Saturday, April 26, 2008

Chua Lee Hoong moves Singapoore on...

Wow. Here's a great article by Chua Lee Hoong. She is almost as good as her sister Chua Mui Hoong but nobody can be as good as my favorite journalist Chua Mui Hoong not even her own sister.

The article blasted netizens for calling for DPM Wong's resignation and she believes they have not read the full account given by WKS and "feeding on each other's vitriol and try to outdo themselves calling for punishment. According to Chua, there is "no sense of perspective" to think that an escape of a detainee is sufficient to throw the govt into a flux by sacking a minister. Yalor, it is just a terrorist whose mission in life is to crash a plane full of Singaporeans - what is the big deal?

Yes, netizens are so irrational, unreasonable, emotional, bloodthirsty and "have no sense of perspective". wonder Chua is so angry with them. I strongly suggest you read her article is apparent that she too is blessed with the wisdom of her elder sister. I wonder if the netizens she refers to include that vicious Dr. Catherine Lim who posted an article asking for WKS to resign.

Yesterday I had the great misfortune of sitting with a group of Singaporeans during lunch who also wanted WKS to resign. It was me against 5 angry people and boy were they angry. They were probably the same type of people Chua wrote about in her article - people who "lacked perspective", and were emotional. I lost my appetite quarrelling with these people. They were putting forth all sorts of arguments that didn't make sense like "leaders must always take responsibility when something this serious happens". I tried my best to convince them that WKS should not resign but we all ended our lunch angry and disappointed with each other. I couldn't for the hell of it figure out these people who were my friends and normally mild mannered can be so emotional about this issue. I went home to think about it and I believe I have the answer......
Ordinary Singaporeans are starting to judge their leaders by the same standards that they themselves are judged. In the private sector, if you screw (oops mind the language) up a project and a serious overrun resulted, you will be sacked or asked to resign. It doesn't matter if it is due to a sub-contractor not being able to deliver or an equipment from a vendor that did not meet specifications or unexpected events. You're are the leader, you are made to take responsibility no matter what....there is no way to push the blame down the line. If you look at the subprime crisis, many bank CEOs resigned and took responsibility - they are responsibility for the bottomline of the company and if it is no good, they have to accept their responsibility. You don't see them trying to blame the their analyst or department heads of the bond department or the rating agencies who "misrated" the subprime bonds. They can easily point their fingers elsewhere but they don't because they are paid to shoulder the responsibility - when things go wrong, they don't form a board of inquiry to pin (point) the blame to someone below them.
In a country where elderly cleaners lose their jobs simply because younger cheaper workers from China are hired, people somehow don't take too kindly to leaders keeping theirs when serious mistakes occur especially when they are paid millions. It is so unfair and unreasonable that ordinary Singaporeans expect their leaders to be treated the same way they are treated and for their leaders to be judged the same way they are judged.

You must understand that our leaders are rare talents that are found after an extensive search. They are our nation's treasures because without them our nation will sink. You cannot expect them to be as easily replaced as ordinary Singaporeans. We as ordinary citizens should learn to appreciate that our leaders more and be grateful for their willingness to lead us. I hope Singaporeans don't let their leaders down because if things don't work out, it is likely that the ordinary citizens down the line did not work hard enough to achieve the success our leaders deserve.


Anonymous said...

Lucky Tan! You're so irrational! How can you let the Chua Sisters propaganda wash your brain until lidatt!

Chua Lee Hoong was from the ISD! Her education and career gahmen funded! What else did you expect her to say!

If she disagreed with her masters she's worse than irrational netizens! She must be out of her mind!

You must implore Singaporeans to be as rational as the elites of Singapore! They have moved on... and moved out!

LuckySingaporean said...

anon 11:57,

I know that both Chua sisters are former ISD employees but they are multi-talented and have become great journalists.

As journalists, they have been very OBJECTIVE in their writing. In this case, Chua Lee Hoong's OBJECTIVE is to get all of you to "move on".

Anonymous said...

We would like to "move on" but alas, we cannot unless MKS also make public his moves. Maybe he is unable to seeing he is six feet under? Or perhaps he has already moved and now video taping his side of the story just like Ladin after Sept 11th?

Perhaps maybe this Chua lady will get a coup if she can gain an interview with MKS, then perhaps she can also moved on to become one of our highly paid politicians.

Seriously, I think LHL should stay away from casinos, as this gamble he is taking is far too risky and he might just lose everything his father has built. There is so much that the public can swallow, but this one will be too big. Definitely bigger than WKS (pun intended).

Anonymous said...

Singapore really damn F up lah .Read about how if you have money to visit caSINo - you can smoke indoors. one law for the RICH AND FAMOUS - another law for Plebians. Screwed up system we all got! And to justify this move, they quoted how some USA casinoes are disallowed smoking and lost money.... So, when are they legalising weed, heroin and whore and gay sex orgies in those HALLOWED HALLS? Where is Prof Thio (anti anal sex) in all these? Is she alive, or selectively blind? Is the PAP the only law in this land??

yamizi said...


They should hire you as ST chief editor lah!


Anonymous said...

I really want to know which minister allowed the smoking in casino. At least we citizens should know which minister allowed this, instead of some perm secretary down below. Chua sisters should write about this. Maybe not....

Anonymous said...

Her article really made me wonder whether she is desperately, really desperately, trying to counter the negative views on the internet. And calling netizens irrational, unreasonable, emotional, bloodthirsty and have no sense of perspective isn't going to help her cause very much, because she has long lost her credibility with netizens. People find more credibility reading blogs than her sister's and her own rantings.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans must be a really stupid, brainless bunch to have this kind of crooks govern them and suck their blood dry. The single-party govt (PAP) that has governed Singapore since it became a country deserves to be overthrown! Singaporeans deserve a FRESH breath of air! Overthrow PAP!!! Use your vote wisely next GE!!!

Anonymous said...

"Yalor, it is just a terrorist whose mission in life is to crash a plane full of Singaporeans - what is the big deal?" so say Lucky.
Come to think of it, it is probably really no big deal. What proof was there Mas was really a crook in the first place. Weren't they just trump up charges from ISA in the first place, never verified in the court of law. So Ms Chua is doing us a real favour by telling us it is 'ACTUALLY NO BIG DEAL'. She has the inside details as ISA operative.
The whole story of Mas flying an airplane and crashing into Changi airport was just that, a story. Unfortunately the story took on a life of its own, so seriously, there is no damage to singapore - just a bunch of singaporeans conned into a story that blew out of proportion.
Time to move on, brain deads.
The real threat was when Took ling How left Singapore and richard Yong left Singapore. Mas was just a joke. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Wow I was quite mad after reading Chua Lee Hoong's commentary. She said so many illogical things... what is her rubbish doing in our newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Chua sisters, being former (or still are) Intelligence Officers of ISD, have information that we the public do not have.

Maybe they know that the ISD already "rehabilitated" Mas Selamat to the extent that he has already "moved on".

That's why the Objective of these two sisters, who are so objective in their writings, is to move all Singaporeans on. But actually I don't think they would envisage that some of us may also be "turned on" by their exciting and enticing Objective.

I am now so turned on by them that I am looking forward for them to lick me like they are licking their masters. That would not only move me on but also speed me on to ejaculate a win-win solution into their hands to satisfy their Objective.

Anonymous said...


that has been considered that's why i will be voting for PAP! lol.

Anonymous said...


we are all turned on by you i am sure lol

Anonymous said...

dirty tactics from above require some dirty talk. lol. if the bot don't mind that

ahem. have you realized some of these masters don't have balls? lol.

so before they lick, they better find out who they've been licking because, they may just get their face all.... bloodied!!

some food for thought huh?


good luck indeed!


Anonymous said...

eh? I didn't know that our government consists of rare talents leh. So rare that they can allow a terrorist to escape from a toilet and say no big deal, let's move on.

They are so perfect and god-like i should start worshiping them to show my gratefulness for their willingness to govern.

Anonymous said...

Are the Chua sisters well connected or related to anyone in the pyramid of power?

Anonymous said...

Reading Chua Lee Hong's article made my blood BOIL!

she is asking to be screwed, this bitch.
Netizen, does anyone know where she lived?
she needs to be stalked for life.

Brudder_Luv said...

The Chua Sistas' exemplary journalism has just notched up another level with that insightful and brilliant piece.

Thank you Mr Tan for highlighting it.

Anonymous said...

The Chua sisters are just following the footsteps of Irene Ng, the PAP MP who were working in SPH like the Chua Sisters, and then "talent scouted" for election (or should I say, piggy-backed) into office. Good money you know. Get the picture?

Anonymous said...

Lately I have heard a lot "let move on" comments from the elites citing "honest mistakes". First of all I wonder if there is really a thing called a "dishonest mistake". Nevertheless, I would like to top ten "move on" statements you will never hear.

1. It was just a misplaced form, lets move on...

2. It's was police report, lets move on...

Please add on

Alan Wong said...

I wonder next time if we peasant receive a summons from the Gahmen for a parking ticket, can we write in to say "Sorry for it to happen, can you please cancel the ticket and let's move on".

I was told it really happened in Penang & Perak, the two opposition state governments cancelled all parking tickets after winning the election and told the people to move on.

If our Clown Prince or WKS can do the same, I will forgive both oif them.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate that Chua Lee Hoong bothers to read the Internet(Blogs/Postings etc). Quite the opposite of her colleague Ong Sor Fern who abhor the Net for no reason.

The Chua sisters must be the most loyal to the Present Leadership. This is not neccessarily exceptional or unusual. In history, we do know that even the greatest of villians had many faithful followers. Some even prepared to die for their masters.

However, how wise it is to be blindly loyal to masters and not the Country, will have to be evaluated by others and history. Have a reputation in posterity but for a good reason. I dare say some may have their tombstones spitted at and graves vandalised for a long time. So, not all fames are remembered for positive reasons.


Anonymous said...

I am glad that the Chua sisters read what is posted by netizens. Firstly, the S.T. cannot accommodate every citizens' view in the forum and also it is infamous for selective printing of articles. There is a reason why it has been ranked internationally as 154th, and the Chua sisters should be really concerned or are they ? After all they are journalists on S.T.'s payroll. When you lose credibility, it takes a lot of effort and much time to regain it. Common sense ,integrity and credibility is something that is missing from the "elites" ruling the country.

Anonymous said...

wow. chua li hong is my idol. she managed to say gd things in front of her masters and do the neccessary damage behind. this is skill

Anonymous said...

LHL lacks the political acumen of his dad who knows when to sacrifice his ministers at the right time, so as not to create a backlash for him during elections.

During the 70's when LKY was nationalizing the bus companies, there was transport chaos - much of which stemming from the unhappiness of the vested interests within the bus companies.

Commuters' complaints were legion and minister Yong Nguk Lin who was in charge of public transport was made a scapegoat. He was sent away as ambassador to the UN if I remember correctly.

Now journalist Chua Lee Hoong might think she is doing her boss LHL a favour by supporting his decision not to remove WKS despite the public outcry.

Well time will tell if people's memory is always so short. If too many issues within a short span of time displease the people, they can eventually add up to a real bad impression of the PAP. The last few months have precisely thrown up such issues and big ones at that.

LHL is a novice in politics, he did not work his way up from the bottom the hard way and is thus not wary of the political risk involved.

For him what is the big deal in keeping WKS; what is the big deal about 2% instead of 1% hike in GST; what is the big deal of Temasek and GIC $10 billions in a few months.

Such nonchalance betrays the characteristic of a new political kid on the block who has no sense of proportion of the enormity of those issues.

He will learn through hard experience if it needs be and that no intellectual lesson that his dad and other political mentors may provide can substitute for.

Anonymous said...

Please forgive the ignorance,
but I just found out from my friends that we have a famous group called ISD sisters and ISD stand for "I suck dicks". Cool, anyone know when they are performing, love to watch them in action.

Anonymous said...

IF MSK is just a "militant" like what Chua Lee Hoong is trying to lead us to think, then why was the massive manhunt conducted with SAF, SCDF and police special ops? Why is the border check tighten up till this day? If the biggest manhunt in Singapore is not an indication of MSK "importance" then why is the government spending so much resources and time looking for just "one more militant on the loose"?????

Anonymous said...

Mas Selamat has been depicted as an on-and-off militant, an on-and-off danger to Singaporeans. Depends on what they want you to believe and they will spin the correct record. Now that they have more or less failed to account for him, he is no longer that important or dangerous, so they say. So 'let's move on'. It's a small matter.

Anonymous said...

time to move on..let's CONCENTRATE helping Mas Selamat's family esp. his children!

Anonymous said...

Govt can move on. Let's see if Mas Selamat moves on or not, lah.
As LKY said, if he returns to Indonesia, he may stage a big comeback and exacts his payback. I hope we don't see his calling card in the form of planes crashing into our worldclass Changi airport, IR or some prominent buildings.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we have to listen to the advice of our exteemed SM. Let's move on, we have not more critical matters to worry about. The Mas Selamat incident is but a incident to highlight the systemic problem that is begining to show the rot afyter all these years. Absolute power has created an elite class of leaders, who are only motivated by money and power, by their own admisssion. The so called checks and balance are proving to be nothing but an illusionary mechanism The more good years claims now prove to be meant for the select few. Yes, lets move on and realise that we people should be the masters and not the puppet that we have been in the hands of the elite. Lets move on to true democracy and realise the power its wields to control our own destiny. You should be moving oo to FOI laws instead of agreeing to be kept in the own with acrhive laws like OSD and ISA which basically protect the powers. Lets move for disclosure of assets instead of curtailing investigations on them. Lets move on to open GIC/Temasek to external audits. Lets move on to holding them accountable instead of settling for scraps. Lets move on to minimum wages to protect our own lifelihood instead of importing cheap labour. Lets move on to a national identity where we have leaders from several party striving to outdo each other to make the population happy instead of being forced to swallow the bitter pill for the faults of monopolistic leaders

Anonymous said...

The news is just in:

The World Hide and Seek Federation just awarded their annual Hide and Seek Award to Mas Selamat Kastari... for having such a good hiding place that 4 million people and the Police Farce still cannot find him..Another First for Singapore