Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Us and Them.....

This is a follow up to Blueheeler's blog entry on the new year message : here.

PM Lee is on overseas leave and couldn't talk about the plight of Singaporeans himself so they chose another elite to do it - Michael Palmer. I guess he is filled with empathy for the people he serves:

He said, “From the ground we are already hearing people talking about the cost of living going up, food especially, basic necessities like rice, milk, bread. These people feel the pinch everyday. PM mentions, in his message, about the shoppers at Orchard Road. That may not be totally representative about the way people are feeling. It may be year-end bonus but when you look at the year forward and the rising cost of living, they have to deal with their monthly salaries and less that their money can buy”.

Yes sir, "these people" are ordinary Singaporeans. I'm not surpirsed MP Palmer has just started to discover Singaporeans have difficulty coping with all the price hikes. I guess if he can't see it at his level, it is even harder for our top ministers to 'feel it'. That is why the ministers have been hiking everything from electricity, transport, healthcare, housing etc. You can't blame them, they don't know how hard it is for you.

As an ordinary Singaporean, I would like to apologise for not being able to cope with the ever rising cost of living and causing trouble for them. The PAP has been able to provide such high quality of service that people from other countries would be willing to pay for and are queuing up in large numbers to enjoy but they are stuck with ordinary Singaporeans like myself. My subprime economic performance means that I'm a burden to this great govt that cannot progress as fast as it wants because it is stuck with ordinary citizens like myself. That is why it gives out large number of scholarships to foreigners and invite them to join Singapore is just so unfair for Singaporeans to stand in the way of the progress of our elites. They deserve their high remuneration because they have to put up with these people ....these ordinary Singaporeans.


Anonymous said...

Put into the context of my favourite Singaporean girl, Wee Shu Min...

These Singaporeans are one of many wretched, undermotivated, overassuming leeches in our country, and in this world. one of those who would prefer to be unemployed and wax lyrical about how his myriad talents are being abandoned for the foreigner’s, instead of earning a decent, stable living as a sales assistant.

please, get out of our elite uncaring faces.

Anonymous said...

Make a guess who's line is it ?

Before I joined the grassroots organisation, I never knew there were poor people in developed countries -

Anonymous said...

which is the reason why singaporeans are leaving in droves. Pandering to foreigners by dishing out scholarships so they could grab at any economic morsels India throws to to them isn't the way yo go.
we need to retain our own people, rathen than ignoring the exodus and replacing them with foreigners. True, foreign talents are necessary, but not to such extreme extents like jeopardising our healthcare "Australia style" with dubious overseas trained doctors. When something bad happens - it will ultimately lead to xenophobia in an otherwise tolerant Singapore.
Reform our education system. The young need to be thought how to think, which isn't a smart option for PAP but a necessary necessity. Parents would never want their kids to undergo what they've gone through - a pressure cookerpot education system.
How many times have we heard of our disgruntled countrymen complain about our leaders benovolence to foreigners. There is alot of xenophobia going on now, although it's usually hush hush. It's time the PAP heard these voices and act accordingly.

Singapore for Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

i have said this before....job creation is easy....but paying someone decent enough to get out of the rat race, they can't do because....they ve embraced a system of governance that is designed to enrich themselves at the expense of others.
their premise for such a justification is that good people should be rich and bad people... poor. so if you are poor,you must be bad, and the fault lies with you 'cause you did not take advantage of the ample opportunities created nor lived to their expectations set for you.
so if you fail to do your part, you re a leech.

but they forget that good people don't take advantage of others.

or should i say, leeching on others from the bottom!

so these hypocritical leeching blood suckers( just like their lawyers) are deluding themselves and think they are doing people a service when they are actually putting themselves before others with huge renumeration.

the nett effect of their capitalistic way is to slowly and quietly push the silent weaklings off the cliff and eventually squeeze the life out of the large majority of the middle class.

and what can the fucking opposition offer? basically nothing but to watch the power that be fall flat on their faces and wait to take over and do the same to you...muahahahhaaha

so really... you fucking bunch of middle class idiots deserve your impending doom because you do not know how to do your FUCKING SUM!!!


Anonymous said...

A*******STAR (How many stars do these deluded bastards need?) just opened up a SINGA scholarship ( for all foreigners over the world!
omg, who do you think they will attract?

WHile you are doing guard duties, dirty area cleaning, guess who's enjoying a free education at NUS/NTU/Poly (that you have to struggle with weekend tuitions)?

And guess who's waiting for you to compete for a job when you finish your half-fucked degree at NUS/NTU/Poly?

Anonymous said...

It strikes something in me when I read this and my heart begin to panic and these are not making any sense.

1) Your son is 18 years old
2) He go army and kana fuck by CBB regular for 2 years
3) A foreign 18 years old got scholarship and enjoy free education
4) Your son completed NS, you work more to pay for his University Fees,which just keep rising.
5) By the time your son completed his education, the foreigner will have 2 years ahead of him.
6) Once or twice every year, you son goes reservist. Foreigner sit office kio ka
7) War come, Foreigner say "goodbye , I go home". Your son go war die.
8) Welcome to Singapore

Anonymous said...

Years ago and still is today, our Chinese Malaysian brethren were offered free education and scholarships to study in Singapore. Gradually, these newly arrived were assimmilated into mainstream Singaporean society. Many contributed greatly to this nation economically and politically.

More recently, the PAP government realised that it needed a foothold in China and India, so it welcomed the Mainland Chinese and Indians by the boatloads with free education and scholarships like the Malaysians before them.

Then the PAP government realised that it wanted a doubling of the population, so it welcomes even more foreigners by the container-loads.

Then people startsed to see so many Indians on Orchard and hears so many Northern Chinese dialects wherever they go. Furthermore, the local children have to compete with these strange foreigners and at the same time serve in the NS followed by reservist - something these strange new foreigners are exempt.

Unlike the Chinese Malaysians and Chinese Indonesians - the local populace see no common values or bonds of kinship between these strange new foreigners and themselves. Furthermore they read about the government lavishing so much opportunities at these strange new foreigners without strings attached. These strange new foreigners might eventually leave after obtaining their PR, or move to the West after their education.

Don't blame these strange new foreigners for milking this country. The inept PAP and an even more inept opposition ought to be responsible for the struggles common singaporeans are facing.

family man said...

oil price hit $100 today. Isn't it about time govt remove the tax on petrol to reduce the cost of living in Singapore??

Anonymous said...

to dwell in Singapore is indeed a privilege because it gives foreigners first class citizenship whereas its own people step down graciously to become second-class singaporeans. A noble people, wouldnt you say?

whatever labels we have "world class", "developed " etc, its all a farce. These labels apply only to the top tier and anything below the highest class here are as good as outcasts.

I have never seen a country where the government is so eager to take care of its people. Now I should learn to take my pledge more seriously.

Anonymous said...

Temasek's Singapore Airlines is now trying to buy into China Eastern Airlines and the latter's parent company CNAC is opposing the deal.

They better do if only for the reason that the PAP will teach China Eastern Airlines how to exploit its employees.

We know through numerous past TV news reports how LKY intervened in SIA pay raises which were supposed to be given out to local employees.

And also how he also blocked SIA pilots' demand for higher pay given that theirs were much lower (as low as one third) than those in other airlines.

All these happened when SIA was making huge profits.

SIA is a public company which logically should not be subject to such political intervention but LKY wanted to show off his power and to make sure the world knew he started SIA. Big ego as usual and of course he only dared to try it on Singapore-based employees and not those in other countries.

Anyway, should SIA become a significant shareholder of China Eastern Airlines, it will get to learn LKY's precious 'trade secrets' on how to exploit one's own local employees.

PAP's ideological dirt is being spread around the world through its investments and other countries should beware of this danger to their social systems.

LKY does not believe in socialism anymore. To him life and society is all pure economics and if he is allowed to spread his soulless ideological disease, the ordinary workers of the world will get to suffer.

yamizi said...

anon @ 1:26pm

That's why I have been telling people around me daughters are at least better, not needed for the national service stint.

They can join those superstars competitions as well.