Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hooray! F1 Money is Coming!!!

As a Singaporean, I really can't understand the letter by a foreigner to one of our newspapers (see below) . If not for the revenues F1 can generate, why bother to bring it to Singapore? Apparently, this foreigner, John Graham Muse, must have just landed in Singapore and doesn't understand what makes Singapore tick. He appears shock that the F1 race is viewed as entirely as business case - its all about money how much our hotels will make, how much Ong Beng Seng will make, how much tax the govt will collect.

The fact that F1 is a sport is secondary. If casinos can make money, lets bring them here. This is Singapore Inc, all that matters is how much our govt can make out of this deal. I think this John Graham Muse should be forgiven for his views as he comes from a country without the benefit of extraordinary PAP leadership. ...probably a country where the govt waste money on non revenue generating expenditure such as welfare for the needy.

F1 race here: Why is S'pore so money-minded?
15 May 2007.

THE news of F1 coming to Singapore should have been good.
Unfortunately all the expectations are about money and government revenue.
The 'sport' appears to come second.

Singapore had the chance to do the decent thing here and enjoy the occasion and let the F1 followers do the same. Instead pure unashamed greed is the first thing on everyone's mind.
Increased hotels rates, government taxes - it's all about money, money and more money.

John Graham Muse


Anonymous said...

I LOVE THE SMELL OF MONEY...can we bring in more of such events?

Anonymous said...

the guy must be really idealistic about sport. Tell me which large spectator sport is not about money any more. he needs to get off his high horse.

I'm more concerned about the nitty gritty of the event more than anything else. Think about all the inconveniences that was raised by World Bank event - thats gonna happen all over again, over a stretch of two weeks maybe?

Never mind all the logistics issues - coz its Ong Beng Seng, LKY's nephew if not mistaken? could someone correct me if i'm wrong on this? - so things will definitely work out.

there'll definitely be no protests from other retailers or businesses that could be affected by this awesome global "sporting" event. there'll be no police restrictions or guidelines, no Park and Recereation guidelines, no Minisitry of Sports guidelines, for sure.

btw - did anyone check with the all the businesses and banks etc in the CBD area whether they want to have an F1 race in their neighbourhood in the first place? was there a survey, referendum? hope all those offices and businesses affected will be happy that many tourists and money come into Singpaore for the sacrifices they have to face.

there'll be many LOCAL retail businesses that will be affected when human traffic is all controlled over a week or so. will they be compensated? but heck, who cares about them right? its the foreign money thats more important.

roads being closed for testing and the actual races. think about all the security involved - i'm sure they'll be worried about people jumping into the tracks to kill themselves, or madmen wanting to kill others.

When they build the stands, thats gonna take up time and road closures too. then its the cordoning off of walkways for pedestrians. Think about all the lighting thats needed to be put up. remember, F1 cars dont have needs to be as good as an afternoon.

Think about all the offices and businesses affected by the noise pollution. When those races are going, i can bet u - no one's gonna sit in their offices and try to work, would they? esp those on the night shift for the New York market?

Think about all the security surrounding the MRT stations affected.

And with the blast of noise, let's hope all those glass windows in CBD can take the pressure and not break.

we aren't exactly Monaco or Macau - party cities where the road closures dont impact so many people. ours will be smack in the middle of the BUSINESS DISTRICT. There's a reason that proper F1/racing tracks all over the world are FAR AWAY from town areas - to least affect people in general.

but i'm sure the govt has thought about all these - and the pros overwhelm the cons, i'm sure.

they're such great planners, all of them. this must have been argued and debated over parliament for weeks.

the amount earned on GST alone over those few

Anonymous said...

When they want to do something they will think up all the good reasons to justify it and then on with it. And they also like to count their chickens before they are hatched. Some people will be disappointed like those retailers in Suntec City during the WTO meeting, but that's just someone's else problem.

Anonymous said...

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jonathan said...

anon 12:04:

yes, but does it have to be ALL about money. there're still people and entire nations who live and die by the sport they love. it forms part of a culture, the identity and the maturity of a nation - shouldn't that be as important to us as money?

Anonymous said...


MONEY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT! I love the way it smells and i love how Singapore loves money!

Don't forget, whatever the Gahmen says, it's about money, and it's good. It's good for them so it must be good for Singapore Inc.!

Anonymous said...

goodnews today. the incognizant has decided to have a heart. she is revamping her image to a softer and more benign power like her much bigger reproduction - or vice versa. however, this new mirage will not change the heart within the heart of a dragon. instead, the little and big dragon will complement each others strength and follies. together, they hope to convince global community that their relentless quest for aquisitive resources will not rape them of their rights nor change the color of their inner garments.
an insider has given the game away by saying" it is the ability to get what you want through ATTRACTION rather than coersion or payment. a bridge connecting the unsuspecting through an acceptable image".
meanwhile, a judge passed sentence on some clueless directors by commenting," in this day and age, the demands have become more exacting and the community expect more monkeying from them as they go about their charitable works!"

well, just another extraordinary day in an extraordinary city led by extraordinary leaders.

Anonymous said...

To Jonathan, this is Anon 12.04 or you can call me aygee.

Are you the same Jonathan that sent in the letter to the press?

Unfortunately, thats the way sports is now. very sad indeed. Football and Liverpool FC was everything to me at one point in my life.

But now, with the advent of money, i can no longer be as passionate as i was before. everything about it is money.

More locally, why is the S-League struggling? becuase no money. Why is Asian football struggling? because the money is spent on English football. why was there bribery and scandals in the Italian League? money.

Focusing on the F1, if Singapore was a country where racing was in our blood, then we can be idealistic about the sport. if Ferrari was in our backyard, I can imagine we'll be all passionate about it.

The ONLY reason Singapore's doing F1 is about money. We may have a few automobile execs on the F1 Committee, but HPL is a money-making outfit. even the automobile execs are all sales people. Not a single one has been involved in racing in a big way.

But if we want to look at the positive side - we need to look at the bigger picture. With casinos, racing, performance arts etc - there is a plan to make Singapore more vibrant and colourful.


color blind said...

moral of the story is: bananas too from time time should feel comfortable pulling back its skin in front of a mirror?

Anonymous said...

tsk tsk tsk..what is this world becoming to???....greedy pigs wanna be saints...saints wanna be sinners...sinners wanna be gays...and gays wanna be politicians.......muahahahahhaa

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

As far as I know, Ong Beng Seng is not related to LKY - yet. But you know how things work in Singapore lah, what is mine is yours and all the Mini Stars enjoy the fruits of their friends' labours.