Sunday, May 20, 2007

This week is KINDNESS WEEK in Singapore!

I want to remind everyone that this week is Kindness Week in Singapore. We have to smile as much as possible although there is no fine associated with not smiling and remember to say our thank you's and hello's.

When it comes to KINDNESS our esteemed govt leads by example:

1. They give the poor who are on PA $290 per month so they can afford 2 out of 3 meals a day. The PAP is 66.6% (2/3) kind to these poor and disabled folks. They expect 33.3% of the kindness to come from our charities. Although some of those on wheelchair might have problem travelling to the temples and charities collect their 3rd meal, the PAP probably figured out that these people don't burn much calories and only need 2 meals a day.

2. 66.6% of the voters seems to be able to appreciated the PAP govt's kindness during election time. The other 33.3% are just ungrateful and refuse acknowledge the PAP's kindness of offering estate upgrading to those who vote for them.

3. When it comes to showing kindness to those with alternative ideas, nobody can beat the PAP. These people are quickly silenced so that they don't waste anymore of their time on these ideas that are considered inferior to that of our elite leaders. That will free up their time for shopping if they stop pursuing these alternatives provided they don't get bankrupted.....

4. Of course, besides showing kindness to the ordinary people, the PAP is so considerate they remember not to leave anyone behind especially themselves. PAP ministers show kindness to thmeselves by having their pay hiked to compensate for their painful sacrifice.

5. The PAP govt is very kind to start all these GLCs that provided us with housing, water, electricity, telephones, transport, taxis, groceries (NTUC), insurance, medical care, air travel etc etc. Although many are monopolies, they are efficiently run and have made so much money they can spread their kindness by expanding overseas.

6. The PAP shows kindness to the elderly in Singapore by motivating them to work harder, work longer and retire later. The PAP is so kind to ensure that Singaporeans remain useful and productive to Singapore Inc instead of idling in parks, looking after grandchildren or wasting their time on ballroom dancing.

Singaporeans are so lucky to have such a kind govt that leads by example. I really feel sorry for those people living in countries without the benefit of such a kind govt.

"Mr Lee shared how he and his wife were touched by the thoughtfulness of a satay man in Malacca. They had ordered 40 sticks of satay but the experienced hawker only served them 25 sticks, as he knew that would be enough." - Channel News Asia

If you read PM Lee speech carefully, I'm sure you can see the wisdom and the true meaning of his speech. PM Lee felt kindness when he was given less satay than what he asked for. See how the PAP govt expresses kindness by giving less than what the needy ask for. This is because the PAP is an experienced govt and know what is enough for the needy people of Singapore. ...if they get less it is because the PAP is thoughtful and kind towards them.

PM Lee launches Singapore Kindness Week
Wong Siew Ying, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 19 May 2007 2012 hrs

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PM Lee launches Singapore Kindness Week

SINGAPORE : All the efforts put in to transform Singapore into a vibrant global city will be in vain if there is no social development, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.
Launching the 10th Singapore Kindness Week on Saturday, Mr Lee also shared findings from a survey on what constitute kind and courteous behaviour.

The courtesy jingle and the Singa mascot would be familiar to many people. And this year, the Singapore Kindness Movement is putting a new spin to an old message by jazzing up the song. It has also conducted a survey of 1,000 Singaporeans and expatriates to find out what being kind and courteous mean. Speaking at the event, PM Lee said one of three key findings is the simple act of greeting one another. And minding your please and thank you's. Another is to be considerate, like giving way to others or giving up seats to those who need them more. Acts like clearing the table and returning food trays after a meal are also appreciated.
Mr Lee said: "As we grow and globalise, the values of care, compassion and neighbourliness will become even more important. No society can survive, let alone prosper, if its people are only concerned with pursuing material wealth. Kindness is the thread that runs through our social fabric, making it stronger and more cohesive." And although the Kindness Movement has made good progress over the last 10 years, everyone must continue to do their part to work towards a more gracious society. PM Lee said: "We can't legislate courtesy and kindness by law. You must smile, otherwise $5 fine. You must laugh, otherwise $10 fine. The government can encourage and promote but the people have to respond and to practise, and so set the right general tenor of behaviour in society."
More than 100 examples of such kind behaviour were published in the second edition of a book of kindness stories. The Prime Minister himself contributed a story as well. Mr Lee shared how he and his wife were touched by the thoughtfulness of a satay man in Malacca. They had ordered 40 sticks of satay but the experienced hawker only served them 25 sticks, as he knew that would be enough. Over 400 kindness-related activities and programmes will be held across the island throughout the week to encourage people to make kindness a habit and put a smile on someone's face. - CNA/ch


Alamak said...

That clown does not know what is kindness....reeks of a 'mee siam mai hum' logic again.

Anonymous said...

Hey! This is a good read, I really appreciate kindness week as this will help everyone remember "To be Kind"

What kind? I may not have a clue , but I guess ordering satay gives us a clear indication on kindness.

Just a thought, it would be good to print the 4 million smiles welcomes you (From last IMF) and paste it all over singapore to constantly cheer the average man on the street.

Its like somebody is smiliing at you (even though its just a print out poster) not sure if that would work but, its a contribution.

One more thing we would could all do to ourselves, Is to be kind to ourselves !

That way there is no need to be kind to anyone! and we have solve the mystery of people being unkind

KFJ once said:

Ask what your country is doing to you, and not what you can do for you country.

Do I make sense or cents ?


Anonymous said...

If 25 satay are served instead of 40 is regarded as kindness, to pay oneself 3 million dollars instead of 5 hundred thousand dollars is evil. One can get suffocated with excess money.

Anonymous said...

From our PM ,
First it was mee siam
now its satay.

What's next ?

From the poor,

It's how many tin cans I managed to collect from the trash bin

It's how do I feed myself by selling tissue paper?

Where am I gonna get my next meal ?

Sure as hell sounds like


Capt_Canuck said...

they ordered 40 sticks, only served 25 and that is kindness? strange idea of kindness. Also, be kind and courtious and return your trays and clean the tables after eating? but, if you do that, arent you going to put the elder people out of a job and get them fired? how kind and compassionate is that? I know I have a hard time adjusting to that sort of thing. The first time I came to Singapore for a visit with my girlfriend, she had to chastize me for cleaning my tray off the table like we do here in Canada because that is what the elders are hired to do. It took me nearly 5 trips to Singapore to break me of that nasty habit of clearing the tables and leaving the trays and stuff for the elders to clear. Now the PM is telling me to leave the tray and put the old people out of a job? Sounds like someone has been drinking from the fountain of indecision at the moment.

Anonymous said...

So next time when a tourist asked for XL size for her clothes,

i will give her a size M.

Kindnes mah!!!!

Wear a smaller size clothes will make you think hard of how to slim down.

Anonymous said...

it is profitable to be kind. especially profitable to the business/civil elites that is. it makes the businessman happy that the consumers queue up for their services; keep premises clean; not to irritate patrons in cinemas; discipline noisy kids in supermarket etc. a happy consumer is a very happy businessman. a happy citizen is a very happy politician. it pays extraordinarily to be kind.

few know the difference between the genuine article and the profitable production.

even fewer know the way.

Anonymous said...

Ever wondered what it would take for people to be kind ?

I guess what we need is a "good dose of kindess week"

Without that the whole system will fall into the cracks and down into the belly of hell.

thank god we have such good seasons. Like kindness week

I think they should have a charity week too , where people give money when they buy things. Oh I think they they call it GST ....

Matter of fact charity week has all along been implemented .

Theres also ERP week , where the money made is used to improve troubled roads.

Cool man, next time we should have
Poor mans week . To remember the poor.

And its just to remember only , nothing more to it ;)


Anonymous said...

a rich man's idea of kindness can be rather strange. i was more moved by a story of how a local flesh patron fell in love with one of his salesgirls, forced to make home with her in her home country because she wasn't accepted here and subsquently, he got into financial problems through failed business and couldn't return home to settle some problems(i think). the wife then went back to being a salesgirl(temp) just to earn enough money for him to fly back home. he is so grateful to his wife, he vows to return and make good.

whereas when a rich man eats in humble stalls, he thinks a form of sucking up is

1984 said...

I'm eagerly waiting for the day when Mr Lee is referred to as the Great eader & all the school children will be given a little red book of his wisdom....

1984 said...

That should read: Great Leeder

Crocodile Tears said...

This is a good one (I mean a good joke). After making away with 60% increase of his own salary, his father's salary and his side-kicks' salaries, now he is asking us to be kind (to him most probably)!

Since he took over, every time he spew something, I can't help laughing. He is a good comedian, a natural one because when he tells jokes, he does not laugh or smile. He is also a good poker player because his face is simply expressionless.

We must diligently keep a record of every speech he makes so that we can compile a Joke Book in the future to commemorate him.

Anonymous said...

We in Hougang has never witnessed kindness from the PAP, so how can we understand kindness. Just like the slogan 'nobody will be left behind' - I wonder whether that includes Hougang and Potong Pasir.

Anonymous said...

Wah kindness week is really working with hawkers after the "satay" story. Today I ordered my usual Mee Siam and the hawker put in some "hum" in it..Wah so kind. I had to hold back my tears. But then he charged me 60% more saying that he had to benchmark his salary to the top hawkers mentioned in the ST. But true to kindness week he mentioned that we singaporeans should not be concerned about accumulating money and that he was donating his increase to save the "hum" society. He added that while he was doing this because of his high level of morality, his workers, mainly his father, wife, brother-law, sons and relatives are free to do what they want with theirs

Anonymous said...

Giving less is kindness, so instead of the PA giving $400 they only prepared to give $290 out of kindness too. See the argument. It makes sense to me now.

LuckySingaporean said...

The idea of giving less is kindness is uniquely Singaporean. Over the years the PAP has always been kind to the poor by giving them less not just in terms of help but also less in terms of advantages. There are no more independent unions, independent taxi drivers, workers' benefits, etc. Our main union NTUC is very much focussed on being kind by running businesses. Some might say this is a conflict of interest as NTUC Fair(?)Price makes $100M in profits every year. Would they undermine those profits by giving all elderly workers full medical insurance and pay for their preventive medical checkups? Well, NTUC is now re-investing those profits in China,...looks like they are trying to show kindness to the China people. NTUC supported every cut in CPF, wage freeze, putting workers on shift work etc etc. The basic principle is they show kindness to workers by making sure they get less and remain motivated to work longer and retire later.

Only in Singapore, the govt is kind enough to put a minister to head the union.

Some of my 'ah-beng' friends would "govt is kind, govt is really one kind!".

Anonymous said...

just a different train of thot here:

if i am super-professional with super technical/engineering/programming skills, i am convinced i DESERVE $2,000,000 salary, doing highly difficult shit work, day and night.

Applying the same to the leaders, they are using the same principle and they DESERVE this salary.

Now looking at the poor and all singaporeans, i will try harder and try more to help the poor to be more resourceful, and not being COCKY and OVERLOOK it is not fair play, when the poor gives you his/her daily bricks to build your empires like NTUC, CAPITALAND, SBS, SMRT, LRT, SINGTEL, SINGPOWER... ...

scb said...

We Singaporeans are very very lucky! We have love, compassion and kindness, the only insignificant virtue some lack is conscience!

Anonymous said...

You have to be cruel to be kind!

PM Li said...

Sgland ppl deserve to be slaved. Oppositions deserve to be jailed. Why?
Rule #1. Help only those who asked for 'help'. If not, pls leave them alone. They are ok.
Rule #2. If you can't beat the market, join the market, or get the F out of here.

Anonymous said...

Ah pooh! haha