Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What Means Testing means to you!

The issue of minister pay hikes is just a small matter. It comes at a cost of only 3 extra plates of char kway diao per citizen per year. It is said and done. Nothing you say will ever change anything about this.

Means testing may kick in within next 12 months. The evil WP wanted our esteemed minister Khaw to state clearly what the criteria for means testing is during the elections. Obviously, the WP doesn't know our elections are conducted to show support for estate upgrading and issues such as means testing that will affect our pockets and lives are meant for implementation after elections and the govt will explain it to our satisfaction after they have already decided to implement it. Ambushed by the WP during the last elections, Khaw put out a truthful statement:

Of course you can read it to say "means testing may happen". Our ministers are men of the highest integrity, they won't intentionally say something to give citizen the wrong impression just to get their votes. They are different from politicians of other countries that is why they have to be paid based on a different benchmark.

There is clearly a need to for all of us to be prepared to understand the PAP's explanation on means testing. Of course the Straits Times will help us along the way. But as good citizens we have to be prepared otherwise the anger and confusion surrounding the minister pay hikes will happen all over again. To this end, I've done 2 things:
1. Created an email account to receive accounts of and hospital bills for those who have gone through the system : . Please if you have friends or relatives who have been ill and have incurred hospital bills that they can only afford to pay via instalments please email them to me. You can blank out their names and details to protect their privacy. A short account of their illness and how they feel about their bills will also help.
2. If the response is good, I'll post most of it in Please find out and get hold of some bills send them to me so that we can show how affordable medical care and hospitalisation is in Singapore. People can then be reassured and sleep well at night.
You know we have been told all our lives that medical care is affordable. The word affordable is a favorite among our PAP ministers. Our HDB housing is affordable. Transport is affordable. Singaporeans are really very lucky to live in an affordable country although most of us don't know what affordable means.

BTW, have you ever seen a medical bill? Any idea what it looks like? Here is one from someone living a few doors away from me.

The unsubsided bill is about $250K and after govt subsidy and adding GST it comes to about $70K under Class C. This is for a 2 month stay in ICU+surgery in a govt hospital. I'll elaborate more about this case which is related to one of cracks that our medical system left open for children with congenital defects.

Anyway, if you have a bill or know someone who has been hospitalised please email me the story and try to attached the subsidised medical bill so we all can get a clearer picture of how affordable our medical care is.


Anonymous said...

I heard that our health-care budget is under intense pressure due to escalating cost and our fast aging population. To balance the figure, 2 possible approach:

i) 'reap' the patient off whenever possible
ii) raise the bar so that few can pass the mean-testing, effectively only the super-poor get subsidy.

all hospitals and polyclinics (and our gahmen in every sense) are privatised and these are possible

if we have transparent ball park figures of the cost and subsidy, hopefully we can prepare ourselves for this massive 'con' job, coming soon after the minister reap their millions.

LuckySingaporean said...

Yes since HDB flat can be considered affordable because they are paid over 20 years instalment plan. It is likely the same approach will be taken for medical care. If you can afford $360K HDB flat why can't you pay your hospital bill of $200K?! Can't pay immediately don't worry instalment plan ....

The only way to keep the poor and the middleclass from being squeezed is to increase subsidy that would mean taxing the rich more and corporations more. Also, our aspiration to be a medical hub for the rich in the region means we have to allocate scarce resources such as surgeons, nurses etc to chase after this aspirations when the rich indonesians come to compete for these resources.

It is no surprised Ng Eng Hen made $4.5M as a doctor. So how much did the patients pay for his services?

Anonymous said...

goodnews today. there is an attempt to ignite a fever within the chinese community for a share of a billion strong market in chapatiland. it was said that greed was so strong in seeing the endless stream of people on the move that they are willing to be subjected to heat, dust, power outages and poor civic amenities. but that cannot compare to the bewilderment of why so many of their men walked around holding hands, eventhough most claimed to be heterosexual - a cultural bipartisan that needs to be addressed. i am sure, being adaptable to global changes will help them assimilate into their society and perhaps, import the same mannerism and behavioral eccentricity back home.

Anonymous said...

lucky tan, you are my pap HERO!!!

this is a very good initiative to show how much our pap gahmen cares for us! i'm sure our pap leaders are very glad to have an opportunity to showcasse their compassion here!

Anonymous said...

I thought the means testing initiative to kick off with the C wards is really KBW's trick to kill off the poorer singaporeans to replace them with richer foreign talents.

What better way than to deny them medical aid when they are ill?!

Let them die in their own pigeon holes. This is even better than incurring transport costs to send them to Batam.

KBW deserves his million dollar salaries if his benchmark is to get rid of stupid and poor singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Yes affordable, but you will probably clean out your CPF and Medisave, which you should preferably leave for your old age.

How this is going to affect the future of Singaporeans is left to be played out. With, if I am correct, only four out of ten Singaporeans presently able to have the mininum sum upon retirement, I think we should be worried that we have to contend with higher cost of medicare, education for our children years to come.

As I see it, building up your CPF for retirement will not be easy for lower and middle-income Singaporeans when they have to take out ever bigger amounts for housing, healthcare and education.

Anonymous said...

Mr lucky Tan...THANKS for the effort!

Anonymous said...

affordable usually means 'hand to mouth'( forget about saving for retirement). as long as you draw a serf's salary, you will be able to afford something at some time. what that something is depends on what your needs are at that moment. for many, it is one item at one time especially for costly expenses. so when the papilon says public services or neccessities are affordable, it usually does not factor into total expenditure that pertains to one's complete well being which can be rather substantial.

so you see, to many lucky singaporeans, they need to be somewhat 'invalid' or become sub-breed in order to fulfil the defining critiria of the term 'affordable'.

moral of the story is: if you have been seen eating porridge, not naked and has a roof over your head, you are fine. and the lucky ones die before a surgeon's touch.

Anonymous said...

Fuc@$!@#$ing Hell,
that's very mean indeed !!!
No wonder it is called MEAN TESTING.

It TESTING whether you MEAN to support PaidAndPaid scam.

Anonymous said...

goodnews today. the global money sucking machinery has received a massive injection of cellulloid fund from Mr Bean. it has surpassed all previous attempt in raising its commercial value before the first stack of bricks were laid on its foundation. the feng shui master said it is a good standard that will chart new trajectory rates for space acquisition. the planners are now bracing themselves for more willing venture funds to pour into the den of chance. locals can look forward to more corporative engagement in the high rollers industry and hence, fulfilling the prophecy of the elusive swiss alpine living habitation.

Anonymous said...

In S'pore, (it's best) you die right away but mustn't(cannot) get very sick.

'Cos if you do you'll rather wish that you had died than to live a life of misery with crippling debts.

part time cleaner said...

ok ok. i hospital once. i stay there few days because i drink new store water than kena. but hospital c ward very nice. got fan got lots of friend friend lying next to you. i very happy with care and nurses doctor all very polite friendly. end up i pay cheap cheap and they wave bye bye say come again soon after i pay. where got MEAN? chey!

Anonymous said...

Quote from Animal Farm:
...Boxer worked harder than ever. Indeed, all the animals worked like slaves that year....

...In nothing that he said or did was there any sign that his strength was not what it had been. It was only his appearance that was a little altered; his hide was less shiny than it had used to be, and his great haunches seemed to have shrunken....

...At such times his lips were seen to form the words, “I will work harder”...

...Late one evening in the summer, a sudden rumour ran round the farm that something had happened to Boxer. He had gone out alone to drag a load of stone down to the windmill. And sure enough, the rumour was true. A few minutes later two pigeons came racing in with the news; “Boxer has fallen! He is lying on his side and can’t get up!” About half the animals on the farm rushed out to the knoll where the windmill stood. There lay Boxer, between the shafts of the cart, his neck stretched out, unable even to raise his head. His eyes were glazed, his sides matted with sweat. A thin stream of blood had trickled out of his mouth. Clover dropped to her knees at his side.

Anonymous said...

Dear all,
Seriously. As I read more of this blog, i feel scared. How long more you think this opera can go on before collapse? Those who voted PAP wants PAP to take care of them, but I don't. The intensity of "caring" is going up at exponential rate. What do you think? When will the cow stop giving milk n gave up?


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