due to our own efforts..... the government can claim all the credit for every thing if they want. But deep down it is the only resource which we have which really counts. our people. our own 2 hands. Our support for the government. A government without the support of the people is nothing. it is like a person who has a brain and can think yet he is fully paralyzed.....

lately, however, it has changed..... What happened to the government's promises which can be so easily given during election and so easily forgotten soon after..... ?
We start to question.....
Instead of the term Ask what you can do for the country?
we ask what the country can do for us?

The citizens of singapore are suffering under a lot of disadvantages.... NS, high cost in living, ever increasing taxes.... no Welfare from the state..... no actual true subsidies to housing needs..... skipping lunches.... long working hours....

We may appear affluent.....indeed... yet in our hearts we are empty.

Anonymous said...

which beg the question...why would anyone in their right mind, especially those who come from big countries with so much potential,want to be part of this tiny costly, human resource taxing and legalistic country that will soon run out of roads to accommodate even your battery operated toy cars?

because they enjoy the smell of musky sweat on our overworked, overstressed and soon to be over the hill citizens packed like sardines in a mobile tin can mapped all over this tiny island?

errm...yeah right!

Anonymous said...

i think you should have shown your esteemed visitor the lice-infested one-room units of some of our elderly. since sinkapore is so helluva rich, such sights are very very rare and worth seeing...

pap, pap, pap, all the way (POOI!!!)

Anonymous said...

PAP runs Singapore Pte Ltd where so many 'employees' of the lower departments suffer. Outsource for foreign talents and made them part of his employees. I wonder if someday our comfort are threatened and to war we go, are they going employ foreigners to defend this land.


blueheeler said...

we have the highest reserves per capita in the world, and we still have people who go hungry... too bad these hungry few are at the mercy of million-$ mercernaries, and their votes would never outnumber those who are enticed by upgrading.

Anonymous said...

to increase our wealth quotient, we need aggressive import of foreigners who are talented to leech and run. but of course, we must also set up a committee to look into the welfare of families whose 25 yrs old will be sacrificed in the kitchen for economic integration.
i suggest we continue to cause environmental degradation to other countries to increase our land space in preparation of the next projected population growth to 8.5m as to keep our economic martyrs ratio in reasonable perspective.

Anonymous said...

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