Sunday, March 16, 2008

SDP turns militant!!!

"Chee's sister tried to bite a female police officer.... Police said ...yesterday's incident saw an escalation of defiance ....the group staged typical militant protest methods....attack by Chee Siok Chin is also unprecedented.....", The New Paper 16 March 2008

I applaud the heroic efforts of the Singapore Police in putting down this group of militant trouble makers. They have to take precious time off from their search for Mas Selamat to handle this group of dangerous trouble makers. In Singapore, we cannot accept this type of disorderly behaviour from our anyone especially our own citizens who know better than to do this. If they are unhappy about price increases, they can write to the feedback unit, Straits Times or meet their MP to express their unhappiness. I'm sure their views are taken into account when decisions are made. There is no need to resort to such illegal, loud and visible expressions of dissatisfaction. The govt has already given very rational explanation of why those price hikes were inevitable and done for our own good. I'm happy that this group of trouble makers have been arrested and the police can now concentrate on the important task of hunting down Mas Selamat.
Just a reminder to everyone, the hunt for Mas Selamat is in its 3rd week. Mas Selamat has probably lost some weight, grown a beard and looks unkempt (refer to the picture above from the New Paper) because he did not bring a shaver and a comb with him when he escaped. If you find him, please do not try to catch him yourself but alert the police instead.


Anonymous said...

no wonder the head of police force is getting a salary raise comes April.

for successfully putting a militant riot!!!

haha, somebody with connection, please feed this to the western media. They need more jokes from Singapore.

Anonymous said...

According to TV interviews with businessmen, companies who make deliveries to Singapore have seen their income reduced by 50% due to traffic jams of up to 15 hours or more along the Causeway.

Even Malaysian workers returning home on speedy motorcycles now take 5 hours just to reach their homes in Johor. Tours to M'sia have also been cancelled.

Soon PAP will blame high inflation on Mas Selamat on the reason that the search for him has caused these massive traffic jams, resulting in the higher prices of goods from M'sia.

High inflation will no longer be due to GST hike, ERP gantries, high HDB flat prices ... Ah, you see, to govern over a country, the government of the day must be clever and heartless as PAP.

As for Wong Kan Seng, he is the best there is, given that he is able to ensure that a high-security jail can be breached by a lame prisoner.

He will get his pay raise and of course he still get to keep his job, to the disappointment of those calling for his resignation. And since when does PAP respond to such public outcry? So don't be silly to call for his resignation.

The vast economic loss and suffering to the people and businesses are in my view totally disproportionate to the cause.

This is PAP, read it clearly. It will create great difficulties and the people will have to absorb them.

But for all you know, this whole saga is created by PAP to teach some M'sia politician or ex-politician (like Mahathir) a lesson for daring to challenge PAP - just like what happened in early 1990's when all Thai workers were repatriated due to a tiff between LKY and PM Chatichai, according to PAP's insiders.

Anonymous said...

Singapore has MM, Pm & DPM [namely:: lky, lky's son & lky's ephew-in-law], vari funni i do not understand, some many 'talented relatives' in 3 top govt posts in Leeapore, aka The Little Dot.

Anonymous said...

Leeapore's MM, PM & DPM[namely:: lky, lky's son & lky's nephew-in-law]on separate occasions echoing that mr.Mas Selamat Kastari is NOT DANGEROUS, if he is NOT DANGEROUS, why in Satan's name detain him for more than 2 years without trial?

Anonymous said...

The Commission of Inquiry will be making every effort to find out the reasons for the escape of Selamat. Things that they do not want Singaporeans to know they will not reveal. Things that THEY THINK Singaporeans should know, they will let them know. See how transparent our system is.

Anonymous said...

on this 20th day after mr. Mas Selamat Kastari's escape to freedom, wks is still doing his best waiting for the escapee to 'come back and be his prisoner' isn't that veri efficient?.

Anonymous said...

please calculate the odds:

in a country of 624sq km, with 4.6 million population, to have 3 top jobs in govt held by 'related talented' people eg... MM, PM & DPM [namely: lky, lky's son & lky's nephew-in-law].

Anonymous said...

>>Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew said of Mas Selamat a week ago: '...he's hiding somewhere, either in the jungle eating berries ....'

Perhaps one can gain weight by eating berries?

Robert HO nric S0197974D said...

1. Did you all notice the Sunday Straits Times article that front paged that KASTARI is "trained in escape and EVASION".

2. Looks like the PAPaganda media and their Masters are preparing the people for the FAILURE to catch KASTARI and maybe the Calling Off of the huge, expensive, demoralising and disruptive manhunt.

3. So, KASTARI will now, after 20 days on the loose, be portrayed as superhuman with limp, genius at EVASION and hence uncatchable even by the best army and police in the world. See? No fault of the MIW and their goons. Just that KASTARI is a genius at EVASION... ha, ha, ha!

jokernthief said...

Next time we would hear.."SDP turns terrorist!"

Anonymous said...

The arrests of the peaceful protesters by the Singapore police made me felt like I am living in communist China where hundreds of peaceful Tibetans were forcefully arrested by the Chinese security forces.

There's really no difference when the use of force is used in both countries.

And yet our great LKY say there is the Rule of Law in Singapore.

What shit is this ?

Anonymous said...

To take revenge LeeAP should catch those militant who protest against price hike and put them in ISA.Mas Selamat has punished LeeAP in spoiling their economy.No tourists will come here IR is a white elephant,MM & SM are useless post.more than 7 or 8 million dollar are wasted per year.These old men scare to retire because they will follow the footstep of Lai kew chai.

Anonymous said...

"And yet our great LKY say there is the Rule of Law in Singapore."

Because LKY = LAW = Country = PAP = Your Life = Your Money = Your asshole = Your everything !

To be more specific, the Rule of Law is also known as Rule of Lee in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

"The Commission of Inquiry will be making every effort to find out the reasons for the escape of Selamat."

The commission of inquiry will find even more success if they investiate the reasons for the escape of responsibility and accountability of Wong Kena Shit than jail break of Selamat.

If Selamat can't be found, someone has to take his place and this person is none other than WKS.

Anonymous said...

"1. Did you all notice the Sunday Straits Times article that front paged that KASTARI is "trained in escape and EVASION"."

If Selamat kena caught, then it is the genius of PAP's ministers and military. Otherwise, it is the genius of Selamat !

Either way, the coffers win ! haha,
No wonder, these government must be removed. Such dubious reasons also published in newspaper !

Anonymous said...

In PAP's book, CSJ is more dangerous than terrorists. Hence he was financially destroyed by PAP through lawsuits. Today he (just like JBJ) lives in a 3-room HDB flat, when formerly he used to own a private house.

And the accusation against him? That he defamed the bright and glorious names of LKY, LSL and GCT for saying that PAP fabricated the story about him cheating on taxi fares and such things during his tenure in NUS as lecturer.

The word 'fabricated' was thus used by these PAP leaders to mean that CSJ was calling them liars. Thus defamation suits followed. That was some 15 years back.

CSJ's sister, a former teacher, is someone admirable who came out to help CSJ out of a sense of justice, seeing how his brother was victimised by PAP.

It's sad that after the PAP's campaign of demolishing CSJ, it would seemed that many voters appeared convinced. They voted out his 2 SDP MPs and from then on, SDP went downhill.

In fact not only are voters thinking that way. Some opposition parties have also been sold on the story about CSJ's so-called character defects.

I have the opportunity to hear some opposition people criticise CSJ's hunger protest for no other reason except that it was not acceptable in Singapore. Opposition mind you.

What is acceptable in Singapore? "Just follow law" (with credit to Jack Neo's movie) or more precisely follow PAP's rules, regulations and thinking.

If the other opposition cannot see through this, how can it lead the hookwinked voters into the light?

LuckySingaporean said...


::::Next time we would hear.."SDP turns terrorist!"::::

Please don't insult the terrorists. Mas Selamat was well trained and has survived more than 3 weeks in our forests. He was able to escape under intense supervision. As I understand it, all the SDP trouble makers have been caught and none escaped. And if they did escape I'm sure they won't survive our forest and would be caught within 3 weeks,

europhia core said...

To the original poster:

I want to expose the starter of this thread as someone who is doing nothing better except to spread the PAPaganda and I am not going to fall for it.

I inteprete that the post is trying to rank the SDP alongside Mas Selemat in sugggesting that the police are 'brave' to remove them. The public is not going to fall for this and so am I not.

I think you are one of pro-PAP members in cyberspace.

I am sorry if you are not as mentioned above, but as mentioned in the article you are anoynomous and who knows?

Come out of your cave if you dare!

The Straits Times, Feb 3, 2007:
PAP moves to counter criticism of party, Govt in cyberspace
By Li Xueying

THE People's Action Party (PAP) is mounting a quiet counter-insurgency against its online critics.
It has members going into Internet forums and blogs to rebut anti-establishment views and putting up postings anonymously.

Sources told The Straits Times the initiative is driven by two sub-committees of the PAP's 'new media' committee chaired by Manpower Minister Ng Eng Hen.

One sub-committee, co-headed by Minister of State (Education) Lui Tuck Yew and Hong Kah GRC MP Zaqy Mohamad, strategises the campaign.

The other is led by Tanjong Pagar GRC MP Baey Yam Keng and Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC MP Josephine Teo. Called the 'new media capabilities group', it executes the strategies.

Both were set up after last year's General Election. Aside from politicians, some 20 IT-savvy party activists are also involved.

When contacted, Mr Baey declined to give details of the group's activities, but he outlined the broad principles of the initiative.

It was necessary for the PAP to have a voice in cyberspace as there were few in the online community who were pro-establishment, he said.

As such, the committees aim to 'observe how new media is developing and see how we can use the new media as part of the overall media landscape', he added.

'How do we facilitate views that are pro-party and propagate them through the Internet?'

The approach reflects comments by Rear-Admiral (NS) Lui at the PAP's party conference in December. He called on younger activists to put up views 'to moderate the vitriol and balance the skewed comments' on the Internet.

But this can only work if activists are not 'too obvious' about it, Mr Baey said yesterday. Otherwise it comes across as 'propaganda'.

'The identity is not important. It is the message that is important,' he added.

One activist who is involved said that when posting comments on online forums and the feedback boxes of blogs, he does not identify himself as a PAP member.

He tracks popular blogs and forums to 'see if there is anything we can clarify' on hot-button topics such as the impending hike in the Goods and Services Tax.

But he added: 'We don't rebut everything. Sometimes, what is said is fair enough, and we send the feedback on to the committee.'

This latest initiative comes on top of a blog site with posts by 12 MPs born after Singapore's Independence in 1965.

It recognises that more younger Singaporeans are relying on the new media as a main source of information.

An Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) study conducted last year found that younger and better-educated Singaporeans relied on information from the Internet when shaping their voting choices at the last GE.

Among the opposition parties, members and supporters of the Workers' Party, in particular, post regularly on forums online.

But IPS senior research fellow Tan Tarn How wonders about the effectiveness of the PAP's campaign.

He said Internet users who post on forums such as Sammyboy tend not to be interested in 'intellectual debate' and so will not be persuaded by PAP activists anyway.

As for more serious-minded bloggers, he said the views that the activists may put out are already available in the mainstream media.