Sunday, March 09, 2008

The hand behind the Opposition Victories in Malaysia!

Who else? ....They made sure he couldn't run by organising the elections one month before he becomes eligible. He sent his daughter to run and she defeated the incumbent BN candidate "reserving" a seat for him.

Anwar...? Who is he?...IMO, I think the moment that best sums up his character was what he said in a CNN interview several years back when he was asked if he felt resentment towards Mahathir for sending him to jail for so many years. His response was ..."it was all politics". Anwar is all politics and he is damn good at it. ...damn good at winning too. PAS was able to win big because Anwar persuaded them to alter their image and drop their demands for an Islamic state. He worked behind the scene to unite the fractious opposition parties to do well in the elections.

When Anwar was in UMNO, he rose quickly to be DPM. The problem was Anwar knew that the status quo had to be changed, the crony politics, the corrupt practices, and there was growing resentment in 1997 and when the Asian crisis struck, Anwar saw it as an opportunity to make major changes - the same type of changes that transformed South Korea for the past 10 years. Unfortunately, UMNO was not quite ready for change and Dr. M saw the risk to his power and acted promptly to take care of him...

It has been a short time since his release from jail and the massive victories of the Malaysian opposition. I've no doubt he will form a viable alternative to the BN by the next General Elections and that will result in a 2 party system in Malaysia. If the BN still cannot make the changes the people demand, it will risk being overthrown.

The Malaysian economy has been booming in the past few years. They have the F1, casinos, and huge shopping malls opening in the cities every other month. The problem was the wealth wasn't distributed equally - even among the bumis there was dissatisfaction that most haven't benefited from the New Economic Policy. The govt is authoritarian and depended on a compliant media to spin information in its favour. The use of the ISA, anti-sedition laws and defamation lawsuits to repress members of the opposition is perceive negatively by the people as undemocratic. The people, especially the young, yearn for more democracy, a bigger voice in govt and real freedom rejecting the social contract of the past 40 years. Now that the people have expressed their demand in the way they voted, the Malaysian govt has little choice but to reform its political process, free up the media and adopt the best democratic practices....or risk losing the next elections.

The message is very clear - as long as people get to vote, all they need to do to get the changes they want is to vote wisely.

There is no doubt the internet played a huge role is the success of the Malaysian opposition's campaign. In 2004 the BN won 91% of the seats, just 4 years later they are denied a two thirds majority in parliament. With the Internet, the main stream media spin is useless the people will eventually find the truth.


Onlooker said...

Hurray for Malaysia.
But will this type election result carry over to our Fair isle.
Only time will tell.
PS Anwar is a really good politician that is why Mahathir want to get rid of him so badly (in the past the sodomy case):)
Mahathir now blaming Abdullah now. So Ma hou pao lol like our old man.

Anonymous said...

Please dun hold your breathe waiting for it to happen in Singapore. Suicide is illegal.


Anonymous said...

Hope the comparison isn't lost... Malaysia is such a backward country, rife with racism and corruption, now an opposition leader that is a sodomite! I am not surprise their bright student are coming over in drove, to have a world class education, even though it meant signing a bond for three years!

Glad I live in Singapore, land of equal opportunity and meritocracy, with a clean and efficient gahmen.

We even have a Malay winning Singapore idol! A two term Indian president! Majullah Singapura! :D

Anonymous said...

For PAP members reading this : LHL asked this regarding Mas Selamat- "it happened, what to do?" It sounds like a lame PM.
I believe the citizens want to know that : as highly paid prime minister, highly paid civil servants, we expect to see heads roll. If you want the pay, you make the assessment and tell us who is in charge - DPM Wong? ISA Director? It cannot be "It happened, we will cover up!"

Anonymous said...

And I love the way the PM turns things around - from a screwed up Minister of Finance predicting a deficit to a surplus of 6 bil - we all know for a fact that GST should not be raised by 40% (ie 2/5 equals 40%, not 2% - see hong kong example) And he is deflecting the weakness of his ministry of finance by labelling the citizenry of 'wanting more' 'greedy' Singaporeans. Hell, sure it is fine for us to increase his pay, screw us with GST increase and now blame the citizen for wanting more help to counter the high inflation - oh wait - means testing is coming, affecting another 40% of the citizens. Not the government fault, of course. I wish he had stayed quiet instead of getting me more incensed by talking....

Anonymous said...

I admire the Malaysian citizens for their guts in exercising their votes to change the status quo in their Parliament! The winds of change, indeed for all Malaysians.

Onlooker said...

Actually Anwar Win for a really good reason leh.
With all those corruptions and stuff going on behind closed doors and corporate ones at that of course malaysia,truly asia (coff bumiputera)people will be pissed.
They can't copy Singapore tactic because they have more landmass and there is no really powderful puppet master behind: peep Like Mahathir is not a MM like our old man so he can complain all he want actually come to think of it Is it because of Proton?
To anon 11:12pm What happen to President Ong teng cheong and your CPF don't answer if your a girl
PS Malaysia is surpassing us in some technology but not able to disclose.Google it your self :)
Yeah suicide is inlegal in singapore i guess that why so many singaporean die during IPPT unless you are a girl :)

daikor said...

The time has come for Barisan Alternatif. After April, when Anwar is officially allowed back in the scene, BN is in deeper trouble.

Anonymous said...

If everytime something serious happens and our leader says 'it happened, what to do?' it sounds like a rooster crowing 'cock a doodle-do'. Just an everyday routine thing

Try and remember this great quotation. It helps.

Anonymous said...

Words used by our politicians (and top bureaucrats) to hide their inefficiency :

"It happened, what to do .."
"It is very unfortunate ... "
"I regret the incident happened ..."

and the unspoken words are :

"... and we still get paid by the $millions, haha, get us if you can."

21st dec 2012 said...

anon @ 11.12pm. You are a MORON!