Wednesday, March 12, 2008

See what the Opposition is doing to Malaysia!

"I was finance minister for 8 years. Although I'm in Opposition I will never do something to harm the economy"- Anwar
Opposition members all other the world are more or less the same, they are out to cause trouble.
A number of states in Malaysia that have fallen into Opposition hands now want to implement an FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) which allows ordinary citizens to obtain any kind of information so long as it does not compromise national security. If such an act is good, the world class Singapore Govt would have implemented it already, no need to wait for the Opposition to do it. The Singapore govt doesn't implement the FOIA because it does not want to burden ordinary citizens with the extra information. The PAP will decide and filter the information so that only good quality information reaches the people. If necessary the PAP will do the necessary pre-processing to ensure that the information does not upset us. Take the employment report released by the MoM. It does not give the unemployment figurs for Singaporeans anymore instead it releases "employment level" and "unemployment among residents". As a Singaporeans, I know the unemployment rate of Americans, Malaysians, Indians but I don't know the unemployment rate among my fellow Singaporeans. Isn't that great? If we have a FOIA, a reporter can just go to the MoM and ask for the figures for is the PAP govt going to secure our happiness if they cannot control the information we receive?
The Malaysian Opposition is taking a step backwards by implementing the FOIA.
"We warn the BN not to pursue a regressive policy of punishment for voters of the Opposition by freezing development" - Anwar
Oh come on!!! There is nothing regressive about punishing Oppositon voters by taking away funds for development. This idea of linking votes to development or upgrading is definitely a progressive one. The PAP only started doing in it 1990s. The PAP is a govt of the highest integrity and works for the good of the people. It is for their own good not to vote for the opposition and linking votes to upgrading will help them to do what is good for themselves. I would call that progress.
The opposition is now pressuring the Malaysian govt to stop cutting subsidy for fuel and necessities. I guess without those cuts, the Malaysian govt won't be accumulating enough reserves to buy stakes in American banks and regional telcos. Singaporeans on the other hand get to own a piece of Citibank and UBS and this is something we can be proud of. Our govt is now implementing means testing so that it can give you less subsidy when you're sick. We, Singaporeans (including those who are sick) , can look forward to many more billion$ spent on financially challenged banks.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Opposition is not welcome as part of Singapore Government. If there is, I will lose my job as a graduate taxi driver. My MBA friend will lose their job as security guard.

George said...

Wow, I never knew the opposition could do so much damage to a nation!

Freedom of info? Disconnecting the link between votes and upgrading? What nonsense is that? The nation will go into ruins if the opposition had their way.

Thanks for enlightening me on the truth!

Anonymous said...

oppositions in Sg are nuts, they can't even get along with one another. Oh, not really so, but not exactly friendly with each others la. Srry!

Anonymous said...

It's depressing, but I think Singapore is going to go the way of Malaysia soon. It will be terrible to have more opposition in Parliament. More debate and more accountabiltiy. How sad ....

Anonymous said...

I am more than 50 years old and have been out of job for almost 1 year. What is the use of being able to work until 65 years if you can land yourself a decent job because it has been taken away by one of the imported foreign talents.

I just wonder whether the unemployment statistics has taken a jobless man like me into consideration.
And if they done so, I just wonder how the Gahmen knew that I am still looking for a job.

It just make me wonder how reliable or real are those low unemployment statistics that our Gahmen often boast about.

Anonymous said...

Poor Malaysians. They are actually going to secure more political liberty... It won't be long before they go bankrupt.

feedmetothefish said...

Hi Anonymous of 4.25pm,

Welcome to the Club. Yes, I'm 57 and I've been jobless for 7 years!

When we are 40, we are over the hill. When we are 50 and have a health challenge, we are as good as 6 feet under.

I'm the poor guy who currently has $30,000 in my Medisave which I cannot use for my health care.

Oh, now they allow me to use my Medisave to pay for beta blockers, ace inhibitors, statins and other drugs to prevent my next heart attack.

But on the following conditions. I must pay

1. Deductible: A deductible of $30 will be set on each outpatient bill. Bills below $30 will continue to be paid in cash;

2. Co-payment: A co-payment (in cash) of 15% on each outpatient bill in excess of the deductible will be set; and

3. Annual withdrawal limit: Withdrawals will be subject to an annual outpatient withdrawal limit of $300 per Medisave account.

And to add insult to injury, I must pay them an Administrative Fee of more than $3 to use my Medisave!

Imagine someone broke your leg and force you to buy crutches from them so you can walk.

Who's money is it anyway?

Those bloody suckers! They make money from my money and they make it so difficult for me to use my money (through my blood,sweat and tears) to take care of my health.

Hey big brudder, how about O$P$?

Instead of throwing my hard earned money to help those subprime banks or Thai tycoon buy football club, can you please help this sublife by returning him his hard earn savings and his dignity?

No worries, I don't want your Public Assistance. I just want my money back. The money you tricked from me through your clever legislations.


Can I splash it with red paint at CPF building?

Anonymous said...

Very insightful article. Well done.

To 57 yr old anonymous:

I feel for you man. No Singaporean deserves such treatment. What's the point of being a first class country when singaporeans suffer like this.

Shame on Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately in the last election, 66% of the people have themselves to blame. These 66% people got some small "sweeteners" and blindly cast their votes.

If in the next elections, the same 66% of the people still do the same, then it will be the same ! - No change will happen.

Let face it, the Singapore Government will still be formed by the same majority party even if there is an election tomorrow.

By going opposition, Singapore will not sink !
It a message to tell the rulling party that the common lay people has been taken for granted.

Singaporeans in general still do not want to take a risk,
Only ACTION can create RESULTS !

Then why complain and write in blogs to air all these "grievences" ?

Anonymous said...

Everyone who is a elite, has a least two sets of white outfit, has certain surnames or is married to someone with certain surname will know that FOIA is a danger to the people. Their people. Just imagine how national security will be comprised if a citizen wants to know how much you are worth or who are your family members working in the civil service and government linked companies or better still how much these companies were paying you. That is why "the need to know basis has always been the mantra to protect national security" See how successful we are without knowing all these petty details