Monday, April 16, 2007

Minister Pay Hike : Just and correct!!

If you scan the entire Straits Times today, you will find no articles on our ministers' pay hike. ...Not a passing mention, nothing...absolute zero. I guess after the FAQ on the New Paper and the 6 page explanation on the Straits Times last week, the only people left who can't understand the need for pay hikes are those who can't read or refuse to read our local papers.

Singapore is so lucky to have dedicated leaders with the courage to address this serious problem of widening income gap in our economy. Our leaders with their strong sense of justice simply cannot allow such income disparity to persist. It is totally unjust for our ministers to continue to have an income gap between themselves and top professionals and this injustice has to be addressed. The great sense of urgency and the enormous amount energy put into the debate show how important this issue is to them versus other less important issue...they cannot wait any longer for ministers' pay to be hiked because it is so unjust.

Some of you may worry that that with the pay hike our ministers will lose the sense of empathy towards ordinary Singaporeans who have to struggle for a living. Don't worry our ministers are all very high calibre people they are so high calibre they can have empathy even though they make in a few hours what the average work makes in a month. Now you see how high quality our ministers are? We know they have alot of empathy because they proactively seek out needy Singaporeans to find out how to help them. The basic needs of Singaporeans is foremost in their minds.

Singapore is so lucky to have leaders whom the Straits Times describe as compassionate, dedicated and sacrificing. It is clear they work for our interests and not their own. They are leaders who keep their most poignant promises such as "no one will be left hehind".


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness this saga is over,

I feel that now we can move on to better days as the ministers are paid using the formula that prevents corruption

I think its a good idea to sell the formula to the rest of the world to rid it of its corruption.

Anyone know whats the formula they use to come up with the salary hike ?

I would like to patent it and sell it to the world leaders .

Will start with the IMF , opps ya i think its not a good idea cause rumour has it, He paid his GF some high salary which was way out of line by some.

I wonder where can I sell this formula ? Your advice is much appreciated.

I'm in in for the money, what about you ?

Anonymous said...

just take it or leave it. you know nothing will be's all under control...

take it and carry on ranting about it over the internet and at coffee shops or...pack up your bags and leave for somewhere else you'd find contentment (however you'd like to define it).
there's an alternative but i would not even want to go there.

history repeats itself. the lessons from world history can be an interesting read. what is happening in singapore has happened in many other countries around the world in the past and for some, at present.

such is life...nobody learns...labatyd.

Anonymous said...

I guess the pay hike is a wake up call for the nation and the internet generation.

what is lacking now is the people who are out of touch and have only have the FEEL GOOD PAPERS to contend with.

What we have been through is called "structured upbringing"
This is not done at our biological parenting level.

As history as shown us that dead bodies will eventually float, its just a matter of time.

The laws of cause and effect !

Anonymous said...

IHT today, 16 April, wrote about this - after making some tongue in cheek comments about Singapore, it made a good point that other nations in Asia would do well to raise ministers' salaries.

Personally, I feel we have gone too high for people with no track record in what could have been their other careers.

They enjoy non-monetary perks galore - the sort of perks that make American CEO's reluctant to leave their posts (after some time it is the status, the 'sky boxes; at games, etc that are more important than the salary itself).

Even in communist China property owners can stand up to developers. Here the government helps them take our homes from us.

It's not crony capitalism, it's not corruption, but friends help friends in Singapore (and elsewhere). And mainly the rich and influential have friends in high places.

We just have to wait until the people have had enough and vote for what might be uncertainty rather than continue to live in certainty of being hit again and again.

Anonymous said...

Say it right! History repeats itself and many do not learn from it. However, Mental Ministor is much better in learning from history. He surely knows that from history his next generations may not last in the throne. It is urgent need to create sufficient wealth for them in case of fleeing the place. He also know that political reform and democracy will diminish his party's domination in politics. The ruling party mostly likely will become the opposition after true democracy is introduced and when the political power is returned to the people. There is no lack of historical examples - Taiwan and Mexico. Did Taiwan or Mexico collapse and disappear from history after true democracy? The answer is NO. Even if someone learns from history, he may try hard to change the same historical conclusion, the result might be worse for him.

Anonymous said...

Just a recall, do you really think LHL is worth so many millions as PM if he cannot even do multi-tasks? He has already felt headache when there are only 2 opposition MPs in parliament. He admitted during the erection time that he would not be able to focus on more serious administive matters, including justification of his salary hike and 2% gst increase to 'buy' vote from the citizens, if there are 20 opposition MPs voted into the parliament. In contrast, PMs in all other 1st world countries have to face many more oppositions in parliament and yet they are paid a small fraction of what LHL gets. Do you think it is worth? Afterall, he does not really represent the people of this country.

Anonymous said...

Who says the people are helpless? Since this city is all about money, then, show your revulsion with your money.Try not to support anything you don't believe in and put your money where you think deserve your support. If enough people 'vote' with their money, certain industries or powers will have to bow.With a bit of self engineered adversity, maybe the country and its people will wake up ?

Anonymous said...

we have the most unique benchmark system in the world that ensure the inverse proportion of salary with corruption which guarantee that the higher the pay, the lower the corruption and also higher the moral authority !!!!

PAP gov will want to patent this system because it definitely worth billions of dollars since it will save a lot on corruption money for other countries.

The patent system will probably be:
A benchmark system that rid corruption to zero with infinite salary.

Hurray, We are so proud of this crappy and rubblish gov that I give it 10/10 in corruption index.
Other country never even come close.

Anonymous said...

The usual tactic by this asshole gov when thing goes wrong or money been misused is:
.... .... .... ... ... ...

Infinite MOVE ON,

irgen said...

Their day will come! No one is indispensable.

Four surgeons were sitting around discussing who they like to operate on.

The 1st surgeon said, "I like to operate on librarians. When you open them up everything is in alphabetical order."

The 2nd surgeon said, "I like to operate on accountants. When you open them up everything is in numerical order."

The 3rd surgeon said, "I like to operate on electricians. When you open them up everything is colour-coded.

The 4th surgeon said, "I like operating on politicians."

The other 3 surgeons looked at each other in disbelief. One of them asked why.

The 4th surgeon replied, "Because they are heartless, gutless, spineless and their asses and heads are interchangable!"

Anonymous said...

owell what to do..... lan lan suck thumb

Anonymous said...

a relative of a local brand drink put the phenomenon all to DNA. contextually speaking, there will be a time of reckoning when a change in market perspective could correct the inbalances and alter the visionary invectives. though the brand insolent remain committed to theocratic hypomania, the gallimaufry of idiopathic disorder will be its vanguishing trail.

Supportive said...

It is just.It is just. In fact, a must to affirm our mutual trust. These rarity of men have been unfairly vilified for a share of 30 silver. Goodness, what is goddam 30 silver anyway? If it makes them happy... If it makes them useful... If they feel compensated and satiated than it is all worth it! Worth it!

Anonymous said...

The power of the internet has the ability to bring and challange the views of people who tell you to believe their holy words as if it were the bible.

The internet is a eye sore for them as they feel the weight of the truth coming down on their shoulders.

People are not replying the FEEL GOOD Papers no more and are moving on to forums mostly where they have a voice and can exchange views.

Now is not the time to feel helpless, now is the time to educate yourself and ensure your contribution as a Singaporean.

Not to a system that stuns your brain cells.


Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope all of you "lucky" followers will vote properly at the next GE!

Anonymous said...

There is an entry on "Fiscal finagling in Singapore" written by a foreign journalist at

He highlighted how our country finances are being manipulated and also explains why the PAP can afford to pay ministers that much.

Very good alternative view.

Anonymous said...

The issue is not about money.
The issue takes us into the dark depths of greed.

I use to read a book about old china where the govt would come up with feel good names for policys which infact have the opposite effect.

Its a mind thing, surface presentation versus actual product depth.

Most of us get conned when its presented with flowers and candles and tears.

Some people can even have the nuts to sell shit to the public.

May we live to see better days ahead!

Anonymous said...

Would you trust any man who says we have to have "HIGH salaries" to prevent corruption ?

Thats all we need to know.

Anonymous said...

goodnews today. the business community is set for a rich shower of blessing from the gambling gods to the tune of $3b. meanwhile, we are reminded that no one was shot in our university campus. our women too are safe from human traffickers apparently, an allude to our able men in white. however, despite the fantastic reports and impressive economic figures, the mass property market still suffer from many unsold units in newer projects. asset losses(past 10 years) seem to be unyielding to euphoric recovery of this little red dot and her talented leaders.

Anonymous said...

You are right. If the property market is still 30-35% below 1996 level after 11 years, it clearly confirms that 1996 economy is a bubble economy that our previous PM (now SM) denied. Do you have confidence to buy property now? Yes, Sporeans or foreigners should buy in order to bring it back to 1996 level. I would hope to see this happens. Many property owners would like to see it happens. And then what will come? Smartest will get rid of their assets and resign from the Inc. Anyone reads more external info rather than just local papers will understand this scenario. Do you still believe what MM said that good future ahead by riding the China's wave?

Anonymous said...

For the benefit of the rest of us, "Fiscal finagling in Singapore" written by a foreign journalist at can be found at this link:

Appreciate future bloggers provide link to the mentioned article or document for easy reference by all others.

The famous saying is always true: 'Only if you have something to hide so you cannot be open about it'.

This leads to an classic example of a legal case involving the former CJ that the other party was kept in mental hospital and the case was heard close-door and soon later the CJ retired and everything was sweeped under the carpet. What we do not understand that why the case is so secretive if the truth has nothing to hide from public.

Anonymous said...

Never ask the impossible from spineless talents.

To expect them to walk in the LIGHT will mean that they will lose their moral authority to govern.

It is easier for a rat to pass through the eye of a needle than to for the talented to be honest.

For where there is no honesty. there shall be no unity of the brotherhood of men.

Anonymous said...

is this blog wrote entirely on sarcasm?

Wannabe Pappie said...

I qualify to be a minister too
- I potentially can earn many millions of $$$ per year and am willing to give up that potential to earn the $2.2 million;
- I am compassionate in that I can make lots of speeches about helping the poor and make a couple of visits to them;
- I am very capable; I will be able to fully utilize the 'scholars' to help me develop the policies that will enable SG to be 'unique';
- Finally, I am as greedy as the PAPpies - I want the money!

Anonymous said...

how come in your calculation of the MM's pay you did not into consideration the bonuses at the end of the year (which I think can go up to 6 months) Performance bonus (god knows how much they are entitled to) and other allowances!!

Anonymous said...

why need 'talents' when you can hire 'experts' to do most of the thinking for you?

Anonymous said...

Two hundred and ninety dollars a month(three thousand four hundred and eighty annually) is deemed sufficient for one incapable of working to survive> Yet ONE MILLION OVER DOLLARS ANNUAL INCOMES are considered money not enough for a CABINET MEMBER! This must be the most sickening joke the world had ever heard!