Saturday, March 08, 2008

Malaysian Opposition DAP Wins Penang!!!

On Saturday morning I typed a post with the title "Will DAP win Penang?". I left in on my blog for a few hours but after reading that the DAP can only able to win 10 seats (out of 40) in the worst case scenario in the Newpaper, I decided to remove my posting as I thought it would be too far fetched and my instincts were wrong and chances were just too slim. is like Worker's Party winning in Bedok....oh that would have been a disaster. I woke up this morning and found out they actually won. Here's why I thought the DAP had a good chance of winning - my post on Saturday morning:

A few months ago I went to Penang for a holiday. I was there 12 years before that trip and what struck me as the taxi took me from the airport to my hotel the airport to my hotel along Ferringhi Beach was the place hasn't changed in 12 years. The moment I entered the cab at the airport the driver complained that they wanted to move the airport to Butterworth and he was unhappy that the govt wasn't doing enough for the state. I thought the guy was just a disgruntled taxi driver like those we have in have in Singapore ....the ones driving taxis that are not blue in color. However, one of the nights, I went to eat at an Italian Restaurant. Business wasn't very good and the owner came over to my table and chatted with me. He told me that he felt that Penang is going downhill because most of the young unable to find good employment there have been leaving for Kuala Lumpur. I could sense there is some unhappiness and it has been festering for quite some time.
Since the last elections, resentment has been building up and there is a real possibility it will fall in the hands of the opposition DAP. The Penang Govt must have thought its was doing a good job and became complacent. It was clear there was a loss of support only when large crowds turned out for the DAP rallies during the elections. Now it too late for them to do anything, the people are demanding change and they are willing to vote for change.
Badawi's position as PM is now weakened. They expected to win Penang easily but you cannot expect the people you neglected to support you by just coming around during the elections. They might have support you over the years but at some point when the frustration level rises to a point where election promises are seen as empty. Over time people will realise your actions do not match your words and their interests is not a priority with the govt. Frustration eventually turns to courage to go for a change - to take a risk or live through another 5 years of waiting for change that never comes. The people of Penang took a long time to realise that their voices will not be heard as long as they are too afraid to vote for someone else. The lesson for the Malaysian govt is this - you may think that you can treat the people the same way and they will keep voting the same way because the media supports you and convinces the people that you are the best and the only viable choice. takes some time but people will realise the island of Penang will not sink because they voted for someone else.


Anonymous said...

And we will make sure that PAP will suffer the same fate and more.

How? Changing mindsets which the useless opposition that we are nevertheless going to vote for are not doing between elections.

Forget the press now, as it is completely repressed by PAP. You can't blame too much people whose paymaster is PAP.

Only bloggers left to change mindsets. It needs hard work like what Lucky is putting in and the messages should be clear and convincing.

1000 people a day now visiting Lucky's blog might look insignificant but the effect is geometric in scale if people start talking.

In my frank opinion, I know not any other economically developed nation that is so deceptive and abusive of its citizens.

National surpluses squandered, your hard-earned CPF savings ripped off over the decades and now locked up, heath care privatized, public housing prices raised to sky high levels, no social welfare but yes if you go begging your PAP MP every few month for 2 meals a day, every 5 out of 10 jobs given to foreigners and increasing (PRs not included mind you)... the list goes on.

Still want PAP? It is a runaway morally decadent government and it will do the people in completely if nothing is done soon.

Anonymous said...

I think those who visited blogs are already not buying what is throttled out of our MSM. The problem is the 66.66% are already completely mind-washed and brain-dead. It is difficult to change their mindset and coupled with the GRC requirements, going the way of Penang is remote in the foreseeable future. But some are betting on changes when the immortal one joins Suharto and Ah Meng.

Anonymous said...

The sleeping PM in Malaysia gave malaysians a chance, not sure whether this opportunity will present itself to Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

In Taiwan the Kuomintang Party had to work very hard between elections to win back a legislative majority in 2008 after losing it in 2001.

In every country people's minds and hearts are not easily won over. I suppose there is a hidden societal logic to it. The way of the masses is a source of societal stability and hence explains for the general conservativeness, the slow change.

Unless there is a disaster such as the terrorist bombing in Spain, voters do not suddenly switch loyalty in a big way.

Even PAP had to work very hard during its rise. It had to work together with the leftists - who were popular with the people - as one party in order to be elected the government, even though from the start their doctrines were opposed.

Nowadays opposition parties in Singapore do not believe much in inter-party unity because there are differences between them.

They really underestimate the kind of effort require to swing people's minds and hearts to their favour.

The idea of electoral rally is actually to "chao", foment public opinion. However given that PAP allows only 1 week for this, then the opposition should try all ways between elections to foment.

One of the biggest problems with the opposition is that the it does not seem to think much about the mass media and hardly if at all call any press conferences on national issues.

Their press releases are also so few that people think they are not talking at all.

But in fact some opposition parties are working hard behind the scene, visiting residents to sell their newspapers and talk to them.

If all these leg work can be translated instead to making them heard in the mass media, they can acomplish much more.

Please don't tell me that press releases and conferences are banned in Singapore. I know there are not.

The opposition should not expect PAP to open a big castle gate for you to enter. When you are fighting an entrenched enemy you have to look for whatever breach there is and break open from there.

But then some opposition people might say that PAP will clamp down on the press again if they become active through it.

Of course, PAP can do that. So can PAP fix up elected opposition MPs in Parliament. So why attempt get into Parliament in the first place?

Fatalist thinking knows no bounds.

In the end, it is whether the opposition are receptive to public inputs like this.

It is not about winning arguments but winning votes. From the views of readers here, there seems to be a prevailing doubt as to whether the opposition can win even a few seats in the new elections. This is a terrible prospect.

I hope the opposition people are not going to tell me "Why don't you come and join us instead of just talking."

This is sounds too much like PAP and besides how do you know that I have never helped the opposition before?

Such a retort which I have heard a few times from the opposition people also betrays the inadequate understanding that the much of what political parties stand for are ideas. A party will win or fall on ideas.