Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More Progress for Singaporeans!!!

In the beginning of this year, your stingy boss might have finally relented as he ran out of excuses for not giving you a pay hike. Perhaps you finally got that 6% pay increase that you need so badly. You started to work on some financial planning, and discovered that finally you were able to save 3% of your salary.

Then the govt announced that GST hike of 2%. Oops there goes the pay hike. Then the price of necessities, taxi fare, bus fare rose quickly. Your pay hike turns into a pay cut eaten away by inflation. You start to feel sick of the whole situation. But you better NOT get sick because public hospitals and polyclinics have just announced fee hikes.

'I wasn't well, but I didn't go back as I would have to pay another $4.50'
-Singaporean quoted in Straits Times
You find that you can't even afford to feel sick about the whole situation...you're just so tired of progress...but then you cannot afford to be tired either because your bills are piling up from all the hikes so you have to work harder do more OT. You get fed up but can't do anything because you voted for upgrading instead of the feller who promised to make some noise for you in case your medical bills go up. You are now sort of stuck. You can only work harder under these circumstances.

Singaporeans we are on the march to top 1st world status. So you better work harder, longer and retire later so you can afford that status. At age 70, when you're cleaning those tables, remember that you're cleaning them in a top 1st world country, which means your status as a cleaner is higher than cleaners of lesser countries. All this is brought to you by your extraordinary leaders who works for your interest and the harder they work for your interest, the harder you have to work for your own interest.

May 29, 2007
New fee hikes at public hospitals and polyclinics
Consultation fees are up at most of them, as demand and costs rise
By Salma Khalik

A NEW round of fee hikes is underway at most public hospitals and some polyclinics. This time, it is consultation fees that are going up, as demand and operating costs continue to rise, say health-care providers.
Subsidised patients at four public hospitals will now pay $24 or $25 for every visit to a specialist clinic, up from about $21. Attendances at specialist clinics have gone up from 2.8 million in 2003 to 3.5 million in 2005.
Only Changi General Hospital and Alexandra Hospital are keeping their charges unchanged at $20.
Polyclinic patients are not spared either. All 18 polyclinics used to charge a standard consultation fee of $8 for adults. They now charge anything from $8 to $8.80.
Similarly, for the elderly and young children, the fee is now between $4 and $4.50, up from $4.
Three polyclinics - Bedok, Bukit Batok and Toa Payoh - started charging more this month. Eight had raised their rates starting more than a year ago. The remaining seven may do so soon.
The increases come just months after a similar round of fee hikes for private patients in March. At that time, the inpatient ward charges for subsidised patients also went up.
One bit of good news - hospitals will continue to absorb the Goods and Services Tax for subsidised patients, so there will no increase when the tax goes up to 7 per cent in July.
A Ministry of Health spokesman said the public hospitals are 'mindful of the impact of any fee revision to patients'.
But she added: 'Inflation, wage increases, drug pricing and others may bring about an increase in the overall cost of providing the services.'
Although the Government gives hospitals and polyclinics a subsidy of $1.7 billion a year, each hospital is left to decide what it wants to charge 'within broad parameters'.
Madam Halimah Yacob, head of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Health, said that although the fees are still affordable despite the increase, people should be told why they have to pay more, 'particularly since some hospitals have opted not to increase their fees'.
They should also alert patients if such increases are 'intended to be a regular feature so that they could better plan their finances.'
Turning to polyclinics, she said the different charges are 'confusing'. If patients start shopping for cheaper rates, it 'may not be good in terms of ensuring continuity and consistency of treatment'.
Most private general practitioners charge between $10 and $16. However, medicines - at $1.40 for a week's supply of each type - are still cheaper at polyclinics. GPs can charge from a few cents to a few dollars for each pill, depending on the medication.
SingHealth Polyclinics said the higher fees are 'due to increased operating costs such as manpower and supplies'.
The National Healthcare Group Polyclinics said it is seeing more patients each year. Polyclinic attendance went up from 3.3 million in 2003 to 3.9 million in 2005.
Patients like Mr Azman Abdullah, 66, a retiree with heart problems, are concerned about bills adding up with repeat visits.
He recounted how a doctor he saw at Jurong Polyclinic gave him three days' worth of medicine and told him to return if he still felt ill.
He said: 'I wasn't well, but I didn't go back as I would have to pay another $4.50.'
He needed an angiogram and was told it would cost $130. But when he got to the Heart Centre, he found out that the test now costs $140.
He eventually had to appeal to a medical social worker for financial aid.


A MIW said...

Lucky Tan,

Wah lao eh! Dun sabo leh! You actually provided a link to such a dangerous website like Mr. Brown.com!

Lucky I closed the window fast man.

Anonymous said...

Is this an advertisement from MIW that WE CANNOT TRUST THE GOVT? Did they not just say no fee hike after the GST for 1 year?? Golly Gee!

Anonymous said...

nabaz....using other excuses to increase price instead of GST...wat a f......

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, they will tell you it is a small increase and will still be affordable. It's a oft-repeated mantra.

Sure, they can tell you no fee hike for 1 year, but the increase will always be double or more after 1 year, just like their salaries. So next time let us not be too happy when they postponed fee increases, because they will drop a bigger bomb on you.

It happens all the time. This is a lst world country you know.

Anonymous said...

it's rather sickening, really.

Anonymous said...

sushi toshi is going whaling too. apparently, a power house economy and a vibrant city were not enough to secure its citzens future that they are now legalising human baits to draw big fat whales - a risk idea adapted from a tiny island. the trend sparked is expected to spread this side of the world but will it lead to conservation protectionist diluting the hunt through obscure boundaries and competitive disadvantage?

with such rich delicacies filling their mouths, no one is willing to reveal their weapon of choice for slaughtering whales.

Anonymous said...

maybe..just maybe...

when they get the money from F1, the casinos, the various hubs that they're building, the increased GST, they'll pump that money back to the people - by subsidising healthcare and public transport and utilities?

remember, we have a capitalist govt with a socialist heart. they will leave no singaporean behind..so let's make sure we keep the MIW to run our country.

Anonymous said...

whatever pay increase is being nigated by all these increase in cost of living. We are like frog in a boiling water. The fire is slower turning the water from room temperature to boiling point. Not sure how long more the frogs can last...

Anonymous said...

politics claimed one of their own in the land of the rising sun. we are so lucky all is clean here. our citizens are getting better educated and wiser in managing their money. as such, pay is on the rise and the finer things in life more accessable. even the leader at the tip of wealth is pursuing adversarial wisdom and declared a rebranding of his irresolute faith into the worship of......work ethics!

life can only be much better from now on because we are all in very good and extraordinary hands.

Anonymous said...

Die Die Die...all go and die

Tall^Frog © said...

2 9 we dine in hell!!! Why? Check this out: http://thestraitjackettimes.blogspot.com/2007/05/2-9-we-dine-in-hell.html

Anonymous said...

latest blog buster news released for your consumption tonight said.....to land that dream job in a competitive and very stressful job market that awaits you, degree holders must now learn the art of putting that lup cheong in your mouth the right way. do it wrongly, you may just blow that dream job away! lol

scb said...

Plenty of doublespeaks(say one thing but do the other) but no conscience!

Anonymous said...

In the end all this will be swept under the carpet, the people will forget about the past as they do not tell it as it is :)

Poor will fade and not know what hit them

Rich will move over to fill the void and long story short, we have a happy SIngapore that is for the rich.

Its all about the money, we are just numbers with different spending power. When the money dries up , we fade into the shades.

Events here are being recycled in History. theres always a pattern of behaviour.

Cheers and be well.

Anonymous said...

goodnews today. in the light of central poverty funds, the legislative council has came up with a brilliant idea to get companies to appreciate the finer points of an aging workforce. it plans to inject a generous dose of $400k to kickstart a ' must love old folks in your office even if they slow you down, upset profit margins and can't hear or process instructions quickly' movement. this may involve companies buying equipment, such as top of the range osim massage chairs to rejuvenate tired bodies and minds to make work more enjoyable for oldies as well as younger staffs who will soon go the way of dinosaurs. but in a subtle move of who the ultimate employer is, companies must channel some of these given advantages in the form of renumeration to oldies as insurance for walking sticks. speaking to the Stray Times, a united front spokeman said that there will be no penalty for those who do not comply with the master plan. however, if they resist, we may double the advantages to heal them of their 'measurable' greed.

wayang said...

one common man said to me...sometimes, it pays to cheat if you are rich. so i asked, "how so?" the common man then said," in the world of the rich, the regal system treats you like royalty. it can even ensure certain class of people be paid beyond the sum of a several thousands of insignificant lives. so kind is the regal system that even if the rich falters, it exists many unexplainable loopholes to protect their final interests - if they ever decide to take the easy way out that is." "huh? like what?" feeling a bit lost. the common man concluded," like send you on a regal flight to honoruru for charity meetings lah.duh!"

Anonymous said...

Ancient wisdom concept of soul is base on the love of truth even if it means death by the nails but the concept of soul in sin-like-a-whore-through-enriching-thyselves-above-the-disadvantage is about rising from poverty to become mercenaries. Oh,comeon you bunch of souped up chicken brains. If you have no guts to face the truth, you aint got soul. And the truth is not sitting pretty up in some ivory tower you chicken little you.

Anonymous said...

Oh btw, I think the host is on vacation to timbuttoo. No electricity there so no internet. Hahahaha...

just kidding..

Anonymous said...

sin like a whore through enriching thyselves above the disadvantage

(the above got eaten up in the original post)

Anonymous said...

latest from the graveyard. the population growth has been revised. the city state has uncovered(actually,someone's extraordinary idea in neverland) an ingenious way to grow a tiny island without being held hostage to sand and granite barons. driven by an identity crisis, she is now wondering into amphibian living. the city state may soon build skyscrapers( 50 to 85 storeys and 85 being the age of a demigod) on floats to house - latest figure - 13 million people!( double the current ambitious projection). and as an added bonus, they figure if the tsunami ever stray, the 13 million work ethics will not float into foreign territories.

how lucky!

PM Li said...

Can't you ppl understand this logic:
You have to work hard, surrender your money to us, so that we have the money to take care of you. Else, we would not have money to take care of you. No wonder you are cleaning tables coz you can't take care of yourself, n we are so kind to take care of you. No other gov in the world will do this to their ppl. We are the best gov in the world. Do you want us to treat u better? Ok, work harder.