Monday, April 23, 2007

Extraordinary Leaders + Island = Singapore!

MM Lee spoke to 400 Young PAP members in a dialogue at St. James Power Station (a disco) and here are a few salient quotes:

"The biggest mistake any Singaporean can make is to believe that Singapore is an ordinary country like Malaysia, like Indonesia, like Thailand, the Phillipines, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark" -MM Lee, 22 April 2007.

Those are run-of-the-mill ordinary countries that Singapore is not. We are extraordinary and the reason why we are extraordinary is because we have such a brilliant govt whose leadership is so crucial, the "island will sink into nothingness" . While other countries can replace incompetent leaders through elections, we will sink into nothingness. This is why the he found the debate on ministerial pay increases "completely unreal". Some might think his illustration unreal or the salary unreal but what MM Lee is saying is the pay hike is so REASONABLE to debate about it is unreal.

"You want to quarrel about $20M over a 4 trillion economy? I say rubbish. Let's say the PAP crashes tomorrow, right? One boatload sinks, 3000 people dead. You have an election. You're going to reproduce this govt. No...." - MM Lee.

I'm surprise our economy has grown to be the size of the US economy. I thought Singaporeans were debating the minister pay increase because Minister Teo said the parliamentary debate was meant for transparency and accountability in response to WP Low saying that the debate was a waste of time because no votes will be taken. Now the MM Lee says it is all rubbish. I guess he is the wisest leader around. His story about the sinking boat is not unreal...... but I thought there are no other viable alternatives around because he got rid of them because he found out they were defamers, fly-by-night liars, communists, Marxists and gangsters. It turned out only the PAP can attract honest people, so if they are gone, Singapore will sink. Understand....stop whining and move on...


Anonymous said...

goodnews today. 80% cannot migrate therefore 80% are guarantee to ensure continuation for the ruling class. 80% will give them the 'good life' and high pay.
if we do not concede and be worldly, we shall be the smelly cheese bit dangling at the reject outlet of the world's largest posterior or become the socially inept appendage who do not know how to ride a crazy horse! we will cease to exist and your homes will become ghettos and habitation of coconut trees and lalang once again!

we need good leadership and harvest a crass of superior talented breed to stem the flow of another crass of talented superior breed who, incidentally, failed to achieve superior salary!!

Anonymous said...

An extraordinary account would be when we put a piece of oriental glass in an ordinary setting and slowly raise its surrounding temperature. At some point when the heat gets high enough, the glass will shattered. Some glasses may even explode and some will crack under pressures to shoot fragmented splinter all over to possibly irrecoverable damages.

No one is too happy when such a development occurs but few are even willing to face up to an inconvenient truth and that is, global warming can only subside when we are willing to responsibly react to global warning.

No one should be wasted on a false assumption of global redemption.

Anonymous said...

When is MM going to kick it? When that day arrives 80% of the population is going to celebrate. Death to dictators!!

LuckySingaporean said...

anon 9:13 AM:

I wonder why the MM brought up the "80% are stuck & cannot afford to run road" matter up. Perhaps, he is trying to reassure himself that no matter what the PAP does and no matter what happens 80% will have to stick around.

Maybe he is just saying 80% of the people are so lucky they won't make the mistake of leaving paradise island because they can't afford it. I sometimes pity those who left, they must be regretting going to countries without the wisdom of PAP leadership...I pity their suffering but Singapore govt is probably kind enough to take them back.

Anonymous said...

The older he gets the more MM Lee sound like Dr. M across the causeway.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans make up Singapore. NOT the island.

The glaring fact remains that Singaporeans have not benefited from the policies.

So whatever MM says, the rising trend is that unless Singaporeans benefit from policies, you can be GUARANTEED that Singaporeans will make sure a good dose of "bad government" will help wake the entire population up.

For 80% of the population, what's there to lose anyway?

Anonymous said...

With what kind of people did the PAP start with in Government? Also some common people with limited education, right? They also have to learn as they go along. Don't tell me that the moment someone becomes foreign minister he will know how to negotiate FTA's? He will also need advice from experts in the field. Everyone must have a starting point. You cannot say that the opposition party cannot do this or that, like running a town council or lift upgrading etc. Its like saying that a lowly educated person cannot have smart kids. His low education could be because he was never given a chance to prove himself.

Anonymous said...

MM Lee will be the undoing of the PAP party. If MM Lee can hold the fort with the youths and remain 100% convinced of the need to raise the ostentatious ministerial pay increase (I quote Dr Vivian Ostentatious donation analogy), we can see clearly who is running the cabinet in Singapore. PM Lee has already indicated that MM Lee and SM Goh were the ones who egged him on about the pay increase. And the MM and SM holds the no 3 and no 4 pay in cabinet. That is sad.

stupid undergrad said...

It's edifying!

Our Great Leader can use the PE ratio to truly reflect the size of our economy which is actually 20 times of our GDP...

I guess I'm really stupid. I didn't know the calculation of profits of a company should cover stuffs like workers salaries, compensation, and bonuses.

If only MM Lee is my finance tutor...

Anonymous said...

is our govt and our economy that fragile?

if we're to have elections every 4 years, if a new govt is failing, cant we install a new one at the next election?

would our women become maids in the 4 years of a different leadership?


LuckySingaporean said...

Let me tell you how critical the PAP leaders are. MM Lee said that they were found by intensive and thorough search - so can't be replaced easily. Apparently the very thorough searching high and low, left right and center, found his son to be most suitable as PM of Singapore - his talents are enormous 4 languages and a whiz at maths.

There only ONE BEST and that is the PAP. Others are the leftover talents from the PAP talent hunt. There is no one more suitable for the PM job than PM Lee himself. There is no one more suitable for the Minister of Manpower job than ex-Surgeon Ng Eng Hen.

If you let the people choose they will choose Sanjaya Malaka ....

Alexis de Tocqueville said...

Uncle Lee has lost the plot... Can someone tell him to shut up before he embarass himself and the country even further?
Maybe someone should remind him that CEO's of companies are elected and if they do not perform, are usually kicked out....

Anonymous said...

Not if the CEA was the one who founded the company. And hold majority of the shares it seems. We are dealing with an enterprise, not a country, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Denmark are all countries, that's why they need elections and stuff. We are an inc. When the profits cash in, the top leaders become the top earners.

Anonymous said...

CEO I mean

Anonymous said...

alexis, Uncle Lee is probably one of the most clued-in person on earth. he knows what's going on and everything is done with an objective or agenda. he knows that his word, no one will ever dare dispute directly.

Lucky - you're right. Someone like Mah Bow Tan or Lim Hng Kiang or whoever is the guy who came up with the en bloc sale law, i'm sure they're as rare a talent as can be. Groomed since they were 16 probably, made sure they went to the best schools, had the best leadership appointments in the military, served the right positions in the Administrative Service before being moved into leadership (or rather, managerial) positions within the govt.

Those good ones that went outside of their radar screen are quickly pulled into their ranks - eg Dr Vivian probably.

Who cares if people dont love them, or that they didnt go thru an electorate process. They can do the job and thats the most important thing.

we cant have someone like Dr Chee to run the finance budget, can we?

and we're not like any other 1st world or 3rd world country, as MM said. we're different. We're Singapore INC, we're not a country.

aaah - i see, i see. of course!! it all becomes clear to me now. why had i been blind to all of this earlier?

Lucky - you're the man. thanks for your blog coz i'm truly enlightended now.

Because a highly-paid exec will never cock up (coz he comes from the best of the best) and never take bribes.

If that's the case, damn it, these guys are underpaid, man. i say - give them another million if they ask for it - equate their pay the Goldman Sachs CEO. coz Goldman Sachs - only in hundreds of billions. we're a trillion dollar economy!

Anonymous said...

depends on how you look at it. some have argued that high pay will also attract the wrong kind of people into politics sooner or later. on the other hand, a ludicrous remuneration will also breed "yes leaders" and the kind of leaders that will commit anything, within the tricky legal system, to retain power FOR the money. it is also a clever way to motivate the current leadership to fight for their party - or their pay. it is a win win for the party as well as the current leadership. the bigger the payout, the harder it is not to tow the party line. and tied to the party line is of course a pot of gold so, whichever way you look at it, it is too tempting not to corrupt an entire leadership eventually or agree with the master mind.

so i say...good luck. hope the master mind is right..:)

Anonymous said...

There is a saying that a man maybe fooled by his intelligence! CONG MIN FUN PEI CONG MIN WU!

Anonymous said... first say 210 Billion.
now claims... 4 Trillion economic.

Why not say 100 Trillion lagi better?

Anonymous said...

Acording to CIA, Singapore economy in 2005 (GDP) See: was $110 billion USD

Anonymous said...

At the rate of MM talking rubbish, PM will better off stepping down and let others handle the mess.

Anonymous said...

Alexis de Tocqueville,
the oldman has already embarass himself and Singapore. Someone will have to remind him that April's Fool day is over !!!!

Our economic figure is a joke, newspaper and media report is a joke,
OUr gahmen is a joke,
Our FT policy is a joke,
Our citizenship is a joke,
Paliament is a joke,
Singaporean is a joke, (Having to work til die even in Macdonald)

Tell me, what is not a joke.

But worry not, luckily Singapore is just a very tiny red dot that cannot be found on any map !!!! No one will notice it.

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh strange things happen to people who believe their own propaganda - they start to say really really weird things...together with an ageing brain. Really come with unique thoughts and ideas.

Anonymous said...

Its been quite a while since I got angry at the words of the old man, now I only feel amused, sorry and sad. As it is, people are no longer convinced of his claims, like our economy, which seems to be growing by the trillions with every speech. Nor are people convinced of his threats, first it was the "communies are coming", now its the "idiots are coming". Worst part is his belief that no one in the world is as good as him. First they were thrash, then mediocre, now they are ordinary. Well people out there know exordinary when they see it. Sim Hong Hoo is extraordinary and so was the old man..a long long time ago. Extraordinary, in getting rid of all opposition, extraordinary in re-writing history but now he is just an old man rumbling away, perhaps extraordinary with his funny claims

Anonymous said...

Never mind the size of our economy; we won't know the real figure.

But we can rest assured we have a lot stashed away for a rainy day as long as we do not put many more big bets on high risk, strategic or national assets of other countries.

Besides, we are so unique. We can offer to help China's efforts and those of smaller (than China, not us) countries too because we are so competently run that we have talent to spare.

Maybe MM in his aged wisdom would consider sending the cabinet elsewhere to help needy countries so that the next tier can get hands on experience to prepare them for their next step?