Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Those Bloody Rules Must be followed in Singapore....

What happens if you lose alot of blood (due to an accident?) and go to the hospital? Suppose you need alot of blood or your life is in danger. Watch the video below:

Yes, I was moved to tears too when I watched the video.

Apparently, there are rules in place to make sure you don't use up too much blood from the blood bank. If you need more blood than the quota, you have to find donors to top up what you have drawn from the blood bank (now you know why the call it a bank). But the bank only accept deposits during office hours.....there are no automated blood deposit machines that operate 24 hrs. In the meantime, you might die but rules have to be followed.

I'm sure these rules apply to equally all Singaporeans - ordinary Singaporeans as well as the ruling elites without exception because we have a society built "based on justice and equality". Our leaders who are men of the highest integrity will never deceive us with an inequitable healthcare system because our lives depend on it.


Anonymous said...

Woah!!! I didn't know this. Shit... what is this place turning out to be? Hope our govt will start to put some soul behind all the nice facade. Otherwise can I say our million dollar ministers have failed?

Capt_Canuck said...

I am not sure if this question was answered in the video as I am afraid I speak only english, though hope to learn more when I move. Can you 'bank' your own blood, and how long is it good for? Go in and make regular deposits to your own personal 'blood bank account' so that when you are hurt you can automatically draw blood out of your own account. Can you go in today, donate 5 liters of type B blood, and then, when they can use it when required but when you need your blood back, they just draw from their reserves to give you back the type that you gave?

interesting. I am learning more and more about the wonders of Singaporean medical treatment everyday. I thought the bill for giving birth was neat, since Canadian births are all free.

LuckySingaporean said...

cpt canuck,

In Singapore blood is donated by donors to a blood bank. Its like a common pool. You don't store or use your own blood. Because there is no incentives to donate blood they can run low, they sometimes 'persuade' relatives to top up the blood used. It might not be a simple case where the woman died because they were out of blood due to quota .... the woman gave birth to twins and was suffering from complications...However, her husband MIGHT be 'mis-told' about needing to topup the blood at the blood bank or they won't have enough for his wife. It is part of persuading people to donate blood, the husband turned up at the blood bank with 200 donors but the doors were closed and they refuse to let him in until the office hours.

I've always felt they should put in place a scheme to reward people for donating blood to avoid all this mess and having to 'persuade' relatives under stress to donate blood to the blood bank...'or else'.

Dubai has a scheme to pay donors US$150 for blood - you can do it once a month. In Singapore, with so many low income people and 'sleepers' one just need to offer $80 and the blood bank would be totally filled. Its a win-win situation, except the govt needs to pony a little bit of cash...which goes to the low income people anyway.

How is it done in Canada? I thought you married a Singapore/Chinese girl...perhaps she can explain the whole video to you.

Capt_Canuck said...
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Capt_Canuck said...

From what I understand the way blood banks work in Canada, there are donors that go in on a regular basis to donate blood, but they ask that all people can go in and donate. I know of one blood bank here where I live and when I called to inquire about donating, they were booking appointments 2 weeks in the future. Though, I have never heard of a Canadian hospital saying "we are running low on that blood type, so we cant do it". I have heard that some programs are interupted with a news bulletin that they would actually say "Blood bank has run out of type * blood. If you are that type, please come down as soon as you can to the nearest hospital/blood bank to donate".

I thought all blood banks were like that but the more I learn of Singapore with the difference of classes (elites VS workers), I was wondering if Singapore had a different system of 'help yourself, forget your neighbours'.

Yes, I have married a Chinese Singapore lady and will be moving there in September, however I have found that with the Singaporeans I have met (present company excluded), there is little tolerance with answering questions about the way Singapore is run. Almost like if I ask questions I am looking to insult or slam Singapore. Very few are willing to say "this is the way it is, let me explain". Almost like they are ashamed of how Singapore runs, and yet do little to change it.

Saw this article:

Seems like the hospital and blood bank did all that they could. She got priority due to her being a bleeding emergency. Almost makes it sound like the family didn't get the donors rounded up fast enough since they came in the morning but she was deceased during the night. At least the family is satisfied with the hard work of the hospital. So, why is there a problem? the newspaper obviously shows that the system works fine.

LuckySingaporean said...


I get emails every few months from relatives of patients asking me to donate blood urgently. I suspect the hospital "strongly encourage" them to top up. How they "strongly encourage"...may cause some confusion about how blood is allocated to patients. Imagine worrying relatives scrambling around for blood donors. Perhaps the idea is to give them something to do instead of being worried about the patient's conditions.

Congratulations on your move to Singapore in Sept. You will have a chance to enjoy the leadership of our extraordinary govt, world class transport system and healthcare. As long as you invest time reading the local daily -Straits Times and watching local TV, you will begin to appreciate how lucky you're to be in Singapore.

It might take you sometime to learn to tolerate certain things in silence but I'm sure you will get used to it.

blisteringbarnacles said...

this is outrageous. we as a people need to send a strong signal to the PAP that we are fucking outraged at the direction the country is going.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is going on here?

We are talking about saving a life here and civil servants talking about OPENING HOURS PUNCTUALITY??


How long does it takes to get approval from the management??

If the management don't give approval, will the doctors just see his/her patient right infront of their eyes???

1 step forward for news worthy
3 steps backward for humanity.

I hope Ministry of Health or MP Khaw can reviewed its current system and give Public an answer

Anonymous said...

Lucky Tan and to those Singapore loyal Wannabes.

Gov reply to you will probably just be:

Sivasothi said...

Hey Capt Canuck, you seemed to have figured it out already, but see also "Twins mum's death: A blood issue," By Ansley Ng, Today, 12 Jul 2007.

I'm a regular donor so last night I wrote about how "Blood stocks are almost always low."

Hey Lucky,

they don't want a cash incentive for donation else the screening process for infected blood will, erm, go to hell. There will be an incentive to lie on their declaration forms and the possibility of tainted blood with become higher.

In fact, after studying examples elsewhere, they removed the scheme of medical priviledges for blood donors and one nominated family member.

LuckySingaporean said...


Thanks for your efforts to donate blood to the blood bank.

There might be a difference between what the family believed was happening and what the hospital/blood bank was doing. It is hard to believe that anyone would be denied blood.

:::::"they don't want a cash incentive for donation else the screening process for infected blood will, erm, go to hell":::

YOu mean to say blood donated to the blood bank is not screened? Oh goodness.

Cash incentive doesn't mean you don't set criteria for screening for healthy people. In fact with more people coming forward even stricter criteria can be in place.

Does it make sense to be more lax just because people volunteer to donate?

::::"Blood stocks are almost always low.":::

So is the availability of subsidise dental care, so is the supply of specialised medical services. Lets face it, Singapore is now a medical hub with 410,000 medical tourists coming to here...including rich indonesians saudis, etc because the PAP govt wants to turn us into a profit making medical hub. I guess when it comes to profits, ordinary Singaporeans just have to make a painful sacrifices even if it is healthcare.

Thanks for donating your blood.... which is used to supply our profit making medical hub. Blood stocks are always low because there is never enough Singaporean blood when it is used for making profits for Singapore Inc.

I suggested paying for blood so that Singaporeans can share this profit.

Anonymous said...

I dont believe it. There are still folks that believe what the local paper says ?

Anonymous said...

is this sivasothi for real? LOL

you, sir, should get a medal this national day. if you're not already paid as a pap lackey.

your uncaring mole-faced elite gal

zhixiang8787 said...

nowhere on earth can u find a hospital that need approval to save a life.

only in singapore.

regards to the family....

Anonymous said...

I couldn't understand it .why wasn't it in English?