Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Profitable Healthcare - Singapore as a medical hub!

You may be wondering why MediShield is put in the hands of 'for-profit' insurance companies, why means testing is necessary, why waiting times at polyclinic can be 3 hours (with appointment) and why the waiting time for subsidize care is increasing. Here's the explanation.

"There are many people happy with the healthcare system in Singapore ....those who have never been seriously sick!" - Lucky Tan

There is a transformation of our healthcare sector taking place right now and it will soon impact you in the coming years when you get sick. In the past, the much of our resources in healthcare is allocated to public hospitals and a relatively small % to the few private hospitals. This does not make sense for the PAP govt. Just look at the enormous profits that can be made by the healthcare industry in the US (ranked 37 in quality and No. 1 in profits and most costly to citizens).....something has to done to tap the profits in our healthcare service. What better way than to turn it into a hub! Yes, but don't worry our medical hub is far more successful than our education hub, budget airline hub etc:

“Singapore is widely regarded as a leading destination for international healthcare seekers. Singapore received 410,000 international healthcare visitors in 2006 and many others sought ancillary healthcare services while in Singapore for other purposes" [link]

Yes 410,000 visitors last year and growing. Expect the medical hub to grow and our limited healthcare resources to be allocated according to who can pay and afford. So you as an ordinary Singapore citizen compete against the millionaire Indonesians, Arabs and even Americans for the best care.

"Is the class "C" subsidy a market subsidy or cost subsidy?" - Lucky Tan
Whatever resources is left in public hospitals is rationed among Singaporeans hence the increased waiting time.
Singaporeans should accept with the changes in our healthcare sector because it will bring in profits - plenty of profits = good for Singapore Inc. Why was MediShield put in the hands of insurance companies? ...Why is the govt introducing means testing saying they are targetting millionaires when the criteria ($1000 household income per capita) will hit middle income families the hardest?!
The healthcare sector in Singapore in entering a Golden Period of high profits. Singaporean blood donors are helping to fuel the profits with their blood which now goes to treat healthcare visitors from all over the world for a profit. Looks like there is alot to look forward to in this Golden Period...starting with healthcare....


Anonymous said...

it is such a shame that the national health group and the singhealth are also in the run competing for medical tourists' dollars.

for god's sakes, these are NATIONAL representations and they shld focus on serving the nation!

if anybody has any doubt abt singapore being a company, this shld dispel it!

we really need to vote out these idiots!

Anonymous said...

Everytime we are screwed. we talk about need to change the system with our votes. But come election time, it is still the same old story. Singaporeans really deserved to be screwed and I sympathise with the oppostion voters in Hougang & Potong Pasir for being dragged into the same shitpool and suffering the same fate. When will this ever end.

Anonymous said...

Vote them out? What nonsense is that ? YOU 66.6% voted them in. So there you go! That is what YOU asked for when you placed a cross next to the lightning symbol and so... that is what YOU get!

at82 said...

"If you can find money to kill people, you can find money to help people."
By former UK MP and Minister, Tony Benn

Our defence budget is S$10.58 billion this year, and all the PAP govt can think of when come to providing healthcare to Singaporeans is to means-test Singaporeans patients in C-class wards?

Anonymous said...

The blood bank reminds me of the kidney "robbing" saga. An institution totally not transparent and accountable to the public. Are donated blood "sold" to foreign medical tourists?

Anonymous said...

The next time anyone complains ( justifiably) about rising health costs, just ask them if they voted PAP.

If they did, tell them they have no right to complain; just shut up and bear the burden. Why/ Becos they voted for them . If your stupid or fearful enuff to vote for them, you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Just stop donating blood, stop giving to charities,opt out of the Organ Donation Scheme and stop volunteering to any Civic Organisations and you would have done yourself a great service. This society is as cruel as the Ruthless Men that rule it. Are you still going to be fooled by sweet promises that you never get to enjoy after they are spoken?

Anonymous said...

Hear ye! Hear ye! 3.14!

Only in this way would the majority of pple be brought to their senses, and the ivory-tower pple to their knees.

In the meantime, excuse me while I move to another country. I don't have any confidence in my fellow sporns that changes will be forthcoming. Sg is as good as a sunken ship.

Music said...

Singapore is going down, it's just a matter of time. The government keeps propping up our failing economy, saying stupid things such as "we're entering a golden age". Obviously THE KING has not read the Sec 1 History textbook where in a Golden Age, the people of the country are actually happy and doing well, which obviously most Singaporeans are not.

It's time to leave, I can't wait to give in my passport and collect my CPF, after all leaving is the only way I'll ever see all my hard-earned money instead of the state hoarding all of it to pay themselves.