Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The PAP not Singaporeans made Singapore!!

“If we don’t do that, in the long term the government system will slowly crumble and collapse,” Defense Minister Teo Chee Hean
"I am putting a simple question and asking for his clarification. He has compared Singapore as if it were Denmark, Finland or Switzerland. Their systems and governments never produced the kind of transformation that we have, and their system and government have a broader base and can afford a mediocre government," - MM Lee to MP Low on Pay Hikes

I applaud our esteemed MM Lee for reminding us of our good fortune riding on the grand accomplishments of the PAP. It is indeed the visionary leadership of the PAP that has bronght Singapore where it is today - I dare say that Singapore is not only different from Denmark & Finland we are also different from Germany & Japan. Germany & Japan were devastated by bombs and humiliation of defeat after WW2, but they were transformed within 3 decades into top 1st world nations. But Germany & Japan are different from Singapore. Why? The people who transformed these countries were not the leaders but the hardworking citizens. In Singapore, the PAP deserves credit for the transformation not the ordinary citizens who work 3 shifts at our factory for low wages, the masses who report to work every morning and return home in the crowded buses. ...not the workers who never went on strike for decades even when the chips were down took the painful CPF cuts without a whimper of protests. It is not the ordinary citizens of Singapore who transformed Singapore but the PAP. Thank you PAP.

That is why the PAP deserve their million $ pay checks and ordinary citizens don't even deserve 3 meals a day when they meet with misfortune and have to live on PA. That is why ordinary Singaporeans deserve to be displaced by the thousands of imported labor while the PAP is irreplaceable and its position of power is secured by repressing evil poisonous opposition. That is why ordinary Singaporeans deserve GST hikes, transport fare increase, means testing at hospitals and work until they are in their 80s....while the PAP ministers make in one year what we cannot make in our lifetime and also collect pension. That is why Singaporeans don't deserve minimum pay and some work full time jobs but cannot support their families while PAP ministers rightfully deserve to make in one month what these people make in 2 decades.

Now you can truly appreciate the grand achievements of the PAP govt as seen from the salaries they rightfully deserve. The PAP have once again prevented Singapore from crumbling and collapsing by paying themselves decent wages. I feel so sorry for the people of Denmark and Sweden who have to suffer from mediocre govt from time to time, their lives must be miserable living in a country without the benefit of PAP leadership.


Anonymous said...

I hope are ministers are happy with the pay raise, won't want them to leave causing our country to fall like a house of cards.

The only place we have not compared ourselves to, is outter space where E.T is the president.

Hey does anyone know the difference between the following

1)Memory drain

2)Talent drain


Also I heard that it is good to sacrifice a virgin chicken to the Gods to keep them happy

sieteocho said...

I agree! I agree!

I fully support the minstral pay increase! Singapore is meritoecracy what. Smart become rich. Stupid become poor. Why blame others? When you young your mother never tell you must study hard or else become road sweeper like banglah meh? So now you never study and are poor, you only have yourself to blame.

No one can win me in ahgillment. No one can stand against the weight of my interlect. I read alot.

I, the sieteocho.
( You may not know this, but I like to touch myself.)

Anonymous said...

Milton Friedman's Quotes:

"If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there'd be a shortage of sand."

"Governments never learn. Only people learn."

"Many people want the government to protect the consumer. A much more urgent problem is to protect the consumer from the government."

"Most of the energy of political work is devoted to correcting the effects of mismanagement of government."

"Only government can take perfectly good paper, cover it with perfectly good ink and make the combination worthless."

"The government solution to a problem is usually as bad as the problem."

LuckySingaporean said...

Thanks for the Friedman codes.

"There's nothing more dangerous than a govt that thinks it is so smart and wise that it can check itself" - Lucky Tan.

Friedman was talking about the US govt. If the PAP was in charge of the USA they would gotten rid of congress and all the pesky newspapers so there is only voice in America - Voice of America. If the PAP was the Republican party it will get rid of the Democrats by calling them Marxist conspirators because they like to help the poor so much they must be motivated by Marx. Once they are in power they will say they deserve to be paid billions for running a trillion dollar economy. Since there is no alternative party around, the country will collapse without their wise leadership so the have to be paid more.

If the PAP was in charge of America, there will be no minimum wages, no social security, no jobless benenfits, no unions....America would be a paradise and the Voice of America will tell you that everyday so you will believe it.

Too bad Americans have an inferior political system that has been around for 300+ years.

Capt_Canuck said...

but but but..Lucky, you are wrong. The PAP did not make Singapore what it is today. I mean, Minister-in-Charge of Civil Service, Teo Chee Hean says:
Minister Teo said that there are many red dots in the world. But Singapore is unique.

He said: "This little red dot is very special because all of us have taken the trouble to take care of it very very well. All Singaporeans have worked hard to make Singapore special. The government is a special government - carefully constructed, bringing in the best people so that it can move Singapore forward, even with all the disadvantages that we have - the lack of resources, the position that we are in the region and in the world. And, Singapore is helped along by a first-class, excellent, efficient, uncorrupted public service that helps it to achieve Singaporeans' dreams."

See, "All Singaporeans have worked hard to make Singapore special." He said so himself, 'all singaporeans' have worked hard to make Singapore what it is. This has to be true because, as all Singaporeans know, you really don't want to insult or make untrue references about the PAP or else you will find yourself sued and slapped with a $500,000 fine. Mind you, now that he is making nearly $2,000,000/year, not like it would hurt. Guess Singaporeans will just have to fall back on the fact that all the PAP are honourable and honest. After all, you are paying top dollar for them, so they have to be the best and honest.

So, you should really change your post, or else you might find yourself in trouble with the PAP. Give credit where credit is due...though, kind of curios as to why if all Singaporeans are responsible for making Singapore special, only the top politicians get the money and the citizens get the shaft.

Anonymous said...

they have gotten so high on substance, and so brilliant that there is no one left to appraise them nor fit to qualify their performances or abilities that they are forced, against their will, into assuming the role that would now enable them to reward their own works.

i believe that's self praise taken to another level which is rather unique..:)

Anonymous said...

Why did not a single MP asked the government to conduct a public referendum..instead of insisting that the public accepts their argument. I'm am sure people will vote for the pay increase

Anonymous said...

Hey do you think the NKF guy would not go bad if he was being paid what the ministers are drawing ?

I was thinking if he was paid well, then the OLD NKF system would not have crumbled to pieces
It is true 600k is peanuts.

I hope one of our elites can answer that for me because I have a memory and brain drain.

With our good DOSE OF GOVT, I am sure we wont have any poor and jobless people now or ever in the future.

We will have a robust economy no matter what happens around the world.

With our 4 million people working day and night, we are untoucable!

Life is good, moving with the people !

Anonymous said...

When the next recession comes they will blame it on the Global Economy and say that this is beyond their control. They know when to take credit.

Anonymous said...

as i've posted in another blog...

I think that our govt leaders just have poor PR - they're still in a 60-70s mode of operations, when we are now working in the 21st century.

The govt has done a lot of good. But the good has not been represented well enough to the public. Because our govt only talk about GDP, or being first on international lists - which the average HDB heartlander doesnt give a s**t about. Singapore govt feels its more important to position itself to the rest of the world first, rather than focus on communicating to its citizens first.

This is quite possibly one of the biggest fault of our govt.

Announcement of the GST and ministers' raise could be handled a lot better. Instead, they prefer a firefighting mode - they'd rather go out to justify themselves, rather than build a case for it before making any announcements. why? becuase they all assume (wrongly) that Singaporeans either accept or not bother about what's going on.

Its a real wonder - with all those great minds in the govt, from lawyers to doctors to engineers to academics, none have the simple ability to connect with the people and communicate with people.

which leaves me to think - politics should be left to politicians - individuals who really want to serve the people.

let the doctors and lawyers go out and earn their big bucks in the private sector. then this pay issue would never come up.

they're just a bunch of technocrats and executives anyway - with no charisma or personality. we need leaders, not managers.

But that's the PAP strategy isn't it? its about the Party not the individual.

What we also need is a separation of the Legistative Council from Executive Council. let both Councils debate on policies.

Maybe all of them should sit back and watch West Wing to get some inspiration - on how to communicate with the people better.

Anonymous said...

They couldn't care less what the people think. If you look back over the years, especially those debates involving JBJ, Francis Seow etc, whenever they are pushed into a corner,invariably 'someone' will go into the usual threatening mode. They don't have to communicate, they just shaft it in our mouth.

Anonymous said...

Right now its like, I rule with the iron fist, if you dont like it the door is open.

We got lots of people who are dying to come here and will make up for the numbers in movement.

Its not about corruption, its about an individual who does not see others before himself

Frankly do you think they needed a pay raise ?

When there are people out there with hand to mouth situations.

History has taught us that there's only so much you can hide.

Smoke screens and mirrors can't last forever.

Life is like a pay raise, you know how much you gonna get!

Anonymous said...

With this post, I curse all MIWs who will be getting their pay rise.

May their greed eat upon their brains and slowly infect their system and end in a vegetative state one day....

May their offsprings fall from their lofty pedestals to be raped and plundered slowly but surely in due course.

May their future descendants suffer, not from poverty, but from the hollowing of the soul and produce more generations of imbeciles and cancer patients.

May the great one live forever and be the last one standing tall to witness what his greatness had bestowed upon his own clan.

Anonymous said...

i don't think the father of all justification is getting it. there must be a point we say enough is enough, we don't want our souls to be sold to the highest bidders.as it is, their livelihood is far beyond any mortals could ever achieve and yet, they continue to subscribe to a philosophy or system of management that would drive their wages through unrealistic levels. no dust is worth that much unless we allow the heap of dirt at the tip of the mountain to dictate its own value!

Anonymous said...

I suggest that moving forward we have a charity event to raise their salaries.

This balance will keep everyone happy. As it is not mandatory to donate to their cause.

We can get some local talents to do stunts like jumping through hoops, and doing a collective nodding of heads for 24 hours to say YES!

Last but not least, A NON STOP CRYING EVENT FOR 24hrs

Anonymous said...

In reuter, it's not even 30%, rather 60%. So who is right? creative accounting here? base pay from 2 to 3 mil.


Anonymous said...


I Think what we are seeing is a "BAD DOSE OF GOVT"

Anonymous said...

Gosh.. your pro PAP sentiments disgust me as much as the anti PAP sentiments.

Anonymous said...

Hey.. the pay rise ain't the issue.. it's the 'people have no say' that people are really unhappy with the government. The government has always been calling the shots. You are right. The PAP and not the citizens make up Singapore, that's what people are unhappy about. The PAP is a good government, integerous and efficient. PAP has big visions, but usually at the expense of the welfare of the citizens. No perfect government.
Take a balanced approach to viewing this issue.. kid

Anonymous said...

SPLIT in the PAP


Only MM Lee and SM Goh were in it for the money. PM Lee did not want it. He will donate to Charity for 5 years, and enjoy the greed later. Meanwhile all the other Ministers should do the same as it was MM Lee Fault and SM Goh's fault. They should all review the increase again, and really pass this budget to the Public Assistance to obtain their moral authority to rule. And delink the AO and PS pay to the minister. Maintain the AO and PS pay, if there is a real threat of resignation, I and many Singaporeans have no issue with that!

Anonymous said...

Astronomical salaries beyond true market value promote loyalty.. to the person who pays them the salary and has the power to take the job and salary away from them. This person is not the country, it is the Lee family.

How can MPs and the President, whose jobs it is to check on the government do their job effectively if keeping their job and salary depends on the very people they are supposed to scrutinise?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Singapore belongs to Singaporeans anymore. Do our views matter or make a difference? Sad!

Anonymous said...

Leave this Inc if you are not happy with its policy and management. There is always another company there for you. Why make so much noise without action? I mean the 66.6%.