Sunday, February 10, 2008

U.S. Presidential Elections through S'porean Eyes.

Americans are having a really hard time trying to replace this guy:

Now the race is down to one Black guy, one woman and a war hero. It is strange that everyone I met and asked during Chinese New Year knew the names of the 3 candidates for US president but when I asked them who the MPs for their GRC were, they were able to name only half the GRC MPs. Unlike Americans, we don't really have to worry about who we vote for - as long as they come from a particular party, they must be good. Americans have a hard time figuring out who should be their next president, they go through numerous speeches, debates, town hall meetings, rallies just to figure out who should lead them costing the country plenty of time and money....and does not guarantee the best results (just look at the guy the elected the last time). If they save all that money and use it to pay the salary of the President, they might be able to hire someone like Jack Welch to run America like a big corporation.
I really don't understand why Americans are attracted to Obama. All he talks about is CHANGE - changing the political process, changing their healthcare system, etc etc.

Americans have a great system all they need is someone to tell them so and remove that urge for change. I guess the media there is not doing its job and the end result is this strong desire for change. They should have some media regulation or select their reporters and their output more carefully to give the citizens a greater sense of satisfaction for the system.

I got this bad feeling that this Obama feller is going to beat Clinton soon and McCain later to become the US President and put Americans through alot of troublesome change. Change they probably won't want if they have better newspapers.....


Anonymous said...

There should be a movie titled "The Haunted Murderous Bush-man and the Fools".

There should also be a sequel called "Banana-man helps Bush-man".

Anonymous said...

Americans want change. They see the Iraq quagmire that their nation has sunked into and they want to get out of it. They are experiencing the subprime crisis and they look for salvation.

So they look up to someone like Obama telling them many problems lies here and there. True as they may be except that he may have failed to tell them where the most dangerous problem lies:

The inherent belief of the American nation that it is the divinely chosen judge and punisher of other nations.

This is the real error they have to rectify. For that, the American people need come back to reality, to the fact that the US is just like another other nation and cannot escape from cluthces of karma.

That the US is now bogged down in Iraq is it's own self-created karma.

That there is a subprime problem is a result of corporate greed.

Have it what you will: 'no free lunch', karma, retribution, cause and effect, it all boils down to the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Americans want change but the problems they face are immense and I wonder whether the people themselves have the stomach to face it. For the presidential hopefuls, talk is cheap and promises are almost always broken after the elections, so don't count too much on the words and promises of the candidates. To solve their problems the American Government and people have to face reality, but after so many years of flagrant spending can we expect them to change. Not likely. From a creditor nation, America is now heavily in debt and the way they are spending means there is no way they can ever repay their debts. The age of the American domination of the world is coming to an end

Anonymous said...

with all due respect to the old man. the hidden message to the undiscerning is that we should be grateful for having benefited from his foresight and statuesque. he has, singlehandedly master minded a renaissance of progressive prosperity who dare feast upon its opulence this side of the world. he has sounded the trumpet of our salvation from troubled powers. he said that the floodgate has opened wide enough for massive inflow of funds to sustain more demand for food stamps. however, you will still not be spared from the turbulence that will rock your assets now and then. and why not? stability does not maketh the wise of this world rich. from somewhere must the multi million cometh to pay extravagance services or so he argued to himself.

will the bloodbath this time be bloodier than the the last decade? as more commercial spaces are spread out in the name of progress and sustaining growth, expect to see more businesses tossed like salad in a bowl of saucy changes.

however, it will not be small change lost in a world where the constant is enforced change!

Anonymous said...

let those who live by the sword die by the sword.
so love.

Anonymous said...

At least in America, they can demand change and ensure they get it - even if is after 8 long years - in Singapore it is a dynasty and no change is possible in the forseeable future. Susa, la.

Anonymous said...

i am also worried...