Saturday, June 23, 2007

Another day another charity scandal....

After 2 years they finally prosecuted Durai for the NKF scandal, finally justice done....we can all sleep better yesterday night thinking that the custodians for the money we donate to charity are hard working people.

Well ....all of us got to sleep better for just ONE NIGHT because the headlines today is ......

...and that is just one more to add to the list ...Youth Challenge, Society for the Blind etc. After the NKF scandal broke, public pressure resulted in the formation of an Inter-ministry Committee on Regulation of Charities & IPCs in early 2006. You can read about the new rules and guidelines here. Basically, when it comes to charity even after all the scandals, the govt believes in self-regulation for charities. Given the 'light-touch' and trust that our govt gives to charities we can conclude that our charities are mostly run by honest people with good intentions.

Contrast this to the effort in place to regulate, monitor, stifle and repress the political alternatives. We can conclude that the ranks of our opposition are filled by self radicalised Singaporeans with evil and misguided intentions that needs to be corrected. If allowed to flourish, it will polute our market place of political ideas will slow our progress toward top 1st world status. They will hinder our determined march towards economic greatness for our globalised city by being overly concerned about poverty, income gap, human rights, workers' rights,basic freedoms and democracy. When it comes to political alternatives, we must definitely guard ourselves.

Singaporeans, please continue to donate to charity, they are run by honest people who can self regulate.


Anonymous said...

Kinda get numbed by this kind of news recently.

Seems like the rich is able to get away free.

Not one case but 2!!!

Where is the JUSTICE?
What happen to our elite system?

Bobo the Bimbo said...

oh my god... I'm so glad to have found you.

When Durai's scandal broke out there was a charity show just a few days after and there were very few donations. I smsed and called everybody I knew and asked them to vote, even if it were just for my sake. I cried very hard that day and my friends all called.

When we donate and someone like that runs away with the money, the poor and unfortunate still suffer. They didn't steal from us, they stole from the poor. And if we don't donate, the poor will be worse off.

I'm glad that I've found you becos reading this post makes me feel like i'm not such an outcast after all. Cos most people dun see it this way. Many times I've doubted myself becos of how others react to such things. But at least now I know there are people who feel like myself. Thank you.

kelly said...

That poor superintendent is only receiving $2700+250 per month.If we have paid him $20,000 per month we would have save $3.88 million. We ourselves are to be blamed for being "penny wise pound foolish".

Capt_Canuck said...

hence why Singaporeans have to pay their politicians the amounts that they demand. Imagine, if $3.8 million goes missing from an organziation that handles perhaps only $25 million dollars, imagine how much money could go missing from a company line Singapore Inc. that has billions of dollars flowing through it. Again, Singaporeans know how to handle the corrupt better than us silly North Americans.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's why we need to pay them more, especially our leaders!

Otherwise, they'd be corrupted like the Superintendant.

To get rich in S'pore illegally, start charity.

To get rich legally, join the party and toady your way up!

Some countries are corrupt, my uniquely S'pore is not. My leaders just write their own cheques!

Awaken Sheep said...

If, after going through 18 years of education, from K1 to the University, instead of becoming a cultured selfless human being, one develops a very high degree of animal instinct, subscribing to the concept of the law of the jungle, the survival of the fittest, it is only natural that there would be lots of wolves operating in sheep skins, trying to look good as well as to get the best for himself in the quickest possible time frame,
by hook or by crook.

Such an extraordinary talent is a product of the extraordinary system for an extraordinary 1st world country in pursuit of an extraordinary dream of always having the cake and eat it, always thinking of nothing but the excellence of the win-win-win.

In the end, who are the losers? The dumb and lame sheep, of course!

Anonymous said...

I think the ROOT CAUSE is probably not being PAID enough, we should use the FORMULA that was used by our ministers to justify the salaries.

I heard that the FORMULA will probably prevent corruption, even if the person were corrupt to begin with.

Cause at the end of the day its all about money not being enough.

Best way to prevent corruption is to pay ABOVE and BEYOND MARKET VALUE.

Anonymous said...

This is a small price to pay for a HUGE LESSON. Imagine if our ministers were not paid well and it resulted in us losing our NATIONAL reserves.

That is even worse, dont you think.

Therefore it is wise to pay more