Thursday, March 27, 2008

Badawi : I underestimated the power of blogs...

"...certainly lost the Internet was a serious misjudgment to rely solely on government-controlled newspapers and television to get out its campaign message."
- Malaysian PM Badawi at an investor conference.

I guess Badawi finally realised that in the Internet Age propaganda is useless because people have alternative sources of information such as blogs and forums. The Malaysian govt is now trying to reach out to bloggers : link. I'm afraid it is too little too late, the country is now changed forever and the Internet played a significant role shaping the minds of Malaysians to bring about this transformation.
Our esteemed govt has in the past expressed concern that Singaporeans are being exposed to inaccurate and unfiltered information on the Internet. Unlike the Straits Times which is highly objective, many blogs are out to discredit our outstanding govt. Some like Mr. Brown's notorious blog even resort to satire to poke fun at our govt - I can't imagine what our our govt has done to deserve such ridicule. I consider satirical blogs like Mr. Brown's highly irresponsible as it trivialises the enormous effort by our govt to care for us. Amplifying the few honest mistakes (Mas Selamat, GST, Shin Corp, ....etc etc) will undermine the confidence the people have in our govt. While the Straits Times and the Chinese equivalent is the most widely read material on the island, an increasing number of people are turning to the Internet for information. I think the govt is honestly worried that these people are not getting the best information. Who are the writers of these unedited blogs? ....Our newspapers are written by people the best qualifications - such as Chua Mui Hoong who previously worked for the ISD and the editor of the Straits Times Han Fook Kwang a former govt scholar wrote the book "LKY, the man and his ideas" are prime examples of objective journalists who can give us the best information - healthy stuff for our minds. Who is Mr. Brown?...Mr. Brown is not even Mr. Brown, he is Lee Kin Mun, a free lance writer comedian without the proper qualifications to disseminate information to Singaporeans.
The PAP govt has banned political podcasting and videocasting during elections...but the Internet is designed such that such bans are useless - anyone can put out a podcast or video anonymously without being caught. They also tried to get bloggers who "persistently propagate, promote or circulate political issues relating to Singapore" to register with the MDA...unfortunately no body bothered with that.

Our govt can do what the Malaysian govt is trying to do now reach out to bloggers. We can start giving away National Day awards to bloggers who contribute the most to our national agenda. Our ministers should meet up with bloggers regularly to build a bridge for a two-way dialogue between the government and people. There should be rewards and awards for bloggers who show the best appreciation for their policies.

Looking around in the blogsphere I'm very sad to say that except for my blog, there are very few (almost none) that truly appreciate what our govt has done for us. Our govt may not be able to please everyone but it seems to have displeased every single political blogger (except myself). I say to everyone, lets keep our minds open when we evaluate what the PAP govt is doing for us, there is always a good side to everything they do and if you're not sure how it is good for you, all you need to do is open up the Straits Times ....and all the goodness will enter your mind.


Anonymous said...

Looking around in the blogsphere I'm very sad to say that except for my blog, there are very few (almost none) that truly appreciate what our govt has done for us.

hahahaha! you crack me up!

Anonymous said...

Almost you mean with vanishing probability? hahaha

Don't forget the PAP ninjas/stooges, who work for $$$$.

Kway teow man etc, they will take different forms to confuse people.

yamizi said...

"all you need to do is open up the Straits Times ....and all the goodness will enter your mind."

This is funny.


Sarah said...

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Anonymous said...

The re-colonization of Singapore under PAP -----------------------------------------------------

Now we are beginning to see how Singapore politics is connected to the world of big finance. By this I mean more than global economics, such as the fact that recession of the US is affecting Singapore's exports.

What I mean is that while people usually view politics in national and municipal terms, it looks to me that the PAP govt had been thinking and acting in an entirely different context.

Long ago the PAP govt must have been convinced by Western thinkers about the non-viability of a small nation-state like ours in the face of globalization and has thus been viewing our nation's continued survival in terms of serving up to the MNCs.

That more jobs are now going to foreigners than Singaporeans, just so that MNCs can stay put here, goes to show how obsessed PAP has become with its servile relationship with these MNCs.

Thus instead of making policies based on national interests, PAP has turned it on its head. It appears that PAP's reasonsing is that since foreign investments are important to Singapore's economy, then foreign investments should be pursued at all costs, even if this country has to be completely taken over by foreign workers.

PAP is obsessed with economic growth at the expense of denying Singapore workers' interests and rights such as represented by issues of minimum salary, non-payment of overtime worked, depression of low-wage workers due to influx of foreign labour.

So long as the economy as a whole is producing the macro economic figures for PAP, it does not matter to PAP that our people are suffering.

You see if hotel room rates can go up to $1000 a night and the aerospace industry is booming, never mind that up to 70% of the workforce are foreign, the GDP figure will be raised. Furthermore if hundred of thousands of foreign workers are subject to workers' levies, these also will show up in Budget surpluses.

From obsession with foreign investments, PAP narrows down to the multinational financial institutions of banks and hedge funds which it has strongly encouraged to setup shop here, in hope of making Singapore the Asian hub for financial services.

Well and good but PAP obviously also recognises and fears the power of these financial institutions to harm the economy through their activities such as seen in the Asian Crisis.

PAP has therefore chosen to be subservient to them, including using big money to help them when they are in trouble. The bailing out of Western banks in the last few months by PAP with more than S$40 billion of taxpayers' and cpf money, and now already lost 30% of that, is good case in point.

It appears from all such policies and moves of PAP, first seen during the Asian Crisis, that our national fate is under the control of some global master group.

And this domination by them for all we know is rooted in the simple reason that PAP is a political coward when confronted by bigger powers.

If some still think what I just said is another interesting conspiracy theory, I would like to let them understand that what PAP has lost over the last 2 months in bailing out the Western banks amounted to about S$10,000 per adult Singapore citizen already.

I hope this figure would help us to re-think our concept of how the world actually operates.

The connection between PAP and its hidden masters is a troubling issue that will do our people in completely if not checked.

This is because someday many may wake up to find that they cannot withdraw their CPF savings in their old age because the draw-down age keeps moving further and further, up to say 85 years old. And why not, in PAP's book?

When PAP makes a mess of our people's own savings, it will devise all kinds of policies to patch up the problem at the expense of the people.

As for the nation's reserves accumulated through annual surpluses, lets not think about them. If we cannot be assure of our own cpf savings, why think until that far, especially when PAP considers surpluses as belonging to it.

If PAP must be moved out, one important reason that is not talked about is that it has aligned itself too much with the rich and powerful, be it nations or corporations, at the expense of the people.

PAP is a political coward that cannot be depended to protect and save our nation in times of crisis. For if during relatively untroubled times, PAP feels pressed to give in so greatly to its hidden masters, then we know how it will fare under crisis.

PAP just talks big but is as timid as a mouse to the big boys. That's why hedge funds are laughing away at PAP for its huge but foolish investment in those Western banks.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness I only follow 2 streams of media in life; 1)your blog, and 2) The Straits Times!

From these 2 channels, I can wake up each day motivated to go to work. Inflation will never be a problem for me because I've swtiched to frozen meat.

To fella like Mr Brown, I hope his frozen meatballs will never thaw!

Anonymous said...

To the guy who wrote the piece above (recolonization of Singapore...):

Please don't leave such dumb comments in this blog. Visit other blogs and leave your stupid nonsense there.

We're a happy Straits Times-reading group who doesn't understand a word you're saying! We don't give a hoot about such trivial things too.

Go away and never come back.

A Happy & Lucky S'porean fan

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:04

You said rightly the post on "The re-colonization of Singapore under PAP" is dumb. And that's only because you are too dumb to understand what has been written.

When a fool cannot understand a slightly complex message, he/she will label it as dumb. You are that fool.

Okay, you said it was all trivia.

S$40 billions invested in failing Western banks at the worst timing resulting in a loss of S$13 billion to date is TRIVIA to you.

Depriving Singaporean workers of a proper livelihood and exploiting them is TRIVIA to you.

Giving more and more jobs to foreigners rather than to Singapore ans is TRIVIA to you.

Your cpf savings being squandered by PAP is TRIVIA to you.

You must be the dumbest fella around.

You also said you love reading the Straits Times. Then in that case you cannot really love this blog which is parody of the system.

Stop pretending you do.

Also stop calling you little self as the Straits Times-reading group.

There is no such group here; only individuals posting their views.

Make you point but don't tell others they should not post their thoughts.

If there is anyone who decides whether what post should not appear, it is Lucky not you.

You are just a PAP MOLE pretending to be what you are not. The recolonization post is based on verifiable facts and hence you masters are scared to be exposed. Simple as that and you are just their running dog.

Onlooker said...

Oh lucky how will our garment survive without you lapping in their laps.
They should just give you an award.
As for Badawi, the people knows and with every action(against the people) there is an equal and opposite reaction.
For instance BUMIPUTERA(usually mean the elite rich sons of the land sound familiar?)
And they say bloggers can't replace reporters.

Anonymous said...

To the one who left the comment at 3.04 pm., me feel that your brain has been washed by the ST and other propaganda machinery or you are a running dog. Go and leave such comments in the ST or the New Paper and not here as you will incur the wrath of readers! But, maybe, you don't care or can't even discriminate because you have been dulled for too long. So sad, lah!

Anonymous said...

Dude ! you make my day !

We are not alone !

Anonymous said...

not that 'dumb'. if you kiss-an-angel, he may just let you in on the secret?

our multi-millionaires are not contended with just domestic issues. pawns or not, the size of their shoes and hats have to be altered considerably to fit bigger roles,bigger egos and bigger rolling dice!

that's the reason why they are often on 'work holidays'. it is quite apparent our political landscape has been greatly enlarged.

good and bad or good and evil?

Anonymous said...

To anon 3.04pm

Since u r a supporter of the Shit Times, your comment in this blog is equally shit to me.

And if u r just one of those shameless running dogs for PAP, then I can understand why u r calling others stupid because PAP is full of smart arses.

Pls respect the views of others if u want others to respect your view.

Anonymous said...

To anon 3.04pm
(A Happy & Lucky S'porean fan)
Talking about awards
I have got awards for ANON 3.04pm .
Know what they say about awards ?
"Awards are like heamarroids, someday every asshole is gonna get one" your case...many.

To Re-colonization of sgp, great comment,good food for thought, thx.

alex said...

weren't they looking for the happiest Singaporean a week ago?

the nominees must have their daily doses of The Straits Times to stay that happy (:

Anonymous said...

PAP says that 6 out of 10 jobs are now going to foreigners (not inclusive of PRs).

I know the actual figure is higher. This is because there is a common practice among contractors in certain sectors to use the NRICs of Singaporeans to register for CPF contributions by employers. These S'poreans do not work but their names are just used to show that the Singaporean-foreigner ratio for their business meets MOM requirements. MOM surely knows about such a practice but keeps a blind eye.

I do not blame those contractors because they have to keep their business going. While some jobs require such a Singaporeans-to-foreigners quota, I see that other higher end jobs are being given away freely to foreigners, like those in IT and aerospace.

For instance, I found that some IT companies are manned by up to 90% foreigners. The troubling part is that some of these professionals are not IT specialists like programmers which are hard to come by among Singaporeans but marketing and sale personnel, jobs which can be done by our own people. And they are paid at least S$1800 to S$2500, according to MOM.

I am sure many Singaporean Poly graduates are fit to take up such jobs and would be happy to be paid S$1800 to S$2500.

Paradoxically as it would seem, I was also told by insiders in booming Singapore Technologies Aerospace that 70% of technicians are foreigners, paid like on average S$700 monthly only. And STA employs thousands of them. These foreign technicians have to work long hours in overtime just to make ends meet.

MOM must has categorised these technicians under the unskilled category thus allowing such workers with low salary scale to work here.

Therefore wherever possible as in the aforesaid aerospace industry, PAP structures the economy for ever low-cost offerings - incongruous against Singapore's level of economic/infrastructure development - by depending on an exceedingly high and growing population of foreign workers.

But going low-cost is actually not entirely true. This is because for both various unskilled and skilled workers PAP happily collects high foreign worker levies to the tune of many S$billion annually.

PAP is not about to stem the influx of foreign workers. In fact it is going opening the door wider to attract more foreign talent.

Singapore from all looks is a booming city. But why has the number of Singaporeans applying for government assistance gone up 50% in recent times, according to the PAP's own MP Lily Neo..

The real reason behind this paradox is that PAP only looks at macro-economics, that is how much big economic figures it can generate like how much taxes and levies, budget surpluses, export growth and all that kind of stuff.

For these are the kind of things that matter to Lee Kuan Yew and his ministers because they will ensure that their fat income will continue to flow, that they can employ more highly paid top talents, with big academic qualifications but never mind they are going to loss more S$billions for Singapore.

It is like that: In one past national day rally, Lee Kuan Yew spoke thus to would-be top bureaucrats. He told them first they must be scholars, then when they graduated they must go work for big MNCs for years in top positions. Then when he finds them fit, they will be inducted into his service.

You see he is god up there, even scholars and top MNC executives must climb many a mountain before they can smell god's feet.

It is all ONE BIG EGO TRIP of a megalomaniac. Enough of this nonsense!

Anonymous said...

To the PAP running dogs who are trying to mess up this messageboard, try first to settle your own Young PAP forum which you have have already lost to the dissidents.

If you cannot even take good care of your own website, don't try to change the course of anti-PAP blogs.

Few days ago on TV, Lee Hsien Loong surrounded himself with a dozen ministers and top official just to make a statement on promoting innovation.

The fear of the top PAP leadership after hearing what PM Abdullah in the face of anti-PAP trend on the Internet is showing up pretty much on PAP govt. What a wimp!

For now it is sending out its moles to do damage to the true Singaporean cause which is to protect our own livelihood and that of our children.