Sunday, November 18, 2007

No such thing as good opposition in Singapore!!!!

Although I've not seen my PAP MP for a long time, I know he is working very hard for me.

These useless, worthless, good-for-nothing, average, ordinary humans who call themselves the Opposition in Singapore are at it again. This time they are getting bashed for doing nothing....yes nothing! I guess the Straits Times is now done warning us about the numerous evil misdeeds of Chee & his sister so they have to turn to the other bad guys - the Worker's Party. I'm so glad the Straits Times is so thorough in carrying out its responsibility of educating Singaporeans, they simply cannot let the WP get away with their bad influence on Singaporeans - I see them sometimes at the hawker center selling the Hammer to spread their wrongful ideas and giving harmful speeches in parliament on why Singaporeans should be given easier retirement and asking what the PAP govt is doing with our CPF money. That Low guy is especially vicious towards our beloved govt and don't underestimate that NCMP woman she hides an evil intent to bring about change in Singapore.

Over time I've come to believe it is not possible to have good opposition in Singapore. Why? If members of the Singapore opposition do what their counterparts do in other countries like Malaysia & Hong Kong , they will turn into criminals. The PAP has made legal provisions to protect our society from the opposition. While the opposition in other countries can organise peaceful protests & standup aganst govt action & policies, there is little the opposition in Singapore can do without breaking the law. They can't even organise a cycling event for themselves without breaking the law...... they can't even walk (yes, walk) on Human Rights day without being accused of inciting violence. Any kind of film to explain their work is illegal and Straits Times is constantly helping us to understand how dangerous they are. So what is left for the opposition to do in Singapore that is not illegal? Not very much. If they need to organise anything, they often need permits. Even to carry out non-political activities like upgrading the lifts of residents, they can be stopped. The PAP govt has legislated away the possibility of an active opposition restricting from almost all the activities that the keep opposition in other countries busy.

Singaporeans are so lucky to have a govt that protects them from the opposition and a media that constantly warn them of bad opposition.


nothing revolutionary said...

very simple why some of these oppositions don't get my support.
here is why.
before they ascend the throne, they talk about 'my rights' to get votes. but after they ascend the throne, they will change tag, just like the present regime, and talk about THEIR RIGHTS( their kind). isn't that politics?

generally, apart from the abuse of the laws hampering them, i do not see them disagreeing with 'progress'(mostly from the perspective of the economist).

if so, there shall not be much fundamental changes if ever they ascend the throne. in that case, you might as well stay with the present regime.

Anonymous said...

Politicians are like that everywhere, but some are utterly arrogant, vidictive and merciless. I hate that.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't sound that much different from the Burmese regime. Of course we cannot compare third world with first world politics can we?

Anonymous said...

I am an Aljunied GRC resident - I couldn't believe their A team has gone AWOL. I would expect them to stand around the coffee shops serving toast and coffee when they don't win the wards. How can they just carry on with their normal lives after the elections? Despite frequenting the coffee shops regularly, I'm ashamed I hadn't realised that until PM pointed it out to us. Look at how the PAP is still active in Hougang even after they lose. Look at the block clearing exercise that will take place by Aug 2008 - that's really commendable!!

Anonymous said...

If the defeated WP candidates stand around the coffee shops serving toast and coffee then it will not be AWOL, but they will be berated as third world politicians not up to the standard of the PAP's selected elites with high paying jobs.

Also, if the WP candiates get elected, they do not sacrificed much compared to the PAP candidates in high paying jobs because serving coffee and toast is not high paying. So it is excusable that they have to look for jobs outside Singapore to survive because public or private employers here will probably shun these people as a service to the nation.

Anonymous said...

The journalist in the picture you have is a son of an ex-PAP MP.

What kind of standard do you expect besides Opposition Bashing.

Our media is not 141st in the world for nothing.

Anonymous said...

I was reading the Sydney Morning Herald this morning and in the opinion section there was a good article written by an Australian judge on tolerance in Singapore. The PAP might call it Australian meddling in S'pore state affairs, but nevertheless, I was surprised that Justice Michael Kirby was quite familiar with the social strife in Malaysia and Singapore. What's more, I was impressed he even bothered to go through our boring Hansard for Thio Li Ann's addresses to parliament with regard to the Lina Joy issue and her disdain of homosexuals. Now, if the opposition isn't competent according to our world class ST newspaper, what's sure is we have a hypocritical and intolerant ruling class that will go all the way to enforce the monority Christian Right view, and preserve their hold on power at the expense of ALL Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

The big question is why Lucky can bring up so many issues which are close to Singaporeans' minds and hearts while the opposition are doing so little.

The opposition like WP says oh because of PAP, it is ever so suppressive of their activities.

Sure, it remains for the opposition to convince the voters on this.

Many voted for them to oppose PAP not so much they think the opposition is so great. Otherwise the massive audience at their rallies would be reflected in the voting patterns. Not so.

Anonymous said...

for a long time these stringent 'safety nets' against badboy oppositions have been legislated and we have been taking it in our stride to the point we are rendered, hapless i shall say.

despondent, political apathetic, totally bochap - exactly what good citizens should be in order for the good government to function & reign. to which they have succeeded.

Anonymous said...

The mass media, printed press are all controlled by the PAP. They have also shown what they could do to blogs and other internet media that are against the government. The more vocal and "hero" of the opposition have either been sued to bankruptcy or chased out of S'pore. The opposition looks pathetic and doing nothing? This is what PAP wants you to perceive and believe.
Voting patterns? - haha, it hasn't changed since 1965. The only pattern is to either comply or vote with your feet - and I'm seeing an interesting "feet voting" pattern over the last few years.

Anonymous said...

The question in not whether PAP is repressive or not. Even a fool knows that PAP is repressive.

The question is does it has to result in the main opposition wanting to become so compliant when even individual bloggers need not to and are very active in criticising the PAP?

That is the point!

Anonymous said...

Methinks, after some thought, one should still vote the opposition even it is not up to one's expectation because eventually it is a matter of providing a counter-balance to PAP.

Some say politicians are politicians whichever party they hail from; they change once they come into power.

Precisely, therefore we need more than 1 party for this country.

It ensures that no one party can do whatever it likes but will recognize that the real boss is the people - who are watching them closely and are ready to act according to their findings during election.

PAP has too much power and is abusing it with a smiling face. That's for sure.

Anonymous said...

PAP has too much power and is abusing it with a 'smirking' face. They are treating Singaporeans as dumb, like children. Do as they say or they will destroy you politically, financially and morally. That's the reason we must have an opposition to keep them on their toes, because effective or not, they are still wary of any political opposition in Parliament. Just look at the way they fought tooth and nail for Cheng San and Aljunied? If they think the opposition parties are so useless, would they bother?

Anonymous said...

I think it's very selfish to just rely on opposition to be the only voice of dissention. With the main media under PAP control, whereas can the voice of dissention be heard? Bloggers are more vocal against PAP because there is some perceived form of anonymity in blogosphere that protect them - although not anymore if the PAP is willing to dig them out. If the opposition is strong and vocal, would the PAP have taken action against their influential MPs as seen in the past? I will still vote for the opposition, because it's the only way I can show my dissatisfaction with the PAP, even if PAP and ST portray them as meek and weak. Singapore needs a stronger opposing voice as the PAP are starting to think they're like God.

Anonymous said...

to be frank I dunno why the pap is turning its attack on the WP. They are better off allowing the WP to maintain appearances and continue to pretend to oppose because the WP is pretty much trying to ape the PAP anw and it is unlikely they will supplant the original.

As you can see I'm not feeling the WP love, as its drift to the right has destroyed the last vestiges of credible opposition in s'pore. I'm even beginning to prefer chee now.

Anonymous said...

People should not criticize the WP anymore knowing through its rebuttals on the Net it is so convinced it is done right and is in not need for feedback from the public.

I can see the shadow of PAP or even worse.

Anonymous said...

AWOL comments shows the immaturity of the party and the leader. Sad but true-- after all these years in power, the mindset of the party has not progressed one bit. For a party that can only attract so called talent by paying millions in salary, it is amazing that it can accuse others of leaving the country for better opportunities. Peasants have been told time and time again that no ‘talent’ is going to work for the honor and glory of the country. Are we to expect more from the opposition who are considered 2nd rated anyway?

Anonymous said...

It's time for the PAP to grow up. The communist threat is long gone, the Malay threat is long gone. It's time to end the siege mentality and let us progress as a nation and stop treating us like babies. This cannot, that also cannot, we are not ready, we r still conservative society excuses are bullshit excuses. Only people that want to control others and hang on to power will use these types of excuses.

Whatsup said...

Cheer to Potong Pasir Town Council, opposition constituency final going to start their own lift upgrading. It is great to hear the confirmation news from the grassroots and residents which many are happy to hear this news. I am sure to attend their mini show case for their upgrading which this Sat.