Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Citizen Grateful for Civil Service Pay Hike!!

Thousands of letters are sent to the Straits Times forum, but only the best are chosen for publication.

The letter below is one of the best I have ever read. The writer gave such compelling reasons for the civil service pay hike:

1. We need to increase civil servants' pay to have them serve with fervour and fight for our cause. Yes, and we know how hard they have been fighting for us - relieve congested roads by increasing ERP, working out the details of the annuities plan and find ways to make us work longer and harder so we don't become lazy.

2. Now that Singaporeans are faced with more problems of soaring costs and 'can barely stay afloat' we need our elite civil servants even more so we have to pay them more. So the more problems we have, the more pay our civil servants deserve to be paid.

3. Our senior civil servants who have been in the civil service the longest deserve the largest % pay hike because having been in the civil service so long, they are most likely to jump to the private sector for a new experience. Wow our senior civil servants are so good, the private sector is all out to grab them with higher pay.

This must be one of the best letters ever published by the Straits Times. Now you know why Straits Times is considered by our govt has one of the best newspapers in the world.

Pay rise for top civil servants timely

I READ with great relief the article about ministers and top civil servants getting a 4-21 per cent pay rise next month (ST, Dec 14). We can now be assured that only the most competent people will serve the country. With the rise in their remuneration, we have secured their steadfast service, as well as their continued fervour and dedication to fight for our cause. It could not be more timely. When inflation is soaring and some Singaporeans 'can barely stay afloat' (The Sunday Times, Dec 2), we need, more than ever, the best possible team of civil servants to lead us through the difficulties. We cannot afford to lose them to the private sector, and have to retain them at all costs. This is especially so as these senior civil servants have been in the public sector for so long that they are likely to seek fresh experience in the private sector. With the festive season coming, I hope that they will not forget to share the joy of receiving with the less fortunate. Therefore, I appeal to them to follow Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's lead in giving to the poor and spreading the blessings.

Agung Santoso Ongko


micky said...

Lucky, you sure it wasn't you who wrote this brilliant letter. The style is so much like yours.

yamizi said...



Agung Santoso Ongko said...

Well, I thank you for having bolded and highlighted my name on your blog. It certainly can't be more traumatising than finding your name being attached to comments that in no way represent your own perspective, and are published on the biggest national newspaper.

Please let me explain. Whatever was published on the Forum page on 18/12/2007 may be similar to what I had originally written, but the omissions made by the editors have actually changed its intended meaning altogether. I have reproduced below my original article as I had sent it to the ST editors:

"I read with great relief the ST article “Ministers, top civil servants to get 4% to 21% pay rise in Jan” published on 13 December 2007. We can now rest doubly assured that only the most competent people will serve the country. With the rise in their remuneration, we have successfully secured their most steadfast service, as well as their continued fervour and dedication in fighting for our cause. Certainly, it cannot be timelier. At this point, when inflation is soaring and some Singaporeans “can barely stay afloat” (The Sunday Times 02 December 2007), we are in dire need, more than ever, for the best possible team of civil servants to lead us through all these difficulties. We cannot afford to lose them to the private sector, and have to fight to retain them at all costs. This is especially so, as these senior civil servants have been dwelling in the public sector for such a long time that they are more likely indeed to seek a fresh experience in the private sector.

With the festive season coming, though, I sincerely hope that they will not forget to share the joy of receiving with the less fortunate in our midst, for the total annual increment that every senior civil servant is set to receive can actually support approximately 1,000 other Singaporeans. Therefore, I appeal to our senior civil servants to follow PM Lee's lead in giving back to the poor and spreading the blessings. What that increase means to you means infinitely more to them."

If it has not become apparent to you by now, I had meant this piece to be satirical. And I admit that I may have failed miserably. I admit that it may be my own incompetent, ambiguous writing that has resulted in the gross misunderstanding. It is indeed possible that my vagueness has led to the editors misreading my intentions and viewing all the hyperboles and superlatives as redundant emphasis on my support for the pay rise. I shall, however, leave it to you readers to decide for yourself.

I hope I have made my position clear, though: that I am strongly opposed to the unwise timing of the ministerial pay rise, and that if it happens anyway, I call for those benefiting from it to share with those among us who live on $290 a month, and are saving every single cent just to continue surviving.

cheekenwing said...

There is a fine line between satire and seriousness that our experienced forum editors can't easily distinguish.

Given your original submission, the letter could jolly well have been signed off by Lucky Tan instead!

Anonymous said...

He's not even Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

Agung, no use complaining here lah.

Now, you see how creative Straits Times editors write like Lucky Tan hor. They are awaiting their big fat year-end doggy bone (i mean bonus) too!!

Try this: Write in to ST and complain that they have caused grievous injustice to you.

Anonymous said...

botavzCitizen Grateful for Civil Service Pay Hike!!

We expect dogs to be loyal to their master. What's so surprising by the way?

Anonymous said...

my crystal ball tells me they desperately need the pay rise for new wardrobe. not surprising considering they keep getting their pristine white apparels soiled with poor man's crumbs.

21st Dec 2012 said...

agung @ 11.13pm

I give you the benefit of a doubt. And assuming you are really the person behind the article. If so, now do u regret coming to $ingapore? With our top elites promoting and encouraging foreigners to come here, do u feel 'conned'? But don't worry, u are considered a foreign 'talent' here. You can't easily get a high paying job in the civil sector.

You mentioned the ST editors have edited your piece. Can see the politics here? This will let you have a taste of how naive you and fellow foreigners are.

Anonymous said...

some people think that by "carrying balls" a little would ensure your letter could make it into the ST forum... poor Ongko, he even got whacked by yawning bread....

Anonymous said...

Straits Times publishes a letter that purports to speak for Singaporeans or more correctly Singapore citizens, when in fact it was written by a foreigner.

Foreigners who are here to earn money or study do not have any long-term interest in the country and they should not pretend they care for the needy Singaporeans.

Straits Times editors if they have any social conscience left should cease from such a treachery just to suck up to their PAP bosses.

Anonymous said...

Lucky Tan,
you finally find yourself a formidable opponent or friend in Agung Santoso Ongko. Whoever this guy is, it is definitely your match in cynical and satirical and he's much better than you because his article get published in our very extremely credible newspaper(or much credibly and accurately known as toiletpaper instead, the one that wipe the ass and flush down the toilet without remorse).

Lucky Tan, look like you aren't lucky anymore cos here comes
Lucky Agung !

Anonymous said...

A foreigner praising the establishment is definitely nothing new until it backfires.

If this Agung Santoso Ongko who respond turn out to be real, then Strait Times is very embarrassing.

On the other hand, able to magically turning black to white, and white to black may just be a sign of great leadership too. That's probably explain why our ministers are worth millions of dollars and in great demand in private sector ! Whatever it is, I just have to salute them.

Now the million dollar question: How many published letters in Strait Time forum section that sing the praise of the establishment are actually meant to be satirical ?

Anonymous said...

no one wants the job unless we can break their resistance to serve humanity with money - several thousand times more than minion pay.

no one wants the boring low service service jobs or menial production jobs but someone must fill the post at the bottom of the pyramid for cannot retire pay until you die.

the former however, selected to ..ahem..through stringent process to ensure..ahem...continuity.

these are the 'lucky' few.

the latter pathetic group are awashed with cheap labors but by who's doing?

the former gets their pay stretched upwards by the god of prosperity.

the latter gets their pay stretched downwards by the devil hor

but if we look at the contribution of both groups, neither can do without the other.for the head cannot say it has no need of the feet or the butt cannot say it has no need of the...mmmmm

anyway, what's the point?

the point kena CON BIG TIME lah!!!lol.

Anonymous said...

hahaha... how can Lucky Agung beat Lucky Tan? Agung admitted defeat (failed miserably) in the blog of Lucky Tan... Wait! Perhaps that was yet another satire?! hahaha...

Anyway thanks to Agung, it saves the Straits Times from inventing a nonexistent Singaporean (rep of the 66%) that writes to Straits Times to praise their beloved PAP master!!!
C'mon Straits Times, why cannot behave like the South China Morning Post huh? Why I always see "Tightly Controlled Singapore" in their news headline huh?
No Balls and like to carry balls izzit?

Anonymous said...

"No Balls and like to carry balls izzit?"
Anon, you really underestimated Strait Times because it really have tons of balls. It just that all these balls are ping-pong balls which unfit for Live Firing !

Anonymous said...

There was this article a few days ago about a coming inflation (5%!!) in Singapore in January 2008:

Who Suffers From Inflation?It's not you. It's rich people.

No wonder they need to give themselves a shameless raise lah.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

injustices injustices injustices. that mr woon was wrong to have said..the globalist is the way to go to lift poverty.

we have more than half the world population living in poverty. with so many poor, wages will continue to be suppressed for the poor for many many generations to come whilst the rich become richer at their expense.

if we'll embark on the highway of exploitation and export the deception of riches, many many
more generations have to suffer injustices and DEEPER POVERTY for the improvement of a few.

do not look be deceived by the 'good' and ignore the evil of long term destruction of INEQUALITY especially in wages already happening in developed countries. this will not cease as long as we promote self seeking ways.

therefore, it is not a peaceful and GENTLE transformation for the betterment of humanity. the globalist the way that seemeth right unto a man but its end is death!

the better way is a gentler way!!!

Anonymous said...

"I hope I have made my position clear, though: that I am strongly opposed to the unwise timing of the ministerial pay rise" - Agung

Stupid Agung, can't you say this right out in your letter n the first place? Your beating around the bush only serve to discredit yourself.

James Chia said...

Has any anti-pay hike letters been allowed to publish in ST?

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