Sunday, June 10, 2007

How the govt helps the poor!....

I challenge all of you who say the PAP govt does not help the poor. Do you know the poor can get $50,000 from the govt provided they follow a few simple rules? ....You have to be poor, uneducated and have 2 or less children - if you undergo ligation (sterilisation), the govt will start helping you with housing and education grants. If you are poor and have 3 or more kids, you get nothing under this scheme. The scheme is called HOPE and offers hope to poor people who understand that they shouldn't reproduce themselves although Singapore needs a bigger population we don't want more of this type of poor Singaporeans.

Read about the HOPE Scheme here.
and here

Although the fertility rate in Singapore has fallen from 6 to 1.2 after 40 years of PAP rule, the PAP is extremely worried that the poor will reproduce themselves . Most of the incentives for having more children are aimed at the rich - tax breaks and cash bonuses. The poor who pay no income tax and cannot afford to set aside money for the $ for $ bonus schemes will enjoy none of the incentives.

In our meritocratic inclusive society we are told that everyone has a good chance of succeeding and that social mobility is high so why sterilise the poor? It is actually for their own good that they have fewer else are they going to afford the endless fee hikes, price increases and transport fare increases. This is what makes our govt extraordinary compared with other mediocre govts who help the poor by giving grants to each child in the poor family.

The Singapore govt is just great - it eliminates poverty by downsizing poor families. I hope the govt succeeds at eliminating poverty by downsizing families and diluting poverty away by importing rich foreigners. We can all be rich in Singapore.


zhixiang8787 said...

i am so glad that our government is helping to fight poverty by eradicating the poor.

Anonymous said...

I juz looooove PAP....maybe we should pay them even more maybe they will come up with more brilliant ideas....

Anonymous said...

This sounds like the NAZIS!

Heil PAP!

Anonymous said...

Very soon, the poor without a home might be sent to the vet to be put to sleep. :(

Anonymous said...

Not trying to put a damper on things, but there is no mention of "ligation" in the MCYS link leh.

yokokiko said...

I see nothing wrong with the policy.

Why should we waste tax payers money on these group of people when we can put the money to better use?

Anonymous said...

This is a good policy as no one (poor)will be left behind.

In future, there will be no poor as well as poor old people (they can be found in JB and Batam).

Everyone left will be rich, lucky and happy

okikokoy said...

yokokiko, I see something wrong with your comment.

We should not waste our time showing your group of uncaring dim wit who do not understand compassion.

yokokiko said...


Nothing personal, but what is so uncaring and dim wit about my comments?

The policy does not say stop producing at all. It's just to discourage. If the poor have kids for the seek of having kids but cannot give them proper care, what's the point?

Get real. There is no free lunch in this world.

LuckySingaporean said...

Anon 9:47:

You can read about people getting ligation under the HOPE scheme:

Those under the scheme are usually under one of 3 methods:

1. Ligation - most cases.
2. Hormone implants to arm to stop ovulation last for 3 years than go for next implant after that.
3. Condoms - woman have to go for health check every 3 months to make so it is not popular.

HOPE I answered your question.

LuckySingaporean said...


Good point! Why should we want more sick, poor and inferior people among us. We should eliminate them through various schemes. The purpose of Singapore society becoming rich is so that we can pay 4000 psf for high end condos and drive merc benz golf and go for holidays in Europe. After we have done all that we should spend the leftover money at the casinos and gamble it away. Who cares about giving the poor a helping hand and leveling their play field just because they are our fellow Singaporeans.

Giving aid to children of the poor to better their education will worsen the situation by causing them to have even more children. We should let them suffer and the system squeeze them so they will learn their lesson. It is only mediocre govts like that of Finland that will think of educating children of poor people well.

When the poor in Singapore is eliminated, St Regis will sell for $20,000 per sq feet. Coffee at hawker center will be selling for $ is good that the poor is not around to because they will not be able to afford Singapore. It is for their own good to be downsized.

Anonymous said...

Guess you are referring to this paragraph
"Madam Rene has now enrolled in Home Ownership Plus Education (Hope), a scheme to enable low-income families concentrate their resources on skills upgrading, children's education and family planning.

After counselling, she had a ligation procedure done, to stop her from having any more children."

It's still a stretch to call it a condition for receiving aid leh.

LuckySingaporean said...

anon 3:01pm,

Monetary incentives are given to encourage them to undergo ligation. Ligation is encouraged and a number of people have written about this including Leong Sze Hian.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for providing the necessary links, Lucky :) It has been illuminating.

Wonder if there was a response to Leong's letter to the press. Was it even published?

Just Wondering around said...

Hi Lucky Tan,
The hot news are now base on government education spending on Singaporean. Please tell us how good our government had given University Education to Singaporeans then to Foreigners. I think people like me or Bart JP or Aaron Ng wants to understand more on this issue.

kokokiyo said...

yokokiko you are after all what Singapore is all about, which is also the image of its founder Lee Kwan Yew .
Shrewd, vile, nasty, offensive, indecent, small minded

Anonymous said...

to the wise sage (or crack?) yokokiko who said:

"Why should we waste tax payers money on these group of people when we can put the money to better use?"

pls enlighten us on the conversion rates:

assistance to x poor = 1 shincorp or GST increase or ministers' increments or edb fiasco etc

Anonymous said...

We can't just eliminate the poor just like that?

Without the poor who will serve burgers, clean the street, contractor, garbage man and job that nobody want to do?

irgen said...

Without the poor we can have pretty Shanghainess girls serve burgers but it will cost 80 bucks a piece as we are then a rich country, thanks to our government.

What's $80 if a cup of coffee costs $7 at the neighbourhood coffee shop?

Our streets will be cleaned by FT Indians and Bangladeshi as they have been doing it all along. Ditto garbage.

You never see them clearing your rubbish? Are you Singaporean, Anon 8:34?

yokokiko said...


Where will Singapore be without LKY?

I thrive in your so called "Shrewd, vile, nasty, offensive, indecent, small minded " society.

Majulag Singapura !

yokokiko said...

anon 2:15pm

Your currency conversion is flawed.

The "assistance to x poor" should be an Exponential Function which is inversely proportionate to the country reserves or yearly GDP.

For every failed venture there are successes.

Have you been to Jurong Island. Any idea what is going in there?

What about Tuas Biotech Park? Been there too?

Anonymous said...

Yes, "for every failed venture there are successes." That is about the same logic as for every whiter-than-white politicians, there are genuinely concerned citizens.

What about Jurong island and Tuas Biotech? That's strange, I've not heard of the 157th blowing their trumpet on these yet...

Anonymous said...

irgen 9:09PM

YEs i'm singaporean but we can't always depend on foreigners serve burgers, maintenance man and so on..

Otherwise majority of Singaporean will make so much noise and other country view us as a lazy people who only hire foreigners to do simple things like technicians, mechanics and etc....

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that those then-poor are actually the now-rich if yokokiko did spent a few hours to understand what make singapore a first world country. There wasn't any rich when this country started. The idea is about fighting poverty, and not about wasting money on these group of people. yokokiko, do apply your IC under never-get-grant-scheme. if not, you're likely not mentally well prepared to be rich and that's the starting point of being poor.

yokokiko said...

anon 10:59pm

Do a search on the web. Better still, take a visit there if you can.

anon 4:44pm

Back then, it is called nation building, chinaman have pigtails, policeman in shorts, etc. You built and accumulate. We are now at the preservation stage.

Looks like you are still living your life in the past. This is your first starting point of remaining poor.

Anonymous said...

In NUS, the poor students can apply for bursary, but the chance of getting it is little, coz many ppl are fighting for the limited sets of bursaries. On the other hand, selected bright students who score 4As in A level will be given scholarship, covering their entire 4 yrs, without filling any application forms. How wonderful and considerate NUS are. Just study hard n they will find you. Stop worrying fellow citizens.

Anonymous said...

You rich feelingless inhuman badly u think of poor day ill curse you rich people to be poor and go through all the hardships being in our shoes.its nots that we're poor,its that singapore's pricing in everything seems to been increasing putting us in a tight spot.i guess you all are u believe in afterlife or reincarnation?you may be rich and happy now but you wont afterlife unless you do good deeds with the money you own.its not as if you'll be bringing your money down to your grave when you're foreigners are more helpful than so ashamed of this country.