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Minister Pay Hikes : Getting to The Truth!

I sense alot of anger among netizens. The more our beloved PAP govt explains, the more angry they become. The reaction to the impending pay hikes range from calling it "unreasonable" to Alex Au's "obscene". I urge everyone to stand back a little really see the large picture, I've explained that the pay hikes are a natural/logical consequence of our unique political system - selectiing politicians and grooming them for office - in which ordinary citizens play a negligible role in deciding who leads them. That our esteemed PM believed that our ministers have made a painful sacrifice and the ordinary citizens react by calling them greedy, reflects a widening cognitive gap between the elites and the ordinary, the rich and the poor, the empowered and powerless.
Different Frame of Reference

"Where you put your eyes, that's about the size of it...." -- Sesame Street Song, that teaches children that small things can look big if you put it closer to your eye.
When it was revealed that Durai's pay was $600K per annnum, the 1st reaction from one of our elites was "$600K is peanuts". The 2nd reaction was from Ho Ching in a long open letter to the Straits Times explaining why Singaporeans should not begrudge Durai's pay which would have been higher had he chosen to be a career lawyer. She must have felt very strongly that she is correct about Durai's pay to take time off from her busy schedule to write this long letter. The reaction from the ground was nothing less than outrage - if you make $3000 a month, there is no way anyone in the world can't convince you that $600K is not an ridiculous paycheck for someone running a charity. It seems that salaries of hundreds of thousands $ per year is no big deal among our elites and it is common belief among them that such high salaries is acceptable even in jobs that require an extraordinary sense of duty towards the people of Singapore.
Other PAP beliefs were expressed in the past few weeks - "you have to pay people high salaries to prevent corruption", "you have to pay high salaries to people who are suppose to have a strong sense of duty not to job hop to better opportunities", "you have to pay high salaries otherwise Singapore will collapse" and "you have to pay high salaries or else you wife and mom will become maids". All sound and reasonable beliefs from our elites but to get Singaporeans to understand it is another matter. It seems the more the PAP tries to explain their beliefs, the stronger the fury of the ordinary people. It is just beyond their small limited minds to understand and appreciate the great value of their elite leaders.
Two Stories & a whole lot of morals

Story 1 : About Values
Several years ago a young lady joined my company as an engineer - the starting pay at that time was $2500. Her performance was exceptional, she was very hardworking and helpful. She ate at the same canteen as everyone else and took the public transport (bus/MRT) to work. I was on the same 'sardine packed' bus as her on numerous occasionals. ...I once asked her if she considered getting a car. she replied that she was used to the buses because she took the bus everyday when she studied in NUS (where she graduated top of her class).
One day after a company organised BBQ which ended at about 1 am, those who had cars volunteered to drive the others home as there was no more public transport and taxis were few and far between. An manager (Peter) gave her and a few others staying in the West a ride back.
The next day, Peter came to me and said, "Lucky, you know all those nice things you said about the PAP govt during lunch, I think you better stop". You know why? When Peter dropped off the girl that night, her father came to open the door. Peter recognised the old man who was his ex-MP!! The girl's father is an old guard MP who was in parliament for almost 2 decades. The ex-MP was a successful businessman and is probably worth millions.
For the next few months nobody wanted to ask her about her family background sensing that it might be a little awkward. One day one of the engineers casually asked her why she took the bus everyday? wasn't she thinking of getting a car? She replied that she had to work for a living just like everyone else and she would buy a car when she can afford it.

When Philip Yeo spoke about values he said, "If you have no value system, there will be no future". What were the values he was talking about? A deep sense of duty, no overdeveloped sense of entitlement and no exaggerated sense of importance. The ex-MP brought up his daughter with all the right values. Values that elitism would quickly destroy as resources are generously allocated to the elites to creating an exaggerated sense of importance. We are told without them Singapore will collapse, hence no price to too high to pay to prevent the collapse of Singapore. Go back to what Mrs Goh, Ho Ching and Wee Shu Min said and you will understand what kind of future lies ahead for the rest of us.

Story 2 : Nurses and Sacrifice

"....they should not be expected to make 'unreasonable financial sacrifices' to be in public service"-PM Lee

Before 2003, there was an acute shortage of nurses so the did the usual of increasing pay ...and when that didn't work they recruited from Philipines and China. After 2003, the problem of a shortage of nurses know why?

In 2003 Singapore was struck by the deadly SARS virus, I can still remember the strained look on Minister Lim's face as the virus proved more infectious than many had expected. In the frontline risking their lives to care for the sick were the nurses - both local and foreign. The fight against SARS was broadcasted everyday on TV and people could see the courage and dedication of the nurses. 2 nurses, Jonnel Pabuayon Pinera and Hamidah Ismail lost their lives while carrying out their duty. You think that fewer Singaporeans would be willing to become nurses after seeing the risk of infection but the reverse happened. The fight against SARS gave the whole country a glimpse of the nursing profession and we found out that it was not just a job in the health care industry but about saving lives and compassionate care of the sick.

When there is real sacrifice involved, good dedicated people will step forward. If it is about upholding the ideas set forth in our pledge, I'm sure people will step forward even if they have to risk everything and end up bankrupt. If it is about protecting the interest of Singaporeans, making sure the sick is taken care of, the poor have enough for 3 meals a day, I'm sure good men will step forward to serve. However, if a nation or govt is turned into a corporation it is just like any other corporation out to make money, you have to pay people to join it. Also, some able people simply don't like to join parties that use defamation lawsuit to silence critics, propaganda to fool the people it is suppose to serve and unfair tactics to win elections.

What is good govt?
"The cure to all this talk is really a good dose of incompetent government" - MM Lee
"In democratic countries, incompetent leaders are simply removed, but in Singapore..?" - Lucky Tan
Many of you think that good govt is about electing honest sincere people who will work for the interest of the people and iimproving the democratic system by enhancing transparency, accountability and putting in the check and balance so that the citizens' interests are protected. Well that works for other countries, in Singapore it is different. Our system involves selecting people to office while elections are meant to show support for estate upgrading. Once selected to office, he is protected by secrecy laws like Official Secrets Act and 'check and balance' such as strong probing opposition and an objective media is absent. Power is concentrated in a handful of super elites, helped by agencies such as ISD etc. That is why we have to pay so much for good govt because we don't have anything in place to protect us against a rogue govt!!
So Singaporeans, PLEASE JUST PAY UP. If you don't, you risk your wife and mother turning into maids. You risk having incompetent leaders that CANNOT BE REMOVED.


Leong Sze Hian said...

Singapore has been voted as the top choice of location for expats in the world and also the best asian city in the 2007 Worldwide Quality of Living Survey by Mercer Human Resource Consulting. The Senior Minister has voiced his concerns about Singapore's brain-drain. So, why are Singaporeans leaving and may not be returning, when it is the best place in the world for expats to live and work, and the best for quality of life in Asia?
The answer may lie in some statistics for the last year or so.
The Dean of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in his inaugural speech in the Distinguished Speakers Lecture series of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI) on March 21, said that "it is quite puzzling that Singapore is still aspiring to be world class, when it has exceeded world-class standards in many areas" and cited "10 dimensions in which we have achieved or exceeded previous 'world-class' standards".
In the annals of corporate history, many once revered brand names have fallen by the wayside, because they failed to adequately, constantly and continually address their shortcomings, and internal and external criticisms. This failing may arguably be applied to the history of nations too.
In the context of his speech which was on building the Singapore brand and national branding, I think we may want to take a step backbards, and do some critical self-analysis of our current weaknesses, and try to improve on them. In our perhaps zealous attempts to become world-class in so many things, we may have paid insufficient attention to some 10 dimensions, which I shall describe below.
Singapore was ranked 130th out of 178 countries for Happiness, 40th out of 41 countries for Libido, 30th out of 35 countries for Courtesy, 5th in the world for Prisoners Per Capita, 105th in the world for Income Equality, 140th out of 167 countries for Press Freedom, and 15th out of 16 countries in the Asia Democracy Index.
Dimensions relating to income:-
1. Income distribution continued to widen - the Gini coefficient increased from 0.468 to 0.472.
Percentage of employed households with household income from work below $ 1,000, increased from 5.4 to 5.7%. Average monthly income from work per household member among employed households was only $ 300 for the 1st to 10th decile, and $ 540 for the 11th to 20th decile. Average monthly income from work per household member among non-retiree households was only $ 160 for the 1st to 10th decile, and $ 470 for the 11th to 20th decile. With about over one million households, does it mean that about 90,000 non-retiree households are still surviving on only $ 160 average monthly income from work per household member?
The 1st to 10th decile among employed households had the lowest number of working persons at 1.28, supporting the highest number of average persons in the household of 3.92 persons. Generally, the larger the average household size, the lower were the average number of working persons. This trend persisted until the 70th percentile for average number of working persons.
Number of part-timers has more than doubled over the decade from 51,400 to 112,300 expanding their share of employment from 3.5% to 6.3%. The median monthly income for part-timers is still the same at $ 500 compared to 10 years ago. In view of the 118 per cent increase in part-timers for the last decade, does it mean that more residents are working for income of $ 500 that has not changed for 10 years?
Since "retiree households who had no income from work comprised 5% of all resident households in 2006", and "8.5% of resident households had 0 number of working persons", does it mean that 3.5% or about 37,000 households are not retired but have no income from work ? How many of these - about 37,000 households are living with no income from work, because they have sufficient funds to sustain themselves indefinitely or for a prolonged period of time?
Whilst the Resident labour force increased by 27 per cent for the last 15-year period from 1.373 to 1.737 million, Unemployed Residents increased by 149 per cent from 28,000 to 69,600. This means that the Resident labour force increased by 1.6 per cent per annum, and Unemployed Residents increased by 6.3 per cent per annum.
Dimemsions relating to expenditure:-
2. As at the end of last year, banks have repossessed 1,445 HDB flats financed with bank loans since the start of bank origination in January 2003. In recent months, the rate is about 60 cases a month. This means that 1.6 per cent of HDB flats on bank loans have been foreclosed. 7 per cent of the 89,000 HDB flats with bank loans which is about 6,230 HDB flat owners have not been able to pay for more than 3 months. Some of these may become foreclosures.
From 2002 to 2006, some 360 households voluntarily surrendered their flats after defaulting on their HDB concessionary loan repayments. HDB's annual report said that it provided financial assistance to 28,386 flat-owners in its last financial year, Does this mean that 28,386 flat-owners had difficulty paying their HDB concessionary loan monthly repayments or HDB rental?
In the HDB's last two offers of 2-room flats, about 42 per cent of the applicants were 55 years and older, and 56 per cent had household incomes of less than $ 1,000 a month.
3. According to the Yearbook of Statistics Singapore, water, electricity and gas tariffs increased by 8.6, 2.8, and 4.2% per annum from 1995 to 2005, against inflation of just 1%. The number of electricity accounts in arrears is about 3,600 and the number of Pay-As-You Use (PAYU) meters is about 12,500.
4. MediFund paid out $40m to 290,000 Medifund applications approved last year. Does this mean that the average Medifund payout per patient was about $138? According to the Ministry of Health's (MOH) web site, "for FY2001, a total of 157,190 Medifund applications were considered, of which 156,780 applications or 99.7% were approved, amounting to a total disbursement of $27.2m ". Does this means that the average Medifund payout per patient in 2001 was about $174? Why is it that the average Medifund payout per patient has declined from $174 in 2001 to $138 last year, when as I understand it, the average costs of hospitalisation have gone up? According to MOH's "Affordability of Healthcare Data", the average hospital bill size for Class C was $858 and $495 at the 50th percentile. So, does this mean that some needy patients may still be financially stressed in having to pay the shortfall between their bill and the Medifund payout, by instalments to the hospital after their discharge?
According to the MOH's web site, polyclinics "served about 100,000 dental patients". According to the DOS, there were about 104,900 households in the 0 to 10th decile with no income from work and about 104,900 households with average income of $1,180 in the 11th to 20th decile. Each visiting the public dental services once a year, would total about 377,640 dental attendances per year (assuming 3.6 average household number of persons x about 104,900 households with average income of $1,180 in the 11th to 20th decile, and that all the 0 income households are mostly retirees and others who can afford private dental care). How many can afford the private dental consultation rates starting from $45 compared to the polyclinics' rates from $12 to $20.50 for adult Singapore citizens, and from $6 to $10.50 for children and the elderly? Since the polyclinics only served about 100,000 attendances last year, and some went to private dentists under the Primary Care Partnership Scheme (PCPS) and about 3,000 under the Public Assistance (PA) scheme, where did the rest of the lower-income Singaporeans go to for dental treatment?
5. The Ministry of Education helped 35,000 school children in its Financial Assistance Scheme.
At the announcement of the setting up of the ComCare Fund on 19 January 2005, it was said that the five Community Development Councils (CDCs) handled 35,000 hardship cases in 2004, granting almost $ 40 million in assistance. Why is it that it would appear that about two years later, the amount of assistance given out has only increased by 70 per cent ($ 68 divided by $ 40 million), against an increase of 157 per cent in the number of needy families (90,000 divided by 35,000) ?
About 60,000 Singaporeans did not sign up for the Progress Package.
6. In 2005, the $4 million Public Transport Fund set up and funded by SMRT, SBS, Comcare Fund, the 5 CDCs, SLF and NTUC, received more than 92,000 applications for 80,000 vouchers worth $50 each. The funding organisations pitched in with the $600,000 needed to pay for the extra vouchers. The total of $4.6 million divided by $20 means that about 230,000 people received about $20 each to help pay for the transport fares increase in 2005. Even if we assume that all the about 104,900 households in the 0 to 10th decile with no income from work are retirees and others who can afford the fares increase, we are still missing about 147,640 (377,640 (3.6 persons x about 104,900 households with average income of $1,180 in the 11th to 20th decile) - 230,000). Does this mean that they did not apply for transport vouchers?
7. According to studies at the National University of Singapore, the average propensity to consume (APC) which is measured as the ratio of private consumption expenditures to GDP, has fallen steadily over time from 0.82 in 1960 to 0.43 in 2003.This has produced the lowest ratio of private consumption to output in the free world.
Dimensions relating to net worth:-
8. Household Net Worth increased by 3.8 per cent per annum from $ 548 to $ 660 billion from 2000 to 2005. However, after adjusting for inflation, CPF contributions and the interest on CPF balances, and cash savings and investments, does. it mean that household net worth may actually have declined?
65, 69 and about 75 per cent of CPFIS investors did not beat the 2.5 per cent interest on the CPF Ordinary Account for the first 9, 10, and 11 years of the scheme on a cumulative basis. What were the statistics after 12 and 13 years of the scheme ?
Other dimensions:-
9.Last year, there were 120,000 ex-offenders whose records were spent, 11,000 ex-offenders are being released every year, plus the current 14,453 prison population - how many ex-offenders in total are there in Singapore , since only those convicted of minor crimes and who remain crime-free for five years may have their records marked as spent and those convicted of serious offences and jailed for more than three months or fined more than $ 2,000 cannot have their records erased ? According to the World Prison Population List of King's College London International Centre for Prison Studies, the prison population rate (per 100,000 of national population) for Singapore, at 350, was the fifth highest in the world.
10. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) World Economic Outlook Database September 2006, Singapore is ranked number one in the world for current account balance in percent of GDP ratio. Singapore's ratio of 28.5 in 2006, is more than double the second ranked country, Switzerland's ratio of 13.3. Singapore's US$132 (S$205) billion foreign reserves has been ranked number one in the world on a per capita basis.
The Budget Debate is over. Like a company making its strategic plans and setting its goals for the future, perhaps we could look at some of the above statistics, with the view that some of them may be considered useful as benchmarks for measuring Singapore's progress and performance in the future.
Some of the above may also help some of us in thinking about what we hope to achieve and concerns to address for our future.
Leong Sze Hian

Anonymous said...

Straits Times full going full blast ahead today doing its justification...I think it has the best joke around; i had a good time.. :)

One article caught my attention. Someone responded thankfully to CDC which had help her to live with a $700+ monthly pay. I think this course will surely help our ministers and top civil servants. Just not too sure how it can help the pain cause by the 'unreasonable financial sacrifice'? CDC might need a special counselling task force.

Anonymous said...

can you finish your part 2 story?
Eager to know what happen to the EX-MP and the daughter.

LuckySingaporean said...

anon 8:47,

I notice the Straits Times going FULL BLAST too. Even Sumiko Tan has an article on "jealousy against those with higher pay".

the blogsphere is also blasting away

Anonymous said...

Someone called the ST 'a propaganda rag'. I can understand why.

Capt_Canuck said...

a very interesting read there, Lucky. So are all elites mercenaries? I mean, the only people I have ever heard that are worried about people abandoning posts for more money are greedy mercenaries, whereas those that are in it for the love of the job (compassionate nurses and passionate lawyers) usually are better at the job for they bring heart and dedication to the job.

LuckySingaporean said...


They better be mercenaries!! We can't afford to have idealists around who will spend time worrying whether we have enough freedom of speech, whether the poor have safety net, or if there is equal/justice in our society. We need these people to concentrate on helping us make more money to get to top 1st world status fast. If they are motivated by any thing (socialist heart?) other than money, our MM Lee will be very worried.

Anonymous said...

Our socialist heart govt gg to implement means testing for class C wards leh.

Anonymous said...

Hi there

Do you know where I can apply to be a minister?

One thing that attracts me is the pay package.

Do they like have a online application form ?

An eager applicant!

Anonymous said...

At the end of it all its a small price to pay for the elite.

Without them there will be no Singapore. Our female gender will have to be outsourced to foreign soil.

Lets all have a charity event to form the longest bra strap to meet these numbers for the salary hike

Call now 1800-I-WANT-YOUR-BRA-STRAP!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to inform you that you cannot suka suka apply to become a minister.

You must however be elite enough for the elite in white to invite you to drink tea. Being a scholar would give you a bonus.

However you must also be elite enough to already earning S$3~4+ millions a year in order to make a huge sacrifice to become a minister. If you are earning less than that, then sorry, your personality and capability are simply not elite enough yet to become a minister. We don’t want incompetent and corrupt people to be in the office running our S$210b Sinkapore INC. And I think our MM had make it clear enough that we can actually measure these quality by monetary term.

Anonymous said...

goodnews today. you have become an important asset in someone's home. your neighbours have heard so many good things about you that they now COVET after you. this is because we were first in coveting our neighbours' husbands, wives, sons and daughters that they are returning the favor.
the exchange programs will be expected to intensify as the toto winning gets bigger.
if you been hankering for overseas holiday, you can probably expect more frequent intercontinental travel to visit friends, relatives and family members for your regular cup of teh tarik with them. however, you may require to learn an unknown tongue or accent, outside your usual sunday gatherings, to connect with the next generation. this will certainly create new jobs for those who are already well verse in the art of interpretation of tongues!

Anonymous said...

For those who're clueless to the meaning of talent, open up your wallet and look at your dollar bills(i assume you are a richer than a maid since you are made here). The weight or the value of an individual is denoted by those bills. A one dollar bill has a lower talent than a ten dollar bill. And a thousand dollar bill has much more talent than a ten dollar bill. Now if you can't find a ten thousand dollar bill in your wallet, it is probably because it can only be found in some rich elite's wallet.

Which also implies, in your wallet lies your identity.

So go check your wallet. No cheating please.Monopoly money don't count!

Anonymous said...

There are no reporters in Sillypore, only LEEporters.

Anonymous said...

Please dont be blinded by the huge pay our ministers are drawing,

Look at the issues they have resolved.

1)Our first class educational system to produce LOCAL talent

2)Our first class sports talent

3)Our problems with people not wanting to have babies

4)Our housing, we all have a roof over our heads

5)World class transport system

6)Our welfare for the jobless

7) The number of jobs created for us

8) NO Corruption issues

9) Employment for the eldery and old

Theres more, but the list goes on .....

So dont let that small pay adjustment be a Major EYESORE to you.

Just think of the amount of pressure they are facing to lift all of us up to the high heavens

It is well deserved, just read our national papers and you will agree.

I am sure this will remind you, that if we have a corrupt government in place.

All of us will suffer and the problems listed ABOVE, that they have resolved will come back and haunt us like skeletons in the closet.

Do you think the internet is a closet ?

Remember 600,000K = peanuts!
2.1 million= Rumbutans ?

Anonymous said...

Assuming there's 200000 poor, thats overestimating but nvm. $20m divided among these people works out to $100 each. You have been tasked to take care of these people and given a choice between upping your salary from $2.7m to $4m a year or giving each one of these poor people $100 a year, you choose to up your own salary. What sort of person will that make you? Are you better off running a ruthless business corporation or should you still be in a job whose requirements include compassion, empathy, altruism and sacrifice? Can you still understand that for someone earning less than 10k a year, getting $100 more a year is worth much more than $1m to someone already earning $2+m a year excluding the additional perks (if someone had been an ordinary top lawyer, i think his wife would not have survived her trip to England, and that is something money cannot even buy) and the ludicrous pension-while-still-earning-salary scheme?

Anonymous said...

I guess some people can live with this kinda of logic, where we have to pay the sky high salaries, if not the sky will come down on us.

I'm shaking in my boots whenever I think of that.

Damn! I crap in me pants :(

At least what we are all seeing is the opening up of follow singaporeans to come together to voice their individual views.

Too bad the old folks cant get a view of our thoughts and feedback.

Anonymous said...

I guess the verdict is out now,

Soon we all will be having a public thanks giving dinner to thank the public for their support!

3 cheers for the elite Govt!

Anonymous said...

And Singapore will have another entry in the 'Guiness Book of world Records'. We should be very proud.

Anonymous said...

more than 90% of the population probably don't even earn the difference of the increase let alone their current pay. am i proud of the transformation bragged to justify their pay? not really because the costs of progress caused the demise( literal and alot poorer) of many singaporeans. it destroyed many families, reduced birthrates and resulted many leaving their home country. the progress has not carried the people with them instead, left them behind working much harder and longer leaving nothing much for values and family life.if progress had taken into considering of the average singaporean to keep step without sacrificing the intrinsic or had mitigated mass bankrupcies, business failures, assets deflation that wipe out their wealth, suicides and destruction of marriages because of money woes etc, the current leadership and many elites would not have commanded their current remuneration.

simply put, the people aren't ready for such an instantaneous transformation in 40 years especially in such a city. but then, a progress that's kinder to the people will not have reap that kind of salaries for the cream of the crop now would it?

you might as well hire outsiders to run your family business and have them pay themselves top dollars at the expense of your family members and yourself! now why would you do that?

Anonymous said...

The pay increment is DEFINITELY necessary.

The logic is simply very clear.
Don't increase pay, you lose bright people and you get corruption.

So in order to prevent corruption, we must constantly paying them more.
In fact, i proposed we should increased the pay by 1 million annually!

Then we are free from corruption.
attract the brightest of the whole universe.

So bright until sunlight also hide in shame.

Anonymous said...

Just prior to the beginning of the new millenium, there was the y2k scare(or rather hoax) that reaped billions of dollars for the perpetrators. The new world order has apparently spinned another one on how great and indispensable certain talents are, which enable these few to rip off billions from ordinary folks. tsk tsk tsk, when will people ever wise up huh?

Anonymous said...

workers' party low tk speech debate on the ministerial pay:

Never read Straits Times comment on it; most probably distort his comment and make him a 'joker'.

Anonymous said...

what cream of the crop? more like whipped cream. a breed that cant think out of the box only got one model in mind and that is making something mean ok. but what mean works? nobody question...bodoh!

Anonymous said...

ok, what's the deal with women going to become maids?? i dont get it.

Anonymous said...

i'm so ashamed of the pap mps and ministars that whenever i'm discussing sg with foreigners, i feel so embarrassed. in fact, sometimes i don't even want to tell pple that i'm from sg.

let me go check my mail to see if my pr for down under is approved...

Anonymous said...

i want to put this Pay discussion into perspective:

10+ years ago, everyone was clamouring for Fandi to come back and play for Singapore in the Malaysia Cup.

He agreed. some then, people started to complain - how could a man with only primary school education be paid a 5-figure salary to play football for Singapore? he should be paid fair and square - accordingly.

i remember Fandi just shrugged and said - if that's the case - i'll just move to the next Malaysian state that offered me a better salary.

in the end - he compromised and took on a Singapore pay that's actually less than what some of the Malaysian states were willing to pay him - for the sake of the fans and Singapore.

Let's look at Steven Gerrard in Liverpool. Homegrown Scouser - love the club to bits. Yet, the club wants to pay him millions of dollars to stay - even though in his heart, Gerrard knows he will probably not leave Liverpool.

Anonymous said...

Do you know that after this increase in pay, LHL gets 5 times of USA president's, 8 times of Australian PM's and Japan PM's? Japan's new PM has cut his own pay by 30% when he took office. He also cut his all ministers' by 10%. And yet, would these top men in other countries have less responsibilities than LHL and his gangs? Sinkishs need to compare what ordinary people get in those countries. What not Bush's salary be benchmarked with Bill Gates' or Solo's? The 66.6% Sinkishs must wake up now.

Anonymous said...

sobz sobz :(

i donch wan to be maid.

prease pay them money.


Anonymous said...

I think there will be more people fainting on the MRT train tracks all of a sudden

Story time!
Once upon a time, a bird was caged up for a long time, and upon his sudden release.

He did not know how to fly as he was caged up in his mind.

Free your mind!

Capt_Canuck said...

I love this. saw an article in about the pay raise:
Most of the over 20 MPs who spoke on the issue on Tuesday supported the salary rise.

And, Mr Teo said that he was heartened that many MPs agreed that it is vital to pay competitive salary for a good public service.

What a surprise! A group of people, who get to write their own pay cheques, support a $1.2 million pay raise. WOW...there is a shocker. I mean, if you were responsible for writing your own pay cheques and setting the pay limit for it, I am sure every fry cooker, burger flipper and wash room attendant will say "you have to keep the pay competative or else you are going to lose the hard working".

I have to thank the Singaporean gov't and the PAP. It is gov'ts like theirs that actually make the gov'ts of the world seem not so bad. In fact, I think Saddam got a bum rap compared to what the PAP is doing to its citizens right now. Thank you Singapore.

Anonymous said...

who cares how much the elites are making ? i only look at these things:
(a) cost of living got lowered ? jobs increased but jobs pay got increased ? transport cost got lowered ? gst got lowered ? tax got lowered ? shops rental got lowered ? etc.etc.
(b) how ST and news are being used to justify the policies. how so many things are not looked at matter-of-factly. how it is so hard to be humble, to be maids of other countries, to serve your customers, to lick your unfriendly neighbours boot, to serve your citizens.

Freedom Fighter - I aint fighting for PAP, nor for Chiam, I fight for whats right! said...

Please, if u think the SG Govt is doing a good job, think again:

Look at the issues they have "resolved".

This list is from anonymous at 2:33pm. I'm just posting my comments so that people wun kena mislead

1)Our first class educational system to produce LOCAL talent
- I can tell you that our talent in most industries cannot compare to other countries', be it architecture, medical, IT etc. I know cos I'm in it.

2)Our first class sports talent
- Ya, if we win the World Cup by 2010. Besides, though I love our sportmen, but if u wanna run our country like a corporation, then show results la. Where's the gold medals? How many? And setting up a sports school in the year 2000+ is WAY tooo late. Countries have been doing that back in Cold War days.

3)Our problems with people not wanting to have babies.
- First they say "stop at 2" then "more the merrier". We can see that whenever there's a problem, there's only one way to solve it. US. Fine us if we have too much babies, then try to give some incentive back (a few hundred dollars per baby per year) but they do it when the standard of living has increase and its more expensive to have more babies. Smart hor? Like I said. SG is a $$$-driven "FINE" country.

4)Our housing, we all have a roof over our heads
- From the above comments, people still have mortgage payment problems. With increase housing prices and shortage of land, this will soon become more of a fiction than a fact. $500k for a 4-room flat? I'm moving!

5)World class transport system.
- Yeap, EZLink is no doubt good. Convenient. Fast. MRT links everywhere. Even Jalan Watsoever. SBS comes always on time. Taxis are cheap (and getting cheaper nowadays). Oh not to forget there are LESS cars on the roads due to the COE prices so public transport becomes a MUST rather than an option. Its so nice to squeeze into a WARM cosy MRT on a early 9am southboard train from Woodlands, or see it zoom past fully loaded at Yishun isn't it?
This is probably cos of too many babies grown up. "I told you so. Dint my dad told you to stop at two?" -small Lee

6)Our welfare for the jobless
Yeap CDC sure do the trick. Help the poor, help the needy WHEN they approach you, IF they approach you. If its so useful, why isn't this public? They have to pass by word of mouth, from aunty to aunty that "oh CDC can help u if u cannot pay yr bills". Oh did i forget to mention that u become a statistic once its done. For every bill they help u pay (ranging from a few dollars to a few hundred $$$) they get to add u in their annual report so that "CDCs have helped a total of 23,456 households last year" or watever.
- OR are u talking about CPF? The $ that u cant take out till u are almost dying? We dun have social security u know. Nothing comes free. That $$$ is for yr old age. Nevermind if u are starving and dying now. U'll need it for yr old age. If u survive without food from now till u are about 65, of cos.

7) The number of jobs created for us.
Errr wat do u think we spend $1.2 million dollars to the garmen for? To open a can of sardines? I'm not stealing their credit, but seriously people need to re-think what a garmen is really for. They are NOT to go country to country to shake hands, or take $$$ to buy up foreign companies or wat. They are here to create security. And security includes jobs. If they aint doing that job, they should be fired.
WHAT? You mean ministers are only fired for corruption? And they still get bonuses and increase pay when the rest of the private sector gets paycuts? Where's that application form?

8) NO Corruption issues
- Blah. With that high of a pay, ministers should start bribing voters instead of citizens bribing ministers or law-enforcement.
Come on. U really buy that corruption s***. Doesnt mean we have neighbors that have that kind of garmen means our govt is clean ok. And doesnt mean that they need more $$$ to keep their hands clean. Its like a restaurant over-paying the cashier and underpaying the waiters so that the cash stays in the cash register. Huh? Totally warped.

9) Employment for the eldery and old.
Yeap. Keep them busy. So that they can't retire. Whilst elderly in other countries are playing golf each day or hiking up scenic spots. Our elderly still have to care about food from hands to mouth. Now, SG should be ranked TOP in elderly retirement and happiness somewhere. Wait guys, why are you all still leaving SG.

Frankly staying is good if you keep one eye closed and the other open. If u want to keep BOTH eyes open, then you better keep yr mouth SHUT.

Then again, if you do, yr pay will decrease while the elite's will keep increasing. COME ON SINGAPOREANS, DO U STILL HAVE ANY BACK BONE LEFT? STOP TALKING IN CYBERSPACE LAH AND STAND UP FOR WHAT IS REALLY REALLY RIGHT !!!!!

Darn. Cowards.

Disclaimer: I'm no coward. I like to stand. The problem is that I have weak Singapore knees like everyone else and further more, I'm overseas. :P

Anonymous said...

shouldn impartiality and non-corruption come as virtues and not as a justifying reason for the pay increment?
its just interesting how money can be tagged to such principles. (good governance was deemed to involve impartiality, thus the pay increment somewhat suggests... inability to exemplify such principles?)

Anonymous said...

good point about virtues. can explain what do you mean by impartiality and salary increment ?

i can understand we cannot suppressed a worker/politician salary.

But peg on the "x% ave.highest salary amt$" is absurb, it should peg on the "xth top ranking of professional".

35% of $10 millions (per month) is about $3 million.

But top 35% of professionals are making e.g. $200,000 per month.

Do we need 35th richest person to be a politian ?

Or do we need a poltician making 35% of what 1st richest person is making ?

Anonymous said...

oh i mean, good governance means the government body elected ought to have integrity, and not have the exorbitant pay increment as an incentive to be "non-corruptile".
what happened to the "narrowing of gap between the rich and the poor?"

Anonymous said...

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