Sunday, October 28, 2007

Singaporeans try a short cut to riches!

"I'm a legend- better than Warren Buffett"
- James Phang, Sunshine Empire's International President.
Straits Times 26 Oct 2007.

"Oh yeah, but are you better than the
other feller called Charles Ponzi" - Lucky Tan

Singaporeans are lucky people. Once in a while a guru emerges among us to make us all rich. This time it is the Sunshine Empire investment scheme. A friend who attended one of their presentations told me the company claims that for an investment of $12K, you will get $1000 back every month for the next 8 years. Wow that is a blockbuster return of 700% over a period of 8 years. No wonder its International President, James Phang told the Straits Times he is better than Warren Buffett, with returns like that, he makes Warren Buffett look like a real financial whimp!

"We acquire companies like you go to market buying beancurd..." - James Phang.
"Oh Mr Phang, the auditors will soon be counting your beans" - Lucky Tan.
What secret method does Sunshine Empire use to generate such fantastic returns? Wonderful imaginative projects. Take the theme park + underwater hotel project in Sabah , it is such a big secret, the Malaysian authorities have not heard about it.

You might think that a underwater hotel will be an impossibility due to the engineering challenges. But for this company and its investors nothing is impossible!

"We have entered an era whereby imagination is much more important than knowledge and creativity, much more effective than productivity..."-James Phang

"I see. So the road to riches is to sell imaginery profits to ignorant lazy people" - Lucky Tan

So how many Singaporeans have invested in Sunshine Empire? The last count is 20,000. At a minimum of $12K a piece we are talking about at least $240M of Singaporeans' hardearned money sunk into this fantastic venture.

You can find many Singaporeans on the web/blogs promoting this investment. This intelligent woman called Irene Rexlee is one of them. I guess she has figured out how underwater hotels can be built. Here is an extract from her blog which is known as Irene Rexlee's Online Business Secrets:

.. If Sunshine Empire was a scam,
..Would Singapore’s office continually be situated at HDB Hub (Government building)?
..Wouldn’t Singapore’s efficient law and order bodies take action?
..Would Singapore Tourism Board welcome Sunshine Empire International Merchants to
Singapore at the airport?

See Sunshine Empire is not a scam because it is located at HDB Hub (gee I didn't know that HDB hub tenants have to take an integrity test)....our authorities have taken no action (except MAS blacklisting it on its Investor Alert List)...and the Singapore Tourism Board welcome its members (like it did the 4 million tourists that visited Singapore last year). ...another blogger called Low Hang Wei also has a few very unique reasons for making investments in Sunshine Empire.

Given there are about 1 million families in Singapore, 20000 investors is roughly 1 in every 50 families....taking part in this investment scheme. Singapore is efficiently governed by the rule of law. If more than 5 people assembly to give out pamplets on freedom & democracy, the police will arrive in 10 minutes to protect our society from those harmful ideas. This investment scheme has been in operation for months simply cannot be illegal because if it harms our citizens in anyway, I'm sure our vigilant authorities will apply the rule of law to protect Singaporeans.


Alan Wong said...


More than 10 years ago, my youngest brother joined a similar scheme in Malaysia by paying a few thousand M’sian ringgit. Later it was discovered as a scam and no trace of the company can be found.

Too late. All the money was cheated except for a couple of hundred given as commission for introducing new members.

Anonymous said...

James Phang is already a rotten name. I dunno who is still stupid enough to believe in him. Anyone heard of NOP (some failed resort investment in batam) and NTI Paris, which sells perfumes, and volcanic stones and dunno what nonsense??? Hahaha...they all came and went.

There are 2 ways to get rich

1. Create so much value such that you are compensated lots of money in exchange i.e. setting up a business offering goods and services with a solid idea, saving company costs by improving efficiency, etc.

2. Taking away huge amount of value from others than what you can give thru manipulation of human ignorance.

It's simple economics. If you think it's a brilliant business idea, think of the kind of value it could create for their customers. A 'brilliant' compensation plan is not one of them.

Anonymous said...

this Irene rexlee said: 'Under a great leader who can optimise resources, it is possible.'

Great leader like Hitler, Kim Jong Il, Mao, or LKY? All of whom can optimize resources.

man, the followers have already become so idiocy like the leader. If this is further combined with some religious organizations (e.g., some fantasy churches), you can imagine how combustible this is.

Anonymous said...


Charles Ponzi was never an American.

But he has guts enough to go into America to pull his stunts.

No Singaporean has this 'talent' and guts.

LuckySingaporean said...


The Singapore govt has become much more efficient since 10 years ago. They respond to protect Singaporeans at higher and higher speed. If this wonderful "better-than-Buffett" scheme is in anyway illegal, the people responsible will be sitting in jail right now.

LuckySingaporean said...

anon 10:49,

::James Phang is already a rotten name:::

Yes I heard of NOP they sold a "Magic Kingdom" resort at $5K per package. It was indeed magic - the resort never got build and investors money magically vanished...

LuckySingaporean said...

anon 12:40,

I thought Ponzi was an Italian Immigrant to USA.

Singapore hasn't reach that standard in financial engineering yet...but with ACCS, Citiraya, Sunshine Empire, China Aviation Oil, ...and hoades of young individuals who worship the color of money without any skepticism when it comes investment scheme, we are going to reach there soon.

Today I opened the newspapers and in the Money section, there were at least 5 ads telling people they can be millionaires quickly by trading options, stocks, CFD etc. Gee...why did I go to school for 20 years and get a Masters degree for? I could have attended one of these 4 day course and learn how to be a millionaire quickly. I feel so stupid to have gotten myself an education and the poverty that comes with it.

Anonymous said...

It's like selling parcels of land on the moon. Every description of this lowlife reeks scam.

飞起玉龙三百万 said...

According to the link to wiki, in the section of late life: "Ponzi was released in 1934 and was immediately deported to Italy since he never had become an American citizen." So I think it is correct to say that Ponzi is not an American. Don't think American has as a sophisticated definition as what a Singaporean is, lol

LuckySingaporean said...


You're right Ponzi was an Italian.
This Sunshine Empire thing is going to be really big, bigger that the Gemini Fund in the 70s...if you're below 60 years old, you can ask your parents or uncles about the gemini fund.

I wonder when the govt is going to give James Phang + gang what they deserve.

Low said...

Hey, you seem to have made a mistake. My blog,, did not citate reasons to put your money in SE. Please read through my post properly and edit the part about me citing reasons. Thanks.

LuckySingaporean said...


From your blog, you gave reasons why you put money in Sunshine Empire, these were the reasons I was referring to:

Why did I put my money in Sunshine Empire then?

The desire to grow my money made me blind.

While their customer rebate program sounds like a Ponzi scheme, their customer loyalty program does make a bit of sense. If you don’t know what these are, don’t bother to find out, since I do not recommend anyone to put their money in.

This amount of money is what I made in investments for the year and I can afford to lose them.

Hantu Laut said...

This must be news to Sabahan, a theme park and an underwater hotel.Never heard of it.

WoW!, a miniture Atlantis in Sabah.Wish this is true.

DanielXX said...

In response to what Irene offers as her rationalisation for Sunshine Empire being perfectly aboveboard: if SE is really such a great investment, I'm sure a thousand hedge funds would be onto it already. So why aren't they?

I am sure some people have made money off this. They say that in ancient times, when victorious armies massacred residents of cities they'd conquered, they deliberately let a few go so that these lucky ones would go to other unconquered cities to spread the message and the fear of what was to come.

Flash forward to today, and we have the greater fool game where the game becomes one of finding more idiots to take over from oneself. This can take on a life of its own, for example the recent Uni-Asia episode.

Hot-Scheme-Not? Haha at least you can value stocks. How do you value this one? Number of eyeballs? Or rather, number of sotong balls?

Low said...

Erm... somehow reading your post made me think that you are referring to me as supportive of SE, which I am not, since I am pretty much neutral. I believe you can tell that I do not recommend SE in my blog, but the tone in your blog seems to communicate differently.

Of course, those who clicked over to my blog will know that I am not promoting it, but what about those who don't? I don't want to be seen as recommending something when I did not recommend it, so I just hope that maybe you can change the tonality a bit?

LuckySingaporean said...


Okay lah. You see if you look at the post, nobody will know what the reasons are unless they click the link and if they click the link, they would have read what you wrote.

Your reasons for investing are very unique...I'm sure people will be interested!

Low said...

Thanks for making that small change. It made quite a big difference. :) By the way, your blog is interesting, I browsed a couple of posts and it seems to grab my attention. Great work :)

LuckySingaporean said...


Since you invested in Sunshine Empire, did they start paying you something yet?...

Your website is very interesting young folks started so many of these websites. I can't really figure out how someone makes money on Internet this another one of the things where many claim to be millionaires but only 20 people in the whole world actually make money from it and the rest make money by selling seminars...?

I made my 1st million quite sometime back and alot of it came from just one single 5 minute decision I made 1.5 yrs ago....

See the road to 1 million for me is just to be lucky....invest long term and never sell....almost never. I haven't even checked the stocks I owned for quite sometime, I just roughly know they are....

Anonymous said...

Obviously the PAP does not consider Sunshine Empire a scam otherwise it would not be operating now.

However it has to watch 2 things :

1. The big boys. Banks! These institutions are part of the established financial system and would they go on allowing depositors' money to into some other organisation and hurt their interest?

I heard an inside story that the Gemini Chit Fund and similar companies were shut down in the 70's because of this reason.

2. Sunshine Empire depends on a constant flow of new members who can afford to pay $12K at one go. It must be on the roll all the thing, continously whipping up the interest and confidence in the scheme.

But without money on the part of customers it won't work. If the customer base trickles down, then the whole thing will collapse.

This can happen in a market slowdown. This in fact happens every now and then to the stock markets, where bubbles build up and bubbles burst.

Anonymous said...

Is there really a government in Singapore? Or is it more correct that we are run by a cunning and greedy regime - an extended and sophisticated political-industrial complex made up of political elites and their supporters and many GLCs that operate lucrative local businesses with special favours from their masters.

The usual meaning of a govt is that it looks after the people's welfare but here PAP says social security means you save for your old age. Hence the CPF savings.

Yet PAP has been ripping off the people by at least 2% interest on their CPF savings over their lifetimes.

Sure, this is welfare only the other way round: people forced to looked after PAP, lah.

When you have to be hospitalized at the privatised govt hospitals they say too many people are asking for C-class, so there is a secret policy to give people pain-killers and go home rather than hospitalization.

If you want to wait, ok, wait until your urinate in your pants in the waiting area because all the pleading to the nurses to go to toilets were ignored. I report this based on a real case that was as recent as last year.

In the A & E , it is so crowded that you may have to wait more than 3 hours. If you cannot wait for fear of fatality such as due to injuries in an accident, then you would have to switch to the private hospitals and pay through your nose.

Someone went for an operation which requires the installation of $5000 screws in his spine. He woke up and the doctor told him it would now cost him $10000 in cash because he had to place more screws in his spine.

An old lady went for a stent procedure. When the operation was in process the surgeon asked if she would prefer a more expensive one costing a few thousands dollars more.

See how great a welfare system we have in Singapore?

But what have been said here is just a scratch on the surface. I try not to think too negatively about PAP but facts keep telling me differently.

So why do people keep electing PAP into power. Probably because people generally seek stability and the situation is still "boleh tahan" for now.

飞起玉龙三百万 said...

Not everyone older than 60 year old knows about the Gemini Chit Fund. My mother in law bought the Sunshine Empire thing, and I told her it is a scam. Then they pay her the promised "installment" payment for 2 months and got her confidence. She bought a second one. Arrrrgh!

Anonymous said...

The non-existence of healthcare for the ordinary folks here brings to mind my aunty's case. Many years ago, before the setting up of the Spore National Eye Centre, my aunty was under the "care" of the SGH for her cataract. She was a subsidised patient. For many years she faithfully kept her appts at the clinic, queuing for hours to see the doc and paying for consultation, only to be told each time that her cataract cd not be operated on yet and to come back in several months' time. This went on for years with the doc singing the same tune each time. One fine day, the tune suddenly changed - the doc told her that it was no point going for the operation as it was too late and she was too old! My aunty died some years later without her cataract being operated on.

Anonymous said...

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MLM Professor said...

It's tragic how a company had defaced the MLM industry. Hope the case wraps up soon and all members be refunded

Sunshine Empire said...

Hi friends,

need some favor to update all the information and history of James Phang or EGA in this blog mysunshine-empire dot biz

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Irene Rexlee

Would Singapore’s office continually be situated at HDB Hub (Government building)?
..Wouldn’t Singapore’s efficient law and order bodies take action?

She still has not wake up her idea despite being a Singaporean and living in Singapore for so long.

Singapore’s efficient law and order bodies are only efficient when it concerns government interests and money as what you have subtently reminded your readers in the last paragraph.

Anonymous said...

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