Sunday, October 21, 2007

Chee Bashes Singapore Govt!!!

The IBA (International Bar Association) delegates from all over the world were thoroughly impressed with Singapore, having been through our world class airport, clean streets, Esplanade and world class hotels etc etc. After listening to the impressive speech by our DPM Jayakumar on how the rule of law in Singapore works for the interests of the community unlike the rule of law in Western countries that tends to emphasise individual rights, they probably understood that there is alot they have to learn from an advanced successful 1st world country like Singapore. It is their last day at the conference, until the point in time when Chee Soon Juan walked up to the mic, the delegates have formed a near flawless image of Singapore......

Just because he has been bankrupted and jailed 6 times, mainly for speaking in public, it is not right for him as a Singaporean to stand up in public to share his own experience with these foreign delegates. If he has any personal grievances, he should do what other Singaporeans do - write to the Straits Times Forum or the Feedback Unit. If his problems are more serious than the complaints about roaches at the void deck, I'm sure they will publish it. Asking our esteemed DPM for answers in a public forum with foreign delegates around with simply unacceptable. As citizens of Singapore Inc, we all know that it is important to smile and say nice things about Singapore when there are foreigners around to enhance our corporate image. Asking our esteemed DPM why he was not allowed to defend himself in court & why he was jailed for public speaking is totally inappropriate, foreigners unfamiliar with our unique system of govt may be taken aback and get a negative impression of our govt.

For bashing our govt, Chee is bashed in The New Paper. Like the reporter Andre Yeo of The New Paper, I'm saddened to see a group of Singaporeans bash our beloved govt in front of foreign guests. We, in Singapore, are free to speak as long as we can get the right permits so it is not necessary to confront our leaders in such a manner. As Singaporeans, we must try to ensure that foreign delegates leave Singapore with nothing but praise for our efficiency, beauty and warm people. They have to understand that there are very few Singaporeans like Dr. Chee who have such a strong desire to speak in public and get jailed for it. Most Singaporeans are silent on most issues after 4 decades of PAP rule, the desire is gone!...Singaporeans channel their energy to shopping, eating and making money.

Chee is so unappreciative of the kindness the PAP govt has shown to him. To date they have not used their ultimate law in their rule of law, the Internal Securities Act to correct his wayward actions. Maybe they don't want to turn him into an Aung San Suu Chee. As far as I know the Myanmar junta also believes in the rule of law - any desired government privilege or action can simply be made by the government into a legal provision.


The Oriental Express said...

I guess Chee is one person who will behave the same whatever country you put him in.

Talk is cheap, and the worst talkers are those who wash their dirty linen in public.

Anonymous said...

hahaha....why should he not bash the country when the country has let him down so often?

Washing dirty linen in public? Isn't that's what happened to Andrew Toh (Singaporean diplomat) at the United Nations? And the S'pore government has the cheek to cry foul! Goodness me, at the way, this country is run, you can expect more hanky-panky from these monkeys.

Anonymous said...

IMHO there is a difference between bashing the government and bashing the country.

I have never heard Chee bash the country.. but that is how the papers always report it though.

Anonymous said...

To anoymous at 10:07am

Obviously Andrew Toh wasn't paid enough :) See it proves gahmen's point!!! You want to have corrupt free officials, UN needs to pay their official even more money.

Anonymous said...

Soft copies of the 8-page flyer entitled "IBA must speak up Repression in Singapore" can be downloaded from Singapore Judiciary Watch at:

Anonymous said...

SDP disappointed with WP's IBA comments

Ballista said...

oddly enough, that is how the 'Kyi' is pronounced - 'Chee'. haha. life imitates art.

Anonymous said...

yeah lor, why can't he be like us, the average ordinary singaporean who only knows how to swallow the bitter pills?!!!

his behaviour put our national education system because it has not produced 100% sheep of us....

he is bad news for sheep like us.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Toh is tired of getting local Singapore peanuts, he wants foreign peanuts too.

Lee Chin Suay said...

I think write to newspaper is no use one, because last time I got write before, and one malay woman I think she is clerk who open email, she reply say that they got too many letter to read all the time because ST is very popular. So she thanks me for sending them my idea, and maybe next time she will print my letter.

But I remember this Chee throw Chaim See Tong out of Potong Pasir. Long time ago, he was a very smart doctor, but another MP catch him steal money for his wife, and he was pok from his job. I think in the end he very angry at the government, so he join SDP, and he kick Chiam out because he is a old man, that time SDP is the most powerful opposition got 4 MP in government. Then when Chee go for election that time, he shout at Goh chok Tong, say Goh give kopi money to Indonesian, Goh you know who is PAP ask Lee Kuan Yew to than use his power to destroy Chee, in the end Chee is kaput, and people don't believe him anymore.

Now you see Chee like to make trouble because he is bankrupted, so he everytime go out in front of shopping center shout and sell his book, Police catch him and put him in jail, he come out do the same again, I think he got something wrong in his head, like you see in TV, people shock like son died, money lose in stock market, suddenly go blur, same case for him.

Anonymous said...

Mr Lee Chin Suay,

Your description fits that of Lao Lee who got poked by Lim Chin Siong & the Malaysians, so he got something wrong in his head, like you see in TV, people shock like son died, money lose in stock market, suddenly go blur, same case for him,
which leads him to declare that he needs to institutionalize his imperial family rule!

Anonymous said...

The statement by WP's Chairman is disappointing. I suspect she is probably quoted out of context by the govt-controlled media. Here is another classic case of why Singapore media is ranked so dismally. Engaging shamelessly in partisan politics and character assassination.

young-pap said...

Mr. Oriental Express,
Your **guess** is a very good guess even though it is a wild guess. You have demonstrated your eligibility to join Young Pay-And-Pay. Please join us in our ass licking and apple polishing. Who knows, maybe I can even learn a thing or two from you.

Also, you said "talk is cheap". That's absolutely not true. For example, your talk - i.e. the comment you wrote here - is definitely not cheap. I am sure you have gain quite a bit monetary-wise and/or power-wise from such talks. If not, then you are not getting your money worth. Join us! In Young Pay-And-Pay, every ass-licking and apple polishing talks we made result in monetary and/or power gain. So did Andre Yeo's piece in New Paper. Yours should be too!

By the way, I also wrote a piece bashing Dr. Chee. I called it "Dr. Chee's weird thinking". For that, I was rewarded handsomely. Join me and you will be too. Based on my understanding of people of your type, you surely do not want your talks to be cheap and worthless, do you?

young-pap said...

Lucky Tan,
Andre Yeo from New Paper is correct:

PAP = Singapore
Singapore = PAP

Therefore, by criticising PAP, Dr. Chee is also criticising Singapore.

Political Party = Country.

Vote against PAP = Vote against Singapore.

Speak up against PAP = speak up against Singapore = traitor = Commit treason against the country!

Dr. Chee's thinking that his criticising of a political party makes him a patriot because he is caring for his COUNTRY, is another example of his weird thinking which I have highlighted in my blog.

Unfortunately, some Singaporeans do not understand these simple equations. It is the job of patriots like you and I to teach them the truth. Let's continue our good work!

Young Pay-And-Pay

Anonymous said...

Honestly, after reading how SDP slam Sylvia Lim about the IBA thing, I am disgusted by CSJ's treacherous behaviour. He does not understand the meaning of loyalty, consider how he betrayed Chiam See Tong.

Anonymous said...

Check this out on the funeral of "the butcher of Depayin"
"a special delegation from Singapore signed the book of condolences"....

LuckySingaporean said...


Of course the PAP=Singapore. Without our PAP leaders, Singapore will sink....Singapore is nothing (zero) without the PAP therefore mathematically PAP=Singapore.

Kyi is indeed pronounced Chee. It is just coincidence. Aung San has better luck in Burma with thousands of courageous monks & ordinary citizens willing to stand up for freedom. Chee is standing alone outside the istana - Singaporeans are just so law abiding thank goodness for that.

Lee Chin Suay,

Chee also start writing letters but be was very prolific. So prolific Straits Times had not enough Chee started writing books. His books were so popular even the PAP members read them. Unfortunately for him, the found that typo that stated that Singapore spends 5% on healthcare. I remember Chee said "Its the spirit of the numbers that counts". But that ghost of a number continues to haunt him. That's the problem with mining for data to criticise the govt.

I think Chee is like Ralph Nader but less popular....always misunderstood but never giving up...