Saturday, April 14, 2007

European MPs gagged in Singapore!

"Singapore is a fair open society we are open to all views; both praise and criticism. As long as they come to praise the PAP and critcise the opposition, the govt is all right with it" - Lucky Tan.

Who do these Europeans think we are? They think they can just walk into Singapore Inc and talk freely like they are going to do in Indonesia....come on get real! This is Singapore okay not some country like Denmark that is run by a mediocre govt without a decent budget for a good security apparatus. We employ enough people on properly benchmarked salaries in our security dept to monitor both locals and foreigners who intend to undermine our heavily financed re-branding campaign. I guess after George Soros said we are not an open society we have to be really careful with some of these foreigners who do not have the benefit of reading Straits Times to understand what goes on in Singapore.

Thank goodness our govt is on its toes to prevent these European MPs from poisioning the minds of Singaporeans. I wonder what they would say if they had been allowed to speak up ....must be something hideous like "PAP is not the best govt in the world". these Europeans they are so envious of our top 1st world system. Singaporeans are so lucky to have a govt so concerned about how they think and works diligently protect them from harmful external influence. Such a govt certainly deserve its million$ paycheck.

These liberal democrats from Europe endangers the advanced system we have in Singapore. Liberal democratic systems will result in emergence of unselected volunteers who are not groomed and will offer to be ministers for less than a million dollars. How can we ever trust ministers who are not paid $2M a year?


Anonymous said...

Nobody ruined Singapore government's reputation. It ruin its own reputation by doing things like this - this group of europeans were even allowed to speak in Jakata & cambodia. Singapore is like N. Korea.

The success of Singapore is turning into a farce.

Anonymous said...

Indeed not easy job to serve the country hoh!, see their plight at SG"Half a Catty is 8 Taels".

"Please all, and you will please none" -Aesop

Anonymous said...

According to the press release, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sinagpore on Tuesday issued a statement saying that Singaporean politics were for Singaporeans only to debate and that foreigners who involve themselves in domestic Singaporean affairs are not welcome in Singapore.

Why are some Singaporeans not allowed to speak their minds with different views on almost anything on government?

Anonymous said...

Zimbabwe in Africa rules that any assembly of 10 persons or more is illegal. And, 5 persons and more people gathering is illegal in the Red Dot Inc. Why is Zimbabwe's law much better than Spore's?

Zimbabwe's government has recently been involved in beating its opposition. I can see the difference that Zimbabwe uses physical force whereas Spore uses civilized force.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Zimbabwe's government better than ours?

The only brilliant lawyer Singapore had ever produced did not practise law leh. No wonder we still have archaic laws used by the Queen in her younger days.

That's why we should allow our Ministers to return to their professions and earn more salaries in the pte sector.

We will definitely have a better Singapore.

When lawyers try to understand economics, GDP becomes profit. Nation becomes INC. Mee siam got hum when mathematician play politician.

Anonymous said...

European MPs are not highly paid, so they must be corrupted.

Anonymous said...

But there are two Finnish guys in Singapore (FT on employment visas ) who regularly write to the ST extolling the merits of the PAP government and its policies and who do get their letters published. So where is the consistency ? But this is Singapore so what else is new?

Anonymous said...

These 2 Finnishes are just 2 expatriates employed by Red Dot Inc. If they can find better pay elsewhere, they will not be here anymore. Wait till they get into trouble with our mighty managers or company policies, they will regret why they are here and why they are being used to write those comments.

Also, foreigners are not supposed to talk politics here. Why are these 2 Finnishes allowed to do it? Oh,,,there is inconsistency in the statement issued by our MFA last Tuesday.

LuckySingaporean said...

Wah these Finnish guys are really talents. Come to Singapore for a short while only know how to carry...b.lls of our managers. See how talented our Singapore Inc foreign employees are?! Beat locals upside down