Friday, November 16, 2007

Ang Moh Tourists Apologise for Trishaw Incident...

Their story goes like this:

  1. They were a bit drunk and wanted to take a taxi.
  2. They wanted a "car taxi" but old man comes to them to offer trishaw ride.
  3. The old man was very slow and seeing that they are not going to get to where they are headed, they stop him and got down one quarter of the way.
  4. They eventually paid him in full but that was not captured on video.
  5. They are actually very nice blokes ...they apologise for their behavior.

When I google for comments on this incident, I see many good Singaporeans expressing outrage at the behavior of those tourists. Yes, Singaporeans are respectful and kind towards our old folks unlike these hooligans. We are all very kind towards the elderly especially our govt who expresses so much concern for the old. Recently they been very busy with the re-employment of the elderly. I'm sure when I get to seventy my brain would have slowed so much, I won't be able to keep doing IT type jobs. I guess the next best thing is getting re-employed to clean tables or riding a trishaw. I wonder if I will be able carry 3 overweight tourist like that old uncle. I wonder why the old uncle cannot be given a motorised trishaw. I guess giving him a motorised trishaw would be considered welfare and in Singapore welfare is a dirty word. Besides, our govt departments may not be able to handle something different like a motorised trishaw the time he get his license, he will be eligible for annuity.
The New Paper did 3 articles on the trishaw incident and never once asked why an elderly Singaporean had to make a living ferrying overweight tourists on a trishaw. It seems like the numerous campaigns to promote work for the elderly is successful. With the govt pushing our DDA(draw down age) further and further into our golden years ...and keeping CPF returns at low single digits, they ensure we don't waste our golden years doing useless things like touring around, looking after grandchildren and walking around in the park. Singaporeans are so lucky to have a govt that cares so much about them to work out useful productive plan for them that extends well into their golden years.


yamizi said...

It their words against one another.

-old man's memory may get poor, but certainly at his age still doing such hard labour does show some toughness in his spirit

-bunch of young tourists who self-declared to be nice guys and were drunk wanted to insist that he did pay


Anonymous said...

DDA(draw down age) actually means "Die Die Age" because to work until 67 before one can withdraw the bulk of his CPF and at few hundred dollars a month, surely that's die, die lah.

Aiyah how can the elderly trishaw ah pek go for a motorised trishaw?

Leg-powered trishaw is one of the very few tourist attractions left in urbanised Singapore. Why else does PAP keep these road hogs on the road without paying for COES, when even motorcycles that occupy less road space are not exempt.

Everything here in Singapore very well planned by the caring PAP for the good of the people. We must thank PAP for all these.

If PAP says everyone must work including "370,000 housewives staying out of the workforce" - as mentioned in the article Lucky cited - then we must also thank PAP for coming up with such a great idea.

You see housewives are doing nothing at home. Cooking, washing the laundry, bearing and bringing up the kids, cleaning the house, preparing meals for the family - all these to PAP do not represent work.

What an understanding and caring PAP government we have.

Anonymous said...

I think its good that we all work till we drop.

That's a better way than wasting your quality time with family and friends.

Best to work and save for the increasing cost of living in our beloved country.

These guys are'nt appointed leaders for nothing, we got the top brains that lead the way.

They really solved my problems of having to think about the future.

In the same vein, please dont ask the govt to take care of you. We should be the ones taking care of them so that they can advise us in return.

I'm loving it !

Ah Lee Baba said...

"We talk about re-employment. We'd encourage, make it easier for people to work longer and when we've successfully gone through this transition, then the term 'retirement' will be history. I don't think that we should think of retiring"

Who said that? And when?
Answer: Mr. Lim Boon Heng, the Minister in charge of ageing Issues! He said that in March 07.

Now, if in spite of saying that, Mr. Lim, along with the other 80 thieves are still elected, then I think the rest of us who know the truth should emigrate instead of staying back to fight the good fight. Let the 66.6% slaves and their masters go screw with each other!

Stanis said...

stupid ang moh la. this is our country must f them la.. dont let them shit on our head.must shit on their head back. if they act big call gang and police see whether they act big annot..we must stand up for our country and our races. dont let this ang moh come and rule us. this is our country.