Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ministers, Elite civil servants get pay hike

While you were struggling with all the fee hikes and price increases, the time has come for our ministers to enjoy a 2nd round of pay rise. We cannot expect our elites to make a painful sacrifice. While the 70 yr old cleaner now has to pay more for her bus journey & 20% more for herwhile bread, our ministers are all set for their 20% pay hike. With such deserving men at the helm to safeguard our interests, our lives can only get better....

Ministers, top civil servants to get 4% to 21% in 2nd pay rise

Starting grade ministers to take home $1.94m next year - up 21% from this year's $1.6m. -ST --
Lynn Lee
Thu, Dec 13, 2007The Straits Times


SINGAPORE ministers and top civil servants will start the New Year with a second round of pay increase, ranging from 4 per cent to 21 per cent.
Under the revised salary package announced by the Public Service Division (PSD) on Thursday, ministers at the starting grade will take home $1.94 million next year - an increase of 21 per cent over this year's $1.6 million.
MPs and administrative officers - the elite of the civil service - will see their salaries going up by around 4 per cent.

With the revision, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's pay of $3.1 million this year will go up to about $3.7 million.
President SR Nathan will get about $3.8 million - up from the $3.2 million he's getting this year.
As for Members of Parliament, they will get an allowance of $225,000 a year - a 4 per cent jump.
The changes come after the first round of pay hikes in April, when the Government also announced that civil service salaries would be adjusted over time to keep pace with private sector benchmarks.
Minister-in-charge of the Civil Service Teo Chee Hean said on Thursday that the move was in keeping with April's announcement.
'Public sector salaries move up and down with the market. In this tight labour market, private sector salaries have moved up significantly, as the benchmark figures show. The service needs to follow promptly in order to attract and retain good people,' said Mr Teo, who is also the Defence Minister.
But he noted that actual pay would still be tied to performance. This includes individual performance and how the economy does.
'We are careful to link rewards closely to performance. We have increased the proportion of annual salary that is variable. At the senior levels as much as 50 per cent of the annual salary is now performance-based,' he said.
This change is good news for political, judicial and statutory appointment-holders, as well as the 230-strong elite Administrative service.
Their pay increases will come in the form of a higher monthly salary and a fatter performance bonus.
For instance, Ministers at the entry grade of MR4 will get an average of nine months performance bonus, on top of the GDP bonus, which can fall between three and eight months, depending on econommic growth.
In a statement, the PSD said that this round of changes would bring MR4 salaries to 77 per cent of the private sector benchmarks, to which it is pegged.
The April revisions had brought it to 73 per cent of th benchmark.
The benchmark is set at two-thirds of the median pay of the top eight earners in banking, law, engineering adn accountancy, as well as employees of multinational corporations and local manufacturers. It was $2.2 million this year.


Anonymous said...

the rule of money is actually immoral. but do they care?

not really. but they expect you to live 'morally'. but who is pulling all the little strings at the ROOT OF IMMORALITY?


for example: money woes forces women into prostution and then, society( or the community) condemns them or JUDGE THEM. but do you think most of these women want to be prostitute? if they have enough money...of course no( china alone has generated millions of prostitutes because of economic reform). but the rule of money created the disparity between the haves and have nots and because of that, many are neither living or dead due to insufficient pay. they are then forced to make a living through 'immorality'.

likewise for all kinds of EVIL.

but nobody sees is that way or WANT TO SEE IT THAT WAY.

so that's why the capitalist typifies the pharisees. they tell you what to practice righteousness, but they don't practice themselves. they tell you to be 'without reproach' but then again, they make sure YOU BECOME REPROACHABLE because of their love for money.

so they sold the truth for 30 silver or.... for the kind of crap they are preaching, they demand a tithe from you!

ah....the love of money is the rule of money is the HOLY PROSPERITY TEACHINGS - in the world and in the fallen temples!

and the biggest joke is this:

the RULE OF LAW says...thou shall not do this and thou shall not do that

but the RULE OF LAW, which is a VERY EXPENSIVE institution, often comes under the RULE OF MONEY since, it is all about economics and in ecnomics, the most important people are those WHO MAKE THE MOST MONEY. so the RULE OF LAW generally favors them and even protects them( in cases if they commited wrong)!

but the RULE OF MONEY, as we all know it, causes many to falter and BREAKS THE COMMANDMANT OF LIFE which the RULE OF LAW IMPOSES ON YOU.

now isn't that a joke?

i am considering to call it the twin rules of EVIL(potentially corrupted) both combined are the lethal weapons of IMMORALITY and VIOLENCE( imprisonment, lawsuits etc) and the greatest hypocrisy that RULES THE EARTH!hahahahahaha.

it's like, they feed you or lead you( rule of money) to these 'sins' but they tell you, be 'responsible', don't sin( rule of law) or!!

hahahaha. you might as well stroke a man's cok and tell him not to

Anonymous said...

With that can of pay, a under 50 working minister of several years can easily retire.

But the joy of working won't stop him. His vision is to ensure all can't retire so he can afford to retire but don't want to retire because he retires, you have jobs to ensure he can retire but don't want to and so on???

I am clueless?????...:)

Anonymous said...

(Let me try to get this right again :))

With that KIND of pay, an under 50 working minister of several years can easily retire.

But the joy of working won't stop him of course. His vision is to ensure all can't retire so he can afford to retire but don't want to retire because if he retires, you WON'T have jobs to ensure he can retire but don't want to and so on???

I am clueless?????...:)

Anonymous said...

Just take a deep breadth. Tell yourself life has to go on. I do not believe that people that are money minded will understand all those poor, poor people. Forget about them, we do what our heart tells us to do. I stress that money cannot be use to measure moral values. If god thinks that they deserve it, let it be. If not, somehow, someday, god will take our money back. It is only a matter of time. Currently, as for me, I shall do my best on what ever I am doing and wait for a chance to leave this moral lacking country.

Channel U programme 13/dec thur - shoot 3 - talks about why our schools are focusing a lot of attention on the marks (results) and not moral values. I was laughing away with TEARS ... look at our elites!!!

yamizi said...

anon @ 12:12am

I don't like that 2 regular guests of that show.

I think there was this episode about the $270 issue and working for the senior citizens, I think an auntie made sarcastic remark on one of the guys something like challenge them to take that same low pay and discrimination, then he was like made some unearful remarks.

Couldn't really remember the minute details but just hope his time will come.

Anonymous said...

martin luther king was wrong to have said, all men are created equal.

truth is, there is a difference between the color of your skin just like the color of your money.

Anonymous said...

and the heavens opened and the rain fell and i heard...

"fucking women who write fucking accolades about their fucking leaders who then fucked big countries with their fucking doctrines turning millions of their fucking women into prostitutes so now they can afford to fly into all the other countries and fuck their men and then the fucking women who writes for money fuck the men who fuck all these fucking women whilst the great men whom they write adoringly rip all the fucking money from all the fuckers and these fucking women who write don't see that they are responsible too for fucking their own gender huh?

what a wonderful fucking world it's turning out to be"

goodness, did someone just said that?

better go wash the mouth!

Anonymous said...

S'pore Resident: “Let me share with all that nowhere else in the world can you get a Govt which includes love and compassion in abundance as this one.”

Anonymous said...

I can see that our Government doesn't really care two hoots about how we think about their salary increases, they just go about taking what they want.

If these people in power have a conscience, and truly walk the talk of love and compassion, they would not be so dismissive of people's views and do more for the poor instead of enriching themselves.

Sick, sick, sick!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad our govt has got their priorities right. They're worth every million they pay themselves.

President, thanks for your contributions to our country.

PAP all the way!!!

young-pap said...


Anonymous said...

and you thought was 'performance base'? the highest paid just grace events? hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Has the late President Ong Teng Cheong's questions about the list of investments been resolved? Or does that really need 50 years to sort out. Hmmm, they really have to pay more to make the diety in the Istana work faster.

Capt_Canuck said...

Give them the money. After all, they are doing a fantastic job.

Think of it this way. If you had a doctor that you went to and he cured you of cancer and saved your life 40 years ago, and through the next 40 years gave you wonderful medical treatment that saved your life time and again and made your life so much better, who wouldnt want to pay him large sums of money in gratitude.

That is what the PAP has obviously done for Singapore. Singapore was a sickly and dying country 40 years ago with no hope for survival. The PAP came in, gave them a booster shot in the arm, cured many diseases (like crime, drugs, theft, gambling) and improved the lives of the entity from 3rd world death to 1st world glory in a few short years. Over the next 40 years, great improvements have been done in the way of economic growth and other country relations to help it grow stronger and better in finances. Why wouldnt you pay millions to those that made this possible?

So, like a good Singaporean, do what you have to do in 3 years time. Whine about the pay increases, complain about the poor transport, dont go to the PAP rally but go to the opposition rallies for the energy..but come election time, check the PAP box and pray that your block gets picked to be one of the few to get the carrot of block upgrades that they have been dangling for years.

Anonymous said...

As the Pappies get all the pay they want, they are opening the floodgates for more foreigners to come and rob Singaporeans of well-paying jobs.

With so many foreigners especially mainland Chinese it is a matter of time they will call the shots as to who will get employed and how important positions are filled.

All they have to do is to hold middling positions or influence in companies that shortlist, interview or recruit workers.

Naturally, they will be choosing their own countrymen to strengthen their status in their workplaces.

Ethnic enclaves from these foreigners will become a reality. In fact in some companies like IT this is already a fact.

Singapore citizens will be outclassed as the percentage of foreigners continue to rise. Even food stalls in coffee shops, food courts and hawkers are increasingly being taken over by some of these foreigners.

Eventually because of their strength in numbers they will clamour for the same rights like citizens. PAP dependent and hence held to ransom by these workers, not to mention its apprehension of diplomatic spats with the foreigners' countries, will have to give way.

The Trojan horse has arrived and the takeover has begun. Our country if our beloved PAP politicians are not careful will be conquered without a bullet being fired. Even politicians posts may come under threat, don't be too smug, my dear Pappies.

In the meantime, still fixated with a militaristic defence strategy, PAP continues to up its spending on defence at the expense of the people welfare.

PAP talks about total defence but like the British before WWII, PAP is still sleeping when the "enemy" has already infiltrated the country. This time though it is PAP voluntarily inviting them in like some hard up prostitute.

Anonymous said...

Capt Canuck just claimed that PAP created modern Singapore and : "So, like a good Singaporean, do what you have to do in 3 years time. Whine about the pay increases, complain about the poor transport ..."

Yeah, in a certain way you are right. What we are doing here is whining.

But since you seem to despise whiners, why as a foreigner (as you have claimed) do you continue to visit this blog and post your thoughts. What business have you got here?

Furthermore if you think you are so clever and brave, why don't you give up your Canadian citizenship and become a Singapore citizen and then go out in the street and curse LKY and his party.

Try that, my dear friend. Act it out instead of just talking.

Anyway you lump everyone into the category of those who voted for PAP, which is so obvious a mistake that I wonder why you never realize that.

And what you call "whining" is my friend the way of counteracting PAP's propaganda. Insignificant as this blog seems, there are hundred of reader everyday. If the more informed viewpoints get around, the impact will be there.

PAP has closed all the openings for social critics with strong views. The Internet is the only way we can fight it out.

So if you still don't like this blog and the message board, simple, don't come.

We the people in large part built this country not PAP as you foolishly believe. How could a foreigner like you even fall under the deception of the PAP in the first place!

Now foreigners like you come and work in this country that we have built. If you despise this country and its people which give you the job, go back to your homeland by all means.

Such behaviour of yours is not acceptable.

Anonymous said...

civil servants' bonuses are partly pegged to GDP growth. Anyone knows if its nominal GDP growth figure or real GDP growth figure ?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:45 PM said

''Singapore citizens will be outclassed as the percentage of foreigners continue to rise. Even food stalls in coffee shops, food courts and hawkers are increasingly being taken over by some of these foreigners.

Eventually because of their strength in numbers they will clamour for the same rights like citizens. PAP dependent and hence held to ransom by these workers, not to mention its apprehension of diplomatic spats with the foreigners' countries, will have to give way.''

Just to add on,
Dont forget we need to protect the foreigner's life. Our NS service!!!

Beside taking over our jobs, we are forced to protect them!!!

With those foreigners, our salaries become very competitive. Now, we find hard to ask for more pay.
With this, our friendly gaham raise GST and every damn goods in Singapore.
Beside raising Sing dollars, I do not see them do anything to slow down inflation. Busfare, taxifare, and everything gone up.
Worker Union and case where are you (no reply)? They are *e*k!!

My conclusion: We are worse off then last time!!!

By the way do you see any advantage of holding a pink ic and err.... pap still have the cheek to ask for a pay rise.
Rich man only workhard for the richand does minimum for the poor. How sad.

apple said...

I wonder if you could write something sacarstic out of this article:

fifthgrape thinker said...

please do not exploit the poor for your wealth.

they also got father mother like you ok.

Anonymous said...

s'pore resident,

if you want to feed lapping dogs with poison, you need to first cover the poison with lamb's meat to make it palatable.

Anonymous said...

Someone in wrote this:

"First, take a step back and appreciate the fact that things work for the most part in Singapore
Second, recognize that this is not the case with most countries and that good leadership, even if you are cynical, must make a difference
Third, recognize that many are responding out of a. envy b. fear prices will rise and their lives will be affected. Not necessarily out of rational reason.
Fourth, it is an unfortunate fact that MOST talented and capable people chase after money; NORMAL people don't drive themselves so hard, on a consistent, sustained basis.
Fifth, for the idealists, forget about 'gratitude' and 'public service' - you are pretty much forgotten the day you step out of office - at least money being a fairly agnostic, universal medium of exchange, buys some recompense even though most of us recognize > money does not = > happiness.

I happen to know some top civil servants - I think they deserve every cent of their recompense. They are smart, dedicated and have really good ideas.
I also know some medium level operatives who frankly, I wish would descend on my enemies in a swarm - these are the ones who think of forms, procedures and processes that kill you and make you hate law and order. They count beans, split hairs and cannot see beyond their noses. Yet, all said and done, they represent most of Singapore, a subsample of greater humanity.
Most of us have a better life now than 10 years ago, so, stop whining about poor average citizens and the suka suka attitude of the incumbents. It's sick. Really."

So forget about the poor? Let them suffer?

21st Dec 2012 said...

Anon @ 11.03am

"I happen to know some top civil servants - I think they deserve every cent of their recompense. They are smart, dedicated and have really good ideas."

I think that fella on that straits time forum "happen to carry the balls of the top civil servants and lick their asses...".

Just like our Young-pap blogger.

qwerty said...

I don't understand why people keep repeating this nonsense about Singapore's success being due to the PAP government. We owe this to the natural deep water harbors, the geographical location at the nexus of international trade routes, the drive and hard work of our ancestors who migrated from China and India as well as their contemporaries who shared the same work ethics; not the Peranakan pricks in the PAP government.

The notion that the PAP government is responsible for creating some economic miracle in Singapore has been debunked by economists long ago. Here are some notable references: "A Tale of Two Cities: Factor Accumulation and Technical Change in Hong Kong and Singapore" by Alwyn Young of MIT; "The Myth of Asia's Miracle" by Paul Krugman of Princeton; "The Sources of East Asian Economic Growth" by Lawrence Lau of Stanford.

Do yourself a favor and start reading more widely. Don't just regurgitate the propaganda and falsehood in Straits Times.

qwerty said...

I happen to know some top civil servants - I think they deserve every cent of their recompense. They are smart, dedicated and have really good ideas.

Again that's just nonsense. They are just a bunch of self-centered bureaucrats who are completely clueless but have the audacity to act like they know what's going on and talk big about their foolish policies (that's probably why you've been hoodwinked).

Their only ability is at squandering public funds by undertaking expensive but useless grand projects to pave their own careers.

Come to think of it, Philip Yeo, arguably the number one civil servant, exemplifies the incompetence and arrogance of your "top civil servants".

He's now the special adviser for Economic Development in the PMO and for a long time the chairman of Economic Development Board, but the sort of things he does reveals that he obviously does not even understand basic economic principles.

Anonymous said...

The beauty of telling LIES is that it will eventually become the TRUTH.

HE made used of the communists to help him achieve his goal. After achieving that, he turned the tables around and jailed the communists.

To me, HE was a ruthless TRAITOR to his own countrymen. Totally no compassion towards his one-time compatriots.

How noble can HE be ?

Guess who is HE ?

Anonymous said...

If you are pissed off with the salary hike please join this facebk grp!

21st Dec 2012 said...

Anon @ 11.11am
Haaa.... 1111 Great Number.
Yes! That's right. The ultimate truth will be revealed in time. More and more people has received signals from the universe. The time for change is coming.

Capt_Canuck said...

MM Lee and the PAP are not responsible for all the glories and benefits that have befallen Singapore? you mean it is due to the geographical location and the hard working people that has lead to Singapore's growth and prosperity?!?!?!? NOOOOO...that cant be. I mean, if that is true, then why are Singaporean's content to pay millions to ministers that are not really earning that much with their brains but just happen to be in the right place at the right time?

Hmmmm, something just doesn't add up here. Think Singapore needs to form a committee of ministers, pay them $4 million a year to use their high brain IQs to figure out the problem.

Anonymous said...

Marcos accumulated billions of $ in swiss bank but he fell all that money went to whom? The swiss bank broke its own rule and revealed his bank account and the money was eventually turned over the new government in Philippines.

See, you can try and try but someday all will become dust. Even if you don't fall politically, you will physically as nature ordains. All political leaders are after as mortal as anyone else.

Only when man recognises this simple and obvious fact, can they surrender to Life and learn to let go ... of his grabbing propensity for power, money and fame. All his designs however ingenious will in a short while come to nought.

As the Chinese saying goes : "When a tiger dies it leaves behind its hide; for man he leaves behind his good reputation".

So if a leader leaves behind not a good reputation, it would have been better if he had never tried to be a leader in the first place. He achieves less than nothing.

All the dictators and corrupt leaders have precisely earned for themselves nothing but a bad name for posterity and their sacrifices have thus been entombed by their bad deeds.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah.. talk so much for what. Election come.. people will still vote for PAP. Long live PAP! U vote for them.. that means u agree they deserve that kind of money. Singapore is so fortunate to have the best brain working for the pple for a such a small sum of money such as a few plates of kuay teow.