Friday, October 19, 2007

Expats need to be educated.....

I'm so shocked to see expats protesting against the Burmese junta. Don't they know that protests of 4 or more people are illegal in Singapore? I'm so disappointed that our police did not show up at all allowing these foreign criminals to get away without punishment.
Our esteemed leaders have already said that the Burmese junta has to be preserved and the Burmese people are incapable of governing themselves without the junta. It is for the good of the Burmese people to preserve the junta. It is disrespectful for these foreigners who are guests our beloved country to ignore the wisdom of our leaders and show their support for pro-democracy activists in Burma out to topple the junta. They should respect our laws when they are here and learn to make good use of their time. There are many places of interests such as the zoo, birdpark, Sentosa etc and fantastic sales to go to.
While it is understandable for expats to behave this way due to the less sophisticated form of government they have back home where they need to protest to get things done right, they should also be mindful that such actions are not necessary in Singapore. There are many avenues for expressing your views such as writing letters to the Straits Times forum and calling the feedback unit. If they are still unhappy, they should spend more time reading the Straits Times to get a good appreciation of how things are done in Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Singapore is like China: one country two systems. One set of standards for locals, another set of standards for foreigners.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo, they don't want the international press, e.g. CNN, to train their cameras on Sillipore mah.

If locals want to play funny things, they can always ask the police (or is it the Secret State Police huh?) to come down and train their video-cameras on the locals. And the locals will then just go home and suck thumb mah.

Wait hor, this new sophisticated state police technique can be patented by Sillipore and exported to markets like China, North Korea and Burma leh....