Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Taiwan Current Affairs TV Show on Singapore...

I was shocked when I watched this. I'm sure most Singaporeans will be offended so don't watch it unless you have been reading your Straits Times regularly.

I'm so surprise such an irresponsible TV programme is allowed to go on air in Taiwan. It is very disappointing that they don't have proper controls to prevent unfiltered information to go on the air. I'm shocked by many assertions made on the programme - that democracy is more important that the pursuit of economic growth, that our system has no check and balance, and our democracy is a farce. What rubbish!!! It is obvious these commentators don't know what they are talking about. Since their golden period when they were under the KMT, the Taiwanese political system has descended into chaos.

Now if you ask any Taiwanese which party willl win their next elections, they will say they don't know. Every weekend they have protests for/against reunification with China, nobody seems to be able to decide on this issue and no body seems to be afraid of the authorities. There 15 newspapers and 7 24-hr news stations in Taiwan each expressing a different viewpoint causing much confusion among the Taiwanese. It is clear that Singapore has a system that is far more advanced than the Taiwanese and they do well if they listen to the KMT's presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou plan to emulate Singapore - they should consolidate their newspapers and TV stations, have more predictable elections that is won by the KMT and focus on economic growth. I'm sure the Taiwanese will be happier people if they have a more advanced system of govt in place like Singapore. They wouldn't be wasting their time protesting on the streets and will have more time at the shopping mall. A media that provides high quality filtered and harmonised information will help them to relieve of the burden of pondering over issues. It will take them 40 years to get to where Singapore is today and they better start soon or we will move even further ahead of them.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god! Such dangerous comments from these foreign commentators questioning our UNIQUELY Singpore's political system!

They are interfering with our domestic politics! They can't do that!

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Anonymous said...

Taiwanese fought bitterly for their freedom of speech and democracy in the past to be where they are today. Of course they look at Spore will think we are politically backward. Li Ao also said before, Sporeans are stupid, justifiably so.

Anonymous said...

these are dangerous people who do not know what's good for the country. we must forggive them. oh yes. they know not know what they do. they have not tasted heaven and paradise that's why they talk garbage.
we are where we are today because we have assembled the best thinkers in the world. they are the most moralistic people who do not make mistakes nor lie. that's why WE DONT NEED ALL THAT DEMOCRACY AND HUMAN RIGHTS RUBBISH!

no siree. we dont want that free spirited debates and room for people to make their mistakes and grow. we only want the good and reject what we perceive as evil and accordingly, use our laws to silent anyone who would cause us harm or lose our jobs.

we are lucky.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah. There are no liars in this country. You must know who run this country. Highly paid leaders and why are they highly paid? Because it keeps them uncorrupted( all these have been said so many times by so many people). And that's the reason we can trust people with high credentials isn't it?
So got credentials means got brains. Got brains mean got morals. Got morals mean saint lah(no or never was a sinner here ok). Saint means people trust you. Saints mean it gives you the right to legislate who should be heard and not etc.

I think it makes perfect sense.

Taiwan and the rests of the world are far behind our superior system.

They need to hire Saints and apparently, these seem to congregate in tiny countries - which is unfortunately for bigger countries you think?

The peace and silence we have enjoyed is worth all the millions of tax payers monies!

Long live the Lion City!

Anonymous said...

interesting said by another chief. he said, as a citizen, i demand to know. i voted so i have the right to know like blah blah blah. so on national papers, he demanded transparency.


goodness, if every citizens will to exercise their rights entitled to by international laws?, we will be in trouble?

so chief, you can safely go fly your kite in east coast park and maybe, we can see each other there and that's being frank...:)

we are in paradise lah.

Anonymous said...

book for book. those who teach shall receive greater judgement?

The Cosmic Mind said...

"Therefore whatever they tell you to observe, observe and do. But do not do according to their works; for they say, and do not do."

i think the rests is history?

Anonymous said...

The only country that is only slightly better than us is North Korea. I hope to call our PM "our dear leader" and scrap off election. With Singapore style (more superior than democratic of 1 man 1 vote as we got to elect a cocktail with only 1 bargain vote) of election- 66.6%. With North Korea style, our dear leader will 100% without election, with our 154th deafening trumpet

Anonymous said...

These Taiwanese critics just do not understand how great Singapore democracy is.

It is because such criticism as theirs are not allowed in public spaces that Singapore is such a great place to be.

Much of our young generation do not care about politics. Why should they when PAP has perfected everything for them?

Hence there is hardly any noises in the political space except for a very few opposition members and die-hard critics who foolishly choose to think otherwise.

Why if everybody keeps quiet this nation would be just perfect.

Why else can you find such a perfect country?

Anonymous said...

Taiwanese don't filter their news. Theirs is a REAL democratic country with REAL free speech. Try it for a change why don't you, Singapore? I for one am sick and tired of the one official answer to every dissenting view, courtesy of your oh-so-caring government.

The Taiwanese at least can think for themselves.

You wimps!

PS: This TV programme you speak of, is one of the most popular and well-respected in Taiwan. SO THERE.

Anonymous said...

why no one sue them till their pants dropped???

Anonymous said...

From the comments i readed below,It shows most singaporeans are still politically conservative..I agree with what the taiwanese in the video says..Now thats what i call a debate..No holds barred,frank & upfront.I'm a eurasian singaporean & i felt that the younger generation singaporeans(whether they like it or not)needs to know more abt politics & be more involve as each policies dish out will affect their lifes one way or another.Lets be honest here,you guys really like living like a sheep in a farmland where if the farmers notices that your wool($$$ money $$$)grows abit longer.They'll find some ridiculars reasons just to trim it off you then one day when you gets old,you'll be left on your own to scavenge for whatever leftover grass you can find in the farm.(old people looking for empty cans.(ring any bells!)

The very people that contributed their youth,hardwork & sacrifices for this country in the past thus leading to where we are today are disregared just cause they are no longer economically valuable.. This is your FUTURE singaporeans.Please see it as it is..."$600,000" peanuts anybody??

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
The host of the show on Channel 54 (@Taipei City) is call Mr.Zheng Hong Yi.
But I also do watch channel 52 hosted by Ms.Cheng Wen Qian (former legistrator), who does detail research on topics and has more a global view. Do pick up good commentary about worldwide issues here.

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ahmad said...

If Singapore is on one end of the media freedom scale, then Taiwan must be on the very opposite end (maybe even falling off the scale altogether).

While I very much want Singapore released from its North Korean-ish media control laws, too much freedom may lead to the chaos and confusion that is theTaiwanese media landscape. Many Taiwanese (myself included), simply tune off and watch the foreign media instead.

Anonymous said...

Let the data do the talk and we analyze what is going on.

They fight, but who benefit? Are their MPs still fighting nowadays? What do they fight for? Their country looks chaotic to us, but where and how you get the impression? Have you been in Taiwan to feel it? Do you trust the sources of information without questioning who the authors are and what they intend?

True blue Singaporean are hardworking people and can not be blind to claim that we don't know how to answer these important questions, right?

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