Monday, March 10, 2008

Malaysia : With change comes risk.....

Malaysia will never be the same again.

Changes will come fast....and furious. The new govt in Selegor wants to eliminate the OSA (Official Secrets Act) and implement the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). : [Link].

The poll results have rattled investors : [Link].

Some early analysis of why Badawi lost : [Link].

Malaysians have decided to take a risk and go for change. They are tired of the race based politics, the lack of transparency, curruption, the arrogance of the govt, crime, inflation, inequality, lack of freedom and democracy, govt waste and ineffficiency. Malaysians seem to have alot of things they are unhappy about and the dissatisfaction has been festering beneath a calm surface for some time.
I saw a few interviews with Malaysians on TV and they are generally optimistic that the change will turn out well. The country was almost stagnant when it came to political progress and there was no motivation on the part of BN to make them because they felt no pressure from the populace thinking they can win elections by preserving the status quo.


Anonymous said...

KLSE tanked. Are you sure you want the same for STI?

What price political freedom?


LuckySingaporean said...

Horror of course is more important those ambiguous things called democracy, justice and freedom.

With money I'll have power - purchasing power. That is the only power Singaporeans need and want.

Anonymous said...

But it may surprisingly bring more S'porean back, especially those who left because they see a bleak future under PAP's dictatorship.

So lose some and gain some. But what is lost is in all likelihood temporary while what is gained is something more permanent: a awakening of the power of people over their destiny and hence more assurance for the future.

Anonymous said...

The trouble is, you aren't going to get the money and haven't been. Singapore is set up to fund the elite and everyone else is a vassal. I wonder what it will take for Singaporeans to wake up and realize that they do not live in a democracy when budgets are "presented" instead of "debated" and when issues like "how did a terrorist escape from a high security prison?" are not covered because it isn't positive for the PAP. what's the latest on Mas by the way? even this blog has gone quiet on that front? why aren't heads rolling?

Anonymous said...

To be rich is glorious once said a great man, for even a hhumble rat catcher shouldn't be discriminated by his creed or colour of the skin :D

All for the better that Malaysia follow the footsteps of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

it is interesting to note that the vatican has identified and issued a new set of 7 deadly sins.

four of which is worth mentioning.

1) financial gluttony( being OBSCENELY wealthy)
2) environmental pollution
3) social injustices
4) causing poverty

each is a weighty subject on its own.

and according to the church, these 'sins' lead to 'eternal death' or 'hell' lol

i am glad the church has awaken to a SOCIAL GOSPEL.

the financial gluttons feeding on social injustices,causing poverty and environmental destruction should take heed of their 'SINS'.

ahem...these are serious mortal sins!

don't play play better go pray pray!lol

Anonymous said...

Although the KLSE dropped & the entire media has only highlighted all the purportedly negative effects of the rakyat choosing Opposition - I believe that change is the same everywhere - PAINFUL.

This change is necessary. Support for Badawi will always be strong - but the denying of BN for a big win is to highlight the importance of the rakyat's voice and most importantly, that the politicians work for the rakyat and not for their self gains. Issues that are felt across board, irrespective of races, like rise in cost of living is just too much to swallow. The rakyat feels that, does the politicians?

The rakyat has made their choice and is willing to put up with the pain. At least there is a chance ... better than none at all.

Anonymous said...

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