Saturday, November 24, 2007

October CPI 3.6% ...16 year high!!!

S'pore's Economy is not overheating
- PM Lee 10 Oct 2007 [link]

I see the Singapore economy is not overheating, it is just very hot.
Food is rising at 4.2% so I decided to check out what kind of food can be kept for 20 years so that I won't starve when I retire. At 4.2%, it means that your CPF minimum sum which returns 3.5% a year is probably enough for one meal a day when you retire.
Guess which component of CPI rose the fastest? Healthcare which is zooming up at a whopping 6.2%. I guess the govt want to discourage you from getting sick so they have to make sure there is a big and rising financial disincentive for getting sick. See how kind and caring the PAP govt is they want to enjoy a long healthy life so they keep healthcare cost high to deter you from getting sick. The Transport and Communication cost has risen by 4.3% due mainly to the increase in public transport fares, they want to walk alittle more as part of a healthy lifestyle instead of pampering yourself taking the public transport....all these cost increases are the wise decisions of our caring govt.
When you got that pay small increase in the beginning of the year, I'm sure you were very burdened.... not knowing what to do with the extra money. Our beloved PAP govt heard about your plight and has decide to give you some help with your money. Now you don't have to worry about what to do with that little extra amount because it is now gone! ...Eaten away by inflation.


Capt_Canuck said...

Think what Singapore needs is a Singapore version of Robin Hood from merry old England. Is there anyone brave enough to rise to the callenge to steal from the rich, give to the poor who are burdened by high GST taxes and no gov't assistance?

Anonymous said...

dont blame the garbermen. remember, they're the best in the world? and it must be so because in a meritocratic system, we pay the highest price for the highest brain.
we are so lucky and you should thank your lucky stars. because of best brains, we enjoyed unprecedented peace and prosperity.
because of best brains, our standard of living( all the best and new development around your neighborhood, new shopping malls sprouting, best and new airport, best parks, best housing, best toilets etc) has gone up sharply. we have also created best number of jobs and best number of new immigrants. we have expanded our markets. we have also enhanced our assets. value of our home has gone up. now people all over the world envy us and want to learn from our best brains. that enable our best brains to sell our best medicine to them. in turn, best brains have excited everyone about the new prosperity driving up asset values of the rich especially.

and why should people lament about rising CPI? it is hypocritical. since you want to enjoy the above best and subscribe to the best, you must also accept the fact that you 'll inevitable exploit and suppress the poor( including the middle class eventually).

so please, go to your little corner quietly and eat your cake in secret.

don't eat your cake, especially the noose papers, and pretend you care for the poor lah.

very the shame you know.

reality check said...

err...noose or loose? hahaha

wo wo wo, should read the ho ho ho twisted logic on whack whack whack. hahaha

Anonymous said...

capt canuck better not suggest thievery here, even as a joke. I understand the narrow-hearted PAP does'nt take such joke lightly.

Anyway, all this inflation especially on food is mostly the effect of the drastic 2% hike in GST giving F & B businesses a reason to raise price by tens of percent.

Health care's 6.2% is I believe largely due to an industry collusion - government restructured hospitals and private health care industry in general - given the strong position of Western medicine in Singapore.

Being unhealthy in Singapore is most unfortunate because of the lack of state-sponsored health care.

Any solution for Singapore citizens? Migrate. How to if one is not a professional? Some suggest take a course at an overseas college, then after a while apply for PR and eventually obtain citizenship there.

If more and more Singapore citizens emigrate, PAP will face a big problem to pay back their CPF savings. Suppose the average CPF savings including Medisave is only $100,000. Five thousand CPF members withdrawing that to emigrate means $500 million to withdraw.

When the push comes to shove to emigrate, the cash flow requirement on the part of CPF Board will rise drastically. All this can happen if PAP continues to look only after itself but shirk its responsibility to look after the basic needs of the people - particularly healthcare, housing (look at HDB flat prices now!), transport and food.

If the CPF money had been rolled into GIC and Temasek investments globally, they will have to find the liquidity for this withdrawal.

Downsize, sell off Temasek and GIC assets, whatever. That will teach PAP that it cannot play with people's money anyway it likes.

There is a saying that if you cannot fight them join them. Well there is also another way : get out.

The world is much bigger than Singapore and if there is real need people can always choose where they can live. Already many are doing this.

Anonymous said...

People vote the PAP into power time and again for a number of reasons.

One is that the PAP governance coincided with the rise of modern Singapore. Thus the perception that it was instrumental in building it. In reality any other political party could have accomplish as much if not more.

Another reason is that by and large so long as things are"boleh tahan" (tolerable) people do not wish to rock the boat. This is the root of societal stability, anywhere around the world and is not unique to Singapore - although it must be said that this desire for stability, this conservativeness is a little too "kiasu" (risk-adverse) in Singapore.

Therefore it depends on organic intellectuals in society to highlight and explain to the people the future problems and dangers wrought by PAP policies.

Unfortunately PAP only wants mainstream media to report the good stories about PAP.

For this reason we have the wonderful Strait Times producing all kinds of crap articles except those that people are deeply concerned about.

So in Singapore the real thinkers go online. Fortunately PAP is unable to control that and therefore has to pretend that it is being liberal to the blogs. Like what LKY said recently : "We do no monitor what people say on the Internet about us."

I used to have an elderly business associate who ran an HDB shop. He was a staunch PAP supporter and any remark critical of PAP was put down by him even if it would benefit his business.

One day PAP sold the HDB shop to him at over $600,000. I visited him and commented that at his old age he could now afford to retire as his children were grown up.

He lamented that it was not possible for him to retire anymore because he had committed to pay $6000 every month for his shop and besides business was not good anymore.

I would believe that many such PAP supporters would eventually turn detractors because of their life situations.

However such a change of mind occurring only when things have turned sour is unwise, not to mention too late when things has reached the point of no return.

For people to survive they need vision of the future based on understanding how present policies will affect them in future.

Thanks to PAP and the controlled and cowardly media like Straits Times, such visioning is next to nil.

PAP cannot take public criticism and when a paper like TODAY has been more daring, some of its top editors concerned had actually been removed as recent as 2 months back. Now it looks more and more like a clone of ST.

Therefore if through this only open channel - the Internet - more and more people can be made to understand the future difficulties caused by PAP current policies, the sooner they can do something to check the regime.

If one just think of one's present state of life - be it good or bad - this is a very limited perception of the situation.

In this regards, we have to ask about the many PAP policies which in a nutshell is one of judging the appropriateness of a policy based on profitability.

From the 60's to 70's the so-called PAP's ideology was "democratic socialism". There was no democracy really but there was some socialism like quite affordable public housing, health care and public transport.

Not anymore. PAP has turned everything including essential services like health care, public transport and housing into a money-making machine to feed its PAP inner circle.

This inner circle happens also to manage monopolistic businesses like supermarts, neighbourhood banks, health services, telcos, commercial properties, transportation like taxis and others.

This is an exclusive society within society; an inner circle that depends on ordinary Singapore to toil and produce the money for them at low cost - using foreign labour to suppress wages.

Such is the regime we are labouring under and the impact of its current policies would eventually be so difficult for the people to take as the baby boomers ages and the young generation take on greater family responsibility when they get married and have children.

Now is the time for Singaporeans to foresee these problems ahead and get serious enough to shake up the smugness of the PAP via the vote.

Either this or through emigration cause a cash flow problem to PAP and thus its power base. Do not underestimate the political impact of such an movement.

To end, so long as PAP refuses to institutionalize dissent in the mainstream media, we will continue to shoot it down on the Internet.

Capt_Canuck said...

Oh I hope that people weren't thinking that I was suggesting someone turn to theft to ease the pain of inflation. I know the PAP doesnt like things being said in print, word or internet and all.

Though thinking and talking is not illegal anymore is it? I mean, I can think of things, even suggest it, but it isnt illegal til someone actually takes my suggestion to heart and does something right? I mean, cause if that were the case that we couldn't even make suggestions (even absurd ones) without fear of legal action, no one could possible utter the words "I wish my boss were dead" or "I wish someone would push that lady under a bus" out of frustration.

But not like I have to worry. I mean, from what I gather of Singapore life and law, no one is going to actually do anything like protest or revolt or anything against the gov't. At best all Singaporeans do when they are really annoyed at the powers are write a couple letters to The Straits Times forum section and then go back to their shopping or buying and that is it.

not like any other nation where people revolt and hold rallies and speak their mind publicly to the world. After all, in those nations the gov'ts are afraid of the people whereas here people are afraid of the gov't

Anonymous said...

the garmen is what? they are hard of hearing unless you come in the capacity of a PHD or this accredited institution or that well known philosopher they love to quote etc. and true, they can't take hard knocks and criticism because, multimillion dollar egos are simply too fragile. this hard of hearing( itching ears rather) trickles all the way down the system including the dailies and all their corporate arms and employees. for instance, many moons ago, you tell them it is foolish to take OUR money into other lands and hope to rule with their economic might, but do they listen? nope. now, only yesterday, they warn against buying up nationalistic assets only after being bullied by the same legal tactics they use on their people( what a joke).truth be told, the pharoahs will always be hard of hearing. even if they listen, they'll want you to speak in their language and their style of delivery. better still, make sure you sing their MAIN tune. otherwise, pack and be gone!

and basically, we leave them to their devices. one day, they will be forced to sit back and look at all the 'blood on their hands'. perhaps then, they will know they have been humbled!

( after the bad investment blunder, watch for the next major blunder)

yamizi said...

Hi Lucky,

Is there another country that offers a better alternative in terms of spendings and healthcare when we reach our golden years?

Care to share and how to move out?

Thanks =)

yamizi said...

Hi Lucky,

Is there another country that offers a better alternative in terms of spendings and healthcare when we reach our golden years?

Care to share and how to move out?

Thanks =)

elgina said...

hmm ever heard of expected growth rate? this is what a country moving up the ranks to first world status has to face; massive govt exp/private investment/booming demand... especially from certain smug satirists of the technological age laying their anonymous hands on the latest brighteyed laptops to mourn their grieviances to the world - things dont always have to be this difficult; the economics are but too obvious.