Monday, May 14, 2007

A Mother's Day Story.....

One thing I haven't told you guys about myself is I'm a contest junkie. Every week I send out at least 2 contest forms. However, after reading the very touching story below, I think I better go easy on these contests because some Singaporeans are counting on winning these contests to make ends meet.

I highlighted various interesting parts of the story that you should pay more attention to. There were a few occasions when my neighbors knocked on my door in the middle of the night for help when their loved ones got sick. I helped to send them to the A&E via taxi. I noticed that before the doctor sees them, the hospital collected a fixed sum of $65 (KK & Changi Hospital). I think it is big deterrent for poor folks who can't afford it. ...are they suppose to tell the cashier they "are poor and have no money" and beg the cashier-stranger to allow them to get treatment? Is the govt afraid that the poor people will pretend to be sick, take a cab in the middle of the night to get to the hospital just to exploit subsidised medical care?

We have an extraordinary govt - one that will demand that Madam Tian Poh Choo's two sons serve their National Service but gave her no assistance to when her sons were sick. ...extraordinary indeed.

Mum pawned jewellery... so I could see doctor
Thanks to CATS Mother's Day contest, son gets to repay mum
By Shree Ann Mathava
May 13, 2007

THIS mother's tears flowed freely as she stood watch over her two sick sons.
Three years ago, Madam Tian Poh Choo's two sons, Chen Jian Wen, then 14, and Chen Jian Song, then 8, were running high fevers. Her elder son, who was more ill, had a fever of 39.6deg C.

And despite taking medication, his fever persisted. But Madam Tian, then 35 and a housewife, didn't have any money to take them to a doctor. All she had in her wallet was $30.
The family had problems making ends meet after her husband died in a road accident in 2003 and she had problems looking for a job. She had gotten by on some money given by relatives. In desperation, she pawned her precious gold anklet and necklace, which she wore daily, for $300 at a pawnshop in Toa Payoh Lor 2.

With that money, she took both her sons to see a doctor at a clinic.
That incident may have happened some years ago, but the memory of his mother's love is etched deep into Jian Wen, her elder child, now a Sec 5 student in St Gabriel's Secondary School.
He relived his memories in his entry for the Cats Classified 'The Day I Made Mum Cry' Mother's Day contest in The Straits Times and Lianhe Wanbao.

His was one of the five winning entries out of 1,500 submissions. And contestants got to state what they wanted for their mothers up to a value of $1,000. All Jian Wen (above, right) wanted was $400, which he used to redeem his mother's jewellery on Thursday.

However, the family, who lives in a two-room HDB flat in Toa Payoh, will also receive $600 NTUC supermarket vouchers from organisers.

Jian Wen said of the incident: 'I remembered how she kept crying and used cold towels to try to bring down the fever throughout the night.

'I felt sad that she had to pawn her jewellery, but at the same time, I felt very proud of her.'
Madam Tian, now a retail assistant, felt she did what any other mother would have done.
She said: 'I don't think what I did was great. I just did what I could.'

The other winners' mothers were presented with their gifts, which included a haircut by celebrity hairstylist David Gan, a massage chair, and a trip to Genting Highlands.


The Oriental Express said...

When I first read Lu Hsun's work, "Medicine" about how the family had to pawn their clothes to buy medicine for the mother, it was in 1978. Lu Hsun's head could barely reach the counter of the pawn shop. But the situation made Lu Hsun determined to study medicine when he grew up. However, he later abandoned his medical career after he saw a movie that made him question the futility of a strong body with a weak mind. Lu Hsun decided to write and hoped that his writing would affect people everywhere.

Gosh! It is now 2007! Seems that things have not changed very much. And we are modern, world class Singapore!

Now, do you understand why I don't give to Kidney Foundation and Com Chest? There are so many around us needing help! I feel I am happier to touch base with those in genuine need than to wonder whether my donation had gone to gold taps and first class air tickets.

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal getting a haircut from David Gan? Can't they give more useful thing?

Anonymous said...

goodnews today. the extraordinary expansion of locks, stocks and barrels of intoxicating beverages have resulted in greater demand for sunday brunching in some of our finest hotels and other more natural setting such as one roachjester and an unmentioned venue - the zoo. to those who wonder what the attraction is, an expat offered to spill the beer and said," during the week, we are too busy making all that lovely money to eat like porks. so when sunday comes, we make up for the differences and that makes sunday a spacious day". however, some felt it was due to 'warmer fellowship' between two men and one( of the two), have apparently been overcome by 'the heat'(prior to the liaison) in anticipation of 'grittier regional orientation'. the jubilation was also reported to have spread to drivers. now 1 in 4 are rich enough to celebrate this drunken state on the roads - usually reserve for year end lunacy. a certain Mr Lee, soon to receive state protection in isolated confinement, can give a breatheless testimony to this 'prosperity'.
but citizens need not be envious. our extraordinary men will ensure more than 1 in 4 will get to share this 'prosperity'. this Integrated Resolve by our extraordinary men will keep hairless orange garmen fanatic, and their elephants, from disrupting our road to wealth. in fact, by the time they are finished with the hairless orange garmen fanatic, they will all be having sunday brunch in the zoo with some furry companions!

Anonymous said...

wow..i am impressed with the string of dedicated delegates of extraordinary men and women luxuriated by such purity that even the blood flows out in white instead of red.

tsk tsk tsk...such sacrifices serving the

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal getting a hairdut from David Gan? So that the mother and daughter can get featured in the propaganda national press and they get to join the likes of the national TV celebs whose hair is cut by the same hairdresser....

Anonymous said...

being a mother myself, i must say there is nothing more heart-wrenching than to see your children taken ill and not being able to do anything about it.

yes, i support any calls to make healthcare, not *affordable*, but free for all SG children!!!

i can't fathom how children can be made use of by their parents to abuse the system.

pls, you multi-million $$$ paid ministers, have a heart.

Capt_Canuck said...

Sounds like Singapore has a great idea for making people want to succeed. I mean, over here, so many of my friends I have heard talking just take careers and professions in a field that they enjoy, but really don't make a lot of money. Most of my friends are cooks, actors, writers and lowly office workers. Why? because they don't feel the threat of getting sick or medical care because if you make under a certain amount, your monthly medical fees for medicare ($44/month if you live in Alberta) is covered by the gov't.

however, I am sure that these two children in Singapore now realize that to be healthy and secure they need to study to get good jobs to make money to live a good life in Singapore Inc. So, harsh as it is now, the life lessons that Singapore Inc teachs sounds very valuable. Don't count on the company to care for you, care for yourself and advance the company.

Anonymous said...

Even now maids is getting $350!

Can't imagine those less fortunate ones getting $290 a month!

at82 said...
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at82 said...

Lucky Tan,

I keeping having headaches nowadays after reading that Mr Lawrence Leow only receive $500/month after he is paralyzed in the service.

Please enlighten me with your posts and tell me just why our great PAP is doing us good by giving us minimum insurance coverage for our NS personnels.

LuckySingaporean said...


By giving lawrence only $500 and those on PA only $290, Singapore which is today more like Singapore Inc is able to keep profit margins high and cost of operations low. If you run a business would you prefer to pay your workers $2000 or $1000. If you run a business, would prefer to give them compensation/benefits when they are injure/sick or meet with misfortune...or nothing? ....If you understand that Singapore is now Singapore Inc...there is no surprise at is all about profit maximisation for Singapore Inc.

Anonymous said...

the garmen approach to life controversies is not without merits. i suspect those covet after the hotseat do not have what it takes to differ much either.

we simply lack extraoridinariness to take this nation to a different height and glory.