Saturday, January 12, 2008

Compressed Air Car?

When someone told me about it, I thought it was an early April Fool joke. But a few checks on the web shows that it is not only true, it will be in production soon. The car runs on compressed air cost about $2-$3 to "topup" for hundreds of kilometers. Pollution free and free us from dependency on oil. Amazing isn't it? .... this has the potential to save the world...and the US economy :-)!!!!.....and the Indians are the ones manufacturing it.....


Fat Boi said...

How to you compressed air into the tank in the first place? Is'nt it by oil again?

Anonymous said...

the latest is that dark people are in the process of harnessing fart air from think tanks generator. it will be ten times more powerful than compressing free air and even promises more will own these cars on the roads.

looks like public transport companies maybe suffocated by too much of airing all these wonderful noose

LuckySingaporean said...

Someone pointed out that you need electricity to compress the air ...why not use an electric engine. My guess is it takes longer time to charge a battery then to compress and store compressed air - maybe compress air can store more power than batteries. I think one have to do a full analysis to figure this one out. Otherwise an electric car would be better than compressed air car.

There is an interesting video floating around called "Who killed the electric car". The car was made by GM and was on trial in California. It was popular among those who tested it and was suddenly taken back by GM for no apparent reason and GM shelved the technology. Fingers point to George Bush in a complex conspiracy. Coincidently price of oil rose more than 10 times since Bush became president.

It is good the French guys behind the air car decided to go with Tata and launch it in India first. This car is for real and is now under production to be launched in aug 2008.

I think the technology is all there to reduce dependence on oil. Brazil uses primarily ethanol for its cars doesn't depend much on middle eastern oil.

LNG or CNG are viable alternatives cleaner and cost one third the price of oil. But the problem is you need to convert the cars.

The technology is there to reduce oil consumption and as oil price increases, the economic motivation also increases. All it takes is some political will to coordinate the switch over.

Anonymous said...

I won't be surprised Bush killed the said GM's electric car, anymore than the fact that he tried to sabotage the Climate Change conference in Bali recently. Only the US was refusing to sign the agreement but last minute gave in with a deceptive condition.

Bush = big oil. That's why there was 911 and then Iraq. They are still looking for Osama in Afghanistan. What fools! In fact the real Osame is sitting in the White House.


Anonymous said...

Compressed air is a rather inefficient storage medium, it doesn't liquify as the likes of ethanol or LPG, but as a means of energy storage when demand is low, as has been done, there's viability. The key is to remove the need to compressed and hence demand restriction on storage, this requires some innovation, as in the case of hydrogen, the capacity of storage increase dramatically when it is chemically bound in the form of hydrides, much like carbonate is a store of CO2, so I see this is the way to go should we not rely on batteries as portable from of energy.

Anonymous said...

Compressed air engine is not exactly a new technology. In Paris, there used to be tramways powered by compressed air in the begining of 20th century (

Compressed air is easy to produce and store unlike electricity which requires heavy batteries.

marshallhayek said...

I would really like to see this car into mass production. After such a car hits the market, the oil companies will probably give up on selling oil:))
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