Friday, June 08, 2007

Time to change our pledge!

" build a democratic society based on justice and equality...."- Singapore Pledge
,You know they make us recite this several thousand times from primary school to junior college. The problem is some young people actually believe it and take it seriously. See what happened to them:

Thanks to our alert police, this group of Singaporeans are now investigated for trying to incite violence. One may think that Singapore is a civilised and democratic society where differences in opinion can be settled through open discussion, however, there are dangerous elements in our society that have been uncovered by our police. I'm surprise some of these people are actually quite young and probably have been exposed to bad influence.

I applaud our police for acting professionally and objectively as an institution that truly protects Singaporeans and not as an extension of a mindless security apparatus of a police state. These people were really out to harm our society and incite violence otherwise why would the police be investigating their actions.

"Maybe we should change it to build a vibrant economy based on corporate profits and income inequality....." - Lucky Tan

We should continue to be vigilant and overcome dark forces that try to spread disaffection among our happy citizens and thereby inciting them to carry out violent acts like standing up for their basic rights. They should be sitting at home watching TV every day when they are not out working or shopping. Singaporeans are so lucky to have a vigilant police force that protect them from the evil intent of young men and women who take the pledge too seriously.


Anonymous said...

These people are indeed very dangerous. They were at the speakers'corner with a very big group of armed police and plaincloth. They were correctly questioned for inciting violence.

It would be better to charge them for treason or armed rebellion as there were many gunmen (although they happened to be the policemen and detectives)

These activities if left unchecked, would have serious consequences as it will disrupt our shopping spree, especially at this critical GSS period

Anonymous said...

Why not..

"To build a mercenerial society, based on money and MORE MONEY.."

Anonymous said...

Insidious!!! Shameful!!!

Anonymous said...

Or;- To build a nepotism society base on which family you are related to, so as to protect the integrity of our regime..

Anonymous said...

Ahem, equality? When you stayed in opposition wards you are already not equal.

Anonymous said...

The Peasant's Pledge

We the peasants of Sinkingport
Pledge ourselves as one exploited people
Regardless of poor, bankrupt or bearly surviving
To build a mercenary society
Based on nepotism and cronyism
So as to accumulate millions, billions and trillions for the familee

Anonymous said...

The Gahmen's Pledge

We the Gahmen of StinKaPore
Pledge ourselves as one elite cronies.
Regardless of non-performance, inaccountability, intransparency to the public,
To build a choiceless and voiceless society
Based on inequality and desperation
So as to generate more Mee Siam Mai Hum For the Untouchable and Unspeakable Ediot like Us.

Capt_Canuck said...

I think they shouldn't be charged with insighting violence, but more like being confused. Some of the people in the video mentioned their 'right to freedom of speech'. In a country where speaking an opinion gets you sued, newspapers are censored by the gov't, reporters are fired for writing their opinion, radio stationed are fined for fun shows, and it states that you need a permit for public speaker...where could these people possibly get the misunderstanding that they have freedom of speech.

Obviously, they should be charged criminally, punished severely and publicly so that there can be no more confused people in Singapore that might have the illusion that they have freedom of speech.