Friday, March 21, 2008

Mas Selamat : 21 days and counting!!!

I blamed the opposition for Mas Selamat's escape. The Opposition is also taking up precious resources by organising the "Tak Buleh Tahan" protest. I blame them for the inability of our police to capture Mas Selamat, instead of using every man to guard every forest in Singapore, they have to waste time monitoring the activities of Chee so that he can be arrested if he causes trouble.
Based on YouTube videos it takes about 10 policeman to take care of his sister alone. If these people were deployed to guard Mas Selamat, he wouldn't have been able to escape. Although we know now that Chee is highly dangerous, perhaps we should also allocate a little more resources to guard terrorists like Selamat. While I know the consequences of allowing Chee and his people to escape arrest for assembling and speaking in public will be devastating for Singapore, we should have assigned a few more people to guard Selamat because he was handed to us by the Indonesian government. Just look at the large number of policemen assigned to take care of Chee in the video, he is a threat to our society. Although he does not intend to harm us physically, he is hurting our minds by telling us the govt is to be blamed for our inflation woes. He has hurt us in the past by calling us serfs (slaves) because we don't have calling us repressed people because we don't have a real calling us sheep because we have been fed filtered information from media. Mas Selamat may be a terrorist but he hasn't hurt us as badly as Chee. That is why the police has to turn up in large numbers whenever Chee and his people get together.

Some people may argue that the police won't have to waste resources if such small protests are made legal like in other countries (S. Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong etc...). But we can't do that, the people in those countries have stopped appreciating the good work and grand accomplishments of their leaders just look at how much their politicians are paid.

Here is an enlightened letter from a Straits Times reader. He wants to advise Chee to change his ways. The PAP govt is a kind gentle govt that cares for the people and work for the interest of the citizens. It may look draconian to arrest people for assemblying illegal but that too is for their own good because these people should be shopping at Harvey Norman instead of wasting their time protesting.

"I and many others are grateful to the Government and appreciative of what it has done....let us continue living a trouble free life under the current government...."

- Paul Antony Fernandez.

"Thanks for your advice Mr. Fernandez. I feel alot more comfortable if everyone is like you but some people like Chee will never learn. Yes, let us all continue to enjoy this trouble free life and ignore troublemakers like Chee. Even with Mas Selamat running loose, life is okay in Singapore"

-Lucky Tan

Back to the issue of Mas Selamat. Where is he now? Members of the public have been told to report any missing clothing, food and lost vehicles. There is a 5 hour traffic jam at the Causeway because every vehicle has to be thoroughly checked in case he decided to smuggle himself out in the boot of your family car. Every MRT station, bus and train has his posters. Our police is monitoring every forest and watching all the former JI members for clues. Everything that can be done is being done to catch this limping terrorist. But where is Mas Selamat now?....For all we know, he could have collected a few thrash bags use them as floats and swam to Indonesia in the middle of the night. If he did that, maybe the Indonesians can catch him for us like they did the last time and hand him over.......


Kaffein said...

Thanks for the video.

If only they had done the same with Mas Selamat...


Anonymous said...

I believe it is time all blogger ask the govt to stop this search for the mas selamat. I hope WKS be called to account the amount spent so far on this so called search for this missing body. MMS cost for the 3 telcos, man hours in the forests, paper printed, inflation due to higher food prices cos of long wait at causeway. But the price we all pay will forever be hidden, not see the light of day with our PAP leaders. All this to catch a man never convisted in court, as guilty as one Francis Seow who talked to an American.

Anonymous said...

Why do you always advertise for harvey Norman? And you on their payroll? What about Best-Denki, Courts etc...Singaporeans love to flood these places as well.

Anonymous said...

Just to point out that Sg has no forests, only woods which are more difficult to recky.
And why bother to check vehicles going Johor when we are sure the bloke is hiding locally.

Anonymous said...

i think... masah masah was delighted for a momentary reprieve from our hard working officers while they attended to a more serious unrest from a group of families singing " we shall overcome" printed on placards.

that momentary reprieve might have bought masah masah some time for a holiday in Timbuktu ...i think.

Anonymous said...

Harvey Norman has great service, Best Denki got all those rejects Chow Ah Beng from Sim Lim Square. That's why! My opinion anyway not Lucky's

Anonymous said...

i watched the video and can't help myself finding that the police sounds like maids.

"Sir, sir, sir,...." hahaha

Wong Kan Seng, you training Singapore Police Force constables to be maids izzit?? In case Lao Lee said next time must go overseas to be maid izzit?

One Mas Selamat , and the whole Singapore tah boleh tahan.

Anonymous said...

You guys don't get the cue do you?

In a previous protest held by Chee, the world class Singapore Police Force came with riot gear! Crash helmet and shields! A dozen minah polis came down hard and fast hitting on a few kuching kurat protester holding just placards.

Now this is like SPF saturday family outing, polo shirt and that pretense of politeness.

It is shameful that Singapore has to present itself in this manner when they have better business catching that cartoon 'terrorist'

Anonymous said...

should this radical be soon declared a national hero(anti perhaps)? why so?

consider this - he defied a security system that worth billions of dollars.

consider this - he defied a highly regarded unique talent and a highest paid - multi million dollar - minister in the world.

consider this - he defied being caught by 4.7 million people packed in a SINGLE-PORE.

and how not to admire this radical citizen considering that he didn't even escape from the palm ( a single man) of a mighty legal system in the court room but in a TOILET.

he is so elusive to our 'most up to date' radar system and like a pin in a can of potatoes soup, defied to be found!

and get this: he did all these limping! :)

will he be the repressed society compressed into a SINGLE-PORE new anti hero?

i shall leave it to the jury to judge. :)

Anonymous said...

Leave without trace , Singapore best show

Anonymous said...

Singapore's opposition in the main labour either over municipal or democratic issues.

SDP believes in the latter. It feels that the whole system has been perverted by PAP and even if one gets into Parliament, it will be useless.

However in the real world, democracy is very often far from ideal. Look at the US, where the powerful political lobbies make political observers to think that the US govt is actually controlled by them. Look at Thailand, does the vote count more than the powers of retired top army officers? The list goes on when one cares to look deeper into every country's politics.

Francis Seow was one of the rarer opposition politicians that understood how to leverage with large foreign powers. He had some going-ons with a key American diplomat in Singapore.

For this reason and others, PAP felt that Francis Seow was such a threat that it announced even before the vote count in 1988 GE that should he get elected, it would bar him from Parliament from reason of tax evasion.

In reality, today PAP itself kowtows to and obeys the US. How else can we explain that more than S$40 billion of our taxpayers' and CPF money were used to save the failing banks of Wall Street at the most inopportune timing?

PAP also attempts to work with China and India, knowing them to be emerging econo-political powers. From the many speeches by LKY, we can see how it tries to play the American, Chinese and Indian cards and sometimes in an incoherent manner.

However I feel that the Chinese govt does not like nor trust PAP, knowing that it is an American stooge. Former PM of China Chou En-Lai's criticism of LKY that he was a banana-man - meaning he is superficially yellow outside but white inside - was therefore rather prophetic.

On the other hand, there are some members within the opposition that are working quietly along the same line, mostly with mainland Chinese politicians.

These are the smarter ones - usually Chinese-educated ones - for they can see that realpolitiks has always been a case of such alliances with bigger powers. I should think they also know who are China's proxies in Singapore, like a few in the financial sector.

However when I read the bad things CSJ wrote about Mao Tse-Tung, I can see what he is missing. He is not leveraging in the right way.

Capt_Canuck said...

Just because you have a terrorist problem happening in your country doesnt mean that you can relax your laws and normal way of life.

during 9/11, did the Americans relax their laws to allow for looting and rioting? Did they relax their laws saying "The terrorist is of this heritage, so we can now go out and commit hate crimes against those people of the same heritage"? No because they had to keep a normal semblance of life. In fact, they even pushed going out shopping and spending and traveling because money moves the nation, and if people stay at home in fear, then the terrorist wins.

So, Singapore is only following suit of normal nations. Terrorist situation arises, laws can not be relaxed (just cause police are needed to track down a terrorist doesnt mean they will ignore someone speaking in public) and economy must be enhanced (spend, spend and spend).

Concept is the same, only difference is the level of severity of the law. The severity of the law should be of no surprise to anyone in the world about Singapore since it has to be the most anal nation in the world.

Anonymous said...

cpt whatever you are...

holding placards amounts to what crime? a few monkeys protesting amounts to economic destruction? police over reacting wasting time is it not tax payer monies? A cartoon terrorist going to bomb who? or are we going to annouce martial law over a limping man? That brings to a point rule by law (always put to gd use by pap) or rule of law? Which do u prefer...or u like a tyrant wife or a sweet wife?

Anonymous said...

its now 28days/27nights since Mas Selamat Kastari limped out of WDC, lky's govt should privatize the search for the escapee, and if still cannot find lky's govt can blame the contractors, in case successful can claim its their good foresight. a Win Win move for lky.

Anonymous said...

many people said that mas selamat is ALREADY DEAD in the prison

Anonymous said...

u were right. he swan across. on plastic bags as floatation devices.