Friday, October 26, 2007

Why Peaceful Protests are not allowed in Singapore...

An excellent letter from one of our civil servants from MHA explains why:

Many Singaporeans have never seen a protest in their life. Although Hong Kong which is under communist China allows protests, it is extremely dangerous to allow peaceful protests in Singapore because one cannot be completely assured that it won't turn violent. Nobody knows why but there is a higher propensity for violence among Singapore protesters compared with those in other countries like Hong Kong.

Don't the people of other countries have avenues to express their views such as writing letters to the Straits Times forum and Government Feedback Unit? It is not surprising that without the extraordinary leadership in Singapore, citizens of other countries have to resort to protests to have their voices heard. In Singapore, our extraordinary leaders always know what is best for us so there is no need to protest.

Take the GST issue as an example. When the Hong Kong govt tried to implement this wonderful idea to catch up with Singapore, Hong Kongers took to the streets and prevented their govt from implementing it. In Singapore, the govt is not only able to implement GST, it can choose to increase whenever it needs to, for the good of Singaporeans. When the Hong Kong govt tried to implement anti-sedition laws similar to those that are found in Singapore, it was foiled by 60,000 protesters. These people don't understand that those laws are meant to protect them.
Protests are a waste of time in Singapore. Whatever our esteemed leaders decide, it is for our own good. The excellent truthful letter below which says that there is always a chance that a protest can turn violent so it should be disallowed. I completely agree with that logic - for many years, I have insisted that soccer matches be banned in Singapore because there is no complete assurance that there are no soccer hooligans among the emotive crowd who will turn violent. We should also ban Rock/Heavy Metal concerts.
Singaporeans are so lucky to have laws that protect them from harm. No protests, no gay sex, no walking around naked in your own home.
Govt explains stand on 'peaceful' demos

A FEW letters in the press have argued that peaceful demonstrations should be permitted and even encouraged.

If there can be complete assurance that peaceful outdoor demonstrations cannot turn violent, the case for permitting such activities would be straightforward.
Those with violent goals typically do not declare their intentions upfront.
While most demonstrations and protest marches may not start with violence in mind, instances when they do turn violent are many. Illustrative of this are the violent clashes at WTO meetings in Seattle (1999) and Hong Kong (2005) and, more recently, the G20 meeting in Melbourne (2006).
When Singapore hosts such international events, we must account for the enhanced security threat level they attract. Our top priority must be to ensure the security and safety of the event and participants. We cannot afford to let our guard down or allow activities which undermine our security arrangements to address this threat by diverting and locking down forces for demonstration control and law-and-order functions.
The argument that such violent instances of demonstrations are occasional when compared to the total number of peaceful demonstrations is valid only if we are prepared to bear the costs of such outbreaks, however occasional.
The worst race riots in Singapore history began as peaceful processions. Hence even one such violent riot in Singapore with its attendant loss of lives, injury to persons, and damage to property is one incident too many. Deeper than the physical damage are the scarred relations between communal groups and the erosion of the sense of order and security which Singaporeans value and cherish.
The existing law on outdoor assemblies and processions therefore requires organisers to apply to the police for a permit which the police will evaluate for potential impact on law and order.
Indoor political events organised by Singaporeans for Singaporeans are exempt from having to apply for any permit. This is because the potential for disorder in an indoor setting can be more easily managed should it occur and the extent of damage more reasonably contained from the outset.
We will evolve our policies, as we have, over time but there can be no abdication of the need to always balance maintaining order and security for the larger society while adjusting the parameters to accommodate aspirations for different forms of political expression among some segments of our society.
Toh Yong Chuan Deputy Director International and Corporate Relations Division Ministry of Home Affairs


Anonymous said...

i think you've missed the point. most in power are worried about 'angry violence' directed at them rather at the public.

that's the reason why in this country, a part of your humanity, which is righteous indignation, is not allowed to be expressed!

this tactic makes it easier to subdue your opponents.

Gerald said...

Maybe National Day Parades and Chingay should also be banned!

Robert HO nric S0197974D said...

1. Nice essay.

2. Just to add that the PAP Junta always has SEEMING reasons for its polices which hide real, POLITICAL reasons.

3. In this case, the SEEMING reasons for cracking down so harshly on any tiny protest and total ban on any assembly is portrayed by the LIEs as "law and order" but are actually POLITICAL, like every policy the LIEs have made.

4. By a total clampdown on protests and assembly, the LIEs totally prevent any Expression Of Disastisfaction with their Dictatorship, which is growing more and more transparent every day [the only thing transparent about the LIEs!].

5. No protests and assembles means no political party can ever organise any meaningful public activity except those enclosed behind 4 walls and these indoor meetings are totally useless to reach out to the public -- indoors, you can only preach to the converted, so to speak.

6. This then MAINTAINS THE STATUS QUO, which is the supreme aim of any dictatorship. When nothing changes, and nothing can change, then their Royal Highnesses and their Eunuchs can then continue to reap and rape the riches of the land, through the occasional corruption like HPL Nassim Jade and Scott 28 luxury condos illegal discounts, longstanding corruption like giving all the HDB legal convenyancing fees to LEE & LEE even though all the work is done by HDB staff, plus other govt and GLC legal works, all very lucrative as nobody dares dispute the high legal fees, the huge shareholdings in monopolistic companies like the 2 bus companies which the LIEs then make very profitable through 7 fares increases in 8 years, not to mention the LIEs self-given multi-million dollars salaries, bonuses, concurrent pensions, perks, etc. Some of these are in my blog, url below:

7. Another example of the SEEMING reasons versus the REAL, POLITICAL reasons: Blocking of 100 websites. Recently, the highly-paid liar Vivian pontificated and principled that the Junta blocks 100 websites "mostly pornographic" for "ceremonial" reasons. That is, for Principles! Ha, ha, ha!

8. The real reason is to create and maintain an administrative system of human, hardware and software structure SO THAT ANY POLITICAL BLOG CAN BE BLOCKED WITH JUST 1 PHONE CALL. For example, if there were no blocks on any website, and the LIEs suddenly decide to block the SDP website or mine, it would take a long time and effort to set up the machinery for the blocks. Very difficult and slow. Thus, by keeping the human, hardware and software systems for blocking in place, the LIE Junta can now block any site instantly, even the TOC, with just 1 phone call.

9. TOC has written excellent posts on the Gay Issue. The real reason why the criminalisation of gay sex between men continues is probably to plan ahead for the day when a prominent gay dissident or critic needs to be 'punished' for daring to criticise their Royal Highnesses. This gay victim would already have been compromised sexually, something they have tried twice on me EVEN BEFORE I FOUGHT BACK AGAINST LIE KY's TORTURE CAMPAIGN OF ME AND MAKING MY SON AND MY LITTLE NIECE VERY SICK FROM VIRULENT FLU, CONSTIPATION, etc, my little niece's last coughing episode so bad fibres tore in her chest causing chest pain. I am now still trying to recover from the latest LIE flu virus attack by LIE's ISD minions, coughing badly and feeling unwell.

10. Thus, the LIEs Junta always have a "principled" reason for any repression and a real, sometimes many, real reasons, usually simple political self-interest, for any policy. Once readers realise this, they can go on to discover all the real, political, self-interested, reasons behind all the policies.





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