Saturday, January 12, 2008

MM Lee : Retirement means DEATH!!!

Don't worry the govt has not decided to impose the death penalty for those who lost their work ethics and try to retire. MM Lee was just expressing his opinion that retirement can result in early death due to a sedatary lifestyle. Now you know why the PAP govt keeps telling you to work harder and longer ...they are trying to prevent you from dying early. See how kind they are...they are very concerned about your longevity.

Now all the policies related to postponing your CPF withdrawal age, locking your CPF minimum sum up at a low (negative if adjusted for inflation) return of 3.5%, elimination of pension schemes for civil servants (but not ministers/MPs), etc are there to make sure that you won't be able to retire early and die prematurely. See how caring the PAP govt is? Although the huge reserves they accumulated over the years from Singaporeans can be returned to elderly citizens to help them cope with old age, they won't do it...its for your own good that you work harder and retire later to avoid early death.


Anonymous said...

He ain't lying. Retirement means death... for his family and cronies.

Anonymous said...

Is this a trick question? Was he saying... I can't retire, I won't retire or I won't allow you to retire?

Merlot said...

You are so very right. If we choose to retire, we might probably die of boredom - we wouldnt want to lead a life like those retirees of other countries now do we? Imagine playing with grandkids, imagine pursuing your hobbies... how could one not die from these relaxed, meaningless events? Of course we have to work to our deathbed what... only then would we keep our minds agile and not become senile or a living-dead. Our MM himself is already a living, breathing role model for us Singaporeans aint it?

No wonder we are the happiest people in Asia, the govt sure cares for us.

darkness said...

We all know the reasons why people can't retire.

Goes to show these people can't be honest about it nor tell it like it is.

Anonymous said...

There's a way to retire for Singaporeans.

Stop donating to CPF and take a breather outside the tiny country, especially so after you have been a slave for 2-2.5 years.

Anonymous said...

Of course, retirement to LKY means death because it is so stupid of him to retire and not getting 3 million dollars per year. Not retiring for LKY means he get 3 million dollars per year with even more perks, do nothing important, walk around and give some stupid topics that he knows very well can not be done with his coffers family like gracious society, renaissance society etc so that to make him less senile.

The question is: Who is he to tell us what we do for retirement ? We aren't getting 3 millions like him every year for doing nothing. When we old, we getting no money !

So fuc@#$!@king old man, stop talking cock again.

Anonymous said...

But Mental Minister is already retired! Who says he is working?

He only gets paid the highest for talking nonsense and he is very still very much alive, is he not?

Anonymous said...

But Mental Minister is already retired! Who says he is working?

He only gets paid the highest for talking nonsense and he is very still very much alive, is he not?

fifthgraper thinker said...

My teacher asked me recently:
What work will I do when I grow up?

I said:
I will work diligently to build my home.
I will even work diligently to help build my neighbor's home
But I will not build palaces and towers.

I will work diligently to build playgrounds for my children in future.
I will even work diligently to help build playgrounds for my neighbor's children.
But I will not build playgrounds for the rich.

My teacher said: Well done, good and faithful servant.

Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

PAP's Competence in Covering Up Its Competence

No retirement for Singaporeans anymore, that what's the old crazy is suggesting.

Another indication that PAP is waddling in deep financial mess and is seriously thinking that may be it should'nt be paying back Singaporeans' cpf monies after all!

Without retirement who needs the cpf savings meant for retirees? How ingenious.

As for those unable to work to earn a living, ah PAP has already cooked up a solution - through Mr Tan Kin Lian ex-CEO of NTUC Income in the press - for everyone to buy a collective annuity using $100K from every cpf depositor!

This ensures that everyone regardless of financial capacity will receive a few hundred dollars a month from 65 - 84. It is a kind of social welfare scheme funded by the private cpf savings of Singaporeans not by the government.

However the catch is that $100K of cpf savings of yours being committed into that annuity will never be withdrawn even if one dies, becomes incapacitated or emigrate!

So any risk of shortfall on the part of the cpf board due to lump sum withdrawals of cpf savings will be drastically reduced.

See, how clever of PAP in covering up its enormous failure in investment and incompetence in financial management by making the people pay for them?

PAP lacks the political will to reverse its financial mismanagement of the last 40 years and now acts like a desperate gambler throwing money into failing Western banks - suffering meltdown from the subprime crisis - in the hope of recouping its losses.

The only commendation I have of the PAP is that it is ever so competent in covering up its incompetence and thus ensure a certain stability for the nation.

Anonymous said...

Someone said: give the senile old man a pail, a mop and pay him $500 a month and ask him whether he will choose to work to a ripe old age or death. I can be sure he will then choose death rather than live to a ripe old age.

With his easy life and top salary and the luxury of dictating when he wants to retire, he can talk all the nonsense he wants. And as someone above said, this is a trick, when in fact he is saying that he will never retire. No surprise about his intention though, as he already said that he will rise from the grave if anything that he cannot agree with happens to Singapore.

Merlot said...

Singapore is truly a country of no welfare. When we are young, we are encouraged to slog, and now that we are old, we cannot even be allowed to enjoy our retirement.

Thinking about it though, MM does make sense despite his senils status... the costs of living in Singapore are on the rise, and the CPF Board and/or annuities could only offer us that much to spend a month.

After paying off the PUB bills (with increasing tariffs ), phone bills, TV license (also on constant rise), buying groceries and food (all subjected to prevailing 7% GST and inflation)... there isn't much left to buy samfoos and clogs!

Therefore, for those of us who intend to keep our extracurricular activities such as smoking, tai chi and pampering our grandkids a little, life should be all about work, work, and work. Hey, I might even be able to save enough to pay for my own bereavement expenses working at McDonalds!

And sad to realize, even if the Senile One steps down, those taking over him would not be any better, having been under his guidance and brainwash.

Anonymous said...

What a great country it is not to be burdened by supporting a welfare state! Where immigrants come to this country to work hard, actively seek employment. Where competition in employment is unbridled, where mediocrity is not reward in positive discrimination, where every child has an equal start in receiving an education.

You want welfare? You pay for it, and how? By taxation! And who gets to spread the dole? Yours truly, the PAP government! The thought of giving them more money just makes me cringed!

Is welfare good? Personally I work hard for my wage, which I earn deservingly, I do not want to pay for some losers whose life just didn't work out, not when the person was accorded the same opportunity as me!

And when some loser hasn't got the foresight to plan his/hers retirement, am I to be penalised? You mean I have to pay their pension? I think they should consider doubly the function of MRT as a meat grinder.

Anonymous said...

They (the noises the MM made and makes) are just plain irritating.

Anonymous said...

he seems to suggest that if a person has contributed to improving lives, any corruption should not overshadowed the person's honor.

he is a kind and compassionate man indeed.

durai should be compensated and honored.

Twisted said...

Next time, you help an old lady cross the road and later, rob another old lady, remember the great leader encouragement to his confederate:

You should be honored!

Or maybe, only gods are above the laws you suppose?

Capt_Canuck said...

Would be interesting to see if MM Lee endorses Hitler's actions as well:

"sure, he was responsible for the execution of hundreds of thousands of Jewish people. BUT Hitler did raise Germany from a destitute country to a massive world power that improved the lives of millions of German people."

Anonymous said...

The pot PRAISING the kettle black.

Anonymous said...

Judging from the way things are going, MM Lee really mean what he says - that he will continue to work.

Hey, there is even a job waiting for him (he saved his own job, I guess with the recent cash injection in Citigroup).

Anonymous said...

How come the MM is the special advisor of Citibank? Is he paid for that? Or is he doing it for free?

Would'nt there be some conflict of interests?

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Anonymous said...

very profound insights indeed...

Anonymous said...

The old man is trying to live forever just because he has politics in him. Whether he retired or not he will soon have to leave this world. His wife is sick and soon he will be sick also. As a matters of time, all of us will have to leave this world. No one can live forever no matter who they are. Kings, emperors, super rich, ministers all will have give up their powers and money when the time come.

Anonymous said...

I have just past 50 years of age. All my children called me an old man. I read with interests on the newspaper article Retirement means DEATH.
As I read in between the lines of what is this VERY VERY VERY old man is trying to tell the world. From what he is saying is that he will live a very very long life (may 100 to 200 years in age)just because he has politics in his blood.

Sickness and old age will come to him soon. Everyday, all his cells are dying, aches and pain will eventually come to him and all the tonics and medicines cannot make him live forever.

I have known many people with have goals and purposes in life. All eventually still have to leave this world.
I am very sure there are many people who retired and will outlive this very very very old man.

The debt all men paid is DEATH.

The soon he accept this fact the better it will be for him.

Remember no one LIVES FOREVER.

Anonymous said...

With that 3 million salary, together with pension which is around 2/3 of their highest claimed salary.... even his family push to work to death if he doesn't want to =)

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