Thursday, April 12, 2007

Shame on you Singaporeans look what you have done!!!

Instead of reading the Straits Times and understanding the logic of the minister pay hike, you went to the Internet and read all those emotive postings on blogs that evoke anger and resentment. It is unbelievable how ungrateful Singaporeans have become. How is the PAP govt going to secure your happiness if you refuse to read the right material?!

I would like all of you to take a deep breath, stand back and see the bigger picture. Imagine PM Lee is your CEO, your I.C. (Identity Card) is your employee pass and your HDB flat the workers' quarters......see it all makes sense now doesn't it? Chee Soon Juan is a disgruntled employee who was punished for insubordination. Your worker's benefits such as medical subsidies, transport etc has to be reduced to make sure company profit needs to be maximised. It all makes sense because Singapore is........
It seems that the low income employees are not performing too well this past 10 years and we can find cheaper workers from China & India to substitute them. Our CEO and his whole management team is indispensible, profit has been going up so they have to be rewarded. Our company newsletter, the Straits Times, too has been doing one heck of a job telling the employees how lucky they are to be employed by Singapore Inc. If not for the handful of disgruntled employees who have been blogging on the Internet, company morale would be even higher. Our company founder Mentor Manager is still alive and giving instructional motivational talks to the employees - he is telling stories about how the company wouldn't even exist without him and it would have been just a subsidiary of a bigger company. The employees certainly feel lucky, they have employment until they are 80s, they call it lifetime employment not available in other companies. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Singapore PM in damage control on salary: analysts
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's offer to freeze his salary for five years is an attempt to appease rare public fury over plans to boost the salaries of ministers and civil servants, analysts said Thursday.

The Singapore leader told parliament on Wednesday he would forego the salary hike which would give him an annual income of more than two million US dollars a year, up from the 1.62 million dollars he made last year.

He would donate the difference to "suitable good causes", he said.
"It looks like an indicator that he is trying to calm the public," said Sinapan Samydorai, president of the Think Centre human rights group.

"After all this noise, then you announce it, people will still be sceptical even though his intention may be good," he told AFP.

The prime minister's press secretary said Lee's decision to freeze his salary was not a response to opposition to the salary hike.

"The fact is it was a decision taken up front even before the announcements of pay revision," Chen Hwai Lian told AFP.

Lee's salary hike was part of a pay increase for cabinet ministers and civil servants announced on Monday.

His revised salary would be five times more than the 400,000 dollars paid to US President George W. Bush and more than eight times that of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who receives 240,000 dollars a year.

The pay increases provoked a rare outcry from normally reserved Singaporeans.
In a country where political rallies are banned without a permit and the media are closely linked with the government, many of the comments against the pay rise were posted on the Internet, where people can use pseudonyms.

"What a hypocrite our PM Lee is," said Annie, who was among a growing list of people to sign an online petition against the increments. More than 1,800 had signed by Thursday.
"One moment he wants to level up his and his ministers' pay, next moment he tries to be a good and caring person by donating his increment to charity for the next five years," Annie said.
Ministers' salaries are to be raised incrementally from 1.2 million dollars to 1.9 million dollars by the end of 2008.

"Him freezing his pay should be seen more as a gesture to control the damage," said Terence Chong, a fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore.
"He is trying to seize the moral high ground and also to deflect criticism that ministers lack the desire" to perform public service, he told AFP.
The move to increase ministerial pay comes amid a widening income gap and ahead of a hike in the goods and services tax by two percentage points to seven percent beginning in July.
"The reason why there is such dissatisfaction is because the hike has come at a strange time when the salaries of the average Singaporean seem to be stagnating and in some parts taking a dip," said Chong.
"Also, it comes at a time when there are reports of a wage gap between the rich and poor widening," he said.

Lee and senior ruling party leaders said high salaries, pegged to the pay of senior private sector employees, were necessary to attract the best people to government and prevent corruption.
Opposition politician Chee Soon Juan, of the Singapore Democratic Party, disagreed.
"It must never be forgotten that parliaments are institutions of service, not avarice," Chee said on his party's website.

"The pay hike was a colossal misstep on the part of the government ... The PM is obviously now trying to undo, or at least limit, the damage."


Anonymous said...

I was having a hard time holding back my tears at this gesture.

I'm sure the decision to sacrifice his pay hike was made even before the decision was made to hike his pay.

Anonymous said...

It would have been useful to have the headlines of "Sg inc" picture to link to the full page or to a date of the papers.. thank you my contented sg reporter.

LuckySingaporean said...

anon 2:47,

The Sg Inc picture is from the New Paper 12 April 2007. It is a huge 2 page article urging people to think of singapore as singapore inc to understand the need for pay hikes. Sorry the article is a bit big to scan and hasn't appeared on the Internet yet. Once it is out, I'll put the link.

Anonymous said...

okay... so getting an annual wage of between SGD1,166,844 to SGD1,458,040 would drive a man to corruption, hence we must raise the wages.

Anonymous said...


Whether the Ministers' Pay hike is reasonable or not is a very subjective and personal view. It is very much depends on the angle you view it and whether you agree with the benchmarking method etc.

I have started a poll to make a survey. Let's participate and have some fun.

Make a guess of the result and see how accurate is your assessment.

Would like all to vote.

Best Regards,

Result as at 1025hrs 13/04/07


Anonymous said...

Feel so fortunate that we have such kind and fatherly ministers. Sounds like minster Teo is saying, "Son, you will understand this when you're a grown-up ..."

Instead, he could had screamed and yell at us,"you idiot, explain so many times and still cannot understand!!!"

How touching!!!

Anonymous said...

We have found the formula !!

To prevent corruption.

Lets all patent this formula as it will make us shine on the map of the WORLD.

Whats the formula again ?


Anonymous said...

It would be a lot more honest if he and his cabinet members insisted that they deserved the pay enhancement and spent their monies publicly to help the local economy. Their citizens will be very happy to support their pay hikes and may even want to pay them more for honesty and transparency!

Anonymous said...

It's like telling the majority of the residents of Hougang and Potong Pasir to support the payrise and getting discrimated and 'fixed'.

Anonymous said...

frog in the well ...

Singaporean said...

What is the logic of benchmarking ministers' performance against GDP growth?

For instance, should the health minister be rewarded if the GDP has grown by 10% but health service has deteriorated?

And how does the govt establish a direct correlation between the ministers' performance and GDP growth?

If ministers are rewarded in accordance with GDP growth, shouldn't all hardworking Singaporeans like us be rewarded commensurate with GDP growth?

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