Thursday, July 19, 2007


The moment Sylvia Lim entered politics I knew she was up to no good. During the last elections, she tried to 'poison' us mentally and trigger timebombs. Lucky for us our govt was vigilant and rescued Singapore from those poisonous ideas.

Sylvia is at it again! She wants to ensure separation of executive and juciary powers like what they do in Western countries. They (Westerners) think it is important to separate the powers to have independence between branches of govt to make sure that one branch is not beholden to another. Letting our PM appoint 2 members of the LSC (Legal Services Commission) she claims will 'undermine the public confidence in the neutrality of our courts'. What rubbish!!! Our elections department is also under our Prime Minister's Office and they are known to conduct fair and neutral elections. Even when intimidated by James Gomez during the last elections, they maintained their neutrality by releasing the CCTV of James Gomez wagging his finger at them to show us that he was a real brute.

Our Prime Minister is also empowered to recommend who should be the Chief Justice. You can see from the choice of the previous CJ Yong (who was recommended by Lee Kuan Yew) that this has been done in a manner that ensures neutrality. Yong was certainly a good choice although he worked as a banker most of his life, he struck fear into accused criminals by doubling their jail terms on appeal....he was so fierce he wanted to jail one man beyond the maximum allowable jail term.

The track record of our leaders speak for themselves when it comes to ensuring the independence & neutrality of our judiciary and civil service. There is no need to theorise what more has to be put in place to ensure independence. We can count on the integrity we paid for in our leaders ....all else are just conspiracies.


salimsg said...

You're so right.
This government is indeed extraordinary.
The appointees and the govt seem so well connected.
Uniquely Singapore, if I may add.

Anonymous said...

Just because she is a law lecturer doesn't necessarily mean she knows anything about the judicial system. Don't ever listen to Sylvia Lim. I bet you she doesn't even make half a million $ a year... these people don't deserve to be heard. That's why our esteemed newspaper never bother to give much coverage to her.

Lackey said...

Sylvia is an NCMP (Non-Constitutency MP), not an NMP. Aren't you glad that as an NCMP, she can't vote on important issues like these Constitutional changes. Otherwise she might wreck havoc on our system!!

Stray To-get-her and Move A Head said...

Yah, I agree with you that Sylvia could be up to no good. One day she may bring down the whole of our high integrity and highly paid extraordinary ministers and govt. She is a real danger especially to our well-connected independent systems, whether judiciary, executive of legislative. Anyway, we are all in one family, and working for one family, isn't it?

Didn't our PM told us to "Stray TO-GET-HER and Move A Head"?

Anonymous said...

PAP need extraordinary talent. What PAP need to do now is to buy over to PAP by offering Sylvia Lim millions of salary, even more than those crappy senior ministers. It will be wise move because one Sylvia will jeopardised the luxury lifelihood of expensive gahmen. Rather pay millions to get even more millions from public.

PAP, just buy her like you did to other ministers, afterall you say:
HIgher the pay, the higher the moral authority !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If there be any conspiracy, it will be one of the silent family member?


robertteh said...

Professor Jayakumar has just ticked off Nominated MP Sylvia Lim in Parliament last week for resurrecting the past conspiracy theory of ex-MP Jeyeratnam in raising issue over the proposal to authorize PM to appoint key members of the judicial commissioners.

He interpreted Sylvia’s query as allegation against the executive with for independence of the judiciary.

He has threatened to convene a commission of inquiry to investigate Sylvia’s presumed allegation.

He forgot that Sylvia was protected by the Parliamentary Privilege of the MP which specifically enacted that MPs in speaking up in parliament was free from any prosecution, investigation by any commission of inquiry or tribunal.

Citizens are concerned with such frequent threats by ministers against MPs to convene commissions of inquiry just because such issues brought up by MPs are too embarrassing or sensitive to the executive.

It is suggested that if government ministers should be more objective and accountable to the people. They should not be too sensitive to criticism rightly or wrongly held and instead perform their duties to the world’s best standards since they are paid the world’s best salaries plus lifelong pensions plus exceptional bonuses unheard of any part of the world which the highest paid CEOs in the private sector are not usually getting. So ministers need to change their confrontational style and instead try to answer to issues raised by Sylvia instead of using political power to block her from such questions to avoid accountability to the concern raised.

If Prof Jayakumar cannot take such criticism in the proper perspective preferring to interpret what Sylvia raised as aspersions against him or his government then he should step down from office and let other potential ministers who could be more patient or objective handle such issue.

Ministers should concentrate on running their respective portfolio without any legalistic wrangling with any laws or regulations or the civil libel to fix the MPs over difficult questions asked in parliament. They have the higher duty to answer to any queries or issues raised by MPs or citizens and they should be more broadminded instead of seeking legalistically to obstruct MPs’ performance of their duties.

If Prof Jayakumar insists on convening a commission of inquiry he should first convene such commissions to investigate whether ministers and senior civil servants are negligent in causing the many losses or irregularities of public funds as reported here by the Auditor General.

Anonymous said...

Prof Jayakumar and his cronies should be the one that get investigated in first place !

Strangely, the gov even want to investigate EDB 's past record now !

Prof Jayakumar will be next, that what the public want.

Ministers that will to kill all opposing member as happen in China qing dynasty !

No wonder patriot die young in Singapore.

We should not let history repeat itself.
Those who ignore the history will be condemned to repeat it forever !