Saturday, May 12, 2007

Singapore : Housewives Renamed on Mother's Day !!!

I'm so glad Ms Nancy Griffiths (Straits Times Forum 12 May 2007) has decided to take part in the Singapore:Rename the Job campaign. We have cleaners who are Hygiene Executives we have a housewife who want to be called Domestic Manager...I suggest she calls herself a Domestic Executive to be consistent with the other names we have invented. Gardeners are called Landscape Executive, construction worker - Building Executive. ...and our esteemed Prime Minister considers himself CHIEF EXECUTIVE of Singapore Inc!!!! How appropriate as he ups his pay to be consistent with other top chief executives.


Anonymous said...

Many years ago a colleague in one of the companies I worked in said: You can call me an office-boy, but if you pay me a few thousand dollars a month, I don't mind.

What do you think really matters?

Student said...

Hmmm. Maybe I should call myself Academic Executive of the Learning Division in NUS.

Renamed said...


Anonymous said...

SUBJ: Interview

boss: what was your last job ?
candidate: domestic manager
boss: what do you do in your job ?
candidate: i am assistant-manager to the director.
boss: what is the nature of your company's business ?
candidate: hygene business
boss: what was your last drawn salary ?
candidate: Sir, is it relevant ?
boss: yes, we require to know.
candidate: 50% partnership with the director
boss: how much your director earn ?
candidate: sometimes high, sometime low.
boss: how much when is high ?
candidate: Sir, is it relevant ?

The Oriental Express said...

Mmmm......How about Holistic Executive? A mothers takes care of her children's meals, clothes, schooling, well-being and character building etc. Mothers are versatile!

Holisitc is better than domestic.
Don't you agree? :-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry if i sound harsh, that letter could only have come from a western-centric, feminist thinking.

I would think in Eastern culture, a housewife is proud to be a housewife - they keep the house in order. They keep the children in order. Our mothers, esp my mother, never asked for recognition - she held her career and her role in the home without asking for anything. Our mothers already know of the importance they play in the family.

Unfortunately, like all things, we fall for Western commercialisation and Western ideology.

A title is only a title. whatever happened to the supposedly politically correct "home maker"?

Anonymous said...

oh and to add to my previous comment at 3.16pm,

i have female friends who were successful lawyers and investment bankers - who gave up their careers when they got their first child.

As i recall, they said that career is one thing - but now, with children, the family has become more importnat and they'd rather be housewives so that they can take care and overlook the development of their children.

I dont think any of them gives a rat's a*s whether they're called homemakers or housewives or domestic managers. They know they're in charge, regardless of titles.

Anonymous said...

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