Saturday, November 03, 2007

Please forgive these British Hooligans!

Sorry I must be the last blogger in Singapore to write about this. I was among the first to view this youtube video but was so shocked I took a few weeks to overcome my shock to write something about it.

Part 2 of the interview (in Mandarin) :

These British tourists are hooligans who shamed their country with their despicable behavior - drunk rude bullies who robbed an old man. Definitely a product of the dysfunctional British education system. When I saw the video I was shocked by how cruel they were to a weak old man who had to labor so hard to make ends meet. I found it difficult to believe human beings can behave this way, they were worse than animals. .......but after thinking about it for a few weeks, I urge everyone to forgive them.....why?

These British tourists coming from a welfare state were probably shocked out of their normal human nature when they saw a 70 year old trishaw rider. Back home in Britain old people are wasting away their time looking after grand children or walking around in Hyde Park. To see such an old person working must have been very amusing to them, they probably never have to see this in their backward society where work ethics is badly eroded. Then when the trishaw start paddling & panting, they could see how difficult it was for him..... we in Singapore have a compassionate society where we force our old folks to take up a strenuous job of ferrying overweight Western tourists around to make ends meet so they can enjoy the dignity of being self sufficient until they are 85 yrs old, that is when they can retire and start collecting their $200 per month annuity. The Brits have a society of hooligans & bums, the way the treat the old in their society is just so despicable, they undermine the dignity & work ethics of the old by giving them sufficient to live on. It is no surprise that highly civilised Singaporean netizens were so outraged they threaten to beat up these hooligans if they ever set foot on Singapore and want our police to arrest them for robbery and send them to jail for ill treating this old man.
Singaporeans have the moral authority to denounce this group of British tourists for ill treating an old men who was working hard for a living. Singaporeans understand why the old have to work for a living ..... something that these young Brits cannot understand. They come from a different backward society that treat the old differently, what was amusing to them looks absolutely cruel to us...seeing an old man having struggling for a living is alien to these British hooligan robbers but completely normal and acceptable for compassionate Singaporeans.


Anonymous said...

I don't think they are drunk. being drunk is an excuse.

It's the nature of their hearts. Evil. British so what?

Completely equivalent as their dear foe Hitler and their Waffen SS.

Anonymous said...

forgive them? but that was such a brainless act! and so what if they were different? they cant traet someone like this and then just find it amusing. they're too much? is this how they treat someone who's different?

Anonymous said...

sorry, i meant they're too much!

Anonymous said...

This is happening because PAP cares so much for the old people. It says they can work until they die because work is good for them.

Now if PAP sees the video what will it be thinking?

Ah, it will probably be thinking out more ways to help the old work longer. PAP will see in the video a happy productive old man, lah. Not like ordinary viewers who are always so negative about things. You got to be "harsh to be kind" as the MM and PM once said.

So, harsh policies like keeping old people like the subject trishaw man toiling for a living is really a KIND policy. You see the wonderful logic of MM and PAP?

So does being Singaporean mean anything to PAP?

Years back a cruise ship from Singapore met an accident, sank and killed numerous Singaporeans in the Straits of Malacca. Victims' families pleaded time and again on TV for the govt to step in to help them. But PAP did nothing. See, what a caring govt we have.

In year Oct 2000, SQ006 crashed and killed many passengers including Singaporeans in Taiwan. I don't remember there was any expression of national sorrow/tragey from the PAP such as would be reflected in flying the national flag half-mast.

Same with the SilkAir plane crash in Indonesia that killed everyone in it.

Half-mast only meant for PAP politicians when they die, hor. What's so important about ordinary Singaporeans' lives?

Singaporean' lives are immaterial to PAP. Only PAP politicians like MM and PM are precious, surrounding themselves with many bodyguards - like 25 of them I heard - whom you will never miss even on TV.

But we are probably complaining too much lah.

After all opposition WP Low is quite satisfied with the PAP, giving it the thumbs up and added that the opposition is only there to fine-tune PAP's policies.

DK said...

They might be drunk during the trishaw ride, but I'm sure they are very sober when they posted it on youtube.

Anonymous said...

Your post is offensive. You are insulting an entire nation for the behaviour of 3 drunk tourists.
And using it to criticise your owngovernement.
You are joke and as stupid as these three drunks.
Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

I have seen singaporeans behaving worse than this in other countries. so cut the crap and stop being so arrogant.

Lee Chin Suay said...

The old man in the video look very happy went he is cycling the three man, half way he even say he is happy, than in second video, he say is not thinking how the three man bully him but is angry they dont pay him and he say he make $30 a day! That is so many bottle of ABC!

Today young people should be more like him, think less about making money and buy condo, sometime went sun is shining good already! why make a mole hill out of a mountain?

Anonymous said...

Saw this on Sammy boy too....
When a child below the age of 12 works for a living they called it child labour but what kind of term to one use for an old man pushing 71 working for a living - workfare? because the fuckuing govt is too stingy to support the aged.

Anonymous said...

>> Your post is offensive. You are insulting an entire nation for the behaviour of 3 drunk tourists.

Who insults which nation? Speak plain English please. You mean the drunkards who posted the video have insulted the Britain? I would grant that.

Otherwise how could Lucky reporting on this incident insult Britain? The British drunkard already did their country a favour.

Or do you mean Lucky is insulting Singapore for doing so? How? Please explain.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lucky

I too was shocked and saddened beyond words by how 3 young men could humiliate and cheat a man old enough to be their grandfather and who still had to toil for a living when he should be resting. The sight of the old and frail toiling at physically demanding jobs just so to feed themselves is too common in our lucky land during our Golden Period. I fear that it is becoming more common by the day. It is indeed a unique and heart stopping sight.

Anonymous said...

For those who think that the only evil is the way the 3 british men bullying an old man, think again.

The way the singapore government treats their elderly is a far worst evil.

LuckySingaporean said...

anon 8:51,

The Singapore govt has made re-employment of elderly a National Priority:

If we can't get more old folks working, it might turn into a National Emergency.

I guess we will be seeing more 70 yr old trishaw riders, old cleaners at food court and at McDonald's.

Anonymous said...

tsk tsk tsk. generalization shld be made a crime no less than racism.

but than, in today's ST, when 'monkeys' are around, you 'can tell' there will alwyas be 'good bites'.

one newly appointed dean( a foreigner) said of the best legacy they've left behind is their first class legal system.

maybe, that's where we've learned to treat the elderly?LOL

i simply luv british humor ..hehe

family man said...

and good luck to you if you have children. Your medical bills will accrue to your children cos of means testing - aimed to 'help' the poor people and milk off the middle class. ie you can afford lobsters, so we are not giving you the chance to eat porridge. Let us see how our meek unions will finally be persuaded that this is for the good of the nation. I better start teaching my sons that it is good to migrate.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Lucky Tan but I find this particular post of yours crass and tasteless. An elderly man was bullied and yet you chose to exploit this to further your own personal agenda. Really, in a way you're no different from the bullies in the clip.

Anonymous said...

I think it has more to do with upbringing than a mere character of a whole nation or race. I have come across Britons who are quite courteous and at the same time those who are just assholes. The same can be said for those from any nationalities as well. In this day and age where the media and the so called celebrity culture have a huge influence on the younger generation, it's not surprising we see dickheads like Bo Davis.

LuckySingaporean said...

Anon 1:57,

Yes an elderly man was bullied for 10 minutes in a despicable act that is hard to forgive.

This act is even less forgiveable given the old man has to paddle his trishaw for hours ferrying overweight tourists around.

I have no agenda, I'll grow old just like many other Singaporeans...I hope not to meet any bullies when I clean tables 20 years from now.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps its time to legalise motorised trishaws. Simply mount a carriage to a motorcycle and you get a motorised trishaw.

No need for brute strength - good for older folks
Relatively inexpensive compared to taxi rental of $90 per day and so suited for retirees who is just earning pocket money.

Similar to the tut tuts in thailand and many third world countries ...

Anonymous said...

I would hope I could still drive taxi by then. I think there's some age limit cap for taxi drivers?

Probably I will get robed in my taxi!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:57 PM,

Lucky Tan is writing in his own personal blog. What kind of agenda does he have?

But, when the Strait Times and all local media in Singapore starts to sing in chorus about what a sad state of affairs the Ministers' salaries is, how good the longevity insurance scheme is, and how good your CPF returns can be, then you jolly well close yourselves from these medium to avoid further brain screw-up.

Because these public media have agendas. And they're concerned about your wallets.

Anonymous said...

Yes I was angry when I see an old man being bullied & denied his payment. But I would be angry regardless whether this old man is a Singaporean or British. Such behaviour is uncalled for.

But there is nothing to forgive Lucky. I believe in karma. What goes around, comes around.

Having said, what is happening to this old man gives us a glipmse into our future as Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

You Singaporeans are so bloody arrogant and racist is umbelievable. You pee wee people!!!
So what 3 tourists had fun with a rickshaw and you get all suddenly offended about it?
You are the saddest, nastiest and most boring country in the world, always complainig about everything.
Just look how singaboreans behave when overseas...That's offensive!

Anonymous said...

To:Anonymous (posting at 9:48)

You don't need to insult the rest of us. I hope you don't live or work here cos if you do, I pity your colleagues who have to live with your retarded attituded. Come off it.. lots of foreing 'talents' complain like hell of high rents etc so don't give me that crap.
Whatever country these 3 guys came from, there is still no reason for thier actions.

Gav said...

To Anonymous who wrote in at 9.48

The behaviour of the 3 tourists was appalling, regardless of their race or nationality. If you are living in Singapore, why do u choose to live in a boring place? Please feel free to leave. If you are not living in Singapore, how would you know its boring?

tsenghuat said...

What was the motive of the Brits posting the Video on YouTube. Simple, making fun and fool of our senior citizen.They could be drunk that night but definitely their mind are very clear when they watched the video later. Where is the human right of our grandfather - where is his dignity!

Clarence said...

They say that ignorance is bliss. Ignorance in this case is stupidity, condescending and disrespect. It is a true example of exploitation and disrespect by tourists. It definitely a role of thumb that tourists respect the locals. In any case, would they see their parents going around with a palm faced up asking for money like a beggar? I don't think so, why should they think so either? It's not about upbringing we are talking about here. It's about the innate sense of humanity.

em said...

lol nice post. i like the tinge of sarcasm there which some commenters didn't seem to get.

it's sad that our old still have to work this hard. but even so, i hope they're working hard because they WANT to and not because they HAVE to.

Anonymous said...

I believe in karma. What goes around, comes around.

Having said, what is happening to this old man gives us a glipmse into our future as Singaporeans.

What karma? According to some religions, there is either same amount of happiness or same degree of suffering as others afterlife.

Sarong party girls give it free to them. They can even save $40.

These three enjoy greater welfare when old.

What about this old man?

He is not going to get something free, most probably need to charge extra for being a dirty old man.