Friday, April 06, 2007

Singaporeans, You have the best govt money that cannot buy!!

"We have the best government that money can buy"
-Mark Twain
....and on 9 April 2007, they will get better when their pay goes up. As they set the example in terms of values and sacrifice for the rest of the country to follow, here's a video tribute by prolific amatuer MTV director autowoof made in their honour:

Looking ahead the future of our nation has never been brighter. We will be reaching top 1st world status soon as we leapfrog the Swiss standard of living. I noticed that traffic to my website has gone up significantly in recent days, it is apparent that just like me, all of you feel strongly that our leaders should better rewarded for taking us there on the fastest possible long as you don't turn your head back to look, nobody is left behind...


Anonymous said...

goodnews today. we have discovered a formula for fast money in beautiful people and wild wild racy parties. there will be glitz and glamour with lots of high spirit to open up pockets. three quarters of the expected young arrivals will be testosterone charged men. they will be looking at fast actions on tracks and in the back lanes. but do we have an abundance of supply of hostesses to pop champagne for guests like our neighbour twin controversy?
We need to open up for more golden opportunities. Expect the rich industries such as hotels 88, restaurants, air travels and gst to get even richer.

Anonymous said...

Under the armor of legal operandi, they continued to stoke the strokes. A most recent case has highlighted the favored technical assault on party animals. The need for milking every strokes has caused a deadly concoction of intoxicating substances. Naturally, brawls flowed as freely as the women. unhappy that the cash registers may crash, the scribes erected strokes management on rowdy behaviour. But i wonder, stroke for stroke, would the old man rises to the occasion too - naturally? Ah, but one man's stroke is another man's profit?

Anonymous said...

Anyone care to join my MLM ? support me, buy my believes and retire early.

Why work like the rest?

Follow my motto, Sweat in your mouth, not in your hands!


Move that mountain by asking others to do it !

Anonymous said...

You guys ought to visit other countries like Vietnam and Cambodia to see how lucky we are. Singapore is certainly one of the most well organised city states in the world, with lots of modern conveniences that Singaporeans take for granted. Even in the United States- a.k.a. land of freedom and wealth, there are alot of homeless people sleeping in the streets and subways during the cold New York winter. This at least accoding to my personal experience was never the case in Singapore. I am likely to get a sacarstic remark like "people don't sleep in the subway but jump onto the MRT tracks in Singapore". What I urge you all is to think again whether the things that are posted here are all justified. Some of the views are simply too extreme and does not adopt a balanced approach in the analysis of the current state of affairs. Having said that, we should also bear in mind that there is room for improvement in the government sector, and the civil service should be staffed by people whose priority is to serve the nation and not to enrich themselves.

It is true that the civil service should not be underpaid, but one has to admit that it is difficult to set an appropriate benchmark when the country has such lofty ambitions of having extremely well qualified individuals to be in charge of the government. I would say that the impending payrise for ministers is justified, provided that these ministers guarantee that they will deliver the "results", and that in the event when they fail to live up to their promises and the people's expectations, reasonable actions/measures are available to the people to rectify the problem.

At the end of the day, the government is voted in by the people. They require Singaporeans to give them the mandate to rule, and it would make no sense for them to do anything to the disadvantage of the people and the country unless they want this to be their last term in office.

Anonymous said...

I pose a question to you, what amount of money do you think is enough ?

2 million ? 3 million 10 million ?

How about in five years time ? 20 million ?

what is the binding factor that says what amount will prevent me from leaving for greener pastures and avoiding corruption?

If the individual is corrupted, it
will shine from within, the seed of corruption lies from within, it will eventually show itself when the opportunity presents itself.

Lets not talk about people sleeping on the streets in the US, just take a walk into the streets of Singapore and you will see what you have just stated.

Serving a nation is not about an individual's interest, its is about the well being of the country and it's people.

How many out there are jobless at the average age of 37 ?

And are the salaries pegged to the standard of living ?

Why do Singaporeans not want to get married and have children ?

This question is worth 2 million dollars

If we cannot provide a REAL answer, then the REAL solution will never be found.

Let's all have a pay raise!


Anonymous said...

US is one of the most natural place to live.
the good there is very good and bad,very bad.
they have the space, they can afford it.
however, a miniature city has no such luxury.
to emulate others successes requires that it adapts a rigid system.
thus, it is always in a series of inbalances and dissatisfaction.
the justification,however, depending through which prism angle, has always favored a selective breed.
it suffers an unnatural order.

Anonymous said...

God's Gonna Cut You Down

Johnny CASH

Anonymous said...

goodnews today. the battle between progress and climatic alteration has intensified. who would be kind to the earth and to its mostly poor inhabitants? the guzzler formulaic imported by wealthy magnets smoking the streets or the southern drawl of kampong glam? will greed triumph over green? a multimillion dollar salary question to be consumed soon?

Anonymous said...

anon 6.41pm = PAP issit?

Anonymous said...

Singapore do have people sleeping at void decks, only thing is they are never reported in our media. I have seen such people sleeping at the old folks corner under my block. Not haveing seen them doesn't mean it was never the case in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Oh I did not know we had poor people in our developed and world class system.

what was I thinking man?

No worries it will die of natural causes!

Anonymous said...

Come on guys, give them a break, they deserve the salary and they have worked hard for it. It's based on the rational of profit sharing, look at how much they have made with the GST increase, all the charities, homes etc does do not entirely depend on government funding, as they have worked hard to expertly milk all Singaporeans to contribute through the "more helping hands" and "welfare is a bad word" initiatives. Why imagine the government expenditure that will be required given the amount of poor and destitute we have to hide from public view everyday. We need people to patrol the beech, void decks and rubbish bins to ensure our image is not ruined by these people with the crunch mentatlity and laziness to work. Look at our reserves, we are ranked number one and that deserves a salary increase and so people do not be jealous and appreciate that we have in the pipeline the "generation to come" of elites.

Anonymous said...

Yea we ought to support our govt, see how far they have taken us on this planet.

We are 1st world, as declared by our Ministers, Look at the IMF.

With the hosting of the IMF, we have lots of investments and talents pouring into our country.

All our business investments be it local or foreign have made us rich and fat.

With the love of our mother land and minsters we should all bless their pay hike and hope that it all comes true for them.

I for one would not want to see them leave and head for the private sector which is constantly hunting them.

Remember our reserves are protected very tightly and we need to ensure that no fat greedy corrupt people go near them, if not our ladies will have to be shipped of our Island into the dark ages of Africa to work as god knows what.

Just read the papers and you will see how well we are doing as a country.

we all have to constantly remind ourselves that "NO MAN IS AN ISLAND"

We need the elites as they will lead us to a brighter future where as always and no one is left behind (___)(___)

I sense that the ground people are envious of our countries riches and want to help themselves.

These people ought to know who worked hard and built those reserves. Without our elite system, we are nothing!

So please be thankful that we have the elites to lead us into the future.

Opps, this someone turn out the lights on me ? I'm in the dark....