Saturday, July 21, 2007

Minister with million$ remuneration causes a re-numeration!

Scanning through the education records of our esteemed ministers, I realised that most of them were educated in foreign universities - during their undergraduate days they were surrounded by foreigners. I guess that is why they took the trouble to bring in so many foreigners to our local universities so that Singaporean students can enjoy the same type of education they had.

"How come our Minister of State for Education doesn't know
how many foreign students he is educating?" - Coffeeshop Talk.
MOE clarified that the number of foreign students admitted to local universities is 4,218 not the 987 figure given by Minister of State Mr. Gan. Many of you are probably concerned about how such an error can occur.....was our esteemed minister trying to mislead us? ...Goodness no! It was probably an honest mistake. Our minister was probably busy with more important matters and didn't have time to double check his answer to the parliament. Our ministers are men of high integrity and noble intentions therefore they can only make honest mistakes. Hence, there is real no issue with the answer given in parliament.
On the other hand when opposition politicians give the wrong numbers, you can be sure they are not simply typographical errors but are sinister attempts to misrepresent the grand achievements of our beloved govt. That is why have to be severely punished with hefty fines for contempt of parliament. We can assume that opposition politicians are downright evil and dishonest as they receive no remuneration for being Singapore, you really have to pay for honesty. Once you pay up, even the worst mistakes become honest ones.
Singaporeans are so lucky to have a govt that is so honest it can only make honest mistakes.


Capt_Canuck said...

But how can that be? Singapore Ministers can't make mistakes like that. Isn't that why they can claim to have such high priced salaries? After all if you wanted someone that makes simple little mistakes like that then you would only pay $75,000/year because that is what a human for a job should get. But when you appoint a Minister and give him close to million dollar salaries, shouldn't he be perfect?

PAP ministers make mistakes, but they are paid high salaries because they are worth it in brains and shouldn't make mistakes, then is this or isn't this a mistake? oh man, my head hurts from the logical break down. No wonder us foreigners can never understand Singapore politics. Obviously Singaporeans are the more intelligent people to have figured out how that all works.

Or perhaps it is like what Goh said years ago about when he was asked how many people had been executed in Singapore and the number was first quoted at nearly 80 in a couple months to only 24 in a year and when clarified he just said "I have better things to do than keep count of that sort of thing". Guess these ministers just had better things to do than keep count of foreigners in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a hornets mistake and we should all move on and not talk about it.

If not we would go on and on with the following.

1) GST to help the poor
2) Our woman will become maids if we got poor govt
3) Some people are homeless by choice
4) Train hits man
5) Someone fainted onto the train tracks
6) We should not think of retirement
7) Increase the foreign pool to improve low birth rates
8)Public housing is made affordable, with CPF
9)Cost of living is up, and ministers salaries is also increasing, but what about the minimum wage ? why is it not pegged to the average standard of living?

Frankly, what more could we ask for ?

Times are good, and it really depends on which level of the food chain you are on.

Bottom feeders.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting up the link to 'Oppostion make mistake in statistics'... Reading that link only makes my heart ache. How could our competent minister attempt to misrepresent parliament!!! It is time that someone demand that Minister Gan resign!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please believe that only certain special people made honest mistakes. Only people like Gomez do not make honest mistakes, but deliberate mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it makes me wonder, do you think that are lots of honest mistakes being made .

Right now, the internet is keeping score and stale news reported in the old days will be used to compare current versions.

I think we should ban the internet as it is causing lots of distress to the people.

Last time it was one source of news. Courtesy of the straits times.... nows it's internet news !!

Save the world and the trees ... go online for news!!

Anonymous said...

Spirit of community and togetherness is important

To add to the family spirit, supermarket chain NTUC FairPrice dished out one million dollars worth of food vouchers to help the needy cope with the GST hike

Anonymous said...

if one day, ultra wealthy Terrorists going to bomb Singapore, the terrorists just simply tell the world it is just an honest mistake. Who knows, these terrorist might just get away because Rich=Honesty.

And then the world is going to laugh at Singapore because that is indeed very true in Singapore. And we are just tasting our own medicine that are supplied by our beloved and very honest PAP gov !

Only in Singapore, and nowhere in the world, will gov get away with so-called HONEST MISTAKE.

These words coined by LKY and his cronies, are damn so powerful that it need to be defined in Wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

A mistake is a mistake, why honest or not honest? Any difference to the mistake? I wonder, wonder....

Anonymous said...

Why are Singaporeans complaining all the time about the multi-million dollars salaries of our ministers?

Can't they see that our top ministers are doing such a fantastic job going around the world from Middle East, Europe, Russia, India, Indonesia giving profound advice to these less advanced nations how they can run their economies?

Especially with the tremendous status of the MM, everyone out there is listening to him like students. Why are Singaporeans not appreciative of that?

Can't you see we are paying taxes to enable him to do such an international role? Who says he is paid to run this country only?

We should be grateful that our money is being used in such a wonderful way - to bestow such international honour and glory to our politicians.