Saturday, May 05, 2007

Singapore Media gets HIGH MARKS !!

Just heard that the Singapore media now scores 154 an improvement over last year's 146.

The improved score is due to our govt's prompt action against corrupt influences such as FEER, the New Democrat and a certain Mr. Lee Kin Mun. According to the report, the Singapore media has improved due to journalists having a better understanding our improved laws on defamation and permissible speech. With this high score Singapore is now well ahead of all 1st World nations.

Our ranking owes alot to our favorite reading material the Straits Times (+ its Malay and Chinese equivalents). This well written newspaper is read by the majority of Singaporeans everyday and is their primary source of information. After 4 decades of reading the Straits Times, you can say that Singaporeans' minds have been molded by this great paper. It has made us resistant to bad foreign influences, explained all govt policies so that we can understand them easily, and created this pervasive happy feeling among Singaporeans for their beloved govt. It has removed conflicts in our thoughts by harmonising our away individual concerns with the ideas from our govt and helped us to appreciate the grand achievements of our esteemed govt.

Straits Times has made Singapore a better and safer place. After 40 years of molding, it has remove the urge for us to stand up for what we believe, ...therefore there is no risk that any Singaporean will protest or block traffic over the minister pay hike. Even as the income gap balloons, cost of living rises while they wages of the lower income groups get depressed, you cannot find more than 10 people turning up Hong Lim Park for the May Day event. You don't see any outrage when some Singaporeans are told to live on 2 meals a day, no widespread anger as the number of homeless living at the void decks and bus interchange increases. Singapore is now officially cured of the kind of insanity that once in a while infect other nations:

With such high scores for our media, we can go pursue our favorite pasttime, shopping, with a clear conscience. There were no crowds on the streets of Singapore on May Day but Harvey Norman was packed beyond belief. There was no strong burning desire for Singaporeans to stand up for the old folks driven by poverty to dig for aluminium cans in our trash and the cleaners who work full time but does not earn enough for their family.

Singapore is Singapore Inc and the media is its PR department. Singaporeans are so lucky to received such well harmonised information. Information that allow us to sleep well at night so that we can get up fresh for a full day of shopping.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lucky,

The folks at The Straits Times 'newsletter' would like you to be one of their esteemed journalists.

Please contact 1800-ilovepap immediately to arrange for a tea session.

Anonymous said...

a wickedly good tasting banana split requires a large sprinkling of wickedly amount of peanuts, endorses premium mismanagement.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward for the day when Singapore Media overtakes North Korea to be the champion in the highest ranking

Anonymous said...

How long can they delude themselves in this age of instant information on the internet?

It is good that we have people like Lucky, enabling us to have views from everybody to counter the 154th "propoganda rag".

We now need not swallow whatever the 154th fed to us.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what have you got against Mr Brown?

Anonymous said...

From Animal Farm:

...The sheep were the greatest devotees of the Spontaneous Demonstration, and if anyone complained (as a few animals sometimes did, when no pigs or dogs were near) that they wasted time and meant a lot of standing about in the cold, the sheep were sure to silence him with a tremendous bleating of “Four legs
good, two legs bad!” But by and large the animals enjoyed
these celebrations. They found it comforting to be reminded that, after all, they were truly their own masters and that the work they did was for their own benefit. So that, what with the songs, the processions, Squealer’s lists of figures, the thunder of the gun, the crowing of the cockerel, and the fluttering of the flag, they were able to forget that their bellies were empty, at least part of the time...

young-pap said...

Dear Lucky,
You have said it well! I certainly hope more people will become as enlighten as you are, when they read as much Straits Times as you do.

But you must take good care of yourself; Some of those anti-government pple out there are very vicious people; why, they recently just exposed my picture on the net!! They think I can be intimidated; They are wrong! I am not ashamed of my picture or the badge I wear proudly around my neck!

Hardly Normal said...

I was at a Harvey Norman store on May Day, I couldn't see the big crowd you were describing leh...

You sure the crowd not at some May Day rally?!

LuckySingaporean said...

anon 9:35AM,

I have already applied but could get it. I haven't reach Chua Mui Hoong's standard yet. The phrases she comes up with is just amazing "govt with social heart and capitalist mind"..."white elephants today, hammer and sickle tomorrow..." etc.

anon 3:47pm:

Getting to N. Korea's standard will be difficult. I suggest SM Goh go there and do a study of their 'system for producing wide smiling people'.

Anon 4:03,
:::How long can they delude themselves in this age of instant information on the internet?:::

Very long since less than 1% read blogs. It is not delusion, it is called information management.


If they read the Straits Times as religiously as I do, they will certainly be enlightened about our great govt.

Hardly Normal,

I was talking about the one at Suntec... very crowded, big sale!

Anonymous said...

We can catch up with N Korea very soon, to join the rank of the greatest nations in the world. Hail our Greatest leader MM Lee. We will be able to buy nuclear weapons very soon and ASEAN will fear us. Hail MM Lee. May he live long life for a thousand years. Hail PAP, the Greatest party of the world. Send all those ppl who are burden of the economy to death camps. We will be a world class economy very soon. A little sacrifice is unavoidable.

PAP the Greatest Party of the world

Anonymous said...

Hitler protected his own native people(Deuecthe) and squeeze everything out from the immigrants(Jews). Somebody seems doing the other way round...