Friday, June 15, 2007

NSmen insurance, Singaporeans 1st & other issues.....

I spent the last 3 days in the country north of Singapore. I didn't really have time to look for the kind satay man but found some time to read the newspapers there. Again I didn't have access to the Internet and found there are a few issues actively discussed in the Singapore blogsphere when I got back. Among them : should NSmen be given insurance (FOC)? Should Singaporeans come 1st? Should places be reserved for Singaporeans in NUS? The answer to all 3 questions is clearly NO!!!!

All Singaporeans men get this privilege to serve and protect our country by going through 2 years of NS and plenty of reservist duties after that. Unfortunately, accidents do occur during NS and people die or become disabled. It has been suggested that SAF purchase insurance to cover all NSmen. I think it is wrong to do this. It is a moral hazard. If NSmen are given free insurance, they may develop a sense of entitlement and grow up expecting the govt to give them free health insurance, unemployment insurance and other benefits. NSmen have to be taught that it is for their own good that they start paying for things otherwise they might not form the correct habits for their future survival - nothing comes free in Singapore, take care of yourself because our extraordinary govt won't able to do so. We can also tell that the Malaysian govt is a mediocre one because they actually insure all the men and women serving their 3 month NS...what a joke instead of saving the money for better props during National Day, they actually spend the money on insurance for their NSmen - from the New Straits Times 14 June 2007:

See what happens when you get the kind of mediocre govt that buy insurance coverage for a 3 month NS stint which is actually just a long camping trip - they have to provide subsidised health care ...for example, dialysis for the kidney patients at less than one quarter the price in Singapore. The govt there has lost all its moral authority to raise prices by being so soft on its citizens.

Since we are on the topic of Malaysia, I would like to go on to discuss "Bumiputrification". One Singaporean blogger goes so far as to call giving Singaporeans any advantages in our system the equivalent of "Bumiputrification". This blogger goes on to highlight the evils of a Singaporeans first policy and the hazards of protecting Singaporeans. I would term the idea of putting Singaporeans first, Singaporeanisation. Having returned from Malaysia, I can see what "pro-bumi" policies as done to the Bumis in Malaysia. To see what will happen to Singaporeans in the near future, one just have to close your eyes and imagine what would have happened to the Bumis without "pro-bumi" policies. Yes, I can see on their faces how much the Bumis have suffered from all the "pro-bumi" policies and we can expect Singaporeans to suffer too if Singapore govt implement pro-Singaporean policies to appease Singaporeans.

To understand globalisation further and better appreciate our foreign talent policies, let me start with a number - the number is 5.3 million. .....that is the number of graduates China produce every year. We can actually improve our workforce instantly by opening the floodgates to them - we can even replace the entire workforce if we want to. Why should Singapore Inc tolerate a less educated, ageing Singaporean workforce when it can import younger and better educated to get to top first world status faster? Why should our elite leaders be held back by the mediocrity of Singaporeans? Singapore is Singapore Inc a business entity whose key goal is to maximise GDP. Why should the ambition of our esteemed leaders be held back by its less able ordinary citizens? If you view Singapore simply as a business rather than a nation that consist of loyal citizens, all this makes sense. Singapore citizenship is merely an employment by Singapore Inc....and success is defined by how much profits Singapore Inc makes rather than how Singapore Inc treat its employee/citizens.

I really can't think of another other nation that embrace globalisation as much as Singapore. 800,000 foreign workers and growing...offers of citizenship, scholarship etc places in our tertiary institutions. I'm sure this is the fastest way to top 1st world status. We should all learn to measure success as the performance of Singapore Inc and not what happens to people who are born as Singaporeans.

When globalisation began 2 decades ago, Singapore workers benefits' were removed - pension schemes, medical benefits, retrenchment benefits gone and laws were revised to make it easier to retrench workers. We globalised and removed protection for workers at the same time. Also happening at the same time was our esteemed PAP govt eliminating political competition, hiking its own pay and awarding itself more benefits like pensions for ministers and MPs. The conventional wisdom at that time was that the freer the market, the better our lives will be. I think Singaporeans now know what has happened and would be the best people to say if their lives have actually improved.

While democratic countries take steps to ensure the full benefits of globalization gets to its citizens, Singapore leaders don't have to waste any time on this. Our esteemed leaders will get us to top 1st world status as fast as possible, there is nothing to stop them as they apply the same formula - foreign workers ....and more foreign workers. They don't need to bother with rising poverty, increasing income gap and structural unemployment among the older workers. Globalization will definitely be good for Singapore Inc and its top executives...their painful sacrifices will not go unrewarded. As for ordinary Singaporeans, they should learn to appreciated the challenges coming their way and be prepared to work harder and longer to be prepared to contribute more(...and more) to Singapore Inc.


Bart JP said...

Welcome back Lucky. Was wondering where you have been.

Tell you something. As I was trying to post this comment, I was asked a word verification (usual). Guess what. It was: BUMIU

Bumi You. Eerie isn't it.

LuckySingaporean said...


I have been sent to various countries and strange places that don't have the benefit of a govt as extraordinary as the PAP.

BUMIU? Oh my that is eerie be Bumiputrified, free everything, work ethnics undermined, I can't think of anything worst than that.

Bart JP said...

Haha, indeed.

Actually, if you read my arguments and comments carefully, it is not that I disagree with putting Singaporeans citizens first per se, but is this the best way to deal with current and future reality? Globalisation means:

- Many citizens leave, or have PR elsewhere

- Many PRs and foreigners stay and contribute to Spore long term

- Foreign firms, professionals, and workers do add to state coffers

- Many citizens are also newly naturalised, coming from some other places only recently

In times of need, the assumption that all PRs will flee and all citizens will stay is surely an over simplification isn't it?

People often accuse govt of treating citizens like economic unit. To then try to put measurable benefits on being a citizen is exactly that isn't it? Asking to be treated like economic unit? Hope to see the irony. I prefer a situation where citizens have emotional ties to the country, and not choose to be citizens because of prioritised benefits.

Many will disagree with me, I knew that from the beginning.

Best Regards.

kwayteowman said...


should NSmen be given insurance (FOC)? Should Singaporeans come 1st? Should places be reserved for Singaporeans in NUS?

We are probably in agreement on these three issues. Insurance for NSF is such a small sum that dunno what Mindef is thinking also. They have increased NSF pay a couple of times in the last couple of years, they could just have given free insurance instead of increasing pay.

I really can't think of another other nation that embrace globalisation as much as Singapore. 800,000 foreign workers and growing...

Hong Kong just announced some time over the last couple of days that they are going to increase their population by a couple of millions to "catch up" with New York and London as a financial centre. :-) If they dun import like us, dun think the Hong Kongers can make enough babies in time. :-P

Singapore workers benefits' were removed - pension schemes, medical benefits, retrenchment benefits gone and laws were revised to make it easier to retrench workers.

Depends on how you look at the problem. Removal of pensions for the Civil Service saves tax payers money actually. Unless you are a Civil Servant, you have no real reason to complain. As for the removal of pensions for the rest, eh, Garmen's fault also huh? You sure know how to play the blame game. :-P

Anonymous said...

..hi all
to start with the BUMI issue,I would go along with the saying ,the first time I will teach you how to fish and tomorrow when you are hungry you should know how to fish for yourself.No point in extending the NEP(new economic policy) already 20 years and still extending."They" wont bother to learn to fish ,why should they when they are given money/priority years after years to buy fish for the stomach.
As for the globalization issue,when I close my eyes and when I wake up in 2017, I will see
1)My neighbour next door will most probably wont be a Chinese,Indian or Malay .They will be a different nationalty.Remember they want to go 6 millions ,all cannot come from PRC or India.
2)The school will have few more foreign languages to learn.Arabic(for people from Libya,Syria,Egypt,Lebanon, algeria,Morroco etc.),Spanish and French for people Africa and South American).Perhaps you learn to speak "fang" yang moro, means "senior",losciato,pa le voir Fransai and maybe Yah la ha bi bi,"let go" in arabic. Dont dream to attract people from America,UK and Australia to take root here. You have tried that and it did not work.On the positive side you may have more foreign foods in the hawker center.Kebab, the real one from Lebanon and PePe soup from Africa.
3)Singapore do best in managing manpower and these new comers will revitalised/replaced your ageing workers.Dont expect anything can be done for the ageing workers as they say no point in flogging an old horse.Dont believe those terms on retraining,relearning job grouping etc.An old worker need to retire and enjoy life.The young Singaporean couples here are not producing enough babies or maybe fast enough.So the FT is here to do the job and be your ready available manpower.They are cheap, hungry and eager to work
4) Singapore has no leading technology apart from breeding guppy fish and curry puff.Creative Technology if not producing any more cutting edge gargets will disappears from the electronic world in 2017.Dont be fool by the "new Desalination Technology".The reverse osmosis and triple effect evaporators to extracted water from seawater has existed 10 years ago.I run these plant already 5 years in the eastern block.And also there is little you can do about inflation as well when you import 900 items out of 1000.
5)so why are we so keen to talk about Singaporean first when the next 5 years or tens the FT will form a big part of your society.May be that is already happening. Are you still talking about Singaporean (the 3 main ethinc groups).You should broaden your horizon talking about a wider base of people and how to integrate these people into your cultures for your own survival.Why no integration program?Why no poster to show you are welcoming the FT .Sorry for painting a bleak future, I am talking about a real Singapore not too far away.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, can't believe it!!! The word I was asked to verify was:


Man, that fool can't even define properly what is globalization. What he has just described in the 2nd post is a PAP policy, and yet has the nerve to call it globalization....Don't try to pull the wool over people's eyes with warped reasoning.

...jeesh...Lucky, you have honorable guests(KTM & F8bTart). Where is Hitler Youth, Aaron Ng?

Anonymous said...

to anon at 11 pm.

well you cant really flame barty.

He is working with some Government Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Anonymous said...

Working with Government Ministry of Trade and Industry, so what? A small regional arm of Singapore Inc.

my my, aren't you taxpayers gonna shiver at the thought of civil servants behaving like party member?

Just to please your political master who ups your salary? Can't think on two feet?
You won't last long in the real corporate world outside Singapore.

Anonymous said...

bart jp, can a Ph D like u explain to lay men like us how dialysis treatment in Malaysia is only a quarter of the price of singapore?

I am not a hypocrite said...

You should ask Bart why did he let his baby be born in USA if Singapore is as good as he claimed,

Why not in Sg? Let his wife fly back here, where there are lots of family support from grandparents from both sides during the crucial confinement period, in addition to support from maids and confinement aunties!

Oh, and in Sg, the hospital offer confinement food and even post-birth massage for mom! And you get to choose the gynae who deliver your baby (in USA, whichever doctor is on duty that night dellivers the baby, and that doc can be someone you never met before during your monthly prenatal checkup!!!)

So why don't he just fly back for the birth? Why trouble his parents or in-laws to fly over to take care of his wife, or worse, let his wife the the entire confinement period ALONE when he goes to school during the daytime?

Is it because his baby becomes US citizen automatically?

Is it because Bart himself can become a US citizen via his baby when his kid reach 21?

Oh, ask him directly: has he applied for Singapore citizenship by descent for his baby yet? Why not? When will he be applying, if at all?

Heheh, talk is cheap! Bart should show us that he talk the talk and walk the walk!

i am not a hypocrite said...

oh, sorry, wrong info. His baby was born in UK, not USA. But still, while UK does not confer citizenship on foreigners automatically by birth, I think they do so if the baby stays in the UK for several years. Anyway, why not give birth in SG, where there are much more support etc? Cheapskate for the free milk powder? keke

zhixiang8787 said...

good job Lucky(money help).

bart has gone on further to teach us what globalization means. elites like him should step forward and enlighten the public like the PAP do.

"- Many citizens leave, or have PR elsewhere"

these quitters singaporeans are too pampered by our government. let them taste the hardship in other countries for freedom and human rights.

"- Many PRs and foreigners stay and contribute to Spore long term"

only 60% of the PRs here converted to citizenships. perhaps the other 40% still cant get enough love from our PAP. we need more pro-foreigners policies. i propose that we set up special entertainment areas out of bound for singaporeans and dogs(many are indian muslims lah). the upcoming casinos will be a good start!!

"- Foreign firms, professionals, and workers do add to state coffers"

yes they do!! the unemployment rate of the foreigners went down compared to locals unemployment rate!! read this extract from CNA:

"According to the Ministry, the total unemployment rate in March was 2.9 percent, compared to 2.6 percent in December last year.

Among residents - Singaporeans and permanent residents - the jobless figure was 4 percent, up from 3.6 percent in December 2006."

"- Many citizens are also newly naturalised, coming from some other places only recently"

"many" as in how many? "some other places" means the cities of szechuan, shanghai, beijing, yunnan, shandong, sikkim, assam, new delhi, bengal, dhaka and chittagong!!



p.s. my word verification is moneyhelp234 lol!! strike a note, lucky?

LuckySingaporean said...

cbart jp,

Yes borders are porous - goods, people, capital should flood freely. In a globalised world, borders are just historic lines. Everyone has the option to cross the lines whenever Ever wonder why we serve NS/reservists and spend $10.6B on defense every year? We do it so that we can put up a good show during National Day...

When you ask Singaporeans 40-50% express a desire to emigrate. This is not so for other nations that operate in which citizens have a shared destiny and have a say in the destiny. When you run a nation like a business entity I guess nothing you said is untrue. Employees come, employees go. employees come collect their name tag. Those leaving when the begin to see the great disadvantage of living life without the PAP they will be begging to come back.

What is GLOBALISATION? There are may degrees and govts have many options on how fast and how far to go. With an extraordinary govt like the PAP, singapore went on the highest gear to maximise GDP.

As for economic benefits of citizens, I would just like to say Singaporeans enjoy many non-economic benefits already, like free fitness training in the form of NS/reservists, short simplified elections for upgrading, they are relieved of making tough decisions and are protected by numerous laws to constrain them to be good employees of Singapore Inc.


Hong Kong just announced some time over the last couple of days that they are going to increase their population

Hong Kong cannot match us lah. Just like the time they wanted to emulate us on GST, the citizens took to the streets to stop it. The Hong Kong govt can state its goals and intent, but ultimately its the Hong Kong people that decide. In Singapore, the PAP decides. How extraordinary!

Depends on how you look at the problem. Removal of pensions for the Civil Service saves tax payers money actually.
Wah so much tax payer's money is saved and the govt has to increase GST to collect more taxes. The govt sets the example when it comes to treating workers. It has been setting a fine example by taking various benefits low ranking staff, hiring people on contract etc.

anon 10:31,

Thanks for painting that beautiful future. I'll be happily cleaning your table when you wake up in 2017.Whether that future is realise depends on how we continue to preserve our extraordinary leadership.


let them taste the hardship in other countries for freedom and human rights.

What you said is very true. All those people leaving - once they get a taste of what life is like in a country not ruled by PAP they will all be clamoring to come back.

perhaps the other 40% still cant get enough love from our PAP. we need more pro-foreigners policies.
More like stupidity. There are always 40% not smart enough to see how good the PAP is. Even among FTs who are talents, they may not be smart enough to appreciate the PAP because they haven't read enough Straits Times.

Bart JP said...

Hi Lucky,

First and foremost, do you believe me when I said BUMIU was my verification code, or do you think I was taking a piss at you?

Bart JP said...


Look at the link I sent you about UK. They are a historic nation with many years of shared destiny, empire, wars, near devastation, and now a welfare state. Still, many UK nationals professed the desire to leave (54% can you believe it!). I therefore disagree with you that it is a Singaporean phenomenon, or that we leave because are a particularly disaffected bunch. Do read the link below.

The report on UK went on to say "Britain has developed a particularly global outlook thanks to centuries of flows in and out. The challenge for British policymakers will be to harness the economic and political potential of one of the largest diasporas in the world." Instead of seeing it as a problem, they have decided to turn the many Brits living abroad into an opportunity.

Don't be pessimistic about people coming and going (I will refrain from commenting on political structure, although for the knowledge those who wrote about me, I mentioned in my blog I actually DISAGREED with Govt policies on PRs).

Our strength, since 1819, has always been to be part of the pan-Asian social fabric. Our society, or citizenship, has never been a static one like Korean, Japs, Poles, French etc. 2017 will be totally different, I agree. We change together with the changes. Whoever lives on the island in the future will share its destiny.

Anonymous said...

First and foremost, do you believe the PAP when the PAP promised that there won't be hike in health fees during their election campaign, or do you think they were taking a piss at you when they quietly hike this & that (including health fees) after one year?

CBart, maybe you got some early advanced warning from PAP, right? And now everywhere you deliver your sermon, it's all mouthful of PAP speaks, dressed up with terms like globalization, BUMI) So don't drag Malaysia into this if you are hypocritical & know nothing about Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky

Judging from the sudden attention from Bart & Co, looks like you are now on the Govt's A List for subversive bloggers! Congrats !

To Bart & Co I say:-

We know your background (civil service) and who you work for ( Ministry of Trade & Industry)Interesting you don't mention this on your blog site!

We also know the Govt has a declared policy of getting its supporters ( surrepticiously w/o declaring their affiliations) to attack / debunk independent thinking bloggers.

Your purported reasoning is illogical and outright nonsense. I don't think anyone reading it will be fooled into thinking you honestly believe the drivel you write.

So can it and go home Bart, your wasting your time here on this site!

LuckySingaporean said...

dBart, bart. Why do you keep harping on the British wanting to leave their little island? If I were them, suffering under a mediocre govt and a horrible health system such as the NHS, I too would want to leave. So many British people are coming to Singapore relative to Singaporeans going to Britain?

Apart from the questionaire, one can realise where Singapore stands by looking at relative movements of people. Many Singaporeans have made the horrid mistake of migrating to Australia vs the number of Australians coming to Singapore to enjoy great PAP govt. What this shows is there is general stupidity among people who migrate....they don't know what is good for them. I've heard of many Singaporeans migrating to places without PAP type govt, and relatively fewer people from those countries migrating to Singapore despite all the promotion. It seems the only smart people are those from China, Vietnam etc who seems to appreciate the PAP much better.

Bart what are you REALLY trying to say? ....

1. Putting Singaporeans first does not prevent them from making the horrid mistake of leaving this island paradise. I guess our MM Lee sums it all when he said that 80% CAN'T leave (no money, no skills, no will power). So no matter whether come 1st or last, this 80% can't leave.

2. Are you saying nationhood is unimportant in a globalised world? Yes, I agree with you, we spend $10.6 billion on defense to have stuff to show during national day.

3. People can move around more so no point giving citizens 1st class treatment. I guess that is why Temasek & GIC invests its money GLOBALLY while citizens can't afford dialysis and were put under this guy called Durai. The entity called Singapore Inc owns the $100+Billions, not the people who are temporally Singaporeans and can migrate anytime.

Bart JP said...

A person with kidney failure in Spore should be provided with dialysis support, would you not treat him because he is of a different passport? Of course nationhood is important. I just happen to have the view that treating immigrants fairly, including PRs, makes Singapore a better nation.

This will be my last comment on this post. Have a good day Lucky.

Anonymous said...

Well, bart jp left with his tail covered. But then again, you had already seen it. Ha,ha.

Anonymous said...

In the first place, do you know that the payout from SAF to those disabled or death (while carrying out their duties) are pathetic?

Btw, I read till here and wouldn't want to waste my time further:
"what a joke instead of saving the money for better props during National Day, they actually spend the money on insurance for their NSmen."

The National Day celebration is even more important than your fellow Sinkaporeans.
You are one of those "elite" that thinks that all other Sinkaporeans are expandable yah!?


Anonymous said...

to 11.16pm

yeah, the trinity of pap counter-insurgency: one phD scholar to represent "brains", one greasy "man-in-the-street" and one young aspiring singaporean.

for all their efforts, i still don't understand how pap policies are beneficial to the majority of SINGAPOREANS leh.

lucky, i understand lucky's version. his is more in line with my experiences.

Anonymous said...

To anon12.52pm:

You mean the PAPanon Unholy Trinity:
Bart JP, Kway Teow Man and Aaron Ng?

They don't believe in helping our own country men. This is Uniquely Singaporean for you.

Papanon said...

All you xenophobic fools out there,

Of course we need the FT to be around. In fact, I strongly support that we should turn our citizens 2nd class as what Bart and Aaron suggest. You know why, here are the reasons:

i. We need to marry off those highly educated Singaporean women. So, the best way not to waste their eggs, is to bring in the ang moh FTs in and mate them. Why do you think that we are seeing SPGs every day in Clarke Quay.

ii. We need to weed off those with weaker genes. It's the survival of the fittest.

Let those quitter losers quit.

dragonfish said...

cool blog, just checking out your blog.

keep blogging and cheers

p/s: check out mind too, link me and leave any comment.


yokokiko said...

NS anot, when you time is up it's up. Recently a few unfortunate fellow Singaporeans died under unforeseen incidents/accidents: crushed by fallen trees, drowning, etc.

Insurance for all Singaporean? Who pay?

irgen said...

Keep your cool, Lucky. We all need your daily praises of our extraordinary government without which life would be like living in other countries where you have to be on your own instead of the government doing everything for you, from affordable health charges, no raising of utility bills, no transport fare hikes, affordable this and that.

Thank you bart jp for reinforcing our belief in your BUMIU. Our neighbours up north would welcome you with open arms any time you tire of slogging around in UK.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky

Sadly we all know that Goebbels-wannabe and Hitler Youth (Naive Boy?), and their kind, are more likely to shape our country's policies than the (talk-only but too scared to really fight for their rights) anons on this blog. Where do you find all these energy to fight a hopeless battle?


As usual you are technically right BUT if one day it so happens that your spouse or yourself is afflicted with a chronic illness like cancer, you may change your mind on pension(CSC medical benefit). If you were ex-civil servant as alleged.

wishing all (including KTM) the best of health.


Anonymous said...

Good read, I must say.

Personally, I was wondering what the future would be like for me and my family as I see that there's only X numbers of jobs available to provide for Y number of employees.

With the human flood gates being opened to boost our birth rate (Frankly I dont this this will work as we have not addressed the root cause!)

Jobs will be scarce and wages will be low as people will go all the way down to secure a job.

This is what is happening. There are lots of jobless SINGAPOREAN people our there.

Cost of living goes up and up and finally its AWAY .........

Its nice to know, that we served our nation to a level where it has become top notch in economy and bottom notch in TAKING CARE OF OUR OWN.

Thats why we see these things everyday, people on the MRT rushing for seats , people pretending to sleep when a needy lady boards the train, and last but not least .... no one smiles :)

Cultured indeed or in need ?

Hypocrite lah said...

In your last comment, you advocate providing affordable kidney dialysis to BOTH foreigners and citizens.

But the fact is that you are supporting a government which does not provide affordable dialysis even to citizens!

You action therefore speaks louder than your words, you HYPOCRITE!

You cannot even be truthful enough to say: "I, Bart, support PAP for making dialysis unaffordable to CITIZENS, and at the same time, I urge PAP to make dialysis affordable for FOREIGNERS"!

Who are you trying to kid? Hey, there are lots of intelligent people here, you know?

Bobo the Bimbo said...

I too feel very lucky to be a singaporean.

I don't agree with everything the Government does but I do see the rationale behind it.

We're indeed.... lucky to be in this country.

irgen said...

Yes indeed we are all very grateful to our government.

How can we find fault with their manifesto when they urged us to stay together and move ahead for a better life for all.

Create opportunities for Singaporeans.

Give our young the best start.

Encourage every citizen to play a role.

DO MORE for LOWER-INCOME Singaporeans.

Help older Singaporean to lead full and active lives.

And promote affordable healthcare for all.

Lucky is always praising the government; that's why I always log in here for a visit and read what he writes what our extraordinary government has done and will be doing for us.

We are also grateful that Mr Lim Boon Heng, after visiting Japan, has come up with his proposal to make sure our elders contiune working past 65 as their CPF minimum sum will be tied up until then.

Aren't we all happy that Mr Lim had made this tortuous journey to the land of the rising sun where their longevity is second to none and return here to give us such good news? What a caring and loving government we are so fortunate to be endowed with.

Anonymous said...

What we have here is the emperors new clothes syndrome.

People are told to believe in something that is not there to begin with.

Its like the martix, go see part one and you might relate to it.

One more note to add, to make yourselves feel better please compare your lifestyle with those in Iraq and war torn areas.

Once I remind myself of this I am thankful I have a wonderful government who looks into the TRUE NEEDS of fellow SINGAPOREANS!

Just look at the CPF lock down, its a GREAT scheme that helps us save money for our old age and also at the same time encourages us to work more and longer to go beyond the MINIMUM SUM . I am sure at a golden age our salaries will be up to the high heavens and we can reach our QUOTA easily, aka minimum sum.

This is a good way to TAKE CARE of our folks who have brought this country to where it is .

Remember no one is LEFT BEHIND , if we all look infront and pretend not to see what is happening.

Anonymous said...

We should all live in denial, that way its easier on the soul and if everyone just take care of his very own needs, like the saying goes every man for himself, then ideally we will have no problems and whoever screws up has himself solely to blame.

Life is great, because as fellow singaporeans. our govt is really good at driving the stake of business into everyones hearts!

Excellent, we make so much money and we get to enjoy what we sow.

Stanger in a strange land!

Anonymous said...

I like your severe sarcasm in writing this article. Keep it up!

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