Friday, May 18, 2007

Work for the Elderly....Part 2.

************* Posting Withdrawn ***********

I would like to thank the anon who pointed out the inaccuracies in the study I cited.
Sorry I was too eager to post it - I should have double-checked the research. The table and graph are not worth much as retirement age and longevity are not independent variables. It is a fundamental and simple flaw which I should have detected.


Anonymous said...

We need an authoritative study on the impact of neurological menial longidietist on our workers. There is currently a world wide concern of the potential correlation between global warming and work ethics that require service workers to constantly freeze their lips in an unnatural shape of an inverted horseshoe. These vast number of citizen workers seems to have percolated our air, land and new water industry of a cosmo-pollenised world. Their perculiar characteristic is often expressed in the way they talk to themselves while serving you. Often, their half baked knowledge is dutifully dispensed from an empty nutshell lodged within the cranium section. The ministry is petrified by the emergence of this new breed of workers as it may bankrupt their Cannibalised Providence Funds and Grossly Depress Production . Furthermore, too many aging numbskulls in the workforce may not be able to support intellectual propensities and hence, detract the economics of minority's wealth. In turn, this can only lead to large emission of political flatulent, intensifying global warming and endangering foreign and local entities. Therefore, there is an urgent need to address this ominous plague, which retard and afflict workers' mind through unstimulating jobs designed to sap them of their soul and life, before they be subjugated and colonised by Burger(meat) Kings!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lucky Tan,

Not your usual standard, I'm afraid. I have good reason to believe that the studies you quoted are grossly inaccurate!

How dare you quote studies that suggest people who work till 65 die at an average age of 66. We know that isn't true.

I mean, just look at our esteemed president Nathan, isn't he over 80, and isn't he as fit as a fiddle? As you said it yourself, he's so busy counting our reserves that he isn't appearing in public much!

If the study was correct, it would suggest that for president nathan to be alive today, it is highly likely that he hasn't been doing any work. We all know that isn't true! President Nathan must be working hard to justify his huge salary!

Lucky Tan, I demand that withdraw your irresponsible post before you harm the reputation of our esteemed president!

Anonymous said...

This country is pushing their elderly to early death by working, or otherwise end them in a retirement village. This reduce the burden on GDP, for sure. Ha! Ha! and they are still blurred.

Anonymous said...

Last night, on my way to the MRT, after watching spider-man 3 at Lido, I saw this really pathetic old lady trying to hawk cheap goods. She looked totally lost and helpless. And I ... walked past her. There is only so many tissue paper I can buy.

Pathetic NoName

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoy each and every one of your entries with their so tongue- in-cheek take on the issues of the day.

However, the study you quoted in this current entry needs to be looked at with a pinch of salt as it lacks the rigorous requisites for a proper study. For one, the conclusion drawn that the older you retire, the shorter your lifespan is unlikely to be accurate.
As quoted from the study - "On the other hand, people who take early retirements at the age of 55 tend to live long and well into their 80s and beyond. These earlier retirees probably are either wealthier or more able to plan and manage their various aspects of their life, health and career well such that they can afford to retire early and comfortably."

So a more likely cause-and-effect conclusion which can be drawn is that people who retire older are likely to be worse off financially and studies have shown that poor socio-economic status is a risk for poor health and shorter lifespan. Inequalities in health A social work issue.

But I totally agree that to make our older citizens work longer into their retirement age is definitely not a permanent solution to the problems. They have given the best of their lives to the State, and its time the State take care of them, instead of wearing them down to their grave!

scb said...

The Japanese are reported to overwork themselves to early demise!

not misled said...

not to worry. your site is a good laugh on 'extraordinary people'.lol.