Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good Leadership, High Principles, ...and High Pay...

Our leadership is a responsible one, they demand everyone to be responsible for their actions. Lets see what was said during Gomez-gate when CCTVs were working well to catch wily opposition figures in their devious acts. Of course, when it comes to the opposition, we cannot "just move on so easily". The opposition did not lose a terrorist, the lost something worse - a piece of paper and they were called to answer for it.

"To decide whether this was an innocent mistake, Singaporeans must know the answers to these questions. In the interests of transparency and accountability that Mr Low upholds, he must share with Singaporeans the answers that he received from Mr Gomez" - Wong Kan Seng, May 2006

"I think it has been settled. We came out clean and we made it clear. James has sincerely apologised for causing this distress to the Elections Department. I think we are fair people, we are not someone who is trying to make things difficult. It's an unfortunate misunderstanding, it’s an incident and we are open about it" - Mr Low Thia Kiang

"This would have undermined public confidence in the integrity of our elections system and done serious damage to the reputation of Singapore" - Wong Kan Seng on 2 May 2006

"Low cannot brush aside this episode and say just move on. This is a serious matter. It cannot rest here" - Wong Kan Seng 2nd May 2006.

"'So let us close ranks to deal with this, and bounce back to move forward" - PM Lee, 10 Mar 2008
Statement by Wong Kan Seng on James Gomez

PAP wants more answers from James Gomez on minorities certificate saga

The People's Action Party (PAP) leadership has questioned the integrity of James Gomez, the Workers' Party (WP) candidate for Aljunied Group Representation Constituency (GRC).
This comes a day after he reversed his earlier claim that he had submitted an application to the Elections Department for a minorities candidate certificate when - in fact - he did not.
The PAP leaders say the behaviour exhibited by Mr Gomez at the Elections Department and in his apology statement, may not be acceptable for a person aspiring to be a Member of Parliament.

For the WP's Secretary-General Mr Low Thia Khiang, the matter surrounding his party's candidate was being made into a mountain out of a molehill by the PAP.
But for the PAP, the issue was about accountability, the same quality which Mr Low wants to uphold for his party and candidates.
Defence Minister Teo Chee Hean said, "This is a very important issue, because the Elections Department is part of the government. An election process must never be questioned by anybody, so if there is any doubt, we have to take it seriously, otherwise we'll be alleged as playing around with the process.
"It is not making a mountain out of a molehill. It's a very important question of integrity. That's the difference between the PAP and the other parties."
Reading from a prepared statement on Saturday, Mr Gomez confirmed he did not submit any application for a minority certificate on April 24.
According to him, there had been "too much distraction caused by the busy schedule leading up to Nomination Day".
During his statement, Mr Gomez said, "Please accept my sincere apologies if my actions on 26 April 2006 caused any distress or confusion to the staff or the Elections Department."
But, according to the PAP, the episode has raised further questions about the ability of Mr Gomez to perform as a Member of Parliament, as his answers so far have been found to be wanting.
Mr Teo said, "If he did get distracted and so forth, and that's the reason that he has put forward, then you really wonder if he will be distracted by other things in the performance of his MP duties if he was elected."
George Yeo, PAP Candidate, Aljunied GRC, said, "When an important issue like this comes up, you should not be thinking about winning or losing. You should be thinking about doing the right thing and setting a good example.
"Can you you imagine if you have a Member of Parliament who does this and who threatens a civil servant with dire consequences when he knew he did not submit his form, getting the civil servant into trouble and affecting his family - imagine if you have an MP like that in parliament? I don't think it's a matter of winning or losing. It's a matter of principle...right and wrong.
"Workers' Party said it was an oversight, we are making a mountain out of a molehill and it was an honest mistake - let us look at it. If you go to a department store supermarket, take a big item put it into your bag is that an oversight? Is that an honest mistake? I am not sure."
The saga began on April 26 when Mr Gomez turned up at the Elections Department to claim his minorities candidate certificate.
He was told there was no record of him ever submitting an application for one.
After he insisted he did two days before, he also warned an Elections Department official of the "consequences".
Later the same day, he was informed by telephone that footage from a security camera showed that he had put his application form in his bag and left the department afterwards without submitting.
On hearing this, Mr Gomez abandoned his earlier claim, saying there was "no problem".
Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong said that after the apology, it is time to look at the bigger issues of the election.
He said, As of now, James Gomez has shown weak links in the Workers' Party chain, so there could be other weak links later on.
"But I would say, he having apologised, we should move on and deal with the bigger issues...That's my own take of the situation."
So the ball is now once again the WP's court and it is left to be seen if the WP's top leadership will live up to the standards of accountability that it claims to have set for itself. - CNA/ms


Anonymous said...

Crap!!! Wait for next GE see what happens

Anonymous said...

good job!

It's Anzac day here in Australia tomorrow, and it's motto is apt:


Anonymous said...

I'd forgotten about the James Gomez incident. Thanks for bringing it up; I have learned the true meaning of "double standards".

Anonymous said...

will the rationality of the elites triumph over the 'irrationality' of the crowd?

lol. and they still do not know what hit them. lol.

Anonymous said...

wonder whether the old man will make anymore comment on this issue

probably not..:)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the old man to utter some words of wisdom to guide the stupid flocks back to REALITY.


Anonymous said...

it is time PAP eat some of the dog shit they have been dishing out all these years. Wonder what the other PAP running dogs have to say now...Yeah!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

please make sure we do not allow SPH to mislead the pple too..... double standards....and we must exercise our rights to vote for is so blatant now

Anonymous said...

Lucky Tan,
I am very disappointed with you! How dare you compare our esteemed ministers to a small fry like Gomez?

As you've said, our esteemed ministers have been hand picked for their roles by the PAP. So of course they are of the highest standards and have undoubtable characters.

As you've said, we should feel grateful for being so lucky to have ministers of such high standards that we don't need to waste time listening to them accounting for their actions; they should never be doubted given how carefully handpicked each of them is.

In comparison, this Gomez fella is obviously trying to be too smart. He's not good enough to be handpicked and therefore should never be allowed to enter parliament. We don't want our esteemed ministers wasting time trying to fix him in parliament. It is also for this reason that he needs to account for his actions: he is not good enough to be handpicked, so his character personal integrity is likely to be highly dubious, he should be asked to account for his every action!

Anonymous said...

just a comment: could we all try not to use vulgar language or words in the comments? or at least Lucky Tan should try to moderate and delete those comments which employs such words.

Anonymous said...

I propose that we do not employ double standards in this blog. While a female NMP academia can talk about rimming and licking ass holes in parliament, what has been used here - Pink Ass Pussy, is mild by nature. Very mild. Still, it is Lucky's blog and I respect his decision.

Anonymous said...

Erm... Even with this, they will argue that James Gomez is personally liable, but in the case of Mas Selamat, WKS is not.

But I really like the argument PAP mentioned.

"It is not making a mountain out of a molehill. It's a very important question of integrity. That's the difference between the PAP and the other parties." <- Classic statement.

So show us the difference now PAP.

Anonymous said...

Lucky Tan,
You are undermining public confidence in our beloved PAP govt by raking up the past again and again!
Haven't you heard our esteemed PM? THe matter is closed. Let's learn from it and move on.
I demand that you withdraw this post right now! It is irresponsible and not in line with our PM's vision for this country!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what WKS and those who joined the chorus in chastising James Gomez be feeling now, being on the wrong side of the fence.

And James Gomez must be laughing his head off. It's Karma! What goes around comes around one day.

Anonymous said...

Just wonder, other then LKT, what happen to all the other NMP's ?

Where is the prata man ?

Wake up, Singaporean fron now and act on next election..

Anonymous said...

The parliament sittings in Singapore are fast becoming a farce. If the Taiwanese MPs punching each other in Parliament is a joke, we are another one (the other extreme).

Did anyone here actually hear WKS's "apology"? It raked with such arrogance and insincerity! I don't consider it an apology at all!!

Obviously, our leaders are way too snobbish. I can't help but think that their supremely high salaries are a cause of it. They think that they're infallible and untouchables. Our govt is getting too strong and dominant for its own good. This is not healthy for us as a nation.

A sad day for Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely loved Chua Lrr hoong's article in Straits times today, where she admonished all netizens. Spoken like a true ISD ex-officers. Bravo, bravo. She has ministerial talent! hope she read this posting about her ex-boss in MHA.

Anonymous said...

My children, my relatives, my friends are all voting for the opposition .....regardless who they long as they are opposition in the next GE....This is to TEACH the ARROGANT self Aggrandisation PAP....

I have many friends who thin likewise....that the PAP has to be taught a lesson...they have completely lost any sense of decency and accountability to the Electorate

TheOwl said...

The MSK fiasco revealed that what we have is a bunch of crap ruling the country and still think they can continue to hoodwink everyone. The 66.6% owe the 33.4% big time. There is yet hope for the ordinary folks if you go by the overwhelming response from the public who I am sure will wish to make things right come 2011.

Anonymous said...

WE really should teach pap a lesson.Very arrogant when they talk.What ever they say is correct, whatever we say is wrong.This is pap culture,want to control everything.They serve the ppl half heartedly.Only $$ in their mind

Anonymous said...

Well at least we know that they have successfully made a molehill out of a mountain.

I tell the man has got no shame nor homor. Great leaders sacrifice themselves to protect their men. They are the first in line to accept all responsibility. Ours just pushed all the blame to his subordinates and has the nerve to expect them to respect him. I wonder if he can face up to his own children with a clear conscience. Reminds me of a weasal.