Sunday, April 29, 2007

..and hawkers become multi-MILLIONAIRES!!!

Before you embark on that arduous journey to get that engineering degree or Phd, you will probably reconsider if you read the Straits Times exclusive on what our top hawkers earn per month. I know some of you are still digesting the fact that Lucky Tan has made it to the millionaire club but those top hawkers really put me to shame when it comes to making money.

If hawkers can make $100K a month because they are good at frying noodles what is the big deal if we pay our ministers a few million dollars a year. Now if you don't like our ministers being benchmarked against top professionals, no problem we can benchmark them against our top hawkers and you will find their pay hike totally reasonable.

Some of you cynics will say that the article aims to make our ministers' pay hike more palatable to the public but I think they did it to encourage more people to become hawkers. Hawkers have to be paid well because there will be widespread hunger without them because most Singaporeans don't know how to cook. They have to be compensated for the painful sacrifice of becoming hawkers given some of them could have become doctors or lawyers. If our hawkers are not competent widespread food poison might occur. It is only right we our hawkers are well paid.


Jolly Jester said...

Heh, this is only sales leh, not inclusive of costs yet.

And their formula for monthly sales doesn't sound convincing leh, simply take plates sold per hour times hours worked times price times times 30 days. Work hours went into preparation time does not go generate sales...

Anonymous said...

Ya boy, if ministers pay is pegged against the top hawkers.

It is still million of dollars.
Either way, we still got pawned!

I think parents should start to enrol their kids to Shatec.

Earn more than engineers.

Anonymous said...

The brainwashing dogs have been working really hard recently.

Next week they will tell us that taxi drivers are making 100k per month based on peak hour Monday morning earnings x 18 hours per day x 30 days per month?

Never mention costs = an honest mistake?

Anonymous said...

That's a brilliant "analysis" from the Straits Times. How much lower can they get? They must believe that all their readers are retarted.

Alexis de Tocqueville said...

stop reading that stupid newspaper or you'll get an ulcer.
It's called propaganda, and they are good at it.
What amazes me, is that do they really think singaporeans are some kind of retarded morons????

Anonymous said...

sad to say, Alexis, if it does gets published, many people in general still believe SPH stuff as the truth. why else would you explain 66.6%?

yet, i think many in the govt and in the SPH upper echelons still have their minds stuck in the 70s-80s. they've actually begin to believe in the crap that they write...

Anonymous said...

To get an accurate picture, cost should be considered. Just as we have come to know, Creative Technology during the last couple of years have been talking about sales increases, but their profits have been disappointing.

I do tend to agree that this is another exercise to make the minister's pay look reasonable.

Well, looks like people cannot always be fooled.

Anonymous said...

that paper only trying to convince pple that the recent ministers' payhike is justifiable....why they don't report how much those old folks collecting cans earn how much.....look at the selling price per least $4-$5.....that whatever Dr V should wake up and stop asking how much pple want....

Anonymous said...

but...just being a devil's advocate here... and trying to look at the positive side of the story...

the article could be an attempt to tell Singaporeans that hey, its not that bad out there, if u have a skill, you can make it in Singapore. its an attempt at a feel-good article - in the light of much negativity in local news in recent times.

yet, i agree with other comments about cost not being discussed - sales does not mean profit. what about rent? wat about raw materials? what about the opportunity cost of working 14-16 hr days?

Anonymous said...

The devil already has 84 advocates.

Writing such farcical articles won't enlighten nor brighten anyone's lives. Such act only degrades the education the writer has received. I hope it is not our world class NUS university.

Shame, indeed. Definitely not winning any pullitzer prize, this one. Wait long long.

Anonymous said...

baboon lim has found a unique way( such ideas are only exclusive to supper million dollar club) to emancipate the underpaid, and therefore can't save for retirement, by decreeing that they remain underpaid till the day the undertaker buries them.

Papa said...

The PAP ministers really deserve it lah. If hawkers can be millionaires, not paying them billions is already a sin...

Anonymous said...

I can't believe we're paying a person millions per yr to simply announce: "if u dun have enuff to retire, u just work longer". ST front page - Apr 30th. If thats like talent - guess even my granny can be a minister.

Anonymous said...

The fact - why PAP can justified their pay rise is simply because there's no independent media or newspaper to challenge them. What they says count and nobody else opinions matters!

If they decide to raise their pay again in the next couple of years, there's nothing you poor Singaporeans can do, you have nowhere to express opposing views publicly for all to read and judge.

I sympathized with you pathetic, feeble and poor Singaporeans, you are such a nice example of what we means by living, working, eating and sleeping under other people's assholes - and never having the opportunity to stay out of the shit that PAP simply shit on you.

Anonymous said...

but it is golden shit. not your usual kind but the extraordinary is ok.haha.

Anonymous said...

The Government knows that more and more Singaporeans, especially those nearing 62 years and due for retirement cannot afford to stop working. If they do, they will have to seek help to survive and the Government will not want to undertake this responsibility. So they have to continually drum into our heads that we have to continue working indefinitely. My bet is it will be far far older than the targeted age of 65 years. The retirement age will continually be raised, like the CPF minimum sum.

In fact, I believe most older Singaporeans are already resigned to the fact that retirement for them is out of the question.

Do you want to work until you die? Some say they love to, but I doubt their sincerity.

Anonymous said... cycle repeats. thats reality here.and mustnt forget...SHIT!lol.very important you

Anonymous said...

what i dislike are those ST reporters who work for ST, who could post their face-photos on the commentaries they write, and hide their face-photos when writing all those suck-up articles used for propaganda that covers the majority of the newspaper contents.

On top of that, those news presenters, they are like teachers presenting and blabbering words in textbooks to students, without any bits of reservation and cynicism on their face, whereas other news presenters in other countries' media have their personalities, reservations and cynicism when presenting news, which make their presence on the TV more interesting and non-propaganda.

Got wat i am trying to say ? if no, kindly rephrase my words to tidy my mind for me. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Government official deserves more simple fact that most of them are scholars and from history most scholars are well paid and deserves to reach the pinnacle of any career! - PXP!

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