Monday, November 26, 2007

Deepest Sorrows.....

There are no strangers among Singaporeans.
You will always know the person or someone who knows the person.
Five young Singaporeans whose lives ended far too soon, left us in deep sadness.....


Anonymous said...

I share the same deep sadness over the 5 young men tragedy. This video of Reuben Kee moves me even more.

We ask : Why?

May the Supreme give us the understanding and guide our people to love another.

Anonymous said...

The deepest sadness and sorrow must have been felt by the parents.I

Anonymous said...

Now PM Lee says he is saddened by the tragedy. Does he really care? What about the past incidents when many more Singaporeans died in SQ, SilkAir and a cruise ship that sailed out from Singapore.

Did the PAP govt do enough to express the national grief? As far as I know in the SQ crash in Taiwan, the insensitivity to kins of the deceased was so bad that a brother of one victim had to crash gate the SQ press forum and broke down emotionally in protest in front of the TV camera.

The PAP also bochup (could'nt care less) the cruise ship's incident despite relatives of victims weeping and pleading with PAP to help them. The cruise ship accident had looked suspiciously very much like it was staged by the ship's owner to collect insurance money.

Not much different with the Silkair plane that went down into a Sumatra river.

Ok, these are past incidents.

Now I ask the PAP govt what it is doing to the people.

No welfare, lock up and manipulate CPF savings for its own global investments which are under-performing, loose big money by the billions at one go in these investments and forcing the press to under-report or black out the news, forcing us to buy annuities for Singaporeans who live beyond 84, not enough C-class beds in hospitals, force old people to keep working even when they are sick, no more retirement for the people said PAP (Lim Boon Heng) ...

An wicked regime that should not only be put down but punished legally should it be overthrown.

In the meantime, spending on defence keeps going up, may be to pay the US in some kind of pact with PAP at the expense of Singaporeans.

No wonder now American press must pay by the 100 of K's to LKY and his son for defamation even before going to court.

We will press on to expose PAP's irresponsibility to the nation.

Singaporeans don't fight among yourselves; the real enemy is LKY and his party.

Understand this clearly by studying PAP's policies carefully. Don't support or oppose based on emotions. The policies are real and they say it all.

Anonymous said...

PAP now even wants to morally pervert the charity sector. SM Goh just said (ST pg H6) that charities should pay market rate to their executives - just like PAP.

Yeah, so was Durai. In fact he was paid over the market rate. Did it help to make the old NKF a better or worse organisation?

After all the scandals in charities over the last 2 years involving very high pay for CEOs and top executives, the SM still have the cheek to argue that more pay = more efficiency.

He is too comfortable now and is too distanced from the realities of the masses. This is why he is talking like that.

This another proof that PAP is morally decadent.

yamizi said...

I just hope that the authority would explain why they had allowed the Singapore Team to compete without life vest.

Isn't that a breach of safety? And the breach of safety still qualify them for a competition?

Probably the participants feeling gungho had a greater taste for victory as compare to their safety.

But shouldn't the authority (whoever there is) to enforce safety practice to be observed?


Anonymous said...

Such a tragedy to lose 5 fine young men of talent and potential. I pray for courage and strength for their parents and loved ones to bear with the pain and loss.

Anonymous said...

SAD...when i read that someone from the the association didn't bothere to know those under his care personally and even defended himself by saying that they looked almost alike..sigh

Too buzy...too many directorship?

Anonymous said...

While feeling sad and sorrow, need to know if they and the rest wore life jacket its very important....